Miss Linda Ch. 03

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Hi there! It’s me the horny second grade teacher again. Oh, you don’t think second grade teachers should be horny sluts? Why not, we’re just like you and the rest of your horny, nasty friends. Yes we’re nice sweet young ladies in the classroom, but after we leave the classroom, we can be just as slutty as anyone else.

Now you probably have already read the first two chapters of my story about how I got to know Lynn Basconi, the superintendent of our school district, who turned out to be almost as much of a horny slut as me, and her very sexy husband, Richard, and how after we all watched each other masturbate and then Lynn and I had some really hot phone sex, they invited me to a party that I was pretty sure (well, at least really hoped) was going to be an orgy. Now if you haven’t read them, that sentence will probably tell you enough so you won’t get lost in this story (assuming you didn’t get lost in the sentence), but you really ought to go back and read the first two chapters because, in my humble opinion, they are pretty hot, and I think you will enjoy them and especially enjoy what you are doing while you read them, if you know what I mean. What? Now don’t tell me you don’t do that when you read these stories. I’m not Dickens or some other highbrow boring author. Enjoy!

I got up on Saturday, the day of the party, and went for my usual morning run. I am not sure how far I ran, because I was thinking about the party. I was wondering if it was going to be another dull affair like I had been to the night before at my parents’ house or maybe it was going to be an orgy. Knowing the Basconis, an orgy seemed more likely. “Cool, I’ve never been to an orgy!” I thought as I finished my run.

As I showered, I rubbed my soapy tits and tweaked my nipples, but I resisted the temptation to play with my pussy and my clit. I had decided that I was not going to get myself off all day, so that I was in the right mood for the party. I finished my shower by shaving my pussy so it was nice and clean. I didn’t want anyone getting prickled by stubble when they were eating me later this evening. I didn’t know for sure that would happen, but I had high hopes.

I wandered around the house naked for a while and then decided to go shopping—you know, with no underwear, where the objective isn’t to buy things, but to titillate myself by speculating about how many people can figure out that I am not properly dressed.

I will save the description of that day’s shopping trip for another story. Suffice it to say that I complied with my vow not to get off that day, but there were some other people that I met who certainly didn’t. Then again they probably hadn’t made a vow not to have sex that day—as most folks don’t.

I arrived at Basconis’ high-rise a few minutes late. Parking turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined. I was wearing one of my cute little teacher outfits that I wore to school most days, except I had added three-inch heels to make my legs look extra sexy and, of course, I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. As I rode up the elevator, I unbuttoned another button on my blouse to make sure that anyone who wanted to could get a good look at my tits. I could feel a tingle in my nipples, which had gotten hard as I walked from the car to the apartment (actually they had been hard most of the day), and there was a glow from my pussy that was warming my whole body.

I rang the doorbell on the Basconis’ apartment and waited for someone to answer. I was in an odd combination of nervous, because I was going to a party with some people I had never met, and horny, because I had been thinking about how sexy Richard Basconi’s cock was when it got hard. Eventually the door opened. It was Lynn, wearing a fishnet top with about a one- or two-inch weave, which did absolutely nothing to hide her big soft tits. Like me she had on high heels to accentuate her striking legs, but her skirt was a very short, tight, black leather number—kind of kinky. Not at all like what I am sure she wore to work each day.

“Oh, I am so glad you could make it,” she said as I walked in. “Some of our sexiest friends are here tonight, and I am sure you are going to enjoy them, if you know what I mean.”

“Okay, that means an orgy,” I thought as I followed her down the hall. My nipples stiffened further at that thought.

As we walked, she asked, “Well, were you a good girl yesterday, and did you focus on taking care of the second graders all day instead of on sex?”

“Absolutely,” I said, “except for lunch hour, when I went over to the park to eat my sandwich, and then I thought about how hot it was when I met you and Richard a couple of weeks ago and we came back here to fool around.”

“So were your panties wet when you went back to teaching?” she asked.

I giggled, thinking about how I nearly left them in the park when the dirty old man almost caught me masturbating. Finally I said, “They would have been if I had worn any.” It wasn’t exactly a lie, but it left out Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the most interesting details, like the fact that my panties were stuffed in my lunch sack along with my half eaten lunch all afternoon and, oh yes, the fact that I had been masturbating in the park when my boss showed up.

