Movie Night Ch. 02

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This is the 2nd part of the Movie Night story.

We have just left the movie theater and you had just given me the hottest hand job ever. You made me explode and I can still feel my cum all over me as we walk back to the car. I know you must be super wet from this and I can’t wait to taste you.

We get in the car and drive to what’s going to be our new place. I am living there and you are planning to move in with me when your lease is up. Its a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a huge kitchen, fireplace, fire pit out back and a hot tub. Perfect would be the right adjective. We finally arrive and walking to the house. It’s still a little empty but feels like home. You sit down and watch TV as I go shower.

I tell you, “If I couldn’t touch you during the movie, you can’t shower with me.” I finish up the shower and come out to the living room wearing my minnesota athletic shorts and and notice that you are watching a blank tv screen.

“Hun, why are you just sitting there staring at a blank screen,” I say.

You reply, “Oh nothing just waiting for you to finish so we can cuddle and watch whatever is on.”

At this I know something is up, but I sit down next to you and take you into my arms. I just love the way you feel in them. You turn on the TV, “what do we have here,” you say. As I turn to see what looks to be one of my porn DVDs you “found”. It was left in from a couple of nights ago when I was really missing you.

I turn to you and say, “Boys will be boys, hun.”

You don’t care that I watch them every once and in fact, you kinda like the idea of it cause you know that what’s on the screen got me hot one night. I take the Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort remote from your hand, and turn off the TV.

“Tonight’s not the night for movie watching,” I say as I slide my hand up your skirt to find your wet underwear.

I start to rub you through your underwear and kiss you deeply as I pull you closer to me and into my arms. You love being in my arms, and I can tell as you just melt every time I wrap them around you. I continue to rub your wetness as you wrap your arms around me and grab my ass squeezing it and rubbing your nails up and down my back just the way I like. We stop and move our events to our bed throwing each others clothes showing the lustful path from which we came. We are naked as I push in onto the bed. I can tell you can’t wait for me to be in you, holding you, making sweet love to you. But I have other plans for the moment, all things in good time.

I lay you back on the bed and dive right into licking you. You spread your legs wider and wider as I bury my tongue and fingers inside of your dripping pussy. I lick and suck your clit as I run my hands up and down on your body caressing your wonderful breasts. You moan and grab my hair as you love everything I’m doing, and you never want me to stop. I stop for a brief second as I flip around so you can play with my cock and balls while I lick and finger you. You grab a hold of my balls and play with them while you enjoy everything I’m doing. You turn a little so you can get better access to my now rising cock. You decide tonight is the night I’m going to suck on it for the first time. I love going down on you and you know it, You can tell I am totally lost to everything except you wet pussy right now. I haven’t noticed that you have stopped stroking my now rock hard cock and have started licking it gently and kissing it. Then you take it into your mouth for the first time, and NOW you have my attention. I totally stop what I’m doing cause it feels SOOOO good.

We both rollover as I lay on my back as you work my cock in and out of your mouth. I continue to play with you to keep you wet, and you know your turn is coming. I am just laying there in total ecstasy as I watch you sucking on me, it feels so great and you are amazing at it. You keep sucking and moving up and down my shaft as you wrap your fingers around my balls to really get me going. You can tell I’m not going to last long with my first blow job from you, you can feel my balls starting to pulse telling you how close I am to hitting the edge. I tell you in between moans that I’m going to cum really soon. But you don’t stop, and its feels great. I start to spasm and cum! This catches you off guard as it came on so fast. You weren’t planning on me cumming in your mouth but some of it came in there (to your surprise you didn’t mind the taste) as you pulled away and pump my cock through the rest of my orgasm, as I shot all over the two of us, your face, boobs, my stomach.

You flip over, so our heads are together and we hold on another and kiss deeply. You can tell without words that I obviously love what you do to me, and how you make me feel. You reach back down, where your hands always seem to go, to find that I am still hard, and with that simple touch I roll over on top of you and push inside. You are so wet from giving me pleasure that I slide in so easily. I hold you as we make love.

After a long while we flip into “our position”, with me sitting crosslegged, and your legs wrapped around me grinding away on my cock as I kiss and suck on your breasts, pulling you closer and holding you up in my arms.

You reach around and play with my balls a little as we grind against each other’s sweaty bodies. As I am sucking on your neck you whisper that you want me to cum and you pick up the pace. With that I can’t hold off my orgasm much longer as I just to feel it rise inside of me. You grab and pull me closer as I do the same and we kiss deeply as I cum inside you. You can feel me shoot, shot after shot, pulse after pulse, as I cum harder than you have ever felt before. You just hold me as like normal I am paralyzed by you when I cum.

After several minutes of just holding each other after my monster orgasm. You slide off me and lay on your back. I turn so that we are in the sixty-nine position again and start licking you knowing how much you love me licking your dripping pussy after I cum inside you, and knowing I love the taste of our juices together. As I continue to lick your pussy, you decide to see how we taste to and start sucking on my cock, and you find out that you quite enjoy our taste too. At this I get hot again and turn up the intensity of my licking to the point where you beg me to stop cause it is so intense, but I don’t. I keep going, you push my head harder and harder against you, till you explode in an orgasm of your own. I can feel your whole body tighten up and then relax as your orgasm sweeps over you. After your orgasm subsides, and you release my head from your oozing pussy I crawl up next to you and wrap my arms around you, pulling you close as we fall asleep as we both whisper, ” I love you” together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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