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“It’s time for my next adventure. I feel like a trip to the movies.”

Veronica Hart stood in her boudoir – looking at her reflection in her mirror. It winked at her – wearing nothing at all but a wicked smile, garter belt, and red lace stockings. She gently squeezed her full breasts together and watched them jiggle as she thought about her “Blackmail” outing – her nipples staring right at her – as they did in the video of her strip tease. She felt the delicious tingle in the soft vee where her firm thighs met – thinking about that private detective – staring at her – naked. Totally unable to speak or move. Completely mesmerized by her image – burned onto his retinas. Thinking about how she had left all of her clothing right there and walked out of his office totally nude. Too bad that it had been late at night and no one had seen her as she strutted to her car – bare – and driven home. She had wanted to be seen – again – so when she arrived at home – unseen – she had brazenly parked on her driveway and made herself slowly walk all the way around her house. Naked. Before she slipped inside.

Yes. It was time to be naughty again.

Still wearing nothing but garterbelt and stockings, she strode to her computer and composed a “Craigslist” ad:

“Casual Encounter Wanted. You: pliable, reasonably-attractive adult male. Me: Creative woman who wants to meet a total stranger in a movie theatre and get friendly while the movie plays. Convince me why you should be my choice.”

She posted the ad, then re-read it, idly playing with the curly hair between her thighs – imagining what it might be like, then forgot about the whole thing for a couple of days.


When she returned to her blind email a couple of days later, she wasn’t at all surprised to find a mountain of responses – mostly from knuckle-draggers who didn’t have any more creativity than to offer a badly-taken picture of their “manhood” – and a one-or-two-word response – none of which were even worth taking the time for a response: any admonishment wouldn’t even be understood by such mouth-breathers.

She *did* get a response or two from women, but none really ignited her attention. She let it sit for a couple more days – figuring that the delay would help to shake out those who were desperate.

And she was rewarded with a promising approach:

“Dear Creative Woman, we are a couple who enjoys being naughty and trying new things. In this case, we fondly remember our dating days – awhile back now – where we fumbled delightfully in the dark of a theatre – and we think it could be nostalgic to try it again now – with you. Tag, you’re it”. A snapshot was attached of a very-average-looking couple, kind of nerdy (both of them) – and Veronica was intrigued. She hadn’t planned to include another woman, but, well, as she said aloud to herself “Why not?”.

She sent a snapshot of herself in return and began the process of negotiating the details.

How EXCITING! Her nipples tingled as she realized that “this just might actually work out!”.


Over the next few hours, a few messages were exchanged and it was agreed that no names or phone numbers would ever be shared: this was to be a one-time, anonymous interaction – however it turned out. They also agreed that there would be no speaking. Then they picked out a badly-reviewed, R-rated movie mid-afternoon on a weekday – to have a better chance of having a mostly-empty theatre. And they logged off their computers – anticipating the coming meeting.


The days shuffled by with the anticipation building. Veronica realized that the whole thing might be a bust: people often just failed to show up for such things – or so she had heard. But she enjoyed the process of deciding what to wear. On the one hand, it could be argued that she should wear something “easy off / easy on” so that she could adapt to whatever happened. But on the other hand, it was the implied danger of being naughty which was so compelling in the first place, so she decided to make it difficult, instead. She started with fussy underwear: a bra with a catch which was always a bit finicky. Boy shorts which had been a gift and that she had never liked: too un-sexy and bulky. TIGHT jeans: really difficult for her to coax on. And, besides, they made her beşiktaş escort legs and butt look amazing. Button-up boots. A long-sleeved blouse with lots of fiddly-little buttons and a pull-over sweater over that. Yup. It would be very time-consuming to remove, if it came to that – and, worse, nearly impossible to put them on quickly if anything happened. She decided to not risk any of her jewelry – leaving it all at home, and finished her ensemble with a car key on a necklace – so that her pockets would be empty.


The day arrived and Veronica smiled at herself in the mirror as she prepared. Leaving all but her clothing at home: no wallet, no ID, just her pre-bought ticket folded in the pocket of her jeans. The wonderful feeling of excitement grew in her belly as she drove to the theatre, parked, and found her way inside.

The movie house was generally deserted as they had hoped, so she had no trouble finding the correct theatre and walking in – to the pre-movie advertisements. Her palms began to sweat a bit and she felt that “tingle in her mingle” as she made her way to the very-back row and selected a seat in the center.

Looking around, she was essentially alone. One or two couples scattered around, but the setup was just as she had imagined. True, the theatre was really quite bright – given what she was imagining, but that couldn’t be helped so she settled in and watched the dancing hot dogs, which only increased the “tingle”.

Eventually, the lights dimmed and the feature started and still she was alone. How disappointing!

There was a reason that the film had been critically panned: it was slow paced and boring, so Veronica decided to spice things up a bit.

