Mr. Alberto’s Party Ch. 02-03

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Chapter II

“I’m sorry but Mr. Alberto is at one of his important meetings. Who is calling?” the secretary said.

I want to hang up right then but I said, “Elle Johnson.”

“Oh, Miss Johnson,” she said in a suddenly friendly voice. “I am sure Mr. Alberto will want to speak to you. Hold on, please.”

Mr. Alberto came on the phone in about thirty seconds and after he said that he was pleased that I had called and did I have any questions about his proposal, I said,

“So, Mr. Alberto, did you know my parents and my aunt and uncle are coming to your sex party and that they came to your sex party last year, too?”

I heard this loud laugh. “A happy coincidence, Miss Johnson. Believe me, you are being invited because of you not them. How did you find out?”

“I walked in on them when they weren’t expecting me because they thought I was at this cast party after the play and I found them watching a video of my Mom. I won’t say what she was doing in the video but you can guess. They didn’t see me so they don’t know I know. Also, I am not that happy about it, to be honest. I am pretty upset. You didn’t tell me my own parents and my own aunt and uncle would be there and that my dad and my uncle might even be in the contest.”

“Yes, well I thought it would be a nice surprise for all concerned.”

“Hmmmm,” I said.

“Well, Miss Johnson, I can understand that you are upset. I don’t blame you. I can see you are a nice girl. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. You would have been a big hit.”

“Right, well I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do it? You’ll come and be a judge at the cock contest and let us dress you like a slut?”

“Yes. I am going to teach them a lesson.”

“Excellent. Call my secretary tomorrow and she will make the arrangements for picking you up and so forth. I assume you don’t want me to tell them.”

“No, don’t tell them. Let them have a nice surprise.”

Chapter III

Daddy was used to seeing me in my shorts and jerseys on warm days, which we seemed to be having a lot of. It was the end of April, two months to go before I became a high school graduate and, boy, I could hardly wait. For graduation, Daddy said he wanted to buy me some new clothes and he said I should include a couple of new bikinis in my choices. I thought it was cute the way he grinned when he told me that, which he did about ten times. It always gave me a tingle when I would catch Daddy peeking at me, seeing him gaze at my breasts or checking out my bottom when I would make a little wiggle while glancing at him over my shoulder. A lot of guys see me as “a piece of ass”. I don’t mind. I even like it that they do. Sometimes, I wondered if Daddy saw me that way in his fantasies. I could forgive him for that if he did as long as he had the fantasy only once in a while and not like every day, maybe once a month or something would be acceptable. Well, I felt totally different about the whole situation now.

“No shorts today?,” Daddy said, looking up from the paper as I came into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Nope.” beylikdüzü escort I was wearing my loosest jeans and a shirt that was too big for me. A person couldn’t check out a thing in the clothes I had on.

Daddy frowned and went back to his paper. Mom was sitting at the table, finishing her coffee. She started talking to me about their “trip” and how she was sorry that I would have to be home alone for a few days. Right, she was really sorry about that.

“Oh, that’s ok,” I said. “I think I will do some reading at night instead of watching tv. I thought I would read the bible, I have never really read that much of it. It will be very peaceful here while you are away and I think the bible would be perfect for me to read at such a peaceful time.” I sighed and I smiled to show them I wasn’t worried about being home by myself and that I was looking forward to getting to know God better.

Well, things went sort of that way for next few days. Daddy didn’t get to check me out even once in any of my skimpy clothes. I could see that he and my Mom were a little concerned about my sudden interest in religion. I told them I would be going to church of course on Sunday, by myself, and I asked for a little extra money for the collection. Mom was extra nice to me the whole time. She bought special treats for me to eat and reminded a million times about locking up the house before I went to bed and being careful about this thing and that thing. I could see she felt guilty, but obviously she didn’t feel guilty enough to change her mind and not go on a sex vacation.

On Friday night they left in Daddy’s car with their suitcases, making me promise again to be careful and reminding me for the hundredth time to keep my cell phone on. I waved goodbye and made a brave smile, letting them think what a good daughter I would be while they were away. I packed my own suitcase that night. Mr. Alberto’s driver would be picking me up at two o’clock the next afternoon. Oops, I wouldn’t be making it to church on Sunday after all.

The limo driver was the same guy who had handed me the note. His name was Stanley and he was from Jamaica. He looked like he was all muscle in his black jersey and tight fitting black pants and right away I noticed his bulge. A guy had to have a big one to make a bulge like that, I thought. Stanley didn’t talk much at all. He said like four words to me in the hour and a half it took to get to Mr. Alberto’s mansion. You couldn’t even see the place from the road and it was huge, like forty rooms and three stories high with big chimneys. Off to one side behind some trees was like a field where the cars were parked and I spotted Daddy’s car there as we were going up the walk. Stanley carried my suitcase for me and we went into the house by going down a few steps and into this doorway that was like tucked underneath the main part of the house.

“Hi honey,” a pretty young woman said to me as we entered. She was dressed up like a French maid and she was a maid. She led me beyoğlu escort down this narrow hallway to my room. It was small but very cute and it had a big bed with teddy bears on it and an open clothes closet that I could see was filled with sexy looking things and there was an oriental rug on the floor and the walls and ceiling were made of carved wood and there was a window with these old glass panes that looked out onto an enclosed garden, which surprised me because I had thought we were underground.

