Mom’s Night Out

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This is a purely imaginary story, set in a Bengali household in India.


My mom Shobha Banerjee, aged forty-five years, has been divorced by my father some seven years back.

Mom is around five feet and three inches tall with a very fair complexion. She has a very sexy looking face with thick, lush, pouting lips and a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Shoulder length black hair with a reddish tinge of henna frame her face. A bit on the fatter side, her hips are wide, the type Indian men go crazy for. She has a couple of folds of extra fat on either side of her midriff. That makes her look more alluring. Her 28DD breasts are like two large bouncy globes. Having accidentally watched her changing her dress, I had seen her bare breasts a couple of times. Sagging slightly, they are shaped like domes or large onions. Two fat, juicy, upright nipples; deep brown in colour and the size of large grapes stand up proudly on a large base of light brown areolas adorning her large milk pots. Mom’s large round asses, shaped like two big globes sway alluringly when she walks.

Mom usually dresses up in very low cut sleeveless blouses, which show the full length of her white, fleshy arms; a lot of cleavage and the major portion of her back. She wears her saree an inch below her navel, which again is an exquisite part of her body. Her navel is a perfect nice little hollow, centered right in the middle of her white fleshy belly.

Bengali women are known to be some of the hottest women in India and mom fits the tag perfectly. Although she hasn’t had any man in her life since my father left her, she turns the head of every man whenever she goes out. I have watched how men, young and old, ogle at her voluptuous body with undisguised lust in their eyes. I don’t know why she has not married or denied herself a boy friend after her divorce, but the way she carefully flaunts her ripe sexy body, would make even an impotent man regain his sexual vigour.

I have a few friends and one of them is Hamid. He is my best friend. Hamid is actually five years older than me. But since we live in the same locality we have become friends. Hamid is a very big guy. Also being a football player, he has a strong muscle bound body. Girls never fail to notice Hamid and a lot of them secretly desire to sleep with him. Naturally, he has an enviable sex life.

I was very close to Hamid for many reasons, but one important reason was that Hamid had initiated me into sex. Had he not coaxed one of his widow aunts to have sex with me, I would have remained a virgin till date. Hamid has no dearth of women as I have already stated. From young virgins to mature married ladies, the women considered themselves extremely lucky if they could get fucked by Hamid. I, on the other hand had only his widow aunt Zaheeda. We had to keep our relationship a very closely guarded secret, not only because it was illicit, but also because a Hindu guy having sex with a Muslim woman would not be taken too kindly by either of the societies.

One evening, Hamid and I sat together for a chat. We had a bottle of beer each and a plate of fries. The topic revolved around sex. Hamid asked me how I liked fucking his aunt Zaheeda. Although Zaheeda was a few years older than my mom, closer to fifty and a bit skinny, she was a very horny woman and fucking her was a delight. I said as much to Hamid.

“Actually, all mature women have a greater craving for sex. In fact, I enjoy sex more with mature women than with young girls,” Hamid remarked matter of factly.

I had sex with only one woman in my life, who was a mature woman. From my own experience, I could tell that Hamid wasn’t far from the truth.

The evening was wearing on and the alcohol had made both of us a bit mellow. Sipping bear from his mug, Hamid lowered his voice a bit and asked, “Your mom hasn’t had any man in her life after her divorce?”

I replied in the negative.

“If you don’t mind my saying…,” Hamid trailed off.

“What? Come on. Speak freely,” I said.

“…she must be horny as hell,” Hamid completed his sentence. I remained silent, unsure as to what to say to that.

“Sorry Sandip, if I have hurt your feelings. The thought just came to my mind. No hard feelings pal.” There was a tinge of regret in his voice.

“Not at all.” I was quick to assuage Hamid’s feelings. The last thing I wanted to see was any kind of misunderstanding between the two of us.

“Actually, I am not too sure about her sexual feelings. She has never expressed her thoughts to me,” I replied thoughtfully.

“Its OK,” Hamid said somewhat relieved.

“Actually, Shobhaji is a fine healthy woman and if I am honest, her dresses are pretty provocative,” Hamid continued.

I couldn’t disagree on that. And the fact remained that whenever Hamid had visited our house, he had a difficult time trying to conceal a very large and visible bulge between his legs which appeared whenever mom came near him.

Although my mom treated Hamid Ankara bayan escort as just my friend and smiled and chatted with him whenever he came to our house, I have always had a faint suspicion that the appearance of this very sexy lady aroused Hamid strongly.

