Moving Day

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I knew that Karen and Mark had grown very close over the last couple months, but when they decided to move in together, I was still shocked. It’s not that I wanted her to move in with me-although we had been seeing each other for awhile, and sleeping together pretty regularly since that first night we hooked up at the party, I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment, and I don’t think she wanted that either. There wasn’t any jealousy on my part, despite the fact that Mark was a good-looking guy and I knew that Karen though he was hot, since I knew that Mark was completely gay. In fact, I was sure that Mark would have rather had me moving in with him, if it had been a romantic thing.

What shocked me was just the idea that they would want to live together instead of each having their own place. After all, we were all young and single and had apartments of our own, which I thought was pretty ideal. But we did hang out together a lot, and Karen and Mark had a lot of the same interests in music and theater, so as friends I suppose it made as much sense as any other two people living together.

The house they’d found was admittedly terrific. On the older side, but with a small back yard, plenty of room inside, and decent sized bedrooms for each of them. I knew they planed to throw some serious parties at this place.

Although Karen and I hadn’t declared yet used the “boyfriend/girlfriend” terms for each other, I guess we were close enough that I was expected to help her move-at least I didn’t feel like I could say no and expect semi-regular sex to become frequent. That’s why I was at the house that day, going back and forth to the rental truck and the house moving furniture and boxes.

We’d just about finished, and Mark and I were carrying in the last of the boxes.

“You guys couldn’t have waited until after the hottest part of the summer to move, I guess?” I said. “I’m seating like a two-dollar whore.”

“I didn’t decide when the lease came available,” Mark said. “And you’re not the only one sweating here.” I admitted to myself that he was certainly working as hard as I was, and the sweat running down his naked torso was proof. “But don’t worry, I have it on good authority that muscular sweaty men are a huge turn on for certain people, so I’m sure you’ll get your reward.” Mark tilted his head in the direction of Karen’s room, where she was arranging Sakarya Escort her furniture and belongings.

“Certain people, huh?” I said.

“Well, I know I’ve been sporting an erection since you took your shirt off, so I’m just assuming…” Mark grinned. MY eyes involuntarily went to the front of his jeans when he said it, and lo and behold, it did look like there was a distinct swelling there. I realized what I was doing and practically jerked my eyes up, but Mark had seen the glance. “Caught you looking.” He laughed.

I blushed, but there is something about knowing that someone else finds you sexy that is a turn on, I had to admit.

I set the box of DVDs I was carrying next to the entertainment center. “Shut up,” I said. “Besides, you have an erection pretty much all the time, it’s got nothing to do with me.”

“True dat,” said Mark. “I’m just a horny guy, I guess. But you do look sexy all sweaty and hard-bodied. I guarantee that Karen agrees. But if she doesn’t, you know where to find me…”

I rolled my eyes, and Mark chuckled as he made his way to his room. I went into Karen’s room and found her bent over her dresser, loading it with her delightful collection of tiny thongs and silken bras. Her posture, with her butt in the air inside a pair of tiny cutoff shorts made my own nether regions twitch. I walked up behind her and gave her upturned ass a playful smack and stroke. She gasped in surprise and turned around.

“Hey!” She grinned at me. “No foreplay until you’re done with the unloading.”

“Oh, in that case, we’re all good. The truck’s empty.” I put my arms around her.

“Mmmm, then maybe it’s time for your reward…” Karen pulled my face to hers and slipped her delicious tongue into my mouth. Her luscious lips pressed against mine as we kissed, and I let my hands slide down her back and onto her ass, caressing her and pulling her in tight.

She moaned delightedly, then pulled back. “You’ve already got your shirt off, Jason. I feel overdressed,” she said, reaching for the hem of her tight T-shirt, she crossed her arms in front and lifted in that so-sexy way that girls have of doffing their shirts, her arms rising above her head and causing her full but always pert breasts to rise enticingly.

My hands involuntarily went to her tits as my mouth dipped to find hers again. I could Sakarya Escort Bayan feel the blood rushing to my penis as my palms filled with the warm soft flesh of Karen’s perfect breasts.

