Moon Flower

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I had been in the Insurance office down on Main Street to pay my auto insurance for the year. As I stepped out the front door of the building, a blurred figure came flying at me from my left. All I caught besides a foot in the chest was an impression of someone in a black costume. The kick had enough force to knock me off balance and into the light pole on the corner; otherwise I would have ended up in the busy street.

I caught my balance on the pole and looked up the street in time to see someone in black go around the corner at the end of the block. I took off in pursuit. Why anyone would want to attack me, was a question that wandered around in my brain as I ran. No one and nothing had come to mind as I turned the corner and headed up the gentle incline towards the railroad tracks that crossed this street just behind the buildings. There was no one in sight. The only sign of activity was a door closing on the first building past the tracks.

I made a wide detour away from the blind corner at the tracks and came to a halt in front of the building where the door had closed. It was a small storefront building and this space held a sign for a Thai-Chi studio. Something was familiar about it but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Wait, it was at one time, over on Main and quite prosperous, I had gone there several times to work out. The Master had even offered to spar with me if I wished. I had taken him up on it one time and found him to be a very competent man. That was when I first came to this area and before I got things set up in my own backyard.

I chuckled as I thought of something, maybe this was an elaborate advertising scheme to get old customers back. More likely a rebellious student. I took a deep breath, walked up to the door, and opened it. There were no lights on in the place; the only light coming through the rice paper covered front windows. There was a glass fronted office to the right and a mat covered practice floor to the left. There was no one here that I could see.

Slipping off my shoes, using just my feet, I moved slowly forward. Past the office was a pair of restrooms and what I figured was the store room. A cross wall had been installed across the width of the room, with a raised floor. The wall was rice paper and bamboo and probably had living quarters behind it. Whether the walls were fixed or sliding, I had no way of telling. I remained on my guard, why I wasn’t sure but I did.

Not wanting to blindly enter someone’s living space, especially with it dark and not knowing if my attacker was really here or not, I moved back toward the front windows and out to the end of the mat area. This gave me the advantage of space and distance but the disadvantage of being silhouetted against the windows.

I took a square stance facing the center of the room, just off the mat edge, grasped my left wrist with my right hand, and relaxed to wait. I didn’t have long to wait. The center panel of the wall slowly slid back to reveal a dark square opening.

There was a sudden, loud yell and the figure in black appeared at a dead run in the opening. At the edge of the platform, it took a rolling dive and ended up in the center of the mat, in a perfect fighting stance. Left foot slightly forward of the right, slightly crouched, right hand balled at hip level, elbow up and out. The left fist was just below chest height, the left elbow low and away from the body.

Whoever it was, they knew their art and they weren’t the master of this place. At least not the one who had been here before. This person was far too short and slight. A black mask hid their head completely.

I smiled and gave a slight bow. “Good morning.” I said softly and then I asked, “Why did you attack me on the street?” There was no answer and after a time, I shrugged and turned toward the door.

As I reached my shoes, a harsh muffled voice said loudly, “Wait, you can not leave without meeting my challenge.”

“Oh and why is that? I don’t know you and since I don’t know you, I have no reason to answer your challenge. Now if you want to spar, then give me a call sometimes, and we’ll set up a date and time.” I said as I slipped one shoe on.

“Then you are not the one and can not be my teacher.” The voice said.

“You are lucky that I’m not your teacher. The first thing I’d do is turn you across my knee and spank you for what you pulled out there on the street. That is no way to get a teacher; it’s a way to get hurt or to hurt someone.” I said as I slipped on the other shoe. I turned toward the figure in black and bowed slightly, “Good day to you.”

As I turned to the door the figure yelled, “Wait.” As marmaris escort I continued to open the door, it added in a softer voice, “Please. You are my last hope.”

I turned back and let the door close. “I do not take students for my discipline and you should know that, if you know who I am.”

“No, I do not know you. Your name was on a list my father kept. I found it after his death. I consulted Wounded Bear, at the reservation and he just frowned when I mentioned your name and would say nothing more.” The muffled voice said slowly and softly.

I slipped my shoes back off and moved back to the side of the mat. “Why don’t you train with Wounded Bear, he is a good Master and well disciplined.” I asked.

There was silence for a moment, and then the figure said, “He won’t take me as a student. He and my father had a few problems over the years, what I do not know, but enough for him to refuse me. I have checked out the others around this area that were on the list and find most of them wanting in one respect or the other. Some told me the same as you, that they do not train people, that they are out of shape and no longer follow the ways. You are the last name on the list and a total mystery.”

The figure paused, slumped slightly, and went on, “There is a group that tried for years to ruin my father and to put him out of business. They may have even killed him; the accident that took his life was very suspicious to me. The police said he was drunk and ran off the road, flipping his car. He never drank in his life.”

“What has this to do with me? Like I said, I’ve never taken a fulltime student. I’ve tutored a few over the years but they already knew the art. Your art, I know something about but I am no Master of it. My discipline is not for everyone and takes years to even be accepted in, much less trained in. The mental part has to come first.” I said softly.

