Mommy’s Bar Baby

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Azul Hermosa

Alicia walked into the bar a bit unsure of what she was expecting. She’d thought about broadening her partners to more than just the occasional boyfriend and dates she went on in college, but this was the first time she had acted on anything.

She had spent 3 hours getting ready that night, spending most of it on her makeup to try and accentuate her big brown eyes and already full lips. She spent the rest of the time straightening her brown hair, and squeezing her full DD breasts into her favorite blue dress for the night.

Alicia left her apartment as quick as she could, mumbling to her roommates that she was heading out on a date, when in reality she was going to the lesbian bar across town. Once arriving at the bar, she ran in before she could change her mind.

Alicia was taken back by all the colors and smells that filled her senses as she walked in. She’d never been to a regular bar or club, let alone one filled with just women and lesbians at that. The bartender caught her eye and gave Alicia a smile, waving her over to the bar.

“This is your first time in a place like this isn’t it hun?”

“Is it that obvious?” Alicia replied.

The bartender looked her up and down then smiled, “Yes dear, but something tells me someone will show you the ropes soon enough.”

Alicia smiled back, a bit nervous of what the bartender was implying. She ordered a drink to try and calm her nerves.

As she was sipping slowly at it, someone sat down on the barstool next to her. She took a slight glance over, and knew instantly that she had made the right choice in coming her tonight due to the instant arousal she felt.

The woman beside Alicia was an older, tall, curvy blonde, with a pink dress that hugged every single inch of her curvy body. Alicia continued to glance at the woman between sips, but was too nervous to say anything direct.

“You know baby, a picture would last longer.” The older woman said.

Alicia’s face turned beat red as she mumbled apologize as she stared at her drink. The older woman, who was maybe in her late 30s early 40s, leaned over to Alicia’s ear and whispered,

“It’s okay baby, I like being looked at. izmir escort Just make sure you let me know you’re looking so I don’t have to guess.”

Alicia finally looked up into the eyes of the goddess next to her, and felt shivers run up and down her spine.

“That’s better baby, now what’s your name?”

“Alicia ma’am.” She sputtered out in return.

“Ma’am?” the older woman laughed. “I may be a bit older, but trust me Alicia, I am about the farthest thing from a ma’am. My name is Elizabeth, but you’ll figure out what else you can call me soon enough.”

Elizabeth then payed for Alicia’s drink, and reached her hand out to help her off the bar stool. Alicia gasped when she saw the beautiful long nails that were being offered to her for support, and heard her older friend laugh in response.

“Do you like them baby, I just got them done today. I usually get them longer, but thought two inches would work this time around.”

Alicia muttered her approval she grabbed the hand and hopped down from the stool, loving the way the nails felt against her hand.

Elizabeth then led Alicia out onto the dance floor, proudly displaying her new find to the regulars around the bar.

The two came out onto the floor during a slow song, and Elizabeth wrapped her arms around her new pet pulling her in close.

Alicia groaned as she found her face pushed against the warm and inviting tits of Elizabeth, and loved the way her face felt against them.

They stayed like that till a more upbeat song came on, and Elizabeth swung Alicia around, so she could wrap her arms around the front of the college girl’s body. Alicia leaned back against Elizabeth’s body, feeling the older woman’s tits press on her shoulders.

Elizabeth then slowly slid one hand up the young girl’s body, making sure to run her 2 inch nails all over the girl, knowing she could feel them through the thin material of her dress. While gasping and groaning, Alicia starting grinding her body against Elizabeth’s, moving her ass against the older woman.

The older woman smiled at the reaction she was getting out of this young girl, and alsancak escort decided it was time for her favorite move. She slowly brought her and higher, and rubbed her fingernails against one of Alicia’s nipples, finding braless beneath the dress.

The young girl felt her nipple instantly get hard, and moaned in approval, grateful that the loud music drowned most of it out.

Elizabeth heard it loud and clear though, and quickly leaned down against Alicia’s ear while continuing to scratch her nipple through the thin blue dress.

“You like when I scratch your nipples with my nails don’t you baby?”

“Oh yes Elizabeth, it is making me so hot,” Alicia groaned back.

“Well baby, mommy is going to tickle more than just your nipples tonight. Why don’t you run to the bathroom to get ready for me, and I’ll meet you there in 10.”

With that, Elizabeth walked off, leaving Alicia wet and horny as hell. She quickly rushed off to the bathroom, even though she wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect.

The bathroom at the club was very large, and had a small area in the back where the ladies could fix their makeup. It was filled with mirrors and had couches all around. Alicia went in there and quickly tried to ready herself for her encounter with what she now knew to call her mommy.

Elizabeth walked into the bathroom filled with delight to see her new young girl waiting as asked. She quietly walked up behind Alicia, and grabbed her tits from behind.

“Such a good girl you are baby. All ready and just waiting for mommy to touch you.”

Alicia leaned back, and moaned at the feeling of her new mommy’s hand and nails groping her tits. She felt Elizabeth’s nails circle around the outside of her nipples through her dress, and she groaned in yearning for those perfect nails to touch her hardening nipples.

“What is it baby? Tell mommy what you’re aching for.”

“Oh please mommy,” Alicia groaned, “Rub those nails over my nipples. Tickle them and make them feel good.”

Elizabeth then ran one finger over each of Alicia’s nipples, feeling the young girl shudder beneath her touch. She then buca escort reached one hand behind and slowly unzipped Alicia’s dress, letting her tits spring free from the tight restrains the dress had put on it.

“Oh baby,” Elizabeth moaned, “You have such perfect titties, and they seem to be just waiting for me to play with them.”

“Please mommy,” Alicia moaned back, “touch my nipples, tickle them and make them hard for you.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes groaned at how responsive this girl was being. She then pushed Alicia back onto one of the couches and fully got to see the college girl’s tits in all their glory.

She sat facing Alicia and ran her finger nails over the areola of each tit, making the pink and perfect nipples stand up straight on each of the DD breasts. Hearing her moan from pleasure, Elizabeth then took one of her fingers, while still encircling the other tit, and lightly scratched the hardened nipple.

“Tickle, tickle baby,” Elizabeth cooed, “Does my baby girl like mommy to tickle her large pink nipples?”

Alicia moaned in response and pushed back against the couch for support. Elizabeth took advantage of this and moved her hand off one tit and replaced it with her mouth, sucking the throbbing nipple into her wet mouth.

She then moved her hand down to the bottom of her baby’s dress, and reached underneath. Alicia lifted her ass to allow her panties to be removed, and felt herself getting hotter and hotter from her mommy’s nails and mouth.

Elizabeth sucked hard on one nipple as she flicked on her baby’s other tit with her long hard nails. She rubbed Alicia’s pussy softly, feeling the heat and wetness coming from within.

Alicia felt her mommy begin to rub her sexy nails over her pussy, then slip one finger into her lips, finding her hard and wet clit. Elizabeth rubbed the top of her nail over her baby’s clit, letting her feel how smooth and long it was.

“Mommy please, please let me cum,” Alicia cried out.

Elizabeth then ran her finger and nail over Alicia’s clit faster and faster until she felt her legs begin to buck. She then stuck her finger into the young girl’s hot pussy to feel her cum as she sucked and flicked each of the sexy nipples.

As Alicia calmed down after her orgasm, she looked into her new mommy’s eyes.

“Now baby, “Elizabeth said, “It’s time for us to go home. And hopefully, you can repay mommy for all the pleasure she just granted you.”


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