Mira Ch. 3

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Mira was quietly thinking as she sat next to Hiroshi in his auto as they drove to his home. She could not believe the way this first date was turning out. She was not very experienced with men. She had married at age 20, still a virgin, a man she had known just a few days. She realized many years ago that she hadn’t married for love, unless it was the love of the idea of marriage, and she had soon regretted the marriage, which had lasted three years. She had three other relationships over the next 28 years after her divorce, but never remarried. She had two children, both grown, from one of her relationships. The last few years she had been without a man, other than casual friends. When she had placed her ad she was looking for friendship and companionship, and then perhaps a sexual relationship. Never would she have imagined that she would have allowed a man to be intimate with her on their first encounter or that she was now on her way to spend an entire night with him, in his home, his bed.

Hiroshi reached across and gently picked up her left hand that had been clenched nervously in her lap. He drew it to his lips, kissed it, then held it lightly in his lap. They drove silently for a few more minutes. He released her hand long enough to put a CD into the cars stereo, then pull a couple of one dollar bills from his pocket and lay them on the dashboard in preparation for reaching the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Mira relaxed to the sounds of Michael Crawford’s THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT.

Mira closed her eyes, lost in the gentle seduction of the CD and the warm comfort of Hiroshi’s hand holding hers. She refused to let doubts and fears cloud her mind at this point. Yes, this was uncharacteristic of her, but it felt right. She didn’t question why this was so, she just accepted the rightness.

Mira opened her eyes as the car came to a stop and Hiroshi shut of the engine. They were in a parking garage, parked near the elevators. Hiroshi left the car, walked around to the passenger side and opened Mira’s door, helping her out of the car. With a hand lightly on her back he guided her to the elevator. Once inside he pushed the floor button for the top level. They rode silently, his arm around her, holding her gently to his side, his breath caressing her ear as he kissed it, nipping it lightly with his teeth before capturing her mouth in a kiss that burned through her in its Ankara escort intensity. Mira was weak-kneed and breathless as he broke the kiss when the elevator doors slid open.

The elevator doors opened onto a passage that had only two doors, one at either end of the hallway. Hiroshi guided her to the left, paused at the door at that end and removed a key from his pocket, kissing her once more as the door opened and he lead her into his home. As soon as he had closed the door behind them he gathered Mira into his arms and kissed her again, his tongue parting her lips, slipping into her mouth, caressing the roof with his tongue, dueling her tongue with his in a sensuous dance as old as time itself.

Finally her broke his mouth from hers and leaned his forehead against hers. “You make me so wild, Mira. I want to feast on you, gorge myself as a starving man suddenly at a banquet.” His voice was passion roughened, husky, his hunger evident in the slight shaking of his body as he held her with his hardness pressed to her, his hands caressing her back. He nuzzled her neck with his mouth, his warm breath sending delicious chills through her as his mouth closed on her neck, sucking and biting playfully, passionately.

Finally, when Mira thought she could take no more without shattering into thousands of tiny pieces, he released her and allowed her to take her first look at his home. They were standing in an entry room furnished with a small table that held a small Tiffany style lamp. On either side of the archway that lead into the rest of his penthouse stood two three-foot tall orange and black vases holding long, elegant, colorful peacock feathers. On one side of the door they had entered was an umbrella stand and a coat rack.

Hiroshi lead her through the archway into the spacious living room, furnished with black overstuffed leather couch, loveseat, and matching side chairs. A large glass-topped oval coffee table was centered in the middle of the arrangement, matching side tables placed on either side of the couch, loveseat and chairs. The walls were decorated with watercolors of obvious San Francisco landmarks and the Bay. The large French doors, surrounded by opened drapes of swirling blacks, oranges and greens, opened onto a terrace with a round table and four chairs. One side of the room presented another archway that had swinging doors, leading to the kitchen. Ankara escort bayan Another doorway opened to a hallway, down which were the yet unseen bedrooms, bath, and, as Hiroshi had mentioned on the drive into the City, a well equipped exercise/spa room.