“Oh, you naughty girl. You went to teach the second graders without panties on?”

“Sure, they don’t pay attention to that kind of thing. What were you wearing at work on Friday?”

Lynn laughed. “Well, I started out in my usual conservative outfit, with the underwear, but somehow the panties got lost during the day.”

“Was that because you were playing with your pussy while you read porn on your computer?” I asked.

She giggled, but before she could answer, a tall dark man emerged from a door off the hallway. He was very trim with a dark, closely cropped beard and he wore a red turban and a white garment that looked like a Nehru jacket but which went down to his shins.

“Oh, Lawrence,” Lynn said, “I want you to meet our friend Linda. She tells me that she actually spent all day Friday teaching a group of second graders without a moment’s thought about sex.”

That wasn’t quite what I had told her and it wasn’t even remotely close to the truth, but, “Oh well. Who cares,” I thought.

Lawrence took my hand and stroked it with the softest touch I have ever felt from a man. “If he could do that to my hand, what could he do with my breasts or my pussy?” I was thinking.

“I am so pleased to meet you. Lynn has told my wife and me so much about you. Let me introduce you to Indira,” he said, as he led me down the hall, continuing to caress my hand.

My mind was going a million miles an hour. Half of it was reveling in his gentle touch and speculating about what he had on under his long tunic (nothing I was sure, but perhaps that was wishful thinking) and the other part of my mind was speculating about what Lynn had told him and Indira about me. It couldn’t have been anything I would want my mother to hear, because Lynn didn’t know much about me except things I wouldn’t want my mother to hear.

The three of us walked into a living room, and a stunningly beautiful Hindu woman stood to greet us. Like Lawrence, she was tall and slim with a dusky complexion. She wore a silk sari that went to her feet. It was loosely wrapped and virtually transparent. Her breasts, while not large like Lynn’s, were pointed and capped with dark nipples, which showed clearly through the fabric of her sari. My mind immediately went to the thought of sucking on them. I wondered if I would get to.

Lawrence introduced me as, “The lovely sexy school teacher that the Basconis have told us about. And would you believe, dear, that she claims that she worked all day on Friday without thinking about sex?” This was really beginning to sound like someone else’s Friday. It certainly wasn’t my sex obsessed Friday.

“Well, if that is true, she will be the only one here tonight who accomplished that and most likely the only one who tried,” she said as she came forward and greeted me with a hug. It started out like a standard friendly greeting hug with a peck on the cheek, but as she completed the peck she paused and pushed my hair back and snaked her long tongue into my ear. It was incredibly sensual and I made no effort to pull away. “If she could do that to my ear, what could she do to my pussy?” I wondered.

I sat on a couch with Indira and Lawrence on either side of me. Lynn sat in an armchair opposite me. After a moment Richard came in with wine for all. I stood to greet him and he also gave me a hug. It was a long hug and he rubbed his chest against my tits while he was doing it. I reached around and fondled his ass for a moment and then I sat back down between Indira and Lawrence.

By this time I was getting in the mood, so I turned to Lawrence and asked, “So what is it you wear beneath that garment? Is it like a Scotsman’s kilts?”

“That is what all the girls want to know,” responded Indira, as she placed her hand on my knee and began to slide it up my leg. That felt incredibly sexy, and I made no effort to stop her. Instead, I just reached over and put my hand in Lawrence’s lap. I could feel a nice hard cock beneath his tunic. As I stroked his cock I used my other hand to unbutton my blouse so my tits could be seen by everyone. Lawrence reached over and began to caress one and then the other of my tits. I was right—his touch was soft, gentle, and electrifying.

Lynn was leaning back in the chair. As she watched us she was fondling her tits through the fishnet top she was wearing.

By this time Indira’s hand had reached my pussy, and I spread my legs wide to improve her access. “Are you enjoying watching us?” Indira asked Lynn. “Let us see your pussy.”

In response, Lynn pulled her leather skirt up around her waist. She spread her legs so that we could see her wet, shaved pussy and then slipped two Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan fingers into her cunt. “Richard, darling, come in here, please,” she called out.

“I want to suck his cock,” she said more softly to those of us in the room.

