More than Just Friends Ch. 05

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The summer break between graduation and college went by way too fast. Honestly, Danny had a hard time remembering much of it, other than all the stuff he did with Tyler. There was only a week and a half left before they moved away from their childhood homes and into their dorms. He’d been disappointed to learn that they weren’t in the same dorm room. Hell, they weren’t even in the same building.

Tyler drew his attention back to the moment with a well-placed bite. He moaned, then bit his lip to keep quiet as he pressed his head into the back of the beat up recliner in Tyler’s basement.

“Shh,” Tyler hissed, smiling mischievously.

“You did that on purpose, dick,” he whispered, leaning forward again to watch as Tyler’s lips closed around his cock again. Tyler locked eyes with him, then sucked hard, taking Danny as deep as he could. He gagged a little past the halfway point, pulling back.

Tyler wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. “I can’t get it,” he complained. “I don’t know why I can’t do it, we’ve only been practicing all freaking summer.”

Danny smiled, then leaned forward and kissed Tyler on the forehead. “I don’t mind if we keep practicing.”

Tyler smacked his leg playfully. “Asshole. You’re just saying that because you figured it out already.”

“You weren’t complaining then,” he noted, fisting his dick idly.

Tyler knocked his hand away. “Stop that, my job,” he snapped, then locked his lips around the tip. He looked down and the lust he saw on Tyler’s face had him moaning again. Tyler’s spare hand came up and pressed hard against his mouth, muffling him.

He wanted to lick the fingers pressed against his lips, but Tyler pulled them away too soon. It suddenly didn’t matter as Tyler did something magical involving his tongue and the underside of Danny’s manhood. He discovered the missing fingers tracing his balls a second later and barely stifled another needy moan.

With the limited time they had before school started, every day felt like a countdown to uncertainty. It made Danny feel reckless, like he needed to have as much time with Tyler as possible before they moved. Even going to the same school, they weren’t in the same major or same dorms, and that made him nervous.

Neither of them had spoken about it, but he knew Tyler well enough to know that he was feeling similar. But, that didn’t matter right now. Right now, Tyler was sucking off him. He didn’t care about anything else but Tyler, not the fact that Tyler’s mom and one of his brothers were home, their only insurance a Michael Bay Transformers movie with lots of explosions to mask their noise.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Danny praised, threading fingers through Tyler’s short hair, pushing his insecurities out of mind. “Sucking my dick like that.”

Tyler moaned, then tried to take him deeper, but only accomplished making himself gag again. “How do you do it?”

“No, don’t worry about that now, I’m so close,” Danny complained. “Stop stopping, I wanna cum. We’ll practice later.”

Tyler pinched the inside of his leg and he yelped. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

He tightened his fist on the hair between his fingers, dragging Tyler’s head back to his aching cock. “Stop stalling, Connley. Finish the job.”

“I’ll finish your job,” Tyler said, rolling his eyes, but he was smiling coyly. His mouth closed over Danny’s member again, his hand wrapping around the bottom half he couldn’t get down yet. Tyler bit gently when he was as deep as he could comfortably go, then did this thing he did where he sucked hard and wrapped his tongue around his cock.

Danny’s hips rose up. “Fuck, that’s so good,” he moaned. Tyler chuckled as he pressed Danny’s hips back down with his free hand. He pulled back and pushed his tongue against Danny’s slit, spreading it as wide as he could, then sucked again. He watched as Tyler bobbed on his cock, sucking and licking everywhere at once.

“Right there,” he said, unable to stop his hips from bouncing. “Fuck, Tyler.” He was so close now, he just needed a little more…

Tyler stopped, then tore his head away from Danny’s cock fast enough that his teeth skinned the side. “What the hell, Tyler?” He looked down at his shaft for damage as Tyler threw a blanket over his exposure.

“Oh, shit, Ty. What the hell’re you doin, brah?”

His head swam, he turned it so fast, his heart falling to his feet.

“Jayden,” Tyler growled, wiping his face with the back of his hand again. He stood up and adjusted his boner, he probably didn’t even realize he did it, but Jayden’s eyes locked onto the action and Tyler’s hands dropped to his sides. “Just, don’t.”

“Dude,” Jayden said, his chubby, less handsome version of Tyler’s face looking from Danny to Tyler, back to Danny. More particularly to Danny’s erection, now hidden behind a Captain America fleece throw. Danny shifted uncomfortably, the need to put himself away battling with his embarrassment over getting caught freezing him in place. “Brah. For real?”

“Jayden,” Ankara escort Tyler said again, warning in his tone. “Get over here.”