“I’m Lucy,” she smiled as she went to the closet. She brought back a hanger with my outfit on it. Mr. Alberto had picked it personally, she said.

Lucy watched me as I took off my jeans and sweatshirt.

“Panties and bra, too. Mmmmm, you’re going to have a hard time keeping yourself from being fucked today,” Lucy said, as she looked me over.

I looked at the frilly clothes Lucy was holding but I didn’t see any panties or a bra. I didn’t say anything, I just finished undressing and stood there with nothing on with Lucy watching and smiling at me.

“Do you like girls, honey?”

“Well, I don’t have sex with them, Lucy, if that is what you mean.”

Lucy laughed. “Yes, that is what I mean. All right put these on.”

My outfit, starting from the bottom, was a pair of black patent leather shoes with white cotton ankle socks, a purple velvety skirt that was so short it hardly covered my you know what and had the word “slut” in gold letters going up on both sides, and a cream colored top that opened in a kind of circle from my neck, leaving my breasts totally exposed. I was sure I looked like a total slut and didn’t need those words on my skirt to tell that to anyone. I looked down at myself. I had to admit my tits were really cute sticking out so nicely without needing a bra for support. I was more worried about the skirt, actually. I bet I couldn’t afford even the slightest swish wearing a skirt as tiny as that and no panties!

“Ok, honey, let’s go,” Lucy said.

I followed her out into the hallway and we went past the staircase to this small elevator which Lucy told me went directly to Mr. Alberto’s “rooms”.

“He’s waiting for you, honey,” Lucy said as we stood side by side while the elevator made this loud cranking sound that made my think we could go crashing to the ground at any second. Worrying about this made my almost forget how I looked. But Mr. Alberto reminded me as soon as the door opened and I stepped into his office. He was standing there looking straight at me.

“Mmmmm, every bit as good as I hoped,” he said, checking me out in my outfit.

“Thank you. I look like a slut.”

“Yes, you do. That’s the idea, Elle. This is my annual “Stud and Slut Party”. In order to be invited you have to be first rate in one of those categories. You have to be a ten.”

“Are you saying my Mom is a ten as a slut. And my aunt.”

“I am saying that. In fact, your mother is one of the most popular sluts that we have here. Your father and bizimkent escort uncle may not be tens as studs but they are above average and they get points for having tens for their wives. And you, my dear, are definitely a ten. Now, let’s be on our way. We’re having the contest without delay. It’s hard to keep secrets around here so I scheduled the contest for now, before the word gets out about you.”

I took a deep breath and followed Mr. Alberto out the door. We entered a hallway that was much larger than the one outside my room. I was seeing the main part of the house for the first time. No one was around except for two black guys like Stanley and dressed like him in skin tight black clothes. Mr. Alberto nodded at them and then told me he had twelve guys like that working for him at the mansion. Wow, twelve!, I thought. We didn’t see any guests because they were all in the auditorium, waiting for the contest to begin. Finally, we came to a door that opened onto the back of a stage. It was much smaller than the stage at our high school but it was amazing for a house with a ceiling that must have gone up at least two floors. You could hear the chatting from the audience and a few shouts now and then and the sounds had that big roomy quality like you always hear in an auditorium. The curtain was closed and it was very beautiful, made of purple velvet, like my slut skirt, and it looked brand new. Two women were standing on the stage. One was a very pretty bleached blonde, dressed in a top like mine with her tits showing only she was wearing satin pants instead of a skirt. The other woman was Lucy. She was still in her maid uniform, but just the bottom half of it. Lucy had nothing on at all from the waist up except her necklace. Lucy had beautiful medium size breasts, a little bigger than mine, a little smaller than the blonde’s.

“We were supposed to have a grandmother type as one of the judges but I changed my mind. I want to give Lucy a treat, she is such a loyal worker,” Mr. Alberto said. Then he introduced me to Bette, who was like twenty-seven years old and totally beautiful like I said. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and then she put out her hand and touched both my nipples. I stepped back.

“Gosh, you have the firmest young tits. I adore your tits, sweetie.”

Well, this was a cock contest not a tit contest, I thought, and I was little offended that she just went ahead and touched my breasts when she didn’t even know me, but I didn’t say that, I just smiled back at her and said I thought she had nice tits too, which she did. I felt like a jerk I suddenly wanted to get out of there. I had started to feel kind of sexy in my slut outfit but now I was feeling scared. I looked behind me. Two of Mr. Alberto’s Jamaicans were standing by the wall, watching me. It was too late now, I knew. Then, just as I realized that Mr. Alberto had disappeared, I heard his voice. He had stepped in front of the curtain and was talking to the audience with a microphone.

“This year, studs and sluts, instead of introducing the judges and then bringing out the contestants, we have a surprise judge with us and so I am going to introduce the contestants, and we have eight of them, and then bring out the judges. As I call your names, stud contestants, please come up to the stage and make a row over to my left. All right, Edward Johnson…

Oh, boy, I thought, here we go.

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