Mr. Bailey Ch. 02

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Fading light filtered through the window and into my eyes. I rolled over and snuggled deeper into bed.

Bed? Dark blue sheets? These aren’t mine…

Not mine, but Mr. Bailey’s. I glanced around at the sparse room. There was little more than the bed, a nightstand, a closet and a few pictures. A TV was mounted in the corner, a cable box neatly seated on the dresser underneath.

The bathroom door was cracked and I could hear the shower.

What now? Is this my cue to leave? We weren’t exactly going to live happily ever after. No, I was just a dim high school girl to have some fun with. I had seen enough movies and heard enough humiliating tales in the girl’s locker room to know it was time to go. It looked early enough, maybe I could still catch a bus back home.

A hand through my hair revealed a knotted mess. I sighed and went into the living room in search of my bag and a hair-tie. I found my shoes discarded on the living room floor along with the buttons to my shirt. I had completely forgotten and looked down to see it hanging loosely. And there, just above my bra cup, sat a deep purple hickey.

I needed a mirror immediately. This had gotten way out of hand.

“What are you doing?” He was leaning against the door frame to the bedroom, smirking at me. His muscular arms were crossed over his firm chest. His stomach was flat and defined. A cool white towel kept my gaze from traveling any further.

I was cute, I knew that much, but he was beautiful. Like some sort of dark mythological god.

“I uh,” I’m sure I must have looked ridiculous standing in the living room staring at my chest. “I was getting my things and then I realized… my shirt.” He glanced at my chest and nodded gravely.

“Danica, we need to talk about what just happened.”

I shifted under his gaze. “Yes sir.”



“Jefferson, my name is Jefferson.” I stared at him dumbly. Jefferson Bailey. He seemed like a Jefferson Bailey. It was such a dignified name. He beckoned for me to follow him, “I’ll get you a shirt. Are you hungry?” I trotted into his room, nodding. I hadn’t eaten anything at lunch and breakfast had consisted solely of Abby’s energy drink. I was starving.

He ruffled through his closet and I was surprised to see clothing other than slacks and blazers and button-ups. He handed me a beaten up old concert tee, “It’s probably the smallest shirt I own. Sorry about ruining yours.”

“It’s okay… Jefferson.” His name sounded weird coming out of my mouth. I shucked the ruined top from my shoulders, “It’s just a school uniform anyway. I have a million at home just like it.”

He gave me a wry smile.

Grazing through his closet again, Jefferson grabbed a pair of chinos from a hanger. I barely had time to turn around before his towel hit the floor. He chuckled softly behind me, “I didn’t mean to startle you, Danica.”

My heart was slamming in my chest again. Maybe now would be a good time to mention that I’m a virgin? I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. He already thought me a simple little girl, there was no way I would reveal that piece of information now.

“What’s so funny?” I turned to see him pulling a thin white tee shirt down over his chest. I bit my lip, remembering how firm his muscles had felt under my hands.

“This is just such a crazy situation.”

“Ah. It is … unusual. Come along, we’ll see what I have to eat and discuss this whole thing.”

I followed him into the kitchen and watched him busy himself searching through cabinets and pulling things out of the fridge. “I eat like a bachelor. Will Eggs in a Basket do?”

“I don’t know what that is, but I haven’t eaten today, so yes.”

Jefferson peered at me from around the refrigerator door, “That explains some things. I’m willing to bet that has something to do with your fainting spells.”

I nodded in agreement and received a contrite “Tsk” in return.

“Si… uh, Jefferson? I won’t tell anyone about this. I mean earlier today. It wouldn’t exactly make me any more popular. And my Mother would kill me.” I lifted myself onto the counter opposite of where he was setting out slices of bread.

He turned to face me, “I figured as much, however I would hope your mother would be more concerned for your well being at the hands of a predator like myself.”

I snorted at that. “She would be more pissed that I got to you before she did. She and my dad aren’t… exactly… faithful.” I glanced at my knees. Jefferson’s grimace told me I was saying too much. “Besides, I’m 18 and willing. You don’t quite qualify as a predator. I could name a few of my male classmates that I can’t say the same thing about though.”

Jefferson stepped to the counter and nestled between my knees. “I’m sorry about your parents.” He laid a gentle kiss on my forehead.

“It’s been that way my entire life.” I shrugged nonchalantly, “I’m used to it.”