“Fuck you, Ty. You’re, you, I mean… That’s Danny Ryder, Ty!”

Tyler laughed, a sharp, manic sound. “You think I don’t know who’s cock I’m sucking, dumb shit?”

“Shit, you gay now brah?” Danny didn’t like the tone of Jayden’s accusation one bit.

Apparently, neither did Tyler as he advanced on his brother. “Bisexual, you closed-minded asshole. Don’t you dare tell mom and dad, Jay. I’ll kill you. Don’t go saying shit to anyone. I swear I will.”

Jayden ran. Tyler chased him up the basement steps. Danny stood up and took the opportunity to tuck himself back into his pants. The basement door slammed and he heard Tyler swearing, then the slam of the basement door a second time. He folded the Captain America blanket and put it back on the recliner, then thought better of it and picked it up again and walked over to the laundry room side of the basement and put the blanket on top of the dirty hamper.

He didn’t know what to do, so he sat back down and watched the movie without really watching it. His balls ached, he’d been so close to coming, but now icy fear soured his stomach. They’d been pushing it, getting reckless. He knew better, he knew they should’ve been more careful, but time was running out and he was weak to Tyler.

“Fuck,” he moaned, leaning his head back into the recliner again. Something else exploded as Shea LaBouf ran down a destroyed street. “Just, fuck.”

Tyler came back a few torturous minutes later. “Dude, you should go home.”

“Is everything okay?” he asked, standing up as Tyler approached.

Tyler reached out for him, then drew away before his fingers could connect. “Yeah, sure. It’ll be fine. It’s okay, Danny. Just, for now, you should go home, okay?”

He pursed his lips. “Tyler, if you-“

“Danny,” Tyler cut in. “Just go. It’s fine, I just need you to go for now. I’ll call you later, I promise.” Tyler looked towards the basement stairs. “Please?”

He sighed. “I’m here for you, you know that, right? Is Jay gonna stay quiet?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tyler dismissed. “It’s fine. Just go, yeah?”

He crossed his arms, pursing his lips at his best friend. “Tyler…”

“Please?” Tyler asked, looking distraught. “I promise, I’ll call you later.”

He frowned, pissed at Jayden, and pissed at Tyler, too. “Fine. Whatever. I’m outtie.”

“Don’t me mad, Danny? Please? I just need…”

He stomped up the steps, his stomach in knots. “I said whatever.” He couldn’t trust himself to say anything else. The knots in his stomach were turning from fear to pure anger. “Just, whatever.”

Tyler watched him climb the stairs, but didn’t follow him. That pissed him off, too. Fine. If Tyler was gonna be like this, he was gonna be like this, too. Fuck it. He slammed the basement door, then stormed towards the front door.

He flinched at Mrs. Connely’s reproachful look. “Don’t slam my doors, Danny. You know better.”

“Sorry Mrs. Connely,” he apologized automatically.

“You and Ty have a fight? Was it Jayden? I saw Ty chase him up stairs.” She was sitting at the kitchen table, a laptop open in front of her.

He didn’t look at her, didn’t even stop even though he knew it was rude. It would be shitty of him to snap at Tyler’s mother, she didn’t deserve his shitty attitude. He was out the front door and on the street, another door slamming behind him. He couldn’t stop himself, his anger had to go somewhere.

It was hot outside. It had to be ninety degrees, at least. The dramatic difference from the almost cold basement treated conditioned by central air made him dizzy, along with the sudden brightness. He walked towards his house, even though he was more than two miles from home on foot.

“Fuck,” he growled. “Just, fuck. FUCK!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. It felt good, so he did it again, not even acknowledging the look on the face of the mother walking a stroller on the other side of the road.

He walked, but it wasn’t good enough, so he began to jog. He was wearing jean shorts, which was terrible, but he didn’t care. Sweat was sticking his shirt to his back before he even started, and within minutes his t-shirt was damp from it. By the time he was halfway home his crotch was damp, sticking his shorts to his thighs. By the time he got home his shirt felt as wet as if he’d swam in it, and his jean shorts chaffed the inside of his thighs raw.

Nothing went right for the rest of the day. Tyler didn’t respond to texts, and he definitely didn’t call. It was his turn to wash dishes and he broke a mug, a glass, and a plate before his mother took the chore from him. His dad tried to talk to him, but he locked himself in his room and worked on packing for school, not that he had any idea what to take, or what he’d need.

He wanted to run again, but the insides of his thighs hurt, even wearing more comfortable shorts. His balls ached, and everything Ankara escort bayan just sucked. The radio silence from Tyler wore on into the night. The anger he felt began turning icy, the knots in his stomach that never fully went away freezing solid.