Never one to waste time, Karen’s hands went from dropping her shirt to deftly unbuttoning my jeans in one smooth motion. As she did, I kissed her hard, tasting her sweet mouth and fondling her nipples. My already hard cock sipped from my pants as she let them drop to my knees. Her small but talented hands caressed my shaft and brought a moan from my lips.

I realized that I had left the door open and pulled my mouth from Karen’s just long enough to say, “Let me close the door.”

“Leave it,” she said.


“What are you worried about? So what if Mark sees us?” Her fingers on my cock were just about enough to make me forget all about it.


“Here’s the only butt you need to worry about,” Karen said, taking her hands from dick and moving to her jeans to slide them and her thong all the way to her feet. She stood before me totally nude, and my mouth watered for her. She turned around and wiggled her gorgeous ass at me. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her hips, pulling her naked butt to my face and kissing and biting one plump cheek. “Mmm, that’s it, baby, now you’ve got idea.”

She put her hands on the dresser and bent forward, spreading her legs. I licked my way from her ass to her moist slit and kissed and sucked on her sex. She tasted like lust and desire and I felt my erection fill to capacity.

“Ohhh, fuck yesss,” she breathed. She pressed her crotch into my face, gasping for breath and moaning as I ate her delicious pussy. “Ohhhh yeah, eat me, just like that, ohhh fuck.”

I could taste her juices flowing freely from her hot crevice and I knew she was getting close. “Ohhh god,” she groaned, “Get up here and fuck me, I need you inside me now!”

I stood and positioned myself at her entrance, but she wasn’t having any hesitation. She reached back and grasped my shaft, then shifted her hips back to impale herself on me. I groaned with ecstasy as I felt my cock taken deep inside her sexy body, her plump buttock pressing into my hips as she impaled herself on me in one thrust.

“Ohhhhmygod! Yess! Fuck me!” Karen’s voice rang through the house, and I knew there was no way that Escort Sakarya Mark had not heard that, but there was no stopping now. I thrust into her again and again, her moans and screams echoing as the sounds of our bodies meeting rhythmically kept time with her song of lust. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh fuck fuck fuck!”

As I grasped Karen’s supple hips and pulled her body onto mine, I glanced at the door and saw Mark standing there. I knew he had to have heard us, but I had thought he’d stay in his room. Instead, I saw him standing outside the door…naked and rampant, his hand around his hard cock. Whether he had undressed to shower, or stripped when he heard Karen’s cries, I didn’t know, but through the half open door I saw clearly his taut, muscular body, shiny with a sheen of perspiration, his cock sliding in and out of his fist in time with my thrusts into Karen’s hot sexy body.

His mouth was half-open with lust as he stroked himself, and I found myself subconsciously matching my stroked to his, plunging into Karen’s hot wet pussy every time his hand pulled downwards and the swollen head of his prick peeked out from his fist.

Mark’s eyes met mine, and he paled for a second. I didn’t say a word, but continued to fuck Karen while I watched his face. Mark bit his lower lip and ran his free hand over his naked chest as he continued to masturbate. I stroked Karen’s naked back, feeling the light coating of sweat on her skin as my penis slipped into her again and again.

I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer, just as Karen began to moan, “Oooh, fuck, I’m going to cum, that’s it, keep fucking me, I’m going to cum, you’re gonna make me cum, baby, oh, fuck yes, make me cum with that hard cock in my little pussy!”

Hearing her delight pushed me over the edge and my balls began to empty spurt after spurt of hot cum through my cock and into Karen’s hot box as I let out a groan and cried, “Ohh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Karen, too, shouted wordlessly as I felt her tighten around my dick and her body quivered with orgasm.

I heard Mark grunt and looked to see him stiffen and close his fist around the head of his cock, his breath coming in gasps as he came into his hand.

As I leaned over Karen’s back and coaxed her face around for a deep, lingering kiss, I saw Mark leave the doorway, a fistful of creamy sperm in his hand, his still stiff cock bouncing in front of him. I closed my eyes and let my tongue play with Karen’s as I slipped from inside her.

“Mmm,” Karen breathed. “I hope I wasn’t the only one who really enjoyed that.”

“I know I did,” I said-although I wasn’t quite sure that’s what she meant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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