“Maybe, your mom does want sex with a man, but is afraid or hesitant to express it. It was the same with Zaheeda aunty you know?” Hamid asked questioningly.

“I knew she wanted to be fucked desperately, but it took a lot of convincing on my part to make her sleep with you. Very few women are overt in nature,” he continued.

Sipping from my mug, I nodded silently in agreement.

“Sandip, Bengali women are very horny and have an insatiable appetite for sex,” Hamid said.

“I agree with you totally on that one,” I replied with a mischievous smile.

Hamid laughed aloud and then said, “Your mom being a Bengali woman and also for the fact that she hasn’t had a man for such a long time, must be horny as hell. That’s what I was saying at the beginning.”

“Your logic is quite sound,” I replied, also laughing aloud.

Here Hamid lowered his voice substantially and said, “There has been something else in my mind for some time. I wanted to talk to you about it. But being unsure as to whether it would be proper, I have refrained from raising the point with you.”

“When I have heard so much, I might as well hear the rest of it. Come on,” I replied quickly.

“You sure…?” Hamid asked hesitantly.

“Of course” I was quick to reply.

“Well…,” his voice had dropped to a whisper, “Sandip, I find Shobhaji very attractive and sexy. I always think about her. She is in all my dreams and fantasies. I know I am too young to marry her. But I want to make love to her. Somehow I want to have her in my arms and kiss her.” He said it all in almost one single breath.

“But how?” I asked aloud, wonder in my eyes.

“Leave it to me Sandip. Just tell me if you would mind if I tried to seduce her? But believe me, both, your mom and I would enjoy immensely from the experience. But if you find it objectionable, I wouldn’t proceed.” There was an earnestness in Hamid’s voice.

“I have no objection to that, if she consents to your proposal. After all both of you are mature adults,” I said calmly.

“Thanks. I will invite her to dinner one day and then let us see what fate has in store for us,” he said almost gratefully.

The next day, Hamid came to our house to invite mom and me for a dinner at his place in the evening. Mom was very inquisitive as to the occasion. Hamid said that he had intended to invite her for a very long time, but had some problems till now. The problems having cleared, he wanted to have her as a guest. Mom readily agreed with a smile.

On the appointed day, in the evening mom and I arrived at Hamid’s house at around eight in the evening. Mom had taken a lot of time for her makeup. She wore a black chiffon saree, a daringly cut sleeveless blouse and matching black high heel slippers. Her dress exposed her extremely fair, fleshy body more than it concealed. Moist red lipstick on her lush lips made her look like a sex goddess. Her nails were also painted in a shade of red matching with the colour of her lipstick. Her feet were adorned with silver anklets and toe rings, while she wore black glass bangles on her wrists. Her vampish looks was arousing even to me.

Hamid welcomed us warmly. He was smartly dressed too, in a tight fitted jeans and a fitting T shirt.

Food was ready to be served. There was some alcohol too. Mom didn’t take alcohol. All the same, Hamid asked whether she would like some gin. He assured mom that gin had a nice tangy taste and was a ladies’ favourite. Mom, after much persuasion, agreed to take a little. She obviously liked it as she took the glass without prompting after Hamid refilled it. Hamid and I took whisky. After the drinks steaming hot mutton biryani (a dish made with rice and mutton) and mutton curry were served. The food was extremely well cooked and delicious. We agreed to extra helpings without much persuasion on Hamid’s part.

After finishing our food, we had one more round of drinks as we sat down to chat. After a while, I asked for permission to leave as I had a little bit of urgent work at home. I told mom to continue with her chat for some more time, after which Hamid would bring her home. She agreed to that. Obviously, she was finding the chat refreshing and enjoyable and didn’t want to leave so early. I, on the other hand, instead of going home actually concealed myself in the adjoining room to watch the proceedings. That had been arranged by Hamid beforehand.

Immediately after I had left, Hamid sat himself next to mom on the sofa.

“Shobhaji, I am unhappy that you didn’t like the food,” he said with some hurt showing on his face.

“Oh no Hamid! In fact I liked it immensely. It was great.” mom said.

“Why did you refuse extra helpings then?” Hamid asked.

“I had two extra helpings. My stomach Escort bayan Ankara was full after that. I couldn’t take more, believe me,” mom explained.

“I don’t believe that you couldn’t have taken more. Let me check your stomach to see if it is full or not.” There was mischief in his voice.

