Mum and Her Nakedness

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From as far back as I can remember my Mum never had a problem walking around the house naked, especially in the mornings or right before bed, but occasionally she would spend the day with just a pair of panties on or just a bra. She also wore a particular t-shirt that used to drive me wild with naughty thoughts. It was quite an old white t-shirt, she customised it by cutting away the neckline and cutting off the sleeves, she used to wear it to bed. To this day I have no idea why she did that but whenever she wore it her boobs would bounce around underneath the soft cloth, she cut a V neck into it which was far too low and the length of it barely covered her belly button. On the days she wore this t-shirt I remember always paying her more attention than normal!

When she took her baths she never closed the door, as I got older I would always walk in and sit on the stool next to the bath and chat to her, she lay there with her large boobs sagging either side of her chest, her dark brown nipples (she was indian) always looked hard and her pussy mound was always kept short and stubbly but never bare and smooth. To this day it is how I prefer a pussy to look like. I was often asked to soap her back and would always use it as an opportunity to touch her all over, I always joked that when I had finished her back it was time to do her front, and every single time she would move her arms out of the way to allow me to do it. I think the last time I had my hands all over her naked body I must have been 26 or 27.

Needless to say whenever one of these incidents would happen, which were quite often once I hit college, I would run up to my room and masturbate myself, I would always have the most intense orgasm. The feelings I got from those orgasms never lessened, in fact they grew stronger as each year went on.

There were a number of standout moments throughout the years, where we took things a bit further than we normally would, I will talk about two of those times that are still so vivid in my mind.

The first happened on my 19th birthday, it was a few days beforehand and my Mum asked me what I wanted as a present. She never had much money and I didn’t really want anything anyway, so I thought about it and told her that I only want one thing from her. She said if she could she would get it for me. I asked her to wear her special t-shirt and nothing else, she knew which one I meant because I always commented on it. I asked if she could wake me up in the morning wearing it, that she should spend the day in just that, cook in it and do other things in it like hovering and dusting. My birthday happened to be on a Saturday that year and I knew that was house cleaning day. She smiled, told me I was naughty and said she will think about it. bursa otele gelen escort She never mentioned it between then and my actual birthday so I thought it probably wasn’t going to happen.

The morning of my 19th I heard my Mum walk past my bedroom door and go straight downstairs so I figured there was no way I was going to get my present. I must have fallen back asleep because the next thing I knew I felt an arm on my shoulder gently shaking me to wake me up. I will never forget the view that met me as I opened my eyes, the plunging neckline on my favourite t-shirt was exposing the tops of both her nipples as she bent over me and placed a kiss on my forehead, she whispered happy birthday to me then stood up. I was instantly hard! I looked up and my face was just inches from her freshly shaved stubbly vagina.

I took in the view before me, her tummy had a paunch which overhung her mons just a little, then just below her belly button the t-shirt started. Her nipples were hard, and I mean really hard! I had never seen them stick out as much as they were then. And the self made neckline of the t-shirt was exposing her most of her beautiful cleavage. Apparently she went downstairs to make me a tea which was on my bedside table, I told her I didn’t think she was going to do it and she asked if it was what I wanted, my answer was obvious, I reached up underneath the shirt and started to play with one of her boobs. With my free hand I lifted the duvet off me and told her to get in, she did.

She got in very slowly, as she lifted her left leg to get in her pussy was exposed in all its glory (and let me tell you it was absolutely glorious!!).. I had never seen it so close up until that day, I remember every fold of it and the musky but sensual smell of a woman’s most private area. Normally when she was standing you couldn’t really see much of her pussy, it was quite a neat slit below the stubbly triangle but as she stepped into my bed that morning it opened like a bright pink flower for me, both lips parted and I remember seeing her juices holding on to each lip as they were pulled apart by her movements, she had a large, tender looking clitoris and was clearly turned on herself. However brief that moment was it has affected my life in such a deep way ever since, that view is fresher in my minds eye as anything that has happened since.

She lay beside me facing me, she was on her right side and her left boob had completely fallen out the t-shirt (another reason it was my favourite item of clothing!). I leaned in and suckled her for what felt like hours. I was so hard and my cock was leaking all over my boxers, I remember taking it out and wanting to touch her with it. My mind was so full escort bayan of sexual thoughts and contentment from having her lying next to me half naked that I just did it. I moved my lower half towards her until the tip of my cock was poking her thigh. I remember her exact words… “You shouldn’t be poking Mummy with that should you?” but the way she said it was playful and how she reacted encouraged me to push further, she opened her legs slightly and my cock slid over her thigh, then she closed them.

