Mom and Aunt Need My Help Pt. 01

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Hello, submitting the part 1 of this story. Please leave appreciative comments so that I can overcome my laziness and come up with the next part soon. Enjoy.


Dinesh hurried out of his room and announced he got into the state’s best college for Architecture bachelorette course.

His mom Anisha and his youngest aunt were present there to congratulate him. His mom hugged him and already started discussing plans about him moving out for the college. Her sister Neha followed and hugged him too. Dinesh realised that this hug was a little longer than it was supposed to be and he was held so closely he could feel his aunt’s boobs pressing into his chest.

He quickly reprimanded himself for thinking about it like that and when she release him he forgot it quickly when his friend’s calls started pouring in on his phone.

3 months later:

Dinesh had finally settled in at his College and he actually started to like his decision to pursue architecture even though it is a 5 year course unlike engineering which is a 4 year course.

Dinesh had got into the college but he didn’t opt for a hostel. His family had a flat(Apartment) at Mumbai which they had enlisted on Airbnb to get some value out of it.

Dinesh had received a call yesterday from his mother Anisha and she informed him that she and his aunt Neha will be coming to attend a distant relative’s wedding and they will be staying at his place for a few days.

That was when Dinesh started to clean his apartment. Cleaning included things like finding all his cum rags and washing them, deleting all the porn from his laptop in case they access it. Hiding his fleshlight which he had ordered has soon as he got there. Fleshlight had played a good role in helping him settle down and to focus on his course as the girl’s won’t distract him. Or he thought so, at least.

Dinesh cleaned up his apartment enough to keep his mom from lecturing him about it. But he knew she was gonna knit pick a thing or two anyways and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t help it.

And as expected when his mother entered the apartment she asked him “Don’t you ever wash these curtains?”

Dinesh was like, who the fuck even washes those goddam curtains.

Dinesh saw his aunt Neha too. Which reminded of the last encounter between them, the feeling of her breasts crushed against his chest. Neha had just turned 30 she was married to Mangesh when she was 22, it had been 8 years since their marriage.

Dinesh got the opportunity to eat the food made by his mom after 3 months. After Dinner Dinesh grabbed the spare mattress, laid it on rhe floor and slept there. The bedroom had one King Size bed which Dinesh’s dad had installed for couples if they booked their apartment through Airbnb.

While sleeping on it for first time Dinesh thought about how many different couples had had sex on that bed. Of course he had the mattress there changed.

His mom and Aunt Neha were supposed to be sleeping there.

Those two got up early and prepared themselves to go for the wedding.

Dinesh had just woken up when they were leaving.

He looked at his aunt who was wearing a lehenga and her midriff was clearly exposed and had slight ab lines on it. It looked damn hot and her vertically elliptical belly button made it even hotter. What a sight to wake up to.

His mom was also donning a backless saree, the skin of her back was surprisingly shiny.

Dinesh closed the door after they left. He then peed and went back to continue his sleep. It was Sunday, afterall.

He had just gotten out of the bathroom and was in his underwear when he heard the knock on the door. He tried to put on his shorts but the other knocks came in quick and intensely.

He threw the shorts away and opened the door. He saw his mom was consoling his aunt Neha who was crying, her eyeliner and all were already flowing down her cheeks.

He let them enter in. He witnessed the same scene for 20 more minutes after which his aunt finally calmed down and went into washroom.

That’s when Dinesh decided to ask his mother what had happened.

“You know how these relatives are.” His mother continued, “especially these aunties, they were obviously jealous that Neha looked so pretty in that Lehenga even their husbands stared at her. What’s Neha’s fault though? Those aunties started taunting at Neha for not having a child even though it’s been 8 years to her marriage. And it went beyond limit for Neha to take.”

One lady came upto her and asked, “Oh Neha you look beautiful, you didn’t bring your son with you?”

“And that’s when Neha lost it.” His mother said.

“Oh my God.” Was all Dinesh could think for an answer.

“You don’t worry about it now, she’ll be fine.” Replied his mother.

They heard the washroom door open up as Neha came out of it.

Her face was all clean now.

“Uhh… Sorry for that crying earlier, I guess I will head out in the to grab some air and clear my mind.” öğrenci gaziantep escort Said Neha.

“Are you sure? Should I send Dinesh with you?” Asked Dinesh’s mom Anisha.

