Mom Loans Me Out

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Since I’m in college you might not think I was dumb or slow. But when it comes to my mom, the word stupid gets spelled with at least three p’s. She has a way to work me over that makes me think one way but really is another. Let me tell you my story and you can judge for yourself.

My name is Carl and I am the son of the late Al Spangler and his wife, my mom, Kathleen. I am currently 20 years old, about 6’2″, 200 pounds and pretty fit as I work out a lot. I attend community college and live at home to keep the costs down. I am trying to go to state college in the fall, but that took a serious setback when the company I was working for closed up. I was a night time stocker and that’s really the only time I have for work. In relaying my troubles to my mom, she told me that she would help out by getting me to do chores for friends and neighbors.

Now, just so you have the complete background. While I’m in pretty good physical shape, the noticeable thing about me is my dick. I was blessed with a ten inch cock, but more particular is that it is that size even soft. When I get an erection I get a little thicker but I do not get longer. So naturally in the locker room at school, I get some raised eyebrows from the guys who probably think that I must get even larger. Of course this causes problems with clothing and I wear a lot of loose stuff, warm-ups and such. At home I’m usually in sleeping shorts.

Now my mom has seen me naked a number of times by accident. My room is directly across the hall from the bath, so as I exit the shower and dry off, I normally just cross the hall butt naked to my room. Several times I have run into Mom in the hall and she gets wide eyed at the sight of my dangling member. My hands don’t do a good enough job covering me when that happens, but speed helps by getting into my room quickly and shutting the door. Strange that Mom doesn’t scold me to use a towel or robe.

It’s been a week since I lost my job, so my wallet was pretty depressed. My Mom informed me that she had a chore for me down the street that would take about an hour after dinner. During dinner she gave me the details; Mrs. Crenshaw, a recent divorcee, had some boxes from her ex that she wanted to toss up into the attic to get out of her way. Mom said that Mrs. Crenshaw would give me an envelope and to just bring that home to her.

I got to the Crenshaw house and as I rang the bell, I remembered that I just had my lounging shorts on and I was commando. To late to turn back, the door opened and I was warmly greeted by Mrs. Crenshaw. Ruth Crenshaw was about my mothers age, mid 40’s with bleached blonde hair. She was well built, probably a 34D bust and nice legs and ass.

Ruth led me inside and said her chore was upstairs. She was thanking mom and me for helping her out. As I followed Ruth up the stairs, I couldn’t help but notice the swagger in her ass and also I didn’t see any panty lines thru her white slacks.

When we got to the top of the stairs, there were about 20 boxes of various sizes stacked in the hallway. Ruth said they were all her ex’s junk and she wanted it thrown in the attic till he could pick them up. I dropped the attic ladder and scampered up to look around to see how much room I had; glancing back down I saw Ruth looking up but not at my face, rather thru the leg of my shorts. I realized that raising my arm to find the light switch in the attic had just about exposed my ball sack and tip of my cock. I was embarrassed and quickly scampered down the ladder.

I told a grinning Ruth that there was plenty of room and I would have the boxes out of sight in minutes. Ruth stepped aside and I started with the largest and heaviest boxes first.

I climbed the stairs each time with a new box and was stacking them along the edge of the attic ladder opening. By the time I had 3-4 boxes high, I was really stretching out and I felt cool air hit my nuts. Finally the last box was hoisted up with a really long stretch. Suddenly I felt a warm wet engulfing feel on my balls. Ruth had gotten two rungs up on the ladder. Pulled up one leg of my shorts and began licking. She would flick her tongue back and forth between my balls and cock tip. I had to brace myself from falling down the stairs.

Needless to say that my cock was getting hard and tenting my shorts, which in turn exposed more of my balls. Ruth was licking from my anus to my balls, taking one at time in her mouth and sucking. My hands were holding on to the rafters to keep from falling.

Ruth stopped and told me to come down several rungs, which I did. Now Ruth got hold of my elastic waistband and pulled my shorts down to my knees. Next her hands cradled my ass and she started to devour my now rigid cock

I haven’t had that many blowjobs but this was by far my favorite based solely on Ruth’s talented tongue and mouth. She was making every effort to deep throat me and by and large was quite successful. I was getting more excited and in an effort to assist, I dropped Ankara bayan escort one hand from the rafter and placed it behind Ruth’s head so I could fuck her mouth better.