He waited up for Tyler to call him until one in the morning, but finally gave up after three texts that went unanswered. Hell, he hadn’t even read them. Danny sighed, then rolled over in bed, pulling the sheet up over his shoulder. Sleep didn’t come easily, and even when it did, he was restless.

Tyler texted in the morning, but it didn’t make him feel any better. ‘Sorry didn’t call, was busy. Talk later.’

‘Everything okay?’ he texted back quickly. Tyler didn’t respond.

He wanted to go over to Tyler’s house, but today was the only day his mom was able to take him shopping for the stuff he’d need for school. It was torturous, it really was. He loved his mom, and she was doing this for him, he knew it, but he had no patience for anything with Tyler on radio silence. Both he and his mother were in terrible moods when they got back from the store.

He locked himself in his room, leaving his mother slamming cupboards around in the kitchen. He felt like a dick, but he was too frustrated and angry to care. His loins still ached from last night, too, turning his irritation to eleven.

Well, that he could take care of his sore balls himself. He double-checked the lock on the door, then threw himself into bed and started scrolling the internet for porn on his cell phone. He hadn’t actually had a desire to look at porn since Tyler and he deepened their friendship, he realized as he searched for interesting content.

Girls giving blowjobs used to be good spank-bank material, but it wasn’t doing it for him anymore. He watched a few seconds of a few regular sex scenes, but those were boring, too. Growing more and more frustrated, he started randomly clicking on anything.

A video of a relatively well muscled, but also slim blond guy who kinda reminded him of Tyler caught his attention. A naked woman with modest breasts watched enraptured as another man sucked porn-Tyler’s cock. Danny’s member throbbed as he watched the other guy, a short, stocky man with a shaved head and baby blue eyes suck porn-Tyler’s cock. Porn-Tyler threw his head back and the woman laughed, then pushed the man’s face away from the sword he was polishing.

Porn-Tyler looked frustrated and the scene cut suddenly to Porn-Tyler on his back, the woman straddling his face, his legs wrapped around her elbows. She moaned loud enough that Danny had to turn the volume down on his phone. He took his own cock out and stroked himself slowly, his lust ramping up quickly.

“Eat me,” the woman moaned.

“Yeah, eat her, Tyler,” Danny whispered, his eyes locked on Porn-Tyler’s still-wet cock.

The shorter man re-entered the scene, a condom on his rather large rod. The woman smiled at the other man and pulled porn-Tyler’s legs apart, pushing his knees wide. Porn-Tyler moaned as the condom-encased rod was pressing against his asshole. The camera zoomed closer and he watched the clean, tight asshole slowly open for the man’s cock.

Porn-Tyler moaned as the beefy cock sank deeper inside him, then grabbed the woman on his face’s thighs and began bouncing her on his face.

“You like that?” the woman asked.

Porn-Tyler moaned, his hips jumping slightly. The woman and the other man both laughed. “That’s right,” the woman cooed. “I want you to eat me out while getting fucked. You like that, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah, Tyler,” Danny whispered. “Ride that cock.” His fist tightened on his swollen member and he stroked himself in time to the man fucking porn-Tyler’s ass. “I bet you’re super tight, aren’t you?”

He imagined himself between Tyler’s legs, imagined his own shaft sliding into Tyler’s tight ass. The man grunted as he pulled all the way out, then buried himself deep inside porn-Tyler’s tight bud, then the scene changed again.

Now porn-Tyler was kneeling on the edge of a couch, his arms held behind his back as the stocky man pounded him from behind. The woman was on her knees on the floor sucking his cock, her eyes locked on porn-Tyler’s face. She pulled off and wiped some spit from her chin before asking, “You wanna cum?”

Porn-Tyler moaned. The man behind him’s pace amped up, and Danny’s pace did, too. “Yeah he does,” Danny whispered to his phone. “Make him cum.”

The man behind him turned him and pushed him down on the couch, then pulled out of him. He threw the condom away off camera, then came all over porn-Tyler’s tight ass. Once he was finished he gave it a smack. The man was begging now. “Please let me cum, please let me cum, please let me cum, pleaseletmecum…”

The woman laughed, then pulled him up off the couch. “Stand still and don’t move,” she demanded.

“Don’t tell him what to do,” Danny snapped, but his hand was still moving. He was so close now. He wished that the man had Escort Ankara finished inside porn-Tyler, he wanted to see cum leaking out of that gaping asshole. He thought about Tyler’s asshole, what it might look like if he were to cum inside it.