To which Dinesh looked at his mother annoyingly, thinking why was she dragging him in this?

Sensing Dinesh’s reluctance, Neha said. “Oh don’t worry, I will be fine by myself and I need some time alone now.” Saying that she left. She had already changed into casual clothes.

It was an hour after which Dinesh’s mom came up to him and asked, “Do you know why Neha hasn’t been pregnant yet?”

“How am I supposed to know that?”

“Uh.. her husband doesn’t have enough sperm count.” replied Anisha.

This made Dinesh a little awkward as he had never had Sex Ed kind of talk with his mom before.

“Uh.. Okay…” He said.

“I think we should help her…” Replied his mom

“Help her? How? You want to take revenge on those ladies at the wedding?”

“No, stupid.” Said his mom. “I think we should help her get pregnant…”

“What????” Anil said surprisingly.

“I said, I think you should make her pregnant.”

Dinesh continued to stay silent. He didn’t know what to reply he didn’t want to say no, especially after having developed sexual feelings for his aunt but he also couldn’t deny the opportunity to completely.

“Okay now so don’t act so completely innocent now. I am your mother I know you have a crush on her, I saw your face when she hugged you after your result you were thinking about her breasts no? And even today I saw you ogling her in that lehenga. Just like those men at the wedding. I know you men!” Snapped Anisha at her son.

Dinesh still stayed silent.

“Don’t worry, I will convince her by giving some valid reasons, like you are good looking, you are intelligent, sensible, etc. -Qualities a father should have. I will convince her you just have to do the deed and go along with the plan. Nobody else has to know just us three. Do you agree?”

Dinesh just nodded yes.

Anisha’s phone rang, it was her sister Neha. She was asking if Dinesh could come pick her up? Dinesh agreed.

“Try to impress her a little bit.” Said Dinesh’s mom.

“And how do I do that?” Asked Dinesh, naive with women.

He revved his Yamaha R15 before leaving the parking of his building, it had been a gift to him by hs father for securing such a good college.

He reached the location his aunt had said. And there she was, Dinesh hadn’t noticed earlier, she was wearing blue jeans and a white t shirt which just about reached her jeans waist. Her hair falling off her shoulder it reached her waist.

He asked her to get on and they left. His aunt had to hold onto him on the bike while he was driving.

“Sorry to call you to pick me up, I couldn’t find a taxi back home.” She said apologeticaly.

“Nah, it’s fine.” Said Dinesh. He was feeling her soft touch on his stomach as she held onto him. When he had to apply breaks her chest would press into his back. He could again feel her boobs crashing into him. He realised even though he wasn’t braking that hard. She was still crashing into his back. Was his aunt hitting on him?

“Would you let me drive this bike?” She asked Dinesh.

“You can drive?” Asked Dinesh, more worried about his bike. Boys.

“Yes, I can.”

“Are you serious?” Asked Dinesh sounding more serious.

“Yeah, don’t worry I wont harm your precious bike, I know how to ride a bike, my Ex boyfriend taught me when I was your age.”

That was information Dinesh was unaware about. Maybe her sexy body wasn’t the only thing likeable about her.

He parked the bike at roadside and they switched positions. Dinesh was now a pillion.

When Neha reached for the handle she had to bend forward to get it. Dinesh saw that her hips were wider than her waist which formed a beautiful curve. Also her tshirt had ridden up, exposing her lower midriff and the strap of her underwear.

All girls should know to ride a bike, Dinesh thought after looking at the view infront of him.

She was pretty good at riding the bike. Dinesh saw men turning their heads, watching this hot woman ride a bike. Then they saw the look of jealousy in those men’s eyes when they saw him sitting behind that hot woman. It weirdly made him feel good.

Dinesh was hesitant to hold onto her exposed waist so he held onto her shoulders gently.

“Hold onto me properly or you will fall, I don’t want your mother scolding me for this.” Said Neha and used her one hand to move his hands from her shoulder and placed them on her waist.

Woah, that contact with her skin felt good to Dinesh. Taking opportunity he spread his palm as much he could to feel as much skin as possible. Surprisingly her waist was so petite he could almost grab it whole with his palm. He had fetishes for the belly buttons like the one his aunt had, he had seen it in the morning. The vertically elliptical shaped one, as he called it.

He gaziantep öğrenci escort slid his pinky finger in her belly button just to feel it. As the bike hit a pothole his hand suddenly moved up and went over her bra clad breasts under her tshirt.