Richard came out as requested and stood alongside his wife while she unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out, quickly sucking it into her mouth. It was a little soft when she first retrieved it from his trousers, but it quickly grew and hardened as she ministered to it with her mouth. It was very sexy watching his dick grow from a flabby little penis to a raging hard-on. She kept her eyes on us while she worked on Richard with one hand and her mouth and kept two fingers of her remaining hand in her glistening pussy. Richard was watching us, but one of his hands was mauling Lynn’s tits.

Indira pulled her fingers out of my cunt, rose, peeled off her sari and released her long dark hair to fall softly on her shoulders. She was, as I expected, naked beneath the sari.

Lawrence stood and pulled off his tunic, leaving him naked, but for his red turban, with his fully erect cock bobbing before him. It was a long thin cock that stuck straight out from his groin and twitched occasionally as I reached out and stroked it with my hand.

After a moment Lawrence kneeled beside me on the couch with his stiff cock opposite my face while Indira knelt between my legs. I pulled my dress up around my hips and spread my legs some more to further improve Indira’s access to my cunt.

I had never been eaten by a woman before. She began licking the outsides of my lips, carefully avoiding my clit. Then she snaked her long tongue into my pussy and began using it to lick the insides of my cunt. The sensation was fantastic.

Lawrence was rubbing my tits with his cock. His pre-cum made my nipples all slippery and even harder than they had been before. I didn’t think that was possible. The combination of his play with my nipples and Indira’s ministrations to my pussy was incredible. It was incredibly erotic watching Lawrence using his long thin dick to smear my nipples with his pre-cum.

After a minute or two, I pulled Indira’s head up and said, “This is incredible, but it would be so much better if you were licking my clit while Lawrence’s cock was filling my pussy. I really want to fuck.”

They both quickly agreed so I knelt on the floor with my ass in the air. Indira lay beneath me on a cushion from the couch and resumed her slurping at the outer lips of my pussy. Then I felt Lawrence’s ever-so-soft hands firmly grip my hips as he slid his hard cock into my cunt. “Oh, shit, that feels good!” I said.

At first, Lawrence just rested with his cock fully in my pussy, while Indira slurped at my pussy lips and my clit. The cock in my cunt seemed to get fuller and harder as it rested there. I wanted him to do more, so I began flexing my pussy muscles like I was trying to milk his cock. God that felt good, but I wanted more. I wanted him to really slam me.

“Come on and fuck me!” I growled. “I really want you to fuck me hard! I want your balls to slap against my pussy!”

Lawrence pulled his cock slowly out of my cunt until just the tip was in. “Quit teasing and fuck me!” I yelled. Then he slammed it as far into me as he could get it, almost knocking me off my knees. He slammed me like that a couple of more times and then began to rhythmically fuck me.

“Oh shit, that feels good!” I cried.

Lawrence just maintained that pace for at least five minutes, and I pushed back, matching his rhythm. Indira was lying beneath me slurping at my pussy, and my head was just over her hips. Her legs were spread wide with her knees pulled up. I reached down with one hand and slid two fingers into to her pussy. She quickly began to cry and groan.

“Make her come, Indira,” Lawrence said. “Lick her clitty, and then I can fuck you just like I am fucking her.”

Indira quickly shifted her licking strokes to my clit, while Lawrence slowed his pace to accommodate Indira’s clitty licking. She snaked her tongue around my clit and then used the tip to give it a whipping. Meanwhile Lawrence slowly pushed his long dick into my cunt so that it was pressing against the end. All I could do was whimper, “Oh, fuck this is good. Oh shit, I am going to cum. Ohh, ohh fuck, I am Cumming!” and then an orgasm ripped through me that just kind of melted all of my muscles.

As Lawrence backed out of my sloppy wet cunt, I tumbled sideways and lay next to Indira for a moment. I think I heard Lynn Basconi groan with an orgasm then, but I was to spent to be clear on what I was hearing.

Indira was far from satisfied, and Lawrence was still hard as a rock. They rose and stood facing each other alongside the couch. His cock glistened with the juices from my cunt. At first they kissed while he pulled on both of her nipples and she milked his still slippery cock with both hands. Then she put one foot on the couch and spread her legs to give him access. Lawrence crouched a bit to get his prick down to the level of Indira’s pussy and slid it into her. He dropped his hands to the back of her ass and pulled her towards him and then began to use his legs to fuck her with strong upward thrusts.