“Sure, check,” mom said promptly. She had obviously lost some of her inhibitions on account of the good food and under the influence of alcohol. She appeared somewhat unrestrained and was mirthful.

Hamid placed one hand on her belly, took the other hand behind her back and also put it on her belly from the other side in a sort of embrace.

“Hmmm…I think you told the truth after all,” Hamid told, his hands roaming all over mom’s fleshy, sexy belly. She made no effort to remove his hands either.

Lust gleamed in Hamid’s eyes and a visible bulge was noticeable under his jeans.

“Shobhaji, may I ask you a personal question with your permission?” Hamid asked.

“Permission granted,” mom said with a throaty laugh.

“Why haven’t you remarried?” Hamid asked looking inquiringly into mom’s eyes.

“Marry at this age? And having a grown up son too?” she queried incredulously.

“OK, you can at least have a boy friend” Hamid persisted. “Besides you are far from an old hag. I find you an extremely beautiful woman.” Hamid was trying to be at his seductive best. His embrace around mom’s waist had become tighter and his right index finger was probing her navel.

“Well then find me a boy friend,” mom said with an amused laugh.

“I have already found one. He is sitting next to you,” he replied, looking intently into mom’s eyes.

“Thanks for the joke Hamid. I liked it,” mom said laughing again.

“This is no joke Shobhaji. I am serious. I really love you. As a man loves a woman. I have long dreamt of holding you in my arms, to kiss your wonderful lips” the words blurted out of Hamid’s mouth. He pulled her close to his chest and put his warm lips on her cheek.

“Nooo…!” mom exclaimed loudly in protest.

“I am your friend’s mother. I am like your mother too. You must not bear such thoughts about me Hamid.” She pleaded earnestly as she tried to free herself from his tight embrace.

Hamid moved his hands from her belly and cupped her face in a flash. He looked longingly into mom’s eyes. “I know where our relationship stands. You are my best friend Sandip’s mom. You are like my mom,” he said haltingly.

“But you are not my real mother. I respect your seniority, but I also love you as a man loves a woman,” Hamid continued.

“In fact, I fell in love with you the day I first saw you. Shobhaji, you are the woman of my dreams.” The earnestness in Hamid’s eyes was intense. He couldn’t be shaken off and was slowly overpowering her resistance.

Mom realizing that she might not be able to defend herself much longer, made one last ditch effort.

“I understand your emotions Hamid, but you and Sandip are friends. If he comes to know about it, your friendship will be lost for ever. He will even hate me, his mom, for that. You have to understand it,” she tried in her most appealing voice.

Hamid seemed to have a ready answer to mom’s last protestations. “Shobhaji, please don’t worry about that. Sandip understands that you have your physical demands and that you have abstained for a long time. He would not mind in the least if you and I have a relationship. In fact, I have already talked to him about that earlier. Trust me.” He removed the last hurdle with his reassuring voice.

Mom had no answer to that. Hamid’s hungry lips encircled her luscious, ruby red lips. He was not just kissing, he was sucking her lips madly. The warm hungry kiss dissolved her last resistance. Hamid’s tongue probed the inside of her mouth and entwined her tongue in his. Mom found herself slowly responding to his hungry kisses.

Encouraged by her responses Hamid threw open his T shirt. His bare, broad, muscular and hairy chest was open before mom’s eyes. She stared at his chest in open admiration. Long years of abstention had finally aroused the fires of passion deep within her. She ran her fingers through the hair on his broad, muscular chest.

Hamid wasted no time in unbuttoning her blouse. With her active co-operation, the flimsy blouse came off her body in seconds. Mom’s voluptuous breasts, held in the tight confines of a black lacy bra were screaming to be freed. Hamid’s hands moved to her back and unclasped the straps as the bra came off. The ample, white, glorious milk pots adorned by the gorgeous brown areolas and the fat, juicy nipples stood out in all their glory.

Hamid dragged her to his chest and almost crushed her huge tits in embrace as his lips once again set out to kiss mom’s neck and his teeth nibbled at her earlobes. Hot sighs escaped from her lips as she visibly enjoyed the foreplay.

Hamid’s hands lowered to cup mom’s mammoth mammaries and squeezed them hard. A low squeal escaped her throat, but Hamid was unrelentingly Bayan escort Ankara cruel. The acres of white female flesh had made him hungrier than anything he had ever felt in his life. He took one of the nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twitched it while the other was taken between his hungry lips. It seemed that Hamid was madly sucking a big ripe black grape. That left mom moaning loudly. She was pulling Hamid’s head with both her hands, bringing it even closer to her boob. There was not a shred of doubt that mom had succumbed to her passions.

