More Than Just Sex

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The characters in this story are both flawed, there are no heroes or good guys, just normal, slightly screwed-up people.The story has been edited to clean up spelling and punctuation errors.


Her name was Brenda. She had been a high profile individual since arriving in the community years ago, mostly due to her attitude and propensity for controversy. A single mom of three girls, she set out looking for a man, and found a willing farmer, who left his wife and son to take up with Brenda. Once she had his money behind her, she became arrogant and condescending, hence the attitude. The controversy started with going after a married man, and kept going with issues at her church, the local school district, and the monthly meetings of small business owners. I had little contact with her, but had watched her in action several times, and really didn’t care for her. Oh, she was nice looking in the face, with a big mane of light brown hair, pretty eyes, and pert nose, and had a mom’s body with a bit of a belly and and ass on the bigger side. Her chest sported what looked to be nice full C-cups. I guessed her height at around 5’6″ All in all, a good looking woman who I guessed to be about 6-7 years younger than my age 61. But, she treated people badly, and I eventually stopped going to her cafe.

After a few years of success, her cafe began to struggle, and when her husband refused to bail it out, a messy divorce ensued. She came away with a big chunk of his money, and settled into a nice but small house not far from my home. While all this was going on, my life was mundane, and I liked it that way. I ran a real estate agency, played golf, fished, and hung out with friends at the coffee shop. That all changed 9 months ago, when I suddenly lost my wife. We had been married forever, and it was a terrible blow to lose her. Three months after the funeral, I had an opportunity to buy a farmhouse very near the city limits, and after closing on it started a major remodeling project that kept me busy and my mind occupied. After 4 months, I was left with only a few small details, put my other house on the market, and moved in. Now I found myself in a big house by myself, and realized how lonely I felt. My children and their families visited often, but there were a lot of nights I lay in bed unable to sleep.

I had told my kids that I intended to honor the memory of their mother, and not dash out and start dating right away. They respected my decision, but still dropped hints that if I changed my mind, it would be okay. That was where I was at when Brenda came into my life. It was late in the afternoon, and I was alone in the building when I heard the door chime in the outer office. I walked out to find Brenda standing at the counter, giving me a big smile. She was interested in finding a house for her youngest daughter to rent, and was hoping we had something for a single mom. Her daughters had followed in Mom’s footsteps, all of them being married and divorced at least once, and from what I had heard, were all a bit on the slutty side. None of that had anything to with the girl’s qualifications as a renter, so I got out the book, and we went over the rentals that were available. That took a while,but Brenda eventually settled on two, and I made a note for our rental agent to contact her, and let her and the daughter see the properties.

She thanked me for the help, and after I opened the door for her to leave, I put away the book and started to go back to my office when I heard the door again. Brenda was back inside, and was standing at the end of the counter. Her jeans and blouse accentuated her curves, and once again I noticed that she was a very attractive woman. Probably a little too much in the ass, hips, and belly for most men, but I’ve always appreciated lush bodies on women. Anyway, after a quick look, I walked over to see what she wanted. She smiled, looked down at the floor, then back up, like she was unsure of what to say. Finally, she spoke.

“I wanted to say how sorry I was when I heard about you wife. Are you doing okay?” She said this with what appeared to be genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Some days are hard, and it does get lonely at night.” I said that without thinking, it just rolled out, and after it was out I wished I hadn’t. Too late. Her expression remained serious, though, and she nodded at what I had said.

“Oh, I know what you are saying, all right. Our situations are different, but that doesn’t make the loneliness any less.” She reached out and gave my forearm a gentle touch. I didn’t know what to say, and I was also somewhat confused, since I had never seen this side of her. So I just nodded back, in way of agreement, and stood there. We looked at each other, and I could see a question in her face, but when I didn’t speak, she drew back. After glancing around the room, she looked back at me, like she had come to a decision.

“So, are you seeing anyone? I haven’t seen you out much.” Ah, now I saw where this was going.

“No, I’m not gaziantep rus escort bayan seeing anyone. I decided I would wait a while, out of respect to my wife. Not ruling it out for the future, sometime, but not now, and not for a while.” When I said this, she smiled, and what she said next surprised me.