“Time is not a luxury that I have at the present. I need to do something to save this school or I’m out on my ear.” The voice shot back.

Suddenly, the figure was in motion and I was blocking a flurry of punches and kicks. The last punch thrown was aimed at my face and I caught the fist six inches from my nose and held it there. My large hand completely enclosed the small fist and as I squeezed and pressed downward the figure froze and then dropped to one knee. The shot to my groin missed as I turned my hips and my backhand slap to the side of the mask, sounded like a gunshot. The fight went out of the black clad figure as it rolled sideways to lie on the mat, not moving.

I released the fist and reached down to pull off the mask. The next moment, I was flying over to land on my back. If the throw had been better executed, then I could have rolled out of it, but I think I was a lot heavier than the person in the black suit expected. Either way, I hit hard and rolled sideways, as the figurer jumped from flat on its back to standing vertical in one smooth movement.

I ended up in a sitting position and then slowly stood straight up. I took up my waiting stance and did just that, waited. The figure had slowly circled to their right and back to the center of the mat. “Your father was Vietnamese, if I remember correctly.” I said softly.

“Yes, he was retired military, a full Cornel in the South Vietnamese army back in the war. The American Government pulled him and my mother out as they redrew, I was born here a year or so later.” The figure replied.

“The men who were trying to ruin him, they were Vietnamese, also?” I asked.

“I do not know for sure but I think so. Father never would say.” Came the reply. “Do you know of Vietnam?”

“I spent a lifetime or three there, in my younger days. I was attached to a South Korean Marine group. They are the ones who started me on my path in martial arts.” I said.

“My father fought hard for the freedom of his people and all he got for his effort was exile. That was bad enough, and then the vendetta started soon after my mother died and those two together nearly killed him. I will not let them kill the last things he loved, me and this studio. I cannot allow it.” The figure said.

Suddenly the figure was in motion again, only this time away from me. Executing a series of back flips that ended where the figure had first appeared, at the open panel. The figure took a step back and pulled the panel shut in front of it.

“Please lock the front door and relax, I have found out what I needed to know.” Came from the panel.

I stood there a moment, contemplating all that had been said and all that hadn’t. I was of two minds over this, one to leave and one to stay. I decided marmaris escort bayan to stay, there were some things here that made me curious. With a mental shrug, I went and locked the door, wondering what was going to happen next.

I didn’t have long to wait and I couldn’t have been more surprised. A tiger flying through the rice paper wouldn’t have shocked me as much as what did happen. The pane slid open and after a split second, the figure came flying at me as I stood in the center of the pads. The black suit and hood were gone and I was frozen solid as the completely nude girl sailed through the air and hit me solidly in the chest.

We went down in a tangle of arms and legs. As we hit the mats and rolled, she locked her legs around my waist and used short quick punches and jabs on my face and neck. I grabbed both her arms and rolled over, pinning her to the mat with my weight, her arms stretched high above her head. My face was inches from hers. On a sudden impulse I kissed her. She fought me for a second and then yielded to the kiss, returning it two fold.

She whimpered softly as our tongues dueled. I released her hands and rolled us over until she was on top. Her hands were now on either side of my head as she kissed me even harder and more passionately. Suddenly she sat up and reached for the front of my shirt. She gave a jerk and ripped it open, buttons fly as she did.

Then she lay back down, her warm firm breasts now pressed against my bare chest, her nipples as hard as the cherry pits they looked like. She grabbed my hair and went back to kissing me wildly. I wrapped my arms around her and returned the kiss, my big hands wandering in gliding caresses over the warm satiny skin of her narrow back and small tight ass. She was moaning softly as I did.

She pulled away from me again and scooted down my body to fumble with my belt buckle. After a moment, she looked up at me and said, “Are you going to help me or not.”

“With your training or the pants?” I asked with a grin.

“The damn pants right now. We’ll talk about the other later.” She replied with a grin of her own.

We wrestled with the pants until they were down around my knees and then she saw my manhood for the first time. Her eyes got bigger and she whispered, “Oh shit.”

She rolled away from me and got to her feet. I spun around and used my leg to sweep her feet out from under her. She hit on her butt and bounced. As she did, I grabbed an ankle in each hand and pulled her toward me, spreading her legs wide. As I buried my face between her luscious thighs, she yelled and beat at the back of my head.

As I made the first lick between her dark colored outer lips, her fingers tangled in my hair and her hips pressed upward, the yell now a loud moaning groan. I continued to lick her from the hot wet opening deep between her legs to the top of her slit, pausing there to tickle her small pink clit. Her hips would jump and jerk each time I did and she would yell loudly.

Her hands would alternate between pulling my head away and pulling it tighter to her sex. Her legs were now wrapped around my shoulders in a tight grip. I shifted my grip and lifted her ass higher so I could stab my tongue straight into her hot wetness. She yelled even louder and rocked her hips in quick short jerks against my mouth, trying to force me deeper.