Ruth stopped and stepped away from the ladder, pulling down her white slacks, revealing a shaved pussy with a clit ring. This I found unusual for a mom mish type woman. She then lay down on the floor and beckoned me on top of her. Testosterone was ruling my body at this point; I couldn’t control my actions if I wanted to. I lay on top of Ruth her thighs on top of my arms, my weapon primed above the target. I entered her pussy and got a few inches in, her hole was too restricted. With that Ruth placed her hands on my upper ass and pushed down hard, impaling me to the hilt where our pubic hairs intertwined. She shuddered a little and shook as if she just got an electrical impulse thru her crotch. Ruth then commanded me to fuck and fuck her harder and harder. With wild abandon I was pounding her hole with everything I had. There was so much friction we could have started a fire if that was possible. I wanted to withdraw to ejaculate but Ruth insisted I keep ramming her and finish inside. Waves of cum started to jettison from my cock deep into her pussy and further into her womb. The wetness of Ruth’s pussy convinced me that she had an orgasm as well.

After separating Ruth handed me a small towel to clean up a little with. I was tongue tied a little and wanted to apologize, but she would hear nothing of it; instead she was expressing thanks to me; she hadn’t had sex in months.

I dressed, finished up the chore and as I was leaving Ruth handed me an envelope with Mom’s name on it. She gave me a kiss on the cheek another thank you and off I went home.

When I saw Mom I gave her the envelope and quickly ran upstairs just in case Ruth had told her about our coupling and I was in trouble. Nothing happened, later on Mom told me how pleased Ruth was by my work and manners, and then handed me $20. Not bad for under an hour of work, plus a free fuck of course.

The next evening Mom told me of another job, a few blocks over. A lady, Vera Rutledge, wanted some furniture moved to another bedroom. Her husband had suffered a stroke and was now an invalid. He had been in the master bedroom for several months and with the home care nurses coming by and friends and family, Vera wanted more privacy. So her husband was to be moved to another bedroom in the front of the house where things would be easier. Seemed simple enough and off I went.

When the door was opened I was greeted by an elderly lady who said she was Vera. She was short, about 5’2, with more salt than pepper looking hair to be maybe 60 I would say.

She had a few wrinkles, but otherwise was an attractive woman. She had smallish breasts and a fairly flat ass. She had the charm of a grandma, always holding your arm or hand while speaking to you. Vera offered me a coke and then instructed me on what she wanted done.

I went into the front bedroom and started to complete the assembly of a used hospital bed, attaching the rails and making sure the electrical was secure. I then moved the bed to the position Vera had wanted. I continued moving some of chests and dresser plus other items before we were going to move her husband.

Vera entered the room bringing in another coke and surprisingly she had a red wine for herself. She commented that the bed was in a good position so that someone could clearly see in from the doorway and check on her husband. She then asked me if that was a loose wire under the bed. Squatting down to look, unaware that my jeans, which were low riders slid down and showed my plumbers crack. As I glanced up at Vera she had inserted her forefinger in her mouth and was licking on it. She asked me if we could hide the wire better so nobody could trip on it; I reached further under the bed the result being my jeans slid down more. Before I could raise myself I felt a wet, warm finger rubbing along my butt crack, into my jeans. I wanted to jump up but in doing so I would have conked my head on the bar under the bed. I was trapped while Vera played with my ass.

Finally scrambling up, I was met with Vera sitting on the bed now grabbing hold of my belt loops pulling me towards her. She told me to behave and she would handle everything, so being a good momma’s boy, I did. Vera unzipped me and fished my cock out and proceeded to munch on it. She still had the wine glass in her hand and with a kinky streak would take my semi hard cock and dip it into the glass of red wine and suck anew. It was not long before my cock was hard and ready and Vera was going to full advantage by stuffing it down her throat. She couldn’t deep throat but she made a valiant effort.