“That’s what I came for”, she mused, as she pulled one foot up on her lap and began unbuttoning her boots. No big deal, but at least she was doing something. It took awhile, but eventually she dragged her boots off and dropped them under her seat, then peeled off her “Hello, Kitty” sox and felt a bit naughty as she let her soles touch the floor. Movie Theatre floors aren’t known for being sexy, but this theatre was clean and the cold floor – tickling her “little piggies” – felt “wrong” – and, hence, a little fun. She wiggled her toes and very-quietly slapped her feet on the smooth concrete and enjoyed the tactile entertainment – since the visual entertainment on the screen in front of her – was severely lacking.

She closed her eyes to concentrate more on the tactile – and rubbed her hands along the armrests at the same time – feeling the velvet smoothing along her skin. Hmmm… Not bad.

Eyes still closed, she tried to decide what to do next – and physically jumped when hands laid gently onto her hands – one on each side!

Her eyes flew open, but found no visual input – because another hand was covering them – blocking her vision, then slowly pulled away to reveal a dim figure standing in front of her and another sitting to her left. Oh! Her couple must have arrived! The real fun was supposed to begin.

They hadn’t planned any specific activities, so Veronica wondered about the protocol, but she was not a shy person so she reached for the figure before her, laid her hands on the figure’s hips and discovered a skirt.

Suddenly her “naughty” was inflamed and blazing and she lost all caution. She explored the skirt, found a zipper and pulled, feeling it open and loosen – and in one movement, she dragged the skirt over the hips before her and right down to the floor, tapping the ankles she found there to make them lift – one after the other – and let her pull the skirt entirely off.

Still without hesitation, she threw the skirt forward toward the screen – over rows of seats – putting it entirely out of range. Veronica couldn’t believe herself that she had done it, but her passion had taken over and it was as if she was outside of herself watching some other siren strip a total stranger – in a public movie theatre.

She was panting now and slid her hands back up the calves and thighs of the stranger before her – reveling in the smooth, soft skin and the wonderful naughtiness of it all. It was just so intoxicating.

Still unable to slow or control herself, her hands slid up over the hips before her, found the waistband of some panties, unceremoniously beşyol escort hooked her fingers in, and yanked them down. Down. Over hips and thighs and knees and calves, again tapping the ankles to lift the attached feet and let her completely remove the flimsy lingerie now in her hands – and now sailing over the seats to land in the general vicinity of the skirt.

GOD! It felt so NAUGHTY and unreal and HOT!

It occurred to her to hope that nobody was noticing them: a woman – bare from waist to shoes – standing in front of another woman – in the back of a movie theatre. And then she realized that she just didn’t care. If someone was watching, then let them watch!

She slid her hands back up the bare legs before her and as she approached sitting position again, she felt hands on the back of her head – firmly pulling her face forward. She didn’t even want to resist as her nose firmly slid between the folds of the femininity before her and she inhaled deeply, relishing that wonderful, unique womanly perfume. Feeling whisps of curly hair tickling her nose. And, without any thought or intention, feeling her tongue dart out to slip between the slippery folds and taste the scented garden before her. Her head swam as her senses overloaded, tingling and buzzing all over her body. Her hands feeling the smooth skin of hips. Nose and tongue fully occupied. Desperately pleading with her throat to NOT moan the way she wanted to.

Oh, God!

The 3-some stayed that way for a moment or two before hands pushed Veronica back into her seat. 4 hands. Veronica had clearly pushed the switch to “high” and the couple was now confident that it was time to return the favor.

The woman attacked Veronica’s jeans, opening her waist band and aggressively beginning the struggle to free her hips. No finesse here: she grabbed both the jeans and the boy shorts and began tugging and wiggling, slapping Veronica’s hips to get her to lift up and allow some progress, but it wasn’t going fast enough so she pulled Veronica to her feet. Her bare feet. Standing in the last row of the theatre. And, with the strength born of passion, she gave a mighty yank and, in one movement, dragged Veronica’s jeans and panties – right to the floor – leaving Veronica to gasp a little as the cold air of the theatre greeted her ladyhood and bottom – both now very bare.

Without being prompted, Veronica lifted one foot, then the other, to free her jeans and panties and leave her totally bare from waist to toes, standing in a public movie theatre – with a total stranger kneeling before her – bare in the same way – pulling her hips toward her and burying her nose in Veronica’s folds just as Veronica had done. The stranger’s tongue flicked out as Veronica’s had and she felt the warm, wet contact with her warm wetness – and felt her judgement shrug, totally abandon all hope and leave for parts unknown – as, it seemed, her jeans and panties were also doing – as the man of the couple tossed them both in the general direction of the continuing movie. Ooooooo it felt so good – and so bad – so terribly naughty. Veronica shivered with the combined chills of standing exposed and from the delicious explorations that the woman’s tongue was making.