My tongue isn’t real long but it is wide and strong. I wiggled it as deep as I could into her tightness and swirled it around. She froze except for a fluttering of her hips and the pull of her hands; she was strangely silent as she came with a gush. Her body was tensed up like a bow ready to launch its arrow. Then she was yelling again and her body was bucking and jerking wildly. I held on and drank deeply from her fountain of love and lust.

When she finally relaxed enough to release me with her legs, I slowly kissed my way up along her flat stomach, to run my tongue around the small perfectly formed globes of her brown breasts. Her fingers slowly untangled from my hair and now guided my head from one cherry pit nipple to the other and back again. I would circle them lightly with my tongue one time and then flick the hard nubs back and forth the next.

When she pulled my mouth tight to one breast, I sucked most of it into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around and over it. She made a soft whimpering moan as I did. She lifted my head and I held a slight suction on her breast until it literally popped out of my mouth with a slurping sound. She moaned a little louder and guided me to the other breast, so I could so the same thing to it.

When I released that breast, I moved up and escort marmaris kissed her lightly on the lips. She returned the kiss wildly, her arms going around me to hug me tightly as she did. She wrapped her legs over my thighs and pulled her sex tightly against my lower belly, working and flexing her hips. She made a deep whining moan and fought to roll us over.

I helped her and as she came up on top, she broke the kiss and sat up. She rose up on her knees and moved down my body to sit down again, her hot sex pressed tightly to my shaft. Her hips made a fast fluttery back and forth motion for a few seconds and then she shifted her legs so she was on her knees and her hands came to rest on my chest.

She took a shuddery breath and started to slide her sex up and down along the bottom of my shaft. We both groaned loudly after a moment or so. Her from the onset of another orgasm and me from the hot flood that washed over my manhood. Slowly she lay forward to rest on my chest, the top of her head just at my chin.

I could feel her heart beating against my chest as her breathing returned to near normal. With a sigh, she raised her head and looked at me, a grin spreading slowly across her face. She leaned down and kissed my chin. I lifted my head and our lips met. The kiss was soft and sweet.

She lifted her head and grinned again as she sat up. She shifted her hips slowly, her eyes closed for a second and she chewed on her lower lip. She stopped moving and opened her eyes. She blew out a sharp breath and reached down to rub her fingertips over the sensitive head of my dick.

When my stomach jerked slightly at her touch, she grinned and raised her hips. Lifting my shaft up, she rubbed the head along her slit and then over and around her opening. She centered it up in her opening and grinned down at me as she whispered, “Now, for the final act.”

With that said, she lowered her weight onto me. Her hot heat slowly enveloped the head of my dick and she moaned deeply. I moaned right along with her. There was a momentary pressure around the head of my dick and then something gave and a couple of inches slipped inside her. She gave out with a yell and flexed her hips back and forth; she slipped down my hard shaft another inch or so.

Her insides were trying their best to crush me in a velvety hot vise. I moaned loudly as I felt a hot flood around the head of my dick. When she lifted her hips an inch or so, it ran down along the part of me outside her, to puddle around my balls in a tickling sensation.

She lowered her hips and moved down my shaft easier with the lubrication she had just applied so generously. She worked her hips until about three quarters of me was inside and then she lay down on my chest again.

Between hard fast breaths, she whispered, “You need to take over, I’m about to lose control.”

I rolled us over so she was on her back. Her legs lifted to circle my hips and grabbed a tight hold as I moved my hips up and down in slow short strokes of her tight pussy. She yelled loudly after a moment and humped wildly against me. She was slowly impaling herself deeper and deeper around me. I held still and let her do as she wanted. I was working hard to hold back my own impending climax. How I did it, I’m not sure, but I managed to hold on until she started to settle down somewhat.

When her inner muscles relaxed their death grip on me, I lifted my hips about four inches and then lowered them. She yelled loudly and her hips went wild again. I shortened my stroke and fucked her with little short slow strokes. The yell went on and on but her hips were settling into a rhythm with mine and I lengthened my strokes until I we were moving in unison of almost full strokes. Her hot wet vagina was pulsing and grabbing at me almost all of the time now. Her yell was down to a continuous incoherent moaning groan in sync with our movements.

My orgasm was building fast; I could feel my shaft swelling and my balls tightening. Suddenly, the girl was strangely quiet and I knew she was very close to an explosion of her own. I sped up my stroke and slammed into her once and then twice. The third time I did, she started to shake all over and then we both exploded into a million pieces.


Now you know how I got my one and only student and a virgin wife, half my age. With the death of her father, the vendetta ended. It had to do with old politics from the war. The studio is now, back on Main Street in its old location and prospering very well. We live there part of the week and at my home the rest of the time.

We always workout and practice our arts nude together after normal hours and still make mad passionate love on the mats afterwards. I just hope I live long enough to finish setting her on the path. It’s a messy, dirty job but I wouldn’t have missed it for all the gold and riches in the world.

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