His hands stroked my thighs, prompting heat to rush to my cheeks. “That doesn’t mean your parents should be canlı bahis any less proud of you. You’re an excellent student Danica. I little bit fidgety and somewhat petulant at times, but also responsible and very beautiful.”

Oh god I think I just creamed myself.

He firmly whacked my thigh, “Now get down. I’m going to show you how to make Eggs in a Basket, you uncultured American.” I smiled as I complied.


“How do you feel about Persephone Davies?” It was freezing in Jefferson’s car, even with the heat blasting on high. It was just after midnight and the streets were empty. I had been a terrible cook and finally admitted to eating nothing but rubbery scrambled eggs, oatmeal and yogurt, and the occasional can of spaghetti-o’s. Turns out I’ve been living more of a bachelor lifestyle than he had. We sat on his couch chatting through the evening, occasionally making out like I had in middle school, but I always chickened out before anything could go further. I still couldn’t tell him I was a virgin. Eventually, I asked him to take me home, despite his tempting offer to spend the night. I just couldn’t, yet.

He glanced at the rear view mirror, as if checking for following cars, “Miss Davies? Why are you asking about her?”

I shrugged. It was a stupid question. Deep down I wanted him to despise her as much as I did. Seeing Persephone throw herself at him made me feel insecure. Especially now. Was I the only one who had been in his car before? His apartment?

He sighed, “She is just a student.”

“A student with big boobs.” I mumbled it under my breath, but he heard me. As evidenced by his scoff. I rubbed my face. I didn’t miss the fact that I was also just a student. I was still tired and now I was grumpy to boot. It occurred to me that I was being ridiculous, but I was too emotionally charged in that moment to be logical.

“Danica, I know she gives you a hard time, but she can’t be all bad. I don’t know what has happened to cause this feud between you two, but maybe you should try to reconcile.”

Come to think of it, I wasn’t sure myself how this all began. Maybe one day I would ask her.

“Do you, uh, did you ever… like her?”

He laughed, strong and deep, “And there’s the real question. No, I have never liked Miss Davies.”

I nodded. It really was a stupid question. “She’s accused me of sleeping with you in the past.”

“I am aware.”

“You aren’t concerned?”

“Frankly, no. What are a few inconsistent and unfounded rumors anyway? Besides, I’ll just be especially mean to you and no one will suspect.”

“…Okay.” I guess it made sense.

“I’m joking with you.” He squeezed my thigh, “Nothing will change as far as I’m concerned.”

He pulled into my driveway and I felt almost sad to leave. Quite a change from the dread that had threatened to undo me the first and second time around.

“I’ll see you tomorrow? Correction, later today?” He leaned closer to me.

“Actually… well, I planned on being sick tomorrow.”

He frowned. “You seem perfectly healthy to me.”

“I was going to get some sleep. The papers you had me write really exhausted me. I had to pull a couple of all-nighters to get them done and keep up with my other work.”

He nodded, “Yes, I felt a little guilty when I gave it to you. Alright then Love.” He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss. His tongue claimed my mouth as his hand kneaded the skin between my shoulders. I could stay in this car forever, screw the neighbors. He pulled away, but not before dropping one last chaste kiss on my mouth. “Sleep well, Danica.”

I stumbled out of the car and wobbled up the driveway. He waited until my front door was open and hall lights were on before pulling away. I was too hot and heated to do anything but immediately run upstairs and alleviate the wet heat burning between my thighs.


“Try this one…” Abby threw yet another tiny dress at me. She had been trying to squeeze me into the skimpiest things she owned since she showed up on my door step that afternoon. I sighed and checked my phone. Nothing. Still nothing. I had written my number on a post-it and stuck it to Jefferson’s fridge last night. But still no calls or texts.

Maybe I was right all along.

It was after 7pm now and Abby was growing increasingly impatient with me. The party started at 8:30 and I was dragging my feet. Secretly, I was pleading for Jefferson to call me and help me find and excuse not to have to go.

“Abby, I’m really not feeling this.”

She huffed, “I think I have another one.”

“Not the dress, the whole party.”

“Don’t bail on me nooooow!” Here came the whining. “You have to come! Okay, I didn’t want to tell you but, when you bailed on me the other day for Mr. Bailey, don’t think Persephone didn’t catch wind of that, Felton gave a ride to Alton too and we kind of hit it off. So I need you there, so I don’t look like a loser who came alooooonnnne, when he comes up and talks to me. Besides, bahis siteleri what else have you got to do? Sit at home and watch re-runs?”