Dinesh apologized and brought his hand back down on to her stomach. Neha said nothing. But Dinesh saw the goosebumps on her lower back’s skin. Was she aroused by him.

Dinesh enjoyed his fetish till they reached home. She didn’t know the roads in Mumbai, so Dinesh intentionally suggest a longer route so he could enjoy that touch more. He was really glad that his mom had made plans for him to fuck her.

When they reached home. Anisha asked, “How are you now, Neha?”

“Don’t worry sis, I am fine. Actually Dinesh just let me ride his bike back home it brought back so many good memories of those happy days.” Said, Neha smiling.

Anisha raised a eyebrow at Dinesh which Dinesh took as “Ah… Already enjoying yourself.”

Dinesh had clearly left a good impression on Neha. Now the baton was passed on to his mother Anisha to convince her sister to get impregnated by her nephew.

After dinner dinesh was sitting on his couch. Anxious about what discussion was going on inside. He had heard his mom scream “what? No way” the loud voice coming from the room, clearly their discussion wasn’t going in the direction Dinesh intended.

He saw his mother coming out of the room. “She has agreed to it, but there’s one condition that she has.” His mother said.

Dinesh tried not to act so excited and asked what was the condition.

“That I have to stay in that room while you impregnate her.” Replied Anisha.

“What!” Exclaimed Dinesh. Fuck a woman while his mother is watching them, what’s this tribal like mentality, he thought. He wanted to fuck his aunt so bad now he knew even she was showing interest in him but doing it in front of his mother was so awkward.

“What do you say, I should do then?” Asked Dinesh.

“It’s gonna be awkward but I love Neha so much I want her to be able to be a mother. So I say you should do it.” Said Anisha to her son.

With that they went into the room where Dinesh found sitting on her bed she was smiling at him, Dinesh managed to awkwardly smile back at her.

Neha could really tell he was nervous and she liked it somehow. She loved when he ogled at her today in the morning and then felt his rough palms and his hairy muscular hands on her bare skin while riding the bike in the evening.

She wanted him. Her reason being impregnated by her nephew were the same as his mother had stated. The child born would have nice genes of her charming nephew.

She would tell her husband that it’s his child only. Nobody else has to know.

She knew she had to be the one to initiate things she wanted to have fun with it.

“Do you even know how to make a woman pregnant?” She asked him teasing.

“Of course, I know…”

“Are you a virgin?” Neha cut him off.

“Uhh… Yes I am… Uhh is that a problem?” Asked Dinesh nervously. His lack of actual sexual experience was making him nervous.

“No, its actually going to be fun then, haha” laughed Neha.

Anisha didn’t even know how to react while listening to those two.

“Let’s make it good for you as it’s first time for you” Said Neha.

She went closed to him, she raised his tshirt trying to remove it but couldn’t remove it completely as his was taller than her, Dinesh helped her get the rest of it off.

“Yeah, I want my baby to be as tall as you.” Said Neha seductively.

All this tease talking was making Dinesh’s already hard cock twitch in his pants.

Meanwhile Anisha was thinking that even she wasn’t even able to dirty talk like this with her husband when they used to have sex which was like 4-5 years ago.

Then Neha un-buckled his jeans and Dinesh stepped out of it. Now he was just standing in his underwear infront of his mother and his aunt with a huge bulge in his underwear. He was blushing.

“Oh my God, you are already hard, just teenage boys’ things. Don’t be shy its all family in here, hahahaha.” Said Neha laughing in a sexy tone.

Even Anisha was astonished to see that bulge in her son’s underwear.

Neha got onto her knees in front of the tall frame of her nephew and felt his cock with her hands through the material of his underwear. The cock twitched in her hands.

“Let’s make it special by giving you a blowjob.” Said Neha.

Dinesh looked at his mom who looked away from them.

Neha kissed his cock through the underwear several times. It was too much of a teasing for Dinesh.

She then pulled the underwear down and the his cock sprang up.

Anisha couldn’t avert her eyes this time. Indeed her son is as big as her husband used to be, infact he was thicker, she thought maybe because Dinesh is young.

That cock reminded her of how her husband used fuck her roughly with that cock when he gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan used to get erections. But now due to his old age the sex in their marriage was over.

Dinesh was 7 inches long with a huge uncut cock-head. Being a brown man, his cock was dark as expected and looked magnificent.