“Well, I admire you for that, that is so much better than what so many people do. Do you remember that poor lady a few years ago? On her deathbed, and her husband was already dating her replacement. My god, that was awful.” I did remember, and I had to agree with her, it was bad. After that, she seemed to have nothing more to say, so she gave me a sad look, said goodbye, and left. I sat down, and thought about the somewhat strange conversation. Obviously, she had been fishing to see if I had any interest in dating. I did, just not now, and I wasn’t sure if I would take her out anyway. Her girls had been troublemakers in school, and my kids didn’t think much of them, plus there was all of Brenda’s own baggage. Looking at the clock, I decided to call it a day. At home, I had a big yard to mow, and it was nearing sundown when I finished. Tomorrow was Saturday, the trimming and edging could wait until then. A nice shower to relax, a sandwich for supper, and I sat down with a beer to watch some baseball.

The room faced the long lane that led to the highway, and after I’d watched a couple of innings, I saw headlights coming my way. Once in a while, someone would take a wrong turn, come down the lane only to realize the mistake, and leave. As I watched, this one turned into the circle drive in front of the house, and stopped. I turned off the TV, got up, and walked to the door, where I could see someone get out of the car and come up the sidewalk. Before they could ring the bell, I cracked open the door. It was Brenda. Unlike earlier, when she was all turned out, she now had on no makeup, and her hair was scrunched back into a wavy mass behind her head. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt, blue plaid sleeping pants, and pink slides on her feet. For some reason, seeing her more laid back and natural really struck a chord with me, I thought she looked sexy as hell. She had removed her granny glasses, and now her eyes were bright, looking both eager and worried at the same time.

“Hi, hope I’m not interrupting?” she asked. I shook my head, but didn’t say anything, so she continued.

“Oh, good. So, I thought about what you said today, about not wanting to date right away. Well, I respect that, I really do. But, I wondered…if…maybe…you might want to have some fun?” Her expression was hopeful, and as she turned, I noticed her breasts jiggle, and saw the outlines of large nipples low on her chest. A little saggy, but that didn’t bother me. I had a quick vision of pulling off her shirt and sucking on those nipples, but I pushed it aside. Yes, I definitely wanted to have some fun, but I wanted to make her squirm a little too. Not sure why, that normally isn’t me, maybe it was a tiny bit of payback for her arrogance in the past.

“Fun?” I asked, and let the question hang. Her eyes narrowed, just for an instant. Then she gave a soft sigh.

“You know, adult fun. Bedroom fun.” Before she could say anything else, I opened the door and held out a hand to her. Her eyebrows raised, but she gave me a wry grin, and took my hand, letting me pull her inside. With one move, I shut the door and pulled her to me, sliding my hand around her back to hold her close. With her full breasts squished against my chest, I kissed her. It wasn’t a soft romantic kiss, it was hard, our lips smashed together and my tongue inside her mouth. No surprise, she kissed me back just as hard. As out tongues dueled, I let a hand drift down to her ass, gripping a cheek that full and firm, yet also soft, and pulled her tight against my cock. That got a soft groan from her, so I swiveled my hips a little, rubbing it back and forth on her pelvis. She responded by lifting her right leg so she could put her crotch on my hip, and do a little grinding herself. It was very hot, and exciting, two people firmly in the grip of lust, wanting their needs fulfilled.

We finally had to come up for air, and we looked at each other, breathing hard, the she slipped a hand behind by head and melted back into me.

“Where’s the bedroom?” she whispered into my ear. I didn’t need another prompt, letting her go and leading her to the big bedroom I’d built on when I remodeled. Once there, I turned her around, and jerked the shirt up and off over her head, then took her back into my arms, pulling her to my chest, and cupping a full breast in each hand. She leaned back against me, purring with pleasure as I gently squeezed the warm flesh, and rubbed a finger over each swollen nipple. We were facing the mirror, and I could see her nipples were a dark red, with big areolas encircling them. I sucked and licked at her neck, and ground my cock into her soft ass. It had been gaziantep swinger escort bayan a long time for me, and all opinions of Brenda were gone, replaced with thoughts of getting her off, and getting myself off too.

I let her breasts fall back onto her chest, and stepped back to get enough room, to grab her pants and yank them down to her ankles. No underwear, I noticed, she had come ready for action.

