Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 02

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When Mrs. Anderson got home she took a long hot shower and fell into bed naked, her mind and body sated by a sex-fueled afternoon. Still, Nick wasn’t far from her mind and she knew as soon as she laid eyes on him again her pussy would be throbbing.

She woke late the next morning and before getting dressed she looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what Nick would see. She smoothed her hands down over her long blond hair and settled it over her shoulders. Her face was still very pretty, with the barest hint of wrinkles in the creases of her eyes…she was lucky in that way thanks to her mother’s good genes, and her blue green eyes were bright and unusual.

Mrs. Anderson traced her breasts with her fingers, which were large and lush with dark nipples that hardened quickly. She didn’t tan well, so despite the warm summer she was still light skinned. There was a little jiggle to her belly and her hips widened out with thicker thighs that curved nicely…all in all not so bad. She kept her pussy trimmed and the hairs were soft. She parted her legs to run her finger over her slit. Harold had told her once that she had a fat pussy, with thick meaty lips and a pretty pink color. Of course, that’s when he even still cared about her body at all.

Mostly satisfied, she smiled and put on her robe to go downstairs to make tea. She turned on the kettle and pulled the curtains back to the veranda. The door to the shed was standing open and she knew she hadn’t left it that way. Stepping quietly barefoot over the overgrown grass she moved closer but the indistinguishable noises and shuffling made her a bit nervous. She crept up to glance around the door and saw Nick standing there.

Except he wasn’t just standing there, but staring up at the naked calendar that Harold had put up years ago. The woman stood facing forward with large breasts spilled into her hands and hairy red bush between her legs, and this image had the teenage boy hard and his cock in his hands. She couldn’t see it, but she saw his hand moving and knew he was jerking off, his back taut and breathing heavily.

Oh god, already her body was responding and yet she was afraid to move and ruin this moment. She felt her nipples tighten under her thin robe and swallowed. So quietly she moved a little closer and heard him grunt and his hand moved faster and she wondered how quickly he would spill his load. She wanted to touch so badly but knew the risk of being seen and of him knowing she was watching him. Yet the temptation was to great so she slipped her hand between the folds and ran her fingers over her hard nipple and nearly moaned with him. He was so perfect, so ready to have the touch of an experienced woman who could teach him… it had to be her.

She glanced around quickly and back to him, hearing the slick sound of precum on his cock and it sent a shock of arousal to her pussy. Her fingers squeezed her nipple hard and she almost cried out. If she went in the shed now he would be surprised but she knew she could instantly have him. All she’d have to do is open her legs and he would bury himself deep inside. But, as much as she wanted it she had a plan of seduction and didn’t want to rush things. But fuck…how delicious he looked jerking off in her shed.

Then it came, the high-pitched squeal of her teakettle blaring through the open back door. The noise made him jump and he took his hands from his cock and burst through the opened door and sprinted to his yard. His sudden movement startled her and Mrs. Anderson pressed her back against the open shed door and waited for him to go in the house before hurrying back inside.

Once alone, she bent over the island in the kitchen and found her panties soaking wet. She pushed them down and opened her legs, thrusting her finger inside over and over until she cried out and felt the flood of fluid on her thighs. Breathless, she gripped the edge of the island and rested against it as the orgasm flowed over her like a warm rain.

Not to longer after the phone rang and it was Harold.

“Hello dear, how are you?” he asked.

“Fine. Just making some tea.”

Fine isn’t the word Harold. I just made myself cum in the kitchen.

“Okay. I wanted to let you know I might not get home until Saturday late.”

“Thanks for letting me know.”

More time to fuck Nick as many times as possible, good.

“Are you missing me?” he teased.


Sure, I even missed you during my threesome with Kate and Thomas.

“Yeah okay,” he laughed. “I’m sure you’re keeping yourself entertained.”

Oh Harold you have no idea.

“I spent time with Kate yesterday.”

“Oh Kate… well, you know how I feel about her.”

“Harold please don’t start.”

“All I am saying is that it was really shameful the way she teased that boy. He was so embarrassed and tried his best to get away from her.”

No Harold. His cock was hard and he fucked her in a bathroom stall while the party was still going on.

“Okay, whatever you say.”

“I’m Bakırköy escort sorry, I don’t want to argue. Did you meet the new neighbors?”