Neha felt his balls, they were so heavy and bigger than her husband’s she already knew that Dinesh could make her pregnant for sure.

Neha pulled the foreskin and exposed his bulbous cock-head.

When she pulled his foreskin Dinesh felt a little pain but it quickly subsided and he went into heaven when his aunt licked his underside with her tongue. And then had put her lips around his cock and took him in her mouth.

Dinesh felt tingles going from his cock to his knees he almost fell over but took support of the wall.

Anisha couldn’t believe her eyes. Never in her entire life neither in her wildest sex dreams she had thought that she would witness her son getting his first blowjob. When she saw her tripping over as the pleasure made his knees go week found it funny.

Its really funny how women could make strong men like Dinesh go weak.

“Can I put my hand in your hair?” Asked Dinesh to Neha while she was still blowing him.

Without releasing his cock from her mouth Neha just nodded a yes to him.

And Dinesh just put his hand at the back of her head and gathered all her hair into his fist. He was living his porn fantasy. He looked down his Aunt Neha, she was looking right in his eyes while sucking his dick. “Her eyes are beautiful too..” Dinesh thought to himself. All this time he was just busy ogling her navel, boobs and ass.

Neha released his cock she lifted it with her fingers and began sucking his heavy balls, the balls which had the elixir which would make her pregnant. She licked them like she was worshipping them.

Dinesh was in the zone now. He was the male pornstar now. He pulled her head back with his hand which was in her hair. He pulled her head back and shoved his cock into her mouth. Fucking her mouth.

Neha couldn’t take all of him in. One time Dinesh pushed too hard and it made her gag. Neha pushed herself away from him in reflex to let herself breathe. She breathed in some air then again started kissing his cock-head and then Dinesh again shoved his cock in her mouth. Even after so much trying Neha couldn’t yake all of him in her mouth.

That’s when Dinesh saw his mom getting close to them. He didn’t have any clue what was she gonna do.

Anisha went closer to her son. The slut in her had overridden the mother version of her after seeing such sexy scenes happening in front of her own eyes.

She couldn’t stand her son not being properly given a head. She went closer to him. Caressed his now sweaty chest. His chest had trimmed chest hair. Anisha loved those on a man.

She let her hands slide down on her son’s back to his buttocks she felt his tight buttocks. She wanted to see them when he would fuck her own sister to impregnate her.

Anisha pushed Neha aside on to the bed and stood infront of her naked son.

She took his manhood in her hand.

“You have really grown up haven’t you?”

She started kissing him on his lips while stroking his cock. Nobody objected anything.

“You are just as big as your father used to be, I am sure I can take you in my throat completely. You remind me so much of your father when he could still have erections.” Said Anisha to her son seductively.

Dinesh didn’t hear anything apart from his mother could take him in her throat complete. He couldn’t believe that he was going to be deepthroating his own mom.

With that Anisha threw off her pallu which exposed her chubby stomach and some of her cleavage. She knelt down infront of her son and took his manhood in her mouth.

Dinesh put his hand behind her head and started ramming his dick into his mom’s mouth same way he used to ram it in his now hidden fleshlight.

After a few pushes he was really completely in his throat he could clearly see a bulge in her throat. He wondered if she was okay and her face clearly showed that she was enjoying it.

Now Neha couldn’t believe that her elder sister and her nephew were making out in front of her. Like she didn’t know who wanted to be pregnant anymore in the first place.

She really admired her sister’s blowjob skills though.

In few seconds Dinesh announced that he was about to cum. Anisha didn’t want that sperm to go to waste. She wanted that sperm in her sister’s pussy so that she would get pregnant she tried to release his manhood from her mouth but Dinesh held her face tight by both his arms now and she felt his cock get even bigger in her throat as it exploded. And the cum slid down her throat.

Dinesh’s cock remained in his mom’s mouth for few seconds after orgasming.

“I am sorry Neha, I didn’t knew he would cum in my throat like that, sorry that seed went wasted.” Anisha apologized to her sister after Dinesh withdrew his cock from her mouth.

Dinesh didn’t even knew what to say after having a great blowjob from these fine ladies. He just laid on the bed there.

“No worries big sis, I am sure those big balls have a lot of seed in them.” Replied Neha cheekily.

“Yeah they do, but from now on he can only cum in your pussy.” Anisha said the final part while looking at her son.

Dinesh just nodded.

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