Milking Ch. 01

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Ass Insertion

This is a story of interracial Dom and Sub play with racial play added in. The N-word is used by consenting adults. If this is too much for you, there is no need to continue. Please enjoy.


Recently a friend of mine approached me about house sitting and taking care of her pets while she was away on a long extended business trip. I’ve known Danielle for quite some time so I was glad to help. It wasn’t like I had much going on as I’m older and single anyways.

Danielle is in her 30s, single, and an amazing mother. Since her break-up a few years ago she became focused on her kids and career. She’s always been someone I liked to be around, silly and ready to have a laugh even if it was at her expense.

Danielle had me over and walked me through what I had to do for her pets. Nothing too hard really. With wine glasses in hand she talked me through how to handle her snake, 2 guinea pigs, and various fish.

The wine and conversation was great, and I thought I had a good handled on everything. She grabbed me by the hand and walked me over to a storage door with two heavy locks on it. She unlocked the door and before opening it looked at me with a nervous gaze that worried me a bit.

“Please don’t judge me, but I have one more favor to ask and it’s a big one. I need you to keep an open mind about it.”

I told her ok, she slowly opened the door and switched the lights on. The room was the size of a walk in closet. You could store quite a bit inside, that is if that’s what you actually used it for.

The walls were sound proof from the looks of it, with various sexual toys hanging in the walls. Paddles, whips, chains, dildos, and strap-ons. I knew Daniell was a sexual person, but I never thought this was something she was into.

In the center of the room was a naked black man on all fours facing us. My mind started to race, what exactly did she want me to do? I’ll admit he was attractive, he looked like he was in his late to twenties to early thirties. His body was easy on the eyes, you could tell he spent time in the gym.

He looked up at us, there was a lustful energy in his eyes, but he didn’t speak.

“Let me explain. James trabzon escort and I have been seeing each other for the better part of a year. He’s not exactly my boyfriend but someone I care about. We are good friends and sexually we have a slave master understanding, so he’s one of my pets I need you to take care of.. “

Her voice seemed to trail off for a bit. I had over twenty years on both of them and yes I’ve done my share of sexual exploration but I had never been asked to take care of someone’s human pet.

“All I’m asking for is if you would be willing to milk him twice a week while I’m gone.”

I just looked at her puzzled, I started to ask a question but it never came out.

“If you accept he will be here on Tuesdays and Thursdays ready for you.


“Well, I’ll be gone for two and a half weeks and he has a high sex drive and needs to be taken care of or he might get into trouble. Let me just show you. If you’re not interested I won’t blame you for saying no.”

She walked to him and began pulling him by a leash, the muscles in his upper back rippled as he walked beside her like an obedient dog. We walked to the living room and she sat him down at her feet as we sat down on the couches. He curled up at her feet, never looking up at us.

I was kind of confused. Why would such a man who obviously takes pride in himself become a woman’s submissive pet? As if reading my mind she went on to say.

“Umm well James gets off on powerful women. He loves to please and will do just about anything I ask. I never thought I’d be in this kind of a relationship but power is kind of addicting. Trust me, you’ll see.”

“I never said I would do it, Daniell.”

“I know.. So he needs to be milked. Our understanding is that he will do anything to me sexually that I ask as long as I get him off at the end of it all. I can’t do that while away so in order to get around that, I need your help. I know this all sounds like a bit much. Let first start by walking him around the house.”

She handed me the leash. I felt stupid. She urged me to, so I did. He walked at my side like any of the dogs I have at home. It was odd but tunalı escort kind of thrilling. Who could say they’ve walked a black man before? We made a full circle back to the living room and I handed him back to her.

She padded the couch twice and he obediently got up on it. Naked I could see his throbbing black cock. He must have been seven or eight inches long.

She took his cock in her hand, the tips of her fingers barely touched, he was so thick. He laid on his back with his legs wide open. She reached over and grabbed a lube from her purse. She heavily applied it to her hand and his cock. He moaned softly and his eyes closed.

I watched him intently, I could feel myself getting excited. She kneeled in front of him, stroking his cock with the experience of someone who knew every detail of him.

“So how you get him off is up to you. He has no say, he’s happy with just being touched. What he does like is to be talked down to. Talking dirty and calling him names while you’re doing this will get him off faster. He also likes it rough..”

She grabbed his balls and yanked, a sudden yelped seeped from his full lips.

“How dirty or rough you get again is up to you. My nigger loves it all.”

She was looking at me when she said it and it felt like I had been slapped.

“Yeah, nothing is off limits. Call him whatever you want. I just need him to get off a minimum of twice a week or you’ll find this nigger in someone’s yard sniffing around, which of course I don’t want.”

I’m assuming that was just a play on words, he wouldn’t actually do that would he. She led me through what she does. She started massaging his cock gently at first, warming him up then with two hands she pumped his cock hard and violently from tip to base.

The veins in his neck and face flaired out and his eyes shut tight. She immediately stopped.

“Personally, I like to bring him to the brink several times to show him who’s in control then finally let him cum. Always by my decision not his!”

She turned him over and repeated it this time while he was on all fours after stopping the second time she massaged his ass and slip a finger tunceli escort inside with ease. She had somehow found a way to conquer a nigger completely.

Surprised at myself for even thinking the n-word. Could I actually call him that? Her finger was all the way in, she fingered him while pulling back on his cock, slowly bringing him to his pleak again.

His moans were becoming so intense now. I had never heard a man sound so animalistic. He clung to the cushions and even bucked his ass into her hand. The grunts he was making were starting to make my pussy wet. Then she stopped and stepped back.

“Give it a try, milk my nigger for me.”

I knelt down in front of the couch, his ass, cock, and balls about face level. I took him in my hands and massaged slowly. He moaned for me. After a few moments she urged me to own the moment. I pulled down on his balls lightly.

“My nigger won’t even feel that anymore. You’re going to have to dig your nails in and yank harder.”

I did, and the wincing sound he made pushed me further. I yanked hard this time and twisted his cock. I let go of his balls and used both of my hands to milk his black cock. No, his nigger cock!

“You like that.. .. Ni.. Nnn.. Nigger!!”

The words finally tumbling out for the world to see. Does this make me a bad person, calling him a nigger? Nothing else seemed to matter, I didn’t care. This nigger liked being dominated and humiliated by white women so why couldn’t I enjoy it?

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so strong and dominant over someone and I love it. I got my fingers wet and fucked his ass. Something came over me, I fucked him good and hard.

“Yea that’s it! Show my nigger who’s boss while I’m gone.”

I pulled out and grabbed his cock with both hands again, pumping away and twisting my hands while pulling the cock towards me.

He started grunting and rithing in ecstasy. I knew he was close and wanted to hear him explode. I picked up the pace and held the base of his cock with one hand while milking him with the other.

He let out such a loud and deep roar and came all over the couch, floor and my knees. U had never felt such power and ownership over a man before. It was intense!!

“And that, is how you milk my nigger..”

We both laughed loudly. I couldn’t believe what I had just done and said. There wasn’t an ounce of shame in me, I knew I’d enjoy this duty and possibly even more than James would.

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