“Alton? Alton Moore?!” I was incredulous, “Alton ‘Skeezeball’ Moore who grabbed your boob freshman year?!”

“Yes, calm down you prude. He apologized. And I always have your back. You owe me one.”

“Just yesterday, I was dragged away over your fight.”

“A fight I got into for you. Besides you didn’t get in trouble, which Persephone has also gotten wind of.”

I was defeated, “Fine, but I am not wearing any of these dresses. I look like a child prostitute.”

“Great! Also, okay don’t freak out, but Felton is picking us up.”


I was sure my fingers were developing frostbite. Skinny jeans didn’t afford much protection against the cold, even with my brown knee high boots. I had rejected every item of clothing Abby had brought over and instead decided to stick with one of my flouncy tank tops. I went for my leather jacket, but Abby wisely pointed out that after a few drinks I would be hot and it would disappear as soon as I laid it down. I had allowed her to lightly curl my hair until it made graceful waves all the way down my back. She ignored me when I repeatedly informed her that I didn’t see the point. Who was I trying to impress?

No one going to this party.

Abby was noticeably shivering as we waited for Felton on my driveway. She had on a tiny skin-tight black dress that left nothing to the imagination. This was probably the most I had seen of her body the entire time I had known her and I had to admit she had a nice shape. She was taller than I realized, or rather her legs were longer than I had ever noticed, and she was slim through her hips. She had gotten her hair straightened earlier, one of the new keratin treatments that took girls from crazy hair to pin straight in an hour. I was surprised that it was so long in this form, draping over her shoulders and ghosting over her breasts like some fairy nymph.

I felt bad for her when her teeth chattered loud enough for me to hear, but refrained from huddling closer since I was so irate with her for once again using my predicament with Felton to her benefit. I had stomped off and drank one of my dad’s beers from the fridge to calm myself down. He never cared, taking the “better in my house than anywhere else” stance.

Round headlights swung onto my street and I knew it was Felton’s mustang. It had been a gift from his dad when he had gotten his driver’s license. It was one of the reasons I found him so detestable. That car was all he cared about, having even told me to “watch the leather” when we were in his backseat.

He pulled up next to the curb and rolled down the window, blond hair shining under the street lights as he leaned toward us. “Come on,” he waived us over, “Let’s get this thing started!” I hesitated even as Abby bounced down the driveway in her too tall heels. How she planned on lasting the evening in those was a mystery to me. She opened the door and crawled into the back firmly pulling the passenger seat back into place in front of her.

Damn, she was trying my patience. I slid into the seat, hoping I didn’t look slutty enough to be a possibility to him tonight. No sooner was my seat belt fastened than his hand landed on my thigh and gripped hard. He must have known I wasn’t a willing participant in all of this to lock me so firmly into place.

Although, I had considered jumping out as soon as my ass hit the seat.

He peeled out of my street with frightening speed and I couldn’t help but wonder if this show was for me. Suddenly, Jefferson’s grandma style driving didn’t seem so bad. By the time we reached the party I was bargaining with God. I was just about to relinquish my budding student-teacher relationship when the car whirled around, ripping a scream from my throat.

Felton burst into raucous laughter, “Relax Dani, it’s just a donut!” I got out of the car and slammed the door. A crowd of kids had gathered on the front lawn of the party house and were equal parts laughing at my outburst and commenting on how well executed the stunt had been.

Abby grinned at me through the rear window. No remorse from her.

I marched across the lawn and into the house, eager to get this over with and go home. Hot and sticky slammed into my senses. Teenagers were milling about everywhere and it took me a moment to orient myself and figure out which direction the kitchen was in. I began squeezing through the crowd, glancing behind me every few steps to make sure Felton wasn’t on my tail.

I’d had all the Felton I could take for the evening.

The kitchen was packed with boys from the school’s sports teams and a few girls from Persephone’s posse. If they were here that meant the boss was wandering about somewhere. I knew this was a terrible idea.

“Dani! You seen Abby?” Alton yelled at me as I waded up to the makeshift bar. Two freshmen were serving some sort of clear concoction and beer from behind the breakfast bar. This bahis şirketleri was the only way underclassmen got into these sort of things.