Hiroshi walked to a wet bar tucked into a corner of the room, took out two fluted champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne. He poured them each a glass then guided Mira to the couch. He sat sideways in one corner and pulled her next to him, turning her so that she could lay in his arms, her legs stretched out on the couch. He picked up a remote control and, pressing a couple of buttons, activated his stereo, and the room was awash in the mellow voice of Barry White. Another button lowered the lights to a soft glow. He clicked his glass to Mira’s. “Welcome to my home. I hope this will be but the first of your visits.” His rich, melodic voice washed over her as a caress as he looked into her eyes and they drank a sip of their champagne.

They sat together like that, sipping their champagne, listening to the music, and Hiroshi’s hands stroked over her body, caressing her neck, shoulders, her hips and stomach, before cupping first one breast than the other, his thumb rubbing across each nipple through her sweater, causing them to form tight peaks as she allowed the pleasurable sensations claim her body and mind. Just as she thought she could take no more, Hiroshi sat his glass on the table, took hers from her hand and placed it next to his. With both of his hands now free he raised her sweater and pulled it over her head, tossing it onto the table next to the empty glasses.

He ran his hands over the lush mounds, kneading them, pinching the nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he pulled them outward. Mira moaned in pleasure and a plea for more. Hiroshi recognized her need, her hunger and turned her slightly so his eager mouth could claim one plump breast, sucking as much of it into his mouth as he could manage, his tongue tracing over the hard, long nipple, grazing it teasingly with his teeth as his other hand continued teasing and playing with the other, pinching a little harder as he heard her moans of pleasure rumble from deep inside her.

His mouth switched to the other breast and his free hand snaked its way down her belly, caressing its swell, then worked even further, pulling up her Escort Ankara skirt as it went, exposing her uncovered mound to his hand’s eager exploration. Her pubic hair was so downy soft, covering her lips, which were beginning to swell with her pleasure and which parted as he inserted a finger through her labia, tickling her clitoris erotically with a fingertip, before slowly inserting it into her further. Mira’s body raised to meet his questing finger, one hand covered his there, urging him to explore further, begging for more.

He gave her what she silently asked for, entering yet another finger into her, gliding it in and out, then bringing his thumb into play as it caressed the area around her clitoris, making her frantic until he at last ran it across the nub that had escaped its hood, gently stroking it, feeling her body begin to tighten as his fingers stroked faster and faster as he suckled her breast. When he felt her body beginning her climax he captured her mouth with his, taking the scream of pleasure she emitted as her orgasm washed through her body and she bucked harder against his hand, wave after wave of the little death racking her body with the heat of her climax. Her body quivered for long moments as Hiroshi’s hand gently stroked at her hair covered mound, giving her pleasure but still allowing her body to come down gently from the high she had just experienced.

After a few moments Hiroshi again kissed her and ran his hands over her lush, full, womanly curves, enjoying the valleys he found in her fleshy body. He could not remember when he had first realized the beauty in a larger woman, he just knew that sex with women of what society called “normal” weight was never completely satisfying for him. When he had first read Mira’s ad what had grabbed his attention was her description of herself as a BBW. She was his first true large, lovely woman, and the pleasure he had received thus far was far exceeding his expectations. The night was young and his body fully aroused by this wonderful woman who seemed unaware of the erotic pleasures she was capable of arousing in him, and he had yet to penetrate her with his own manhood. He felt himself harden even more as he contemplated this. “Mira,” he moaned into her ear, “Let’s go to my bedroom. I need to be inside of you.” He kissed her mouth passionately, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, biting it as he did so.

They stood together, Hiroshi cupping one hand on a huge, wide buttock as he guided her down the hall to one of the closed door, his manhood straining to escape the confines of his trousers.

To Be Continued…

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