Vera started to talk between sucks and said since her husband’s stroke three years ago she only used a dildo for satisfaction and she wanted something that would throb back. She also said she was a cum freak and so missed sucking Escort bayan Ankara down some loads.

She could sense my imminent explosion and put a vise like grip on her lips and waited for me to flood her throat. I did release a barrage of sack juice and Vera did not let a drop escape. When I could shoot no more, she cleaned my cock and then finished her wine with a mouth rinse and swallow. I know I stood there like an idiot with my mouth open attracting flies if there were any.

Vera got up and acted like nothing weird just went on and we finished the room up together. At the end we went to the master bedroom and lifted her invalid husband onto a wheelchair, drove him to the front bedroom and laid him on the hospital bed.

Vera went to a table, handed me an envelope and thanked me for the evening and showed me out. I left with her going back in to the bedroom to sit with her husband.

Mom got the envelope again when I got home and I went to bed. In the morning Mom had placed $75 cash by my breakfast plate. Mom told me Vera was quite happy and she may have more chores for me in the future.

I had a few more chore jobs during the balance of that week, but none involved any sexual activity.

The following week Mom had another chore for me. A woman from her church wanted to change out chest freezers; place a new one into her utility room and take the old one out to the garage. I would need to take my old truck and a dolly from the garage to handle this job. I was just hoping my twelve year old pick up would make it. The truck was one of the reasons I didn’t think I could go to state college, it just was not dependable and I did not have the funds to replace it.

I pulled up to the address Mom gave me, thankful that the old truck made it. Hoisting the dolly out I made a beeline for the detached garage since I knew that’s where one of the chest freezers would go. The screen door was closed, but the backdoor was open so I called out my name and what I was here for. A woman’s voice yelled from inside to come in. Going in I followed the sounds of a TV on till I arrived in the living room to a surprise.

I was surprised in the appearance of this couple. The man was obese, probably around 400 pounds, sitting in the recliner with an athletic tee shirt and long pants on, drinking a beer. The woman was also not expected. She appeared to be early 30’s with fake reddish hair cut in a bob, very red full lips, nails, toes with mini shorts that looked sprayed on and a tank top, cut off midriff, clearly showing the bottom of her bra less small but firm tits.

The woman introduced themselves as Heather Nyman and her husband Jerry.

One of my immediate thoughts was how my mother knew these people from church. From the looks of it, Jerry didn’t get out much, possibly just getting up to piss and get another beer. And Heather, if I saw her on the street, the word tramp or hooker would be at the top of my list.

Sitting across from them we made small talk, well mostly it was Heather talking. Jerry’s actions were mostly watching the TV, grunting when asked something directly, taking a swig of beer and then belching. I asked if I could get started as the guy was really disgusting me; Heather stood up and that pair of mini shorts were really tight. She really did have a cute body, very shapely with an overall tan. If she didn’t have that god awful hair color, or maybe was blonde she would be attractive to me.

I followed her out to the utility room where I unplugged the old freezer; we set out a few steaks and other frozen items to go in the new freezer. I then got my dolly and pushed the old one to the side and replaced and plugged in the new one. Heather replaced the food we had taken out earlier and I wheeled the old one out to the garage and set it in the spot Heather wanted and plugged it in.

Heather followed me out and when the job was done, sat on the freezer swinging her legs back and forth. She told me she had another job for me but she wanted it done inside. When I inquired what that was, she said she needed an ass fuck. Shook up at first, I tried to be suave and cool and asked about her husband though my gut was doing flip flops. Heather said it was ok. Jerry was a diabetic, high blood pressure and couldn’t get hard if he jacked for hours. I tried vainly to get out of it by saying I would fuck her out in the garage, but she insisted it be inside, in front of Jerry. She also mentioned he was a cuckold, which I at the time did not fully understand. Heather also remarked that they had been active swingers but due to Jerry’s condition had stopped that some time ago, but they still had the itch.

I was very uneasy with all this information and it was apparent that I wanted to leave. Heather got off the freezer and took hold of my hands and placed them on her ass and then put her own on my ass. Reluctantly I went along only if Jerry was not going to get upset and go crazy; plus I was concerned for my mom who Bayan escort Ankara vouched for these people and might get repercussions if they say anything ugly.