“Get up on the bed,” I said as I pulled off my own shirt and tossed it aside, then stripped off my shorts. Brenda was ready and waiting, looking at me between her legs, spread and up in the air. She wanted it bad, and I knew just how I wanted to give it to her. I got on the bed, then lay down so I could get my tongue on her pussy and clit, and started in. She was nice and clean, and also very wet from our making out. Starting at the bottom, I pushed my tongue between the folds, and slowly worked my way up, flicking it back and forth as I went, until I reached the fleshy nub of her clit. That little bundle of nerves I sucked in between my lips, and pulled it out.

“Oh…….god……that feels……so good!” She rasped out the words, gripping the sheet in both fists. I let go of the clit, and licked on and around it, feeling her shudder and twitch. Her heels were on my back, and she tried to clamp my head between her thighs, but I pushed them apart, keeping control of the situation, and of her. I licked and sucked, using every oral sex trick I could think of, while running my hands over her legs, soft belly, and her breasts. It didn’t take long, a couple of minutes, and I felt her body tense up under my hands.

“Oh, oh, oh,oh!” She let loose with soft cries that matched the spasms in her lower body. I kept up a slow licking while she coasted down off the plateau, and felt her hands on my head, trying to push me away. I knew she was probably super sensitive, right after an orgasm, but also knew it wouldn’t hurt her if I kept going, so I resisted the pressure of her hands, held her down with one hand, and with the other slipped the middle finger up inside her pussy. Curling the finger up, I found her G-spot, and gave it good firm rub.

“Wha-what, oh, oh, oh god, oh god, oh fuck, don’t stop!” I had no intention of stopping, and kept up the firm pressure. Brenda thrashed around, flailing her legs and pushing on my head, while at same time yelling at me to not stop. Her second orgasm was more intense, coming right after the first, and when she finished, I got up on my knees, and looked her. Her eyes were closed, and she was panting like she’d run a race, her body shaking with little tremors, making her breasts jiggle enticingly. The sight made my already hard cock strain, almost to the point it hurt. Her eyes opened, and she saw me kneeling between her legs, and gave me a shaky smile.

“Okay, turn over and on your hands and knees, it’s my turn.” Her eyes grew wide, but she did as I said, rolling over and hiking her butt up, her knees wide apart to expose her pussy to me. I could smell it, her juices mixed with my saliva. She glanced back over a shoulder at me, with an almost fearful expression. Maybe she thought I was going after her ass. It was inviting, but I wanted the warm, wet pussy that was opened up for me. Shuffling forward on my knees, I got close to her, and pushed my cock to the pink hole peeking between the puffy outer lips. She was really wet, and I gave it a push with my hips, and nothing, so I pushed harder. It stretched and let me in, getting a grunt from her. I was surprised, thinking a mom of 3 would be looser, but maybe it had been a while for her too. I held on to the soft flesh of her hips, and let my cock soak inside her, letting the walls get used to the intruder. I wasn’t huge at 6 1/2 inches, but maybe a little thicker than average, and I really didn’t want to hurt her.

So, I knelt behind her, with my cock inside, and massaged her back, hips, and ass, until in a tiny voice she told me it was okay, then slowly withdrew, and just as slowly pushed back in. The tight grip on my cock was sending delicious sensations down the shaft and into my groin, and I knew once I started going fast, I’d blow my load, so I kept it slow. From the moans I was hearing, she liked it too. Still going slow, I pushed harder, bottoming out on her ass with a slap, and making her ass cheeks quiver.

“Ooh!” she grunted, so I gave it to her again, liking the sound of the damp smack when my skin met hers. Looking to the side, I could see both of us in the mirror, me on my knees, holding her hips, Brenda on hands and knees, her head thrown back, eyes shut, her breasts swinging as I pumped in and out of her. Now there was no holding back, I was fucking her hard, making her ass cheeks bounce every time my body hit hers, and getting a soft cry from her every time. The friction and the fast pace were having the usual effect, making the heat rise in my loins, and for a second I almost gave in, wanting to keep gaziantep travesti escort kızlar going and blow into her from behind. But I’d already decided I wanted to be face to face, so she had to look at me when I emptied my cock into her.