I squinted up at him, the overhead light casting his face in shadow, “We just got here. She’s probably right behind me.”

He nodded and then waived down one of the kids. “You want beer or liquor?”

“What’s in the liquor?”

He shrugged and stared at me expectantly. I bit the bullet, “Liquor.”

He yelled to the kid that approached us “Liquor and a beer, dude.” The kid ran to the keg sitting in the corner and pumped out an overly frothy light beer. He reached for a second solo cup and poured equal amounts of vanilla vodka, coconut rum, and peach schnapps into it before topping it with sprite. I grimaced. I was sure that drink would kill me. He slammed the plastic cups down before moving onto the guy slurring next to me.

“Bottoms up.” Alton knocked my cup with his and waited for me to raise the beverage to my lips before downing his foam. My mouth was flooded in sugary alcohol. And it tasted awful. Next time I would stick with beer. Abby tottered up to the bar and slipped in on the other side of Alton. She narrowed her eyes at me, “Felton is looking for you. He feels bad.”

“I’m sure he does.” I slipped into the crowd and headed toward the rear of the house. The back door to the backyard had been left open and I took the opportunity to get some air. Here and there were pockets of people making out around the garden. I chugged my drink and checked my phone for the 50th time that night. Nothing.

Finding a spot in the rear of the garden, I stood next to the fence to wait out Abby and her new boy toy. Highschoolers came and went, occasionally glancing my way, confused as to why I was holing up in the corner. A few kids waved, but most went along their way, too interested in their own lives to worry about mine.

Four girls came running into the yard, shouting for “Janelle” and found her in the opposite corner nearly unconscious and being rudely groped by some guy that didn’t even go to our school. What commenced was a Jerry Springer type fight of hair pulling and slapping until the girls finally backed off the random teenager and dragged their friend away. I would never attend one of these things again.

Arms wrapped around my waist from behind and Felton’s head rested on my shoulder. I needed more to drink.

“Dani, I’m sorry for pissing you off,” he whispered, “Let me make it up to you.”

“Felton…” I was trying to pry his arms off of me with all I had. He only tightened his grip. I didn’t stand much of a chance, he was twice my size and rock solid.

“Come on, let’s get you a refill and then we can talk. Okay?” He squeezed for emphasis.

“Okay…” It came out as a breathy gasp and he chuckled, no doubt thinking he was somehow wooing me. In actuality, he had pushed all of the air from my lungs. Felton herded me back into the house and up against the bar. He hugged my body within his as he called for one of the freshmen. I felt Felton rub his semi into my ass and I had half a mind to turn around a slap him. That was until I noticed Abby bent backwards over the bar with Alton’s tongue down her throat. That was fast. I was on my own from this point.

I checked my phone. Nothing.

Two cups slammed down in front of me. Both liquor. So much for beer. Felton handed one to me and waived for me to follow him. As he headed down the kitchen stairs to the basement, I froze on the top step. Basements were an orgy waiting to happen. No way. He glanced up at me questioningly. I shook my head “no”. He sighed and ascended at a frightening pace. He was in front of me in no time and grabbed my wrist to wrench me along with him, the contents of my cup sloshing all over my hand. I had no choice, I was going down either way, willingly or not.

I stumbled onto the sub floor and glanced around the dim room. My eyes took a moment to focus, but eventually I was able to discern the beat up old couches lining the walls and the shapes of couples groping one another amongst them.

“Felton,” I hissed, “I’m going back upstairs.” I turned to walk away, but found Felton’s hand still wrapped around my wrist, keeping me firmly at his side. “Let me go!” I whispered as loudly as possible while trying not to call attention to us.

“Dani, you said we could talk. Stop freaking out and let’s sit down.” He pulled me toward the back of the room and manhandled me onto a vacant loveseat. I looked around uneasily. This is where reputations were ruined. By the end of the night this place would be packed. Couples would resort to sitting on the floor and a XXX version of spin the bottle would be in full swing. It felt dirty.

“Last year… Dani look at me,” I turned to face him and realized we were practically nose to nose. Felton waited until he had my full attention. He wasn’t unattractive by any means, hence my judgment lapse last year. He had strong, sharp features and was built solid, a total athlete and over six feet. He had been approached by some modeling scout last year and had made sure the entire school knew the details before winter break. I was well aware of the benefits my reputation would get from dating a varsity jock, but he made my skin crawl.

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