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Big Tits

“I’m having Garrett withdrawals,” I say as I snuggle up toward you. You’ve just come over for the first time in weeks, and I’m really, really impatient.

“You know what the cure for that is, right,” you say, “More Garrett.” With this, you tilt my head back and give me a long, deep kiss that sends shudders down my spine. Your hands trace small circles up my back, and I press closer to you, my nipples hardening.

Silently, I take you by the hand to my room – where you turn the tables on me, and instead of me leading you, you’re leading me – to the bed. “More Garrett,” I muse, as you continue kissing me. Your hands find their way under my shirt and instead of copping a feel you remove it altogether. A deft flip of your fingers and my bra is off, as well. My nipples are hard at this point, nearly aching for you to kiss them, but you only lightly massage my breasts. With a sly grin you look right at me and pinch my nipples. Small jolts go washing down my spine as I arch my back and ask, “Please.”

“Please,” is all the invitation you need. Fastening your mouth around my right nipple you at first gently lick the tip but licks give way to long, hard sucks. I’m moaning now, I was never very good at being quiet and certainly not under this exquisite torture. You stop and I think you’ve got tired of it but no, you’re just moving to the other nipple. Your hands reach around my back and grab my ass, grounding my pussy against your cock, despite tesettürlü escort our jeans still being very much on. My panties are soaked and I can feel your dick straining against your jeans, between the hardness against my pussy and the sucking on my nipples I am being driven crazy, albeit slowly. I reach down and undo the button and zipper on your jeans, I want to feel cock now. Slipping my hand between your underwear and skin I find it and slowly, with a firm grip, stroke it until I hear you moan. That’s when I know I have you – not when your breathing becomes shallow, not when I see it straining upward, but when you can’t keep quiet.

I’ve had enough of the teasing and want nothing more than to return the favor. I dip my head down and use both hands to remove your jeans and underwear. Your cock is very hard, straining upward and moving slightly with each ragged breath. I take the tip of my tongue and start inside your thigh, near the knee, and slowly trace a line of fire up toward your groin, stopping briefly to bathe your balls with my tongue, and then head down the other thigh. I want to see how much frustration you can take, knowing my mouth is so near your dick. You reach down with both hands—we’re not playing games anymore, apparently – and grab my hair and lightly place my head above your cock. No other invitation necessary, I swallow it whole.

I love sucking your türbanlı escort cock. I love the way it feels in my mouth, the way it looks, and the way it tastes. I love that it gets even more improbably harder as I suck it hard, or how it twitches when I slowly lick it from tip to base. I like to grab it with my right hand, steadying myself with my left, and suck on the tip of it while I hear you moan. My pussy is literally dripping now, because while I’m sucking on your dick I’m imagining how good it feels when you slide it in me, deep, and then remove it all the way.

“Not yet” – this from you as you pull my head back and flip me onto my back. Quickly, you remove my pants, hook two thumbs under my g-string, and fling my panties off. And then you do what I still can’t believe you like to do—you trace a line of pleasure from the top of my clit to my hole and back up, slowly licking me and teasing my clit. At first, it is a soft, slow, deliberate lick, but as you progress you get decidedly more forceful and eventually are nearly sucking my clit. I can’t hold on – I’m literally lost in waves of pleasure from my pussy to the rest of my body and begin to shudder uncontrollably. I have to tell you to stop when I become numb from the pleasure – at least on the outside.

You, sir, have played with fire. And two can play at that game.

I flip you onto your back and slowly stick tüyap escort your raging hard cock into my pussy, slowly and carefully so you can watch. It feels even harder in there and the mere action of putting you inside me feels so damn good I want to relish it. Once I’ve given myself a minute to get used to your size – you do stretch a girl out, you know – I slide up and down, trying to see how far up I can go without you popping out, and how deep I can put you in before you hit my cervix. I like riding you – I like watching your eyes flash when I pivot my hips forward and arch my back, my nipples sticking up and out as I start to whimper. It feels good this way, but you know what I like best…

“Roll over…” and I am on my knees, face against the pillow, literally ass up as you come in behind me. With one hand on each hip you shove your now very slick, very hard dick into my hole as far in as it can possibly go, pulling it as far out as it can be and still have the tip inside. Bam! Bam! Bam! You’re riding me now, and the sound of my dripping pussy and our skin slapping is not the only thing driving me over the edge… I can feel white lightning emanating from inside, where you are hitting my G-spot over and over and over again. I’m beyond moaning now, I’m literally screaming and I can’t see anything, my whole body is trembling and I can hear you start to cum. I love it when you cum – your cock gets even more unbelievably hard and it twitches, I can feel you cum… and it makes my orgasm complete.

Collapsing, I wait for you to lay back on the bed and snuggle up beside you. I like how your heartbeat is so fast and your breathing is still shallow, I like how my whole body feels numb and sated, I like the smell of our sex.

Next time, I want you on top of me… those long, deep strokes…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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