“Yes I did. Two parents and one teenage son.”

“Good. We don’t need troublesome neighbors. Does the kid seem like a punk?”

“Not at all.”

He is tasty and fuckable and I’m going to impale myself on his cock Harold.

“If you get the chance see if he can mow the lawn. It would be cheaper than calling a service.”

“Already planned on it.”

Don’t worry about a thing dear. He will mow then I will seduce him.

“Okay got to go but see you soon.”

“Yes dear, goodbye.”

She tidied up the house and listened to a bit of music and after awhile the phone rang again.

“Lola my darling how are you?”

“Oh Kate I’m glad you called. I need a distraction. That boy is driving me crazy!”

“I understand Lola,” she laughed. “Please tell me you are seducing him?”

“Just a bit ago I caught him in the tool shed jerking off to the naked calendar Harold hung there. I didn’t want to rush things so I didn’t go in.”

“Such restraint Lola! When are you making your move?”

“Tomorrow. He is going to mow the lawn and then I am going to invite him for tea.”

“Yes that is a good plan. He will want to make a move but he will be nervous too, even though I am sure he has guessed you want him. Tell him what you want and he will give it to you, believe me.”

“I want him now, badly.”

“I know dear, these darling boys have a way of getting into your head,” she said soothingly. “I am so glad you have found someone. I was planning to make recommendations.”

“How is Thomas?”

“Horny as always. He is back home but we take any chance we can get. The other day I offered him a ride to the store…you know his parent jump at any chance to get rid of him…and we went out to the old drive in place and I rode his cock in the front seat of my car. He said he wants to fuck no one but his mama. Isn’t that sweet?”

“He is adorable.”

“I want full details after it happens Lola. You know it will turn me on to know.”

“Of course Kate,” she smiled. “After all, you were so generous to share Thomas with me.”

“We must do that again soon. I have to run dear. Ta ta for now!”

The next morning Mrs. Anderson woke up knowing she was going to have him today. The excitement rolled over her as she showered and dressed. She went with a simple black dress and a matched pair of lavender panties and bra, no hose. She left her hair down and went downstairs. She made cookies and some ice tea and literally felt herself shaking. She went out to the veranda with her phone and raised the umbrella and sat down. What could she possibly do to steady herself, she wondered. Then she saw him come out into his yard and waved.

“Are you still doing the lawn today?” she called over.

“Yea, is an hour okay?”

Oh yes baby, that is more than okay.

“Sounds great. See you in an hour.”

She wanted to devour him with her mouth and drink his cum. Mmm. The idea was already stirring her overactive imagination, and she crossed her legs to stem the ache that was beginning to grow. She tidied and up and check her appearance several times as her heart raced at the idea of getting Nick alone inside her house. When he finally rang the bell she opened the door as casually as possible and smiled.

“See? I am here on time,” he said.

“I see that.”

She quickly took in his cut off shorts and muscle tee. His hair was askew and one lock was falling over his eye. He wore sneakers with no socks. He seemed to notice her looking and smiled. “Sorry I was working out earlier.”

“You’re dressed perfectly for mowing,” she said. “Come on, I’ll show you where it is.”

He came inside and she moved just slightly so that his elbow brushed past her nipple. The mere presence of him was rattling her and she felt it harden. She shut the door and walked him through the living room and dining room to the sliding glass doors.

“This is a nice house,” he said politely.

“Thanks… just my husband and I here now. He is away all this week…”

“…and that is why you want me to mow the lawn.”

Mrs. Anderson laughed. “Yes of course, I explained that already.” She gave him a playful nudge and he grinned.

“The mower is in the shed over here,” she said. He paused for only a moment then continued on with her. She could help but grin behind his back. Once in there his eyes were drawn to the naked calendar but he quickly averted them. She went past him to give the gas can a shake.

“You should have enough gas,” she said. When she turned around he was looking at her and she smiled. “Are you good to go?”

“Uh huh. Yea I think so. Do you want me to do the front or back first?”

The front. Then if you need to take a break you can.”

“Thanks…I’ll do a good job.”

Mrs. Anderson went back inside and felt the ache Bakırköy escort bayan growing once more between her legs. It was exciting but oh so scary as well because she was about to do something she probably shouldn’t. She was about to seduce the neighbor boy. If Harold…or anyone… were to find out there would be such trouble, but her desire was overriding her reason and she knew she had to have him.