“Mmmm…delicious…absolutely delicious,” Hamid remarked approvingly, tugging one of her juicy nipples with his lips and savouring the taste.

He next set himself to disrobe mom completely. His deft hands found the spot about an inch below mom’s sexy navel, where the folds of her saree were tucked. He pulled it out dexterously with mom showing very visible signs of encouragement. Hamid unwrapped the saree from mom’s body with her active cooperation. Her black petticoat was the last piece of clothing to come off her body. There she lay totally nude in all her glory.

Hamid quickly freed himself from his jeans and with only his briefs on pounced on mom’s naked body like a hungry tiger who had found a prey after a long wait.

Mauling her breasts with both hands, Hamid sunk his face on her fleshy belly to give a long hot kiss as mom squirmed with pleasure. His warm lips planted hot kisses on her wide hips, as it slowly came down along her fat, creamy thighs to her feet and sucked her left big toe like a lolly. Each kiss, each movement of his expert tongue, took her to greater heights of pleasure as clearly evident from her moans, which grew louder and louder.

Then he flipped her on her stomach with her bottom up and again his hot lips planted hot kisses from the nape of her neck, all the way down her back until it hovered on her hips.

Hamid grabbed mom’s large globe like fleshy ass, mauled them viciously and parted them to reveal her small ass hole. His tongue licked all along the crevice of her ass and came to rest on her ass hole where it darted in and out like a serpent’s tongue.

“Ohhh nooo….” Mom’s scream trailed off as Hamid unrelentingly set her hotspots on fire one by one. His hands firmly clasped her thighs, pulled them apart and his tongue set out to complete the rest of the journey from the crevice of her ass to the bottom end of her cunt as she still lay pinned down on her stomach.

This was proving too much of a pleasurable punishment for mom as she began to thrash her legs out of pure ecstasy. Mom’s sex, having been dormant for so many years had jumped to life under the careful and well orchestrated stimulations of Hamid.

Hamid flipped her over on her back and parted her legs. Her thick, jet black pubic bush glistening with her juices lay exposed in all its glory. She was nearly prepared to take Hamid inside her, but he was not finished as yet. He planted his mouth firmly on her pussy and his roving tongue darted in and out, slurping the oozing juice. Mom was clenching her teeth as if she could bear it no more, when his tongue started to tickle her clitoris.

“Ahhhhh….” mom screamed and bucked her hips violently that almost threw Hamid off the bed. Hamid pinned her down and determinedly continued with his erotic game of teasing her clitoris with his tongue. Out of pure ecstasy, she raised herself partially from her supine position, grabbed Hamid’s hair with both her hands and pushed his face deeper into her pussy.

“Lick it, every drop of juice in my cunt.” The hitherto sex starved woman imploring loudly as her voice trailed away. Hamid was only too glad to oblige her and continued with his tongue play even more vigorously.

Minutes later, mom’s body began to quiver vigorously. Her face contorted and her thigh muscles tightened around Hamid’s face.

“Aaaahhh…aaahhh…aaahhh,” she screamed like a woman possessed. The pupils of her eyes dilated and her cheeks flushed crimson as she exploded and a sharp spray of her carnal juices hit Hamid’s mouth. Hamid continued to lick her pussy dry as if he was drinking the nectar of life. It seemed unending. Mom’s eyelids drooped and her face showed unadulterated bliss derived from the just concluded sexual encounter.

“Shobhaji…,” Hamid started to say, when she put a finger on his lips.

“No. Just call me Shobha. I know no word that could explain the pleasure you gave me today. No word of thanks is sufficient Hamid.” There was genuine gratitude in mom’s voice.

Hamid embraced her tightly, planting kisses on her cheeks as she hugged him equally tightly. This time there was no resistance from her. She was welcoming him for more.

“Shobha baby, this is just the beginning. I have a lot more in store for you. I will explore every crevice of your hot, sexy body. Making you cum was one of the greatest pleasures of my life so far. Trust me, I will never allow it to end,” Hamid said endearingly.

“Take me as you wish Hamid. From now on, I am all yours,” mom replied with equal affection.

“Yeah baby, I know you belong to me only and I will give you the greatest pleasure of your life” Hamid said as he once more began to tweak her right nipple with his fingers.

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