She leaned back against the folded-up seat and the tongue willingly followed as her knees unconsciously tried to get as far from each other as they could – in order to give best advantage to the tongue.

The chill of the theatre seemed to disappear. Had someone suddenly turned on the heat?

Veronica’s eyes fluttered open to notice that the gentleman stranger had decided that since the ladies were occupied, that he would simply help them out by loosening his jeans, unzipping them, and, silently, sliding them – and his briefs – down, off, and out into the “lost clothing department” – rows ahead of them – leaving all three of them inescapably nude from belly to floor.

The man moved a bit closer and Veronica, without any conscious thought, found his cock with her hand and pulled it to her mouth. Her mind was in pure carnal mode, her thighs were harboring a very-skilled tongue and it was just the obvious thing to do.

She relished the feel of an awakening swell inside her mouth, swirling her tongue and lips around and licking the smooth cap and the beykent escort lesseningly-wrinkled shaft – feeling it grow and salute her ministrations. It just felt SO – interesting. Rubbery yet soft. Hard yet – not. Smooth. Wrinkled. So – well – interesting. She just abandoned herself to the pure physical sensations. No thought. No reason. Just the building presence in her mouth and the building fire between her nether folds. “Oooooo Yessssss!” she softly hissed – totally forgetting that she needed to be silent.

The tongue continued. The talented, soft, hard, smooth, rough, flicking, licking sweet tongue – and a finger found its way inside of her – followed by another finger finding itself in a slightly-different “inside of her”.

Eyes fluttering.

Mouth sucking and slurping.

Breath panting around the obstruction.

Hands with a death grip on the armrests.

Passion on fire and the lower lips panting themselves.

Up. Up. UP. HoldingAtTheVeryTopOfTheTallTallHill.



annnd OVER.


Mouth in a silent scream.

Teeth straining not to bite.

Light show flickering in her tightly-closed eyes.

Wave after wave of warm, beautiful, happy, intense PLEASURE exploding from inside of her, filling the theatre, and continuing out in a fireball of raw, carnal, animal ecstasy.

No strangers, no theatre, no earth, no universe.

Nothing but white-hot, burning, ecstasy.

Ooooooooooooooo, yessssssssssssss!

Ooooooooooooooo, GODdddddddddd!




Oh. My.

Veronica opened her eyes and was otherwise unable to move.

The woman’s eyes were twinkling in the dim light – very pleased with the gift she had given.

Winking, she slowly stood, turned, faced the screen, then bent over the seat, and presented herself.

Veronica mustered the mental and physical faculties to comprehend, slid the man from her mouth, gently pulled him to the waiting cavity, and thrust him in – joining the two strangers.

They began to rock – apart and together. Doing the oldest dance in existence. Softly slapping together, then apart, together and apart.

Veronica simply enjoyed the spectacle for awhile, then sank to the floor and maneuvered herself to again connect her tongue to the slippery connection before her.

The couple adjusted their positions a bit to make themselves more accessible, then continued.

Veronica fluttered her eyes and just enjoyed the glow in her body – while using her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers, to bathe the joined “naughty parts” before her.

Time ceased to exist. It wasn’t even that “there wasn’t any hurry”. It was simply that the concept of time – evaporated.

The dance of 3 went on. Reaching the inevitable conclusion. Quiet grunting, thrusting, licking, slurping, and warm glows – shared by all 3.

And an eternity – or a moment – passed as they all collapsed, sweaty, messy, literally half-naked – and satisfied.

They just stayed where they were – listening to the movie grinding toward its conclusion.

Oh! OH! Grinding toward its conclusion!

As the realization of where they were – and how they were dressed – seeped back into their consciousnesses, Veronica began to worry about how to retrieve her clothing, but the couple simply pulled her to her feet, looked her straight in the eye, flanked her and grabbed her hands – and calmly began walking out of the theatre.

Down the row, then down toward the screen, not hurrying, but with no hesitation. Simply walking out of the theatre.

3 abreast.

Totally naked and covered with sex from butt to bunions.

This was CRAZY! There’s no way they could get away with this. Veronica glanced once in the direction of where their clothing probably was, but the hands firmly pulled her on toward the theatre door, right out into the Cinema hallway.

Calmly walking. “Barefoot” all the way to their waists.

Right out into the lobby – past the concession stand. Past a few gawking patrons. Right out the door.

As they reached the parking lot, the couple spoke for the first time, simply offering “Thanks”, releasing her hands, and sprinting for their car as Veronica found hers, used the necklace key to unlock it and jumped in.

In the happy mental “buzz” of what she had just done, Veronica thought a moment, then freed herself of her sweater, blouse, and fiddly-catched bra, threw them all out the window, and proceeded home, driving totally bare. Quite satisfied with her latest adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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