She went over to the front bay window and peeked out the curtains. He was leaning down and checking something, then stood and started it up. Row by row he went and she watched him mow every last one of them. Her clit was hard and throbbing now, and when he was done he stopped and took his shirt off to wipe at his sweaty face. She dropped the curtain in case he saw her watching.

He rang the doorbell. “It’s done,” he said.

She took a cursory glance. “Looks great. Why not cool off for a moment before starting the back?”

He looked down at himself. “I don’t want to mess up your floors.”

“You won’t,” she promised. “Besides, just throw a blanket down on the couch and sit on it. I’ll get you some tea.”

“Okay thanks. Way cooler in here.”

Her heart was racing as she poured two glasses of tea. When she returned to the living room he was slumped back on the couch with his legs slightly apart and wiping himself further with his shirt. She handed him the tea and took the seat across from him, crossing her legs.

He took a heart gulp. “It’s good, thanks.”

“Glad you like.”

“So it’s nice to get new neighbors. Hope you and your family will be happy here.”

He shrugged. “I guess so. My mom wants me to go to the local college but I’d rather do something else. Plus I’m a nerd…I know it. Computers and all that stuff. A lot of people don’t think that’s cool, especially girls.”

“Put yourself out there and stay positive.”

“You sound like my guidance counselor,” he laughed.

“Well listen, if you ever need to talk, I am a great listening ear.”


She smiled at him. “Definitely.”

He looked at her a moment and then his eyes dropped to her chest. “Thanks, my parents don’t really listen you know.”

“I am sure my son said that about me too… I think it’s hard for parents to listen sometimes where they have so much to do.”

“Where is your son now?”

“Away at college.”

“So he is my age huh?”

“Few years older but close enough yes.”

“So just you and your husband you said?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“My parents fight a lot. I hate it. Makes me want to be somewhere else.”

“Feel free to stop by anytime, it’s okay.”

He flushed. “I hope this okay to say… but I think you’re really pretty.”

“Oh Nick… that’s so nice of you!”

“I mean it too.”

“I know I certainly can’t compare to the girls you went to school-”

He cleared his throat. “You know the other day?”


“I kinda…liked it.”

She sat down next to him.

“I appreciate your honesty,” she said. “I know it was probably embarrassing, me being so much older and all.”

“It was great,” he said gruffly.

She traced her finger down his arm. “You’re quite thoughtful for a boy your age. Good looking too. I mean that also.”

“Me?” he seemed genuinely surprised.

“Yes, you. I am sure you don’t realize how interesting you are.”

She ran her finger back up his arm and he flushed. “Thanks but I’m really not.”

Mrs. Anderson crossed her legs. “You are to me, Nick.”

He shifted ever so slightly and she felt his leg brushing against hers as he looked at her. It made her feel weak.

“Thank you.”

She moved her finger from his arm and boldly ran it down his chest and over his nipple. “Do you understand what I mean Nick?”

He nodded and she flattened her palm and pressed it against his upper thigh. He caught his breath and leaned in to kiss her lips, then quickly drew back.

“What do you think about that?” she asked softly

“I…I don’t know.”

Her hand tightened on his thigh. “Yes, you do know.”

“It feels good,” he said.

“Ah Nick,” she said as she ran her finger over his lips. “How dangerous you are.”


She smiled and noticed the bulge forming under his shorts. “Because you want to make me do things I shouldn’t.”

He opened his mouth and sucked her finger inside and twirled his tongue around. She felt her nipples harden and let him.

“Are you a virgin Nick?” she asked.

He nodded and she withdrew her finger.

“Do you think that’s stupid?” he asked, flushing.

“Oh no baby,” she crooned as she moved her hand over his crotch. “I think it’s perfect.”

Nick groaned as she brushed over his bulge with her fingertips. Then she undid the tie on her dress and let it fall open. He took her in large lush breasts and pushed his hardness against her hand. The look of desire and excitement in his eyes made escort Bakırköy her so wet, and when he dropped his shorts his gorgeous young cock sprung up and made her shake.