Because I was suckling on her at the time my cock was about half way up her thighs but I didn’t want to take her boob from my mouth, and both my hands were now playing with them, so I just lay there slowly gyrating my hips, feeling her thighs tightly squeezing my cock. The gyrating got faster as I got more turned on and braver. She, as always, didn’t seem to mind and smiled down at me every time I looked up at her from between her beautiful caramel coloured tits. This went on for about 10 minutes before I couldn’t hold it in any more. I came. I came HARD. I moaned and sucked on her nipples, grabbed at them and pushed my face between them, kissed her chest and licked her all over while spurting load after load between her thighs.

She knew exactly what was going on and as I looked up embarrassed by what she might say she just looked down at me, stroked the back of my head and said “Mummy loves you baby, now it’s time to clean yourself up and get out of bed” With that, she got up herself. Stood in front of me with both her boobs sticking out the t-shirt, quickly put them away and adjusted herself and then another image that I will never forget, as she turned away to leave my bedroom I saw my cum trickling down both her thighs!

Nothing was ever said about that moment, like all of the things that had happened between us over the years they were kept quiet and just between us. The rest of the day was like a dream. She wore the t-shirt for me for the whole day as I had asked. I must have touched her for most of the day here and there. I even remember touching her pussy mound for the first time ever, feeling her prickly stubble against my skin. Following her around as she hovered and dusted and bent down for things. I saw her pussy open up for me three more times that day, not as much as in the morning but the flash of bright juicy pink flesh was unmistakable. The day ended with us saying goodnight to each other in her room after I had just spent the previous hour or so with my hands under her t-shirt as we watch something on telly (I have no idea what it was!).

Now my second most vivid memory didn’t actually last that long, it was in fact quite by accident that it had happened but culminated in me getting mudanya escort an almost direct view into my Mum’s gaping pussy and her tight, puckered bum hole.

Like I said earlier she was often without items of clothing when it was just us two around the house, this particular morning she was wearing a bra and nothing else. She was filling up the washing machine as I came into the kitchen. I guess I should explain the setup of our washing machine for you to understand why she was in this particular position. The end of our kitchen had a lean-to tacked on to it (a small extension for those that don’t know) and the floor level between the kitchen and the lean-to was different, you had to step down into the lean-to. That just happened to be where we kept the washing machine, so my Mum would have to squat with her feet on the edge of the kitchen floor and lean forward to load the washing machine (it was a front loading one, not a top loader) holding herself up by placing one hand on the machine. The washing basket full of dirty clothes would be on the lower lean-to floor. I entered the kitchen that morning to a view of my Mum squatting right down and leaning forwards.

The very first thing I saw was her pinkness. I quickened my pace to get closer and reached down to the cupboard beside her to get out the cereal bowl. The way her pussy was open was hands down THE most amazing and wonderful thing I have ever seen. Her large clit fully exposed as she loaded the machine and her pussy lips (which always seemed to be coated in a thin layer of clear juice) were spread wide apart, so far apart that there was a definite gape there, a black hole where I have often thought about burying myself. I could see EVERYTHING! I saw her tiny pee hole below her clit which was also open, I saw the inner folds and moistness of her gorgeous tunnel. I saw her bum cheeks spread wide and her puckered brown bum hole on display just for me!

Everything looked so perfect. She would reach down into the basket to grab another item of clothing and she would need to lean forward again to put it in, everything between her legs just seemed to open up further each time she did this. She knew I was there and I honestly don’t think I was staring for that long but I soaked in every detail of the image in front of me. She said good morning and asked if I have any more dirty clothes. I said yes and went upstairs to get a few bits. When I came down and handed them to her she leaned forward again and that view seemed to get even better, she seemed to spread even further for me, her pussy hole seemed larger, her lips were juicier and her bum looked even more puckered as her sphincter muscle contracted and spasmed as she loaded the washing machine, filled it with soap and turned it on.

Afterwards I wanted to hang around and look at her more but I had to escape to my room and unload!! I remember giving her a kiss on the cheek and then her cleavage, on each boob which I often did, then I ran upstairs with my cereal and wanked myself to within an inch of my cock’s life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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