The woman began to blow porn-Tyler again and Danny lost it, his dick spurting cum all over his hand. “Tyler,” he moaned, closing his eyes and dropping his phone. He imagined Tyler was coming in his mouth, in his ass, wherever he wanted. God it felt so good, the things Tyler did to him. This wasn’t nearly as good, but it was enough to relieve the pressure in his aching balls.

He looked down, then scowled at the cum all over his shirt. He pulled the whole thing off and used it to dry his hand. He didn’t even bother with another shirt, he threw the dirty one towards the closet, though it didn’t actually make it. He pulled out his phone again to distract himself, but he was still thinking about Tyler, which made it difficult.

His bad mood persisted. They’d spent most of the summer doing handjobs and blowjobs, mostly because they had practically zero private time together. When they did have sex, and it had only been two more times, Tyler had done him, getting him used to being fucked. He’d never fucked Tyler, not yet, and now they were out of time.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like getting banged by Tyler, it was amazing. That was probably why he hadn’t pushed the issue, hadn’t asked if he could have a go at Tyler’s ass.

He needed to stop thinking about Tyler, it was just pissing him off again. Why wouldn’t Tyler let him help with the Jayden thing? If Tyler’s parents found out…

He had no idea. He liked to think Mrs. Connley was cool, but he’d always been slightly afraid of Tyler’s dad. The man wasn’t bulking or anything, but he carried around a demeanor that said ‘don’t fuck with me’, and Danny never wanted to find out what would happen if he did. Was Tyler okay? Why was he still ignoring him?

His mother was still pissy at dinner, and his dad gave him a look that spoke volumes, but mostly said ‘I know this is your fault, and I’m not cleaning it up’. He ignored it as best he could, then locked himself in his bedroom again.

His phone rang at one thirty-ish in the morning, startling him at the wrong part of his sleep cycle so that his stomach felt hollow, and also on the floor. He didn’t even look to see who it was. “Mmm? ‘Lo?”


“Hmm? Tyler?” His brain was trying to switch on, but it was still loading.

He heard the muffled sound of Tyler moving around. “Dammit, shit. I’m sorry, Danny, you were sleeping. Shit.”

Tyler. He was suddenly wide awake. Tyler sounded weird, off. He smacked his lips and rubbed at his eyes. “Tyler. S’okay. You ok?”

“Yeah, sure, yeah. I’m okay. Yeah.”

He wasn’t okay. “Tyler, where’re ya?” Danny’s mouth still felt cottony.

“I just wanted to hear your voice, that’s all.”

“Tyler,” he said, sitting up. “What’s happening?”

“Nothing. Nothing. It’s okay. I’m sorry I woke you up. I’ll talk to you-“

“Don’t you dare hang up on me,” he growled. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sorry about-“

He sighed heavily. “Stop. Where are you? Don’t lie to me, I know something’s wrong.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” Tyler side-stepped.

“I don’t care,” Danny dismissed. “What’s wrong, please tell me. Is it the thing with Jayden?”

There was a pregnant pause and Danny instantly knew that it was. “No, I said nothing’s wrong. Go back to sleep, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Jesus, Tyler. I’m up. Stop lying to me.”

Tyler sighed. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Not even to me? Why’d you call, then?” He sighed, too. He got up from bed and threw on a shirt, then headed to the bathroom.

“I just wanted to hear your voice,” Tyler said, sounding tired.

“Dude,” he said, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder. He took out his junk and began to pee.

“Are you pissing while talking to me on the phone?” Tyler asked.

His face flushed, he didn’t think Tyler would’ve been able to hear it over the phone. “So what? You’ve done it to me before, too.”

“Guess so.” Tyler laughed, but it wasn’t his normal, carefree laugh. “Danny…”


He shook his penis for the last few drops before tucking himself away. He washed his hands, still holding the phone at an odd angle. “At least you washed your hands.” Tyler snorted, then asked in a much quieter voice, “Can I come over?”

“Dude, you’re always welcome here,” Danny said, zero hesitation.

“But, you were pissed at me yesterday.”

Danny snorted, heading back to his room. He dropped his voice down to a whisper in the hallway. “I’m still pissed at you. You ignored me for almost two days!”

“I was dealing with something…”

“I don’t care,” he said. “You and me, it’s us against the world. And, it doesn’t matter if I’m pissed at you, you are always welcome here. Where are you?”


Danny had a feeling he knew. He pulled the curtain to the side in his room and sure enough, Tyler’s car was parked on the street in front of his house. He rolled his eyes. “I’ll be down to get you, give me a minute. Don’t ring or knock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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