“You’re tits are so big,” he said as he took them in and wrapped his hand around his cock. She laid back on one end of the couch and opened her legs and letting the dress fall around her hips.

“Is this what you want to see baby?” she asked.

He started stroking and watching this young boy naked and jerking off for her was so intensely erotic that she felt the wetness seeping down her thighs and the crack of her ass. She stuck a finger inside and spread her lips so he could see the pink and hardness of her clit.

“Oh Mrs. Anderson!” he groaned. “You are so wet.”

“You make me that way Nick,” she said breathlessly as she slid her finger inside. “Do you like my pussy?”

“Yes, so perfect,” he said, his hand moving faster on his cock.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?”


“You want me to make you a man don’t you?”

“God please…”

Being inexperienced she knew he wouldn’t last long, especially with the way he was moaning and she working her very wet pussy. His eyes were wide and his breath came in ragged pants as he jerked and grunted. With a loud cry he spurted his cum and dotted Mrs. Anderson with his seed. He kept cumming and cumming and she wanted to hold back, but seeing him cum was all the catalyst she needed and suddenly she exploded and squirted the couch with her juices. Still throbbing, she looked at him through pleasure-hazed eyes and saw him starting in awe at the wet pouring out of her. Suddenly he was on top of her, kissing sloppily and grinding his cock against her wet.

“More,” he said in her ear. “More.”

“Shh,” she said soothingly and wrapped her arms around him. He kept grinding against her but she held him off and offered him a nipple to suck on. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation, brushing her fingers through his hair as he suckled.

“Yes,” she said softly. “Such a good boy.”

She didn’t want to rush but his cock was already hardening and pressed against her pussy. It wouldn’t take much for him to thrust himself inside but she wanted to make it special for him, in bed where they could be comfortable. Reluctantly she moved a little and his hand cupped over her pussy.

“Is this the first time you have felt pussy?” she asked.

“I played with a neighbor girl once, and she said it felt weird. Does it?”

“Oh no baby kept going, let Mrs. Anderson teach you. Rub my clit with your finger. Move your fingers over it and feel my wetness. Mmm yes. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” he answered hoarsely.

She knew she should send him back outside, in case his mother wondered where he was but his fingers on her was so good. She opened her legs wider.

“I like it too.” She felt his cock tapping against her knee as he explored her pussy with his fingers, his breath caught in his throat and he leaned in to kiss her, pressing his tongue against hers and moaning into her mouth. The thrill of this boy and showing him pleasure overwhelmed her. She was losing her mind, she decided. She was losing it and it felt so damn good.

“Move your finger down to my entrance,” she said breathlessly. “Oh god yes… like that, rub over the opening. That’s it. You’re a fast learner.”

“Can I put my finger inside? I saw that in porn-”

“Please baby!”

She cried out when she felt his thick finger slip inside her pussy. She began to grind against it and gripped the side of the couch. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke as he fondled her. They writhed together kissing and touching until the sound of a doorbell pierced through their muddled senses.

Nick froze.

“Shh!” Mrs. Anderson said. They stayed still and waited for a moment and the bell rang again.

“Go in the bathroom and take your clothes!” she whispered and he got off the couch and crept to the bathroom. Mrs. Anderson stood on shaky legs and composed herself the best she could.

“Hello!” An impatient female voice called out and then came a swift knock to the door.

“Uh, just a moment!” Mrs. Anderson called in a loud cheery voice. She did a quick spray of air freshener and opened the door a few inches and found Nick’s mother standing there.

“Hey, is he over here mowing?” she asked, looking confused. “I checked the back yard after seeing him do the front and he isn’t there.”

“Oh I sent him for more gasoline,” Mrs. Anderson said, the lie rolling off her tongue like butter. Do you need me to send him over when he gets back?”

“Not really, I just wanted to tell him he had a phone call. Are you okay? You seem a little flushed.”

“Oh thank you for asking but I am okay. Well, not really, I have a headache. I often get them in hot weather. It will pass.”

“Okay…well feel better.”

Mrs. Anderson watched her cross the yard before shutting the door. When she came back to the living room Nick was dressed and waiting for her.

“Hey,” he said and blushed, but she ruffled his hair and put her arms around him.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “It was beautiful but…you can’t tell anyone Nick. You know that right? They wouldn’t understand so it’s our secret.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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