Morning Wake-Up Call

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The house is dark as I let myself in at 4am. I quietly shut the door behind me trying not to wake you up. I take off my shoes and coat and go to the bathroom. I start the coffee brewing before heading up to bed. As I walk up the stairs I can hear your soft snores, so I know you are sleeping on your back. I immediately hatch a plan of seduction.

I silently rid myself of my clothes making as little noise as possible, not wanting to spoil my plans. I am about to wake you up in a very special way. I move over to the bed and move the covers ever so slowly down from around your face. I am getting wet just anticipating your reaction to what I am about to do.

I very carefully position myself over your face, not wanting you to wake up until I am ready. I put one hand up on the headboard to steady myself and reach down with my other hand to and run my fingers over your face. You begin to stir and open your eyes as I lower my pussy to your mouth. You are slightly disoriented for a moment but quickly wake to full alertness as you realize your fantasy is coming true. In a matter of a split second I can feel your tongue running otele gelen escort along the lips of my pussy and over my clit.

Your hands reach up and grip my hips so you can pull me down tighter over your mouth. I put my other hand up to the headboard as I start to move with the sensations your tongue is causing me to experience.

You start to slip a finger into my ass, really making me squirm on your face. I want to feel your tongue as deep as you can get it. My juices are flowing all over your face and soon you have me cumming in a river of wetness.

Once the wave of ecstasy has passed over me. I move off your face and kiss you, tasting myself on your lips. I deepen the kiss and our tongues wrestle with each other as your hands search for my breasts. The feel of your hands on my breasts, playing with my nipples makes me crazy for more of you. I moan into your mouth, thrilled with what you are doing to me.

I change position so that I can play with your now hard cock and you can view my ass and pussy as I proceed to do just that. I take pendik escort your cock into my hands stroking it a few times, first soft and gentle then hard and firm. I lean over and lick the head of your cock, getting my first taste of your pre-cum. Yummy!

I move my hands over your cock stroking and teasing making you want more. I see more pre-cum at the tip of your cock so I run my fingertip through it and cover your entire head with it. Next I put my finger in my mouth sucking your cum off of it.

I can feel your hands as they find my pussy and you spread my lips so a finger can slip inside and then another. Soon I am bucking up against your hand wanting more. Wanting to cum. I can’t stand it anymore I must have your cock inside of me.

You roll me over onto my back and move between my legs. Instead of sliding your cock inside my pusy you lean over and lick and suck on my lips and my clit until I cum. While I am still cumming you quickly slide your cock into my tight, hot pussy.

As you slooooowly slide your cock in, you can feel my pussy getting rus escort tighter and tighter as my orgasm continues to build. I just can’t stop cumming, you have driven me over the edge and into pure ecstasy. You just lay there inside my pussy enjoying the feel of the spasms from my orgasms as the engulf your cock with a multitude of sensations.

As my orgasm comes to an end, you kiss me hot and hard. You are also sending me back toward another orgasm as you massage my breast and pinch my nipples. I want to feel your cock deeper inside of me as I raise my hips to meet yours. I want you to pound me hard and fast and empty your balls load into me. Only you are not having any of it, we are going to do this your way.

You begin to move slowly, ever so slowly. You pull almost all the way out and slide back in centimeter by centimeter building my desire to a fever pitch. Soon you are pulling all the way out and them slamming your cock back in to my pussy until you feel the need to pump me full of your cum. Then you start moving hard and fast. Soon you can feel your orgasm building in your balls and working it’s way to the head of your cock. As soon as you feel my pussy contract with another orgasm you can no longer hold back and you erupt with your load, pulling out to watch it cover my belly.

Aswe lie here to recover the alarm goes off and signals that it is time to get up and face the day. At least you can go to work with a smile and make people wonder what your up to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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