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Her hands fall flat against the wall beside the bed. Laying on her side, a hard cock inside her, she is being fucked from behind by her lover. She is almost there as sweat coats her body. God, she wants his cock deeper inside her pussy. She feels his wet kisses on her back, as she presses her body back against his. His body however refuses to move with her however, his cock like a still pole. She loves to be teased. Yet she hates to be teased. She is close, so close, if only he would…

“Work with me!” she gasps between breaths. He is so close to cumming himself, afraid a single thrust into her would set him off. All he can do is keep his eyes ahead, concentrating on a single point on her back, which he begins to kiss. Her body feels so warm in the cold night’s air. Blankets from the bed are somewhere on the floor now as they got in the way hours ago. In the quietness between their breaths he can hear the sounds of her juices. Her body gyrates back and forth against him. The feeling of her pussy sliding up and sancak escort down his cock coupled with the pleasure escaping her lips loosens the control he once had. His body begins to resist to the sensations, as he presses back against her giving her what she wants. Ebbing that once, and then harder each time after.

She feels him smack against her ass fully. That cock of his driving deeper into her pussy scratching the walls that had been untouched until then this night. Her body begins to tighten as if it were on autopilot now. It’s as if she has lost control. All she can do is hang on as she closes her eyes moving faster.

She urges him. Her usual quiet demeanor was anything but right now. The words escaping her tongue he didn’t even think she knew. The conservative business suit she wore earlier only a costume of the woman that he was in bed with now. The black lace bra and matching color thong she wore underneath is the sole evidence of sarıyer escort the person she turns into at night. He needs to have more of her. He sees her nails dig into the wall. Her back isn’t enough as he reaches over catching her breast in a hand.

Ragged breaths. She slips words of encouragement urging her lover on in between each one. Concentrating on that cock of his, her body sinks and rises. She thinks of his mushroomed tipped head engorged already mixing precum with her juices. She feels her pussy walls milking his rigid shaft, coating it in her excitement. Juices trickle out of her pussy over her thigh. His hand finds her breast, her nipple trapped under his palm as he squeezes. Biting her lip between her escaping moans, her body begins to tense.

His hand feels the softness of her heaving breast and immediately begins kneading it. Feeling her hard nipple pressing against his touch, he moves his fingers over it, catching it in his grasp. sefaköy escort He begins to pull on it.

Feeling her sensitive nipple pulled against her, she gasps grinding herself down on him. She doesn’t know how much longer she can last. Her body seeks relief as it spurs itself on increasing the tempo further.

Pressure building around his cock. His hands drop down to her waist, holding on as her body moves without abandon. He slips a hand downward toward her clit. He pauses for a second rubbing around the wetness before brushing over it with a loan fingertip.

Eliciting sparks from his touch, her toes curl as she arches her back. Her eyes spring open as her orgasm overpowers her body exploding…

His cock swells. He grabs onto her as her pussy clamps down on his cock, her juices washing over it. He grunts that he is cumming, but her cries overpower his call. He slams himself against her driving his cock into her depths.

Her long nails rake down the wall in bliss, as she fights to find a breath. Pleasure sweeps over her entire body as she screams in rejoice.

The sound of her ecstasy fills his ears as her body spasms. All he can do is hold on as they move together.

Her motions slow, as his cock stays inside of her warmth. Her body just in flames is now a perfect calm. She feels his arms wrap around her body. All is still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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