I’m naturally dominant in bed, not to the point of being abusive or any other sick behavior, just enough that my partner knows who is in charge. It was interesting that my wife was the same way. Instead of conflict, it led to a deep respect for each other that intensified our love for each other, and our lovemaking. But with Brenda, it was very different, because deep down I didn’t like her. Physically attracted, yes, very much so, but with her it was never going to anything more than sex. I pulled out, and sat back on my heels, my cock throbbing, with a dribble of precum hanging from the tip. Once again, she looked over her shoulder at me, her mouth open and eyes bright with lust.

“Okay, turn over.” She hesitated, then let her body down on the bed, and rolled over like a cat, sinuous and sexy. I eyed her body as she stretched out, taking in the how her boobs flattened on her chest, the dark red nipples now hard and swollen. Then down over her soft belly with its small roll just above her pubes, where sandy brown curls were wet and plastered to her skin. Finally, I gazed at her legs, the thick thighs tapering to trim calves and ankles, and small feet with the nails painted light pink. It was too bad, I thought, she is really hot, and a great fuck, but I knew I could never trust her. I knew she came to my house looking to lure me with sex, and I was happy to give that to her, but that was all. The heat in my cock had calmed a bit, so I pushed her legs apart, and lay down on her, loving how her soft body felt against mine. As I put one arm around her neck and the other around her waist, she lifted her legs, allowing my cock to slip back into her wet hole. I gave her a long hard kiss, and started pumping my hips.

Even with the short break, my cock was still tingling, and soon I could feel the heat rising again. As I looked at her face, her eyes opened, and we stared at each other as I drove to the finish. Every time I’d drive my cock home, her eyes would widen and her lips would part, giving forth a soft moan. I was close, very close, and wanting to cum, so I managed to speed up even more, and after a few strokes was rewarded with the glorious contractions behind my cock. Gripping her tight to me, I held my cock inside as it spewed three times, emptying my load inside her. There were a couple more small ones, then it was over, my chin resting on her shoulder as I regained my senses.

“Whew,” she breathed into my ear, “I think we both needed that.” I pulled back and looked at her, and felt a moment of tenderness, glad to be here, and holding her. I chuckled and we untangled so I could roll over to the side. She got out of bed, and I watched her ass swing as she went to the bathroom. She returned with some tissue, and sat down next to me to clean my cock, then lay next to me with her head on my shoulder, a hand on my chest, and a leg thrown up on mine. We relaxed in the warm glow that follows good sex, and soon both of us were asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later to use the bathroom, walked around the house to turn off lights, and was almost back asleep when I felt a hand on my cock. It had been long enough that it popped to attention, and next I felt her move across my body, and a warm mouth engulf the head. It felt good, and I let her do her thing for a few minutes, thinking I’d let her take me all the way. I opened my eyes, and saw her up on her knees, bent over with her breasts on my side, and her head down on my cock. A nice plump ass was right there next to me, and I couldn’t resist, running my hand up onto the smooth skin, and into the deep cleft. There I found the thick outer lips with the moist gash between, and rubbed my fingers slowly up and down. Brenda jerked when I made contact, but kept on sucking away, so I kept fingering her too. Soon, her hips were twisting, almost like she was trying to get away, but my fingers never left her pussy. Finally, she let my cock drop out of her mouth, and turn her head to me.

“You’re distracting me.” She said, her tone on the edge of being irritated. I never stopped what I was doing, and grinned at her.

“You’re a woman, women are supposed to be good at multi-tasking.”‘ I laughed at my own joke, and she couldn’t help it, and had to laugh too.

“It’s good and hard, get up on it and ride it.” She hesitated, and looked like she wanted to say something, but I held her gaze, all the stroking her pussy. She wasn’t used to a man telling her what to do. I found her clit peeking out of its hood, and circled my index finger around it, making her close her eyes and shudder. Then, without a word, she opened her eyes, and stared at me while she turned her body, straddled my hips, and guided my cock to her waiting pussy. I love how it feels when a woman sinks down on my hard shaft, the look on her face when it bottoms out, and how the breast wobble and shake. As she started to move up and down, I took a breast in each hand, gently squeezing and kneading them. Brenda had closed her eyes, and had her head titled back as she bounced up and down, gradually going faster. Second time around for me always takes a while, so I relaxed and let her have her fun, enjoying the view of her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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