“Oh god that is good!” she said. “You have the best prick. It feels like it is going to go right through me. Talk dirty to me, like we do on the phone.”

“So you really like this cock do you, you horny slut? How many other pricks did you fuck this week?” he demanded in a harsh tone that didn’t seem anything like the polite, cultured man I had been introduced to as I came into the apartment.

“None!” she said, leaning back and looking at him in wide-eyed shock.

“Oh bullshit!” he said. “I was gone all week, and I know what a horny slut you are. You wouldn’t, you couldn’t, go a week without cock in your pussy.”

Indira’s breathing was getting ragged now and she was whimpering as she used her leg on the couch to raise and lower her body in response to his thrusts. She was so engrossed in the fucking that she ignored his accusation.

Lawrence wouldn’t give up on it though. “Come on, Indira. Tell me! Who did you fuck? You have to tell me who it was and what it was like. You know how hard that makes me cum, and I know how much you like it when I squirt my jism in your pussy or all over those gorgeous tits of yours.”

“Okay, okay, I fucked the pool boy on Tuesday afternoon,” she gasped between breaths.

“Oh, so you fucked the pool boy? Was he good? Did he have a big, hard cock that filled your pussy?”

“Yes, but not as good as this.”

“Really? What was his cock like?”

“Ohhh!” Indira groaned as Lawrence continued to pound her pussy.

“Come on slut. Tell me what his cock was like or I’ll stop fucking you.”

“Ohhhh, fuck. . . Okay, Okay. His cock was shorter than yours, but it was fat. Really thick. I thought he was going to split me in half when he first shoved it in me.”

“So you liked that?” he demanded.

She paused for a moment concentrating on the screwing she was getting and forgetting Lawrence’s question.

After a few more thrusts Lawrence said, “Okay, you horny slut, I want to take you from behind.”

They disengaged and Indira leaned forward over the arm of the couch. Lawrence stepped between her legs and put his cock back into her cunt and began to slam her so that we could all hear his balls slapping her ass. Indira had one arm on the back of the couch for support and she was pulling on her tits with the other.

After a few minutes of this action she wailed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” and then screamed something in her native tongue that I assumed was obscene. After that she collapsed on the couch, just as I had when Lawrence had finished fucking me.

I was sitting naked on the other end of the couch with my legs spread lewdly and I just crooked my finger at Lawrence inviting him to come to me. He walked over to me and I leaned forward and sucked his still hard dick into my mouth. I sucked on the knob as I worked his dick with my hands. It was still sloppy wet from Indira’s cunt. Then I leaned forward and slurped the whole thing into my mouth. His narrow prick slid easily down my throat until his balls hit my chin. I pulled my head back sucking on his cock as it slid out of my mouth and then sucked it back in and down my throat again. I kept this up until I felt his balls tighten up. I was looking up at him and I could see that he was getting short, so I pulled back and said, “Go ahead. Squirt that hot cum on me.”

Lawrence reached down and took his prick in his hands and began to jack off with his prick pointed right at my face. He only lasted a moment before he groaned and hit me in the face with the first stream of cum escaping from his cock. Then he shot two or three more streams that coated my chest and tits. His cum felt hot and slippery. The part I could lick with my tongue was pleasantly salty. I leaned back and used my hands to rub his cum across my face and tits.

I looked across the room at our hosts. Lynn was slumped in the chair, looking as though she had been well and thoroughly fucked, but Richard was sitting on the arm of the chair fondling a rock-hard erection. I had kind of lost track of what the two of them had been up to, but it appeared that he had satisfied Lynn, but still needed more action for himself. “That must have been the noises I thought I heard her making when Lawrence finished fucking me to my first climax,” I thought.

As I watched Richard and the angry-looking prick that he was stroking, I realized he was looking at me. His dick was making me horny again. I stared at him as I continued to rub Lawrence’s cum over my tits. I was also pulling on my nipples and I spread my legs so Richard could get a good look at my wet pussy. The whole time I stared straight at him to make sure he knew that my show was specifically for him. He continued to stroke his cock as he returned my stare. We were acting like there was no one else in the room but the two of us, but looking back on it, I’m sure that the others were watching us carefully to see what we were going to do.

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