So back into the den area we went, Jerry still watching TV, fat legs up on the recliner popping another beer. Heather was raring to go and slid off her skintight shorts and got on the couch in a kneeing position, all the while rubbing her ass. She did have a gorgeous ass, round, firm and tanned. I stood behind her, blocking Jerry’s view of his wife and opened the top of my jeans and pulled the zipper. Placing my jeans down to mid thigh, I got a request from Heather to moisten her up by using her pussy juices. So I slid a couple fingers in to retrieve fluid from a very active hole, and then smeared it around her anus.

Never having done this I was concerned both for my size and the view of her tiny rosebud. Taking a deep breath and plunging in, I was surprised that once I popped thru her ring my cock disappeared entirely in Heather’s ass. She began rotating her whole ass as if trying to corkscrew me. The sensations were wonderful and I forgot about Jerry behind me, because when I did look he was more interested in the TV. It had to be less than ten minutes before that urge to pop hit me; Heather felt it too and told me repeatedly to let loose in her ass. And that’s exactly what I did.

When I was somewhat soft, I pulled out only to have gobs of cum pour from her ass amid little pop farts. I was still observant of Jerry so I didn’t want to really hang out any longer even when Heather reached back with her hand and smeared my cum and her juices all over her ass and pussy. I told them I really had another job to go to (a lie) and went to leave, heather said to be sure to grab my mothers envelope on the way out.

I was so glad my old beaten truck made it and I got home as fast as possible. I had the urgent desire to shower, so I quickly undressed, threw the envelope on my bed and ran across the hall into the bath. I really felt better afterwards and after toweling off, went naked across the hall. Lo and behold there was Mom with a laundry basket down the hall. Embarrassed, I dove into my room and threw my jeans back on.

Mom peered in my room with a gotcha look and smile on her face and threw me some socks from the basket, I in turn handed her the envelope.

The next morning a crisp $100 bill was by my spot on the kitchen table.

So now a couple months have passed. I finished community college and got my associate degree, still hoping to go onto state college. But without the tuition and decent transportation that was looking dim. When I finished school, instead of finding a job, Mom came up with more chores both for day and nighttime.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all the chores involved sexual activities, but a lot of them did. After each chore, the envelope was returned to mother. I was doing on occasion several chores a day and even went back to Ruth Crenshaw and Vera Rutledge’s homes several times. I did not go back to Jerry and Heather.

One day I received a letter from university that the enrollment period would end soon and a decision had to be made. I was quite frugal with the money that mom gave me, only a few movies, fast food and the occasional piece of clothing. I had a little over $1,000 from my work; seriously lacking funds for college. Naturally I was depressed in discussing this with mother but she said not to harp on it.

Several days later Mom came in my room and asked to borrow the old truck, she needed to pick up some new plants for landscaping. She told me to just swap vehicles in case I needed to go anywhere while she was gone.

Mom returned after a few hours, and after coming inside, told me to go out and remove the plants from the truck bed. Walking outside I did a double take, my twelve year old truck was gone, parked there was a two year old version of the same truck. I stared in disbelief when mom walked up behind me and started tickling me and yelling surprise.

I could not speak so mom told me when I finished with the plants to come inside and she would fill me in.

Once inside, Mom said that she had found an extra life insurance policy, quite small on my dad several weeks ago. When the funds came in she decided to update my truck. I was slapping my knees in excitement and then mom said there was more.

Mom also sold some stock and that was enough to fund my room and board at college and that best of all I had a scholarship for full tuition at school. Evidently the Rutledge family had an endowment at state college for assistance and Vera Rutledge had personally requested my admittance. I was so happy I couldn’t stop hugging and cheek kissing mom.

But finally, mom said to my disbelief, there was more, she reached into her purse and brought a thick envelope out and handed it to me. What was this I thought?

Mom told me that it was my chore money and instead of a school credit card I should use this for my pocket money at school. Pizza, haircuts you name it. She said there was slightly over $6,000 in it.

I dropped the envelope and collapsed on the sofa to shocked to move. Mom was grinning from ear to ear and asked if her baby was happy. Hell yeah!

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