Museum of Fine Arts

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Each year the biology department has a summer reception; an academic year-ending banquet for faculty and guests. The event is also used to showcase some of the research highlights to alumni and other top tier donors. There’s an awards ceremony and some of the more outstanding students are also invited. The party is very good and most of the staff attends each year, except for Matthew. He usually skips citing some conflict. He acts anti-social, but it’s more of an elitism he tries to give off. Maybe he just doesn’t want to spend anymore time with people he already works all week with. I like to go, if for no other reason than to be a live witness to the co-worker debauchery.

“Let me see the list.” I told Carol. She was the Dean’s admin who collected all the responses for the event. I leaned over the wall of her cube to see her computer screen. She pulled up the spreadsheet so I could see the guest list and who replied they’re coming.

“You need to RSVP by Friday, so this should be pretty close to the final list.” Carol mentioned.

I scanned the list. Most of the usual people accepted. This year, Matthew replied “yes” too. I was surprised at first, but then I thought about it. My guess is he wants to treat it like his own personal going away party. He only has about three weeks before he starts his new job. He gives zero fucks. He’s just going to drink as much as he wants, then make the rounds to make everyone who’s staying feel like a loser. Maybe I’m being too harsh. It’s not as if people don’t like him. In fact, they love him. Too much. He’s a total bullshitter.

“Thanks Carol. Looks like a good crowd.” I said as I turned to head to lecture.

“No problem,” Carol replied.

I saw Matthew in the hall on my way back from lecture. I wasn’t going to waste time coaxing it out of him. He’d just try to play with me and avoid the question.

“What made you decide to go this year?” I asked

He rolled his eyes, “I didn’t have a choice,” in a pathetic attempt to complain.

“I don’t believe for a minute you could be forced,” I said, “especially when you already gave notice you’re leaving. What are they going to do? Fire you?” I was ready for his bullshit excuses.

“I didn’t say I was forced, only that I didn’t have a choice, which I suppose is just as exaggerated as saying I was forced. I’m sorry, maybe it’s more accurate to say I was incentivized. I felt like I didn’t have a choice because the Dean made a good case.” Matthew said.

“And you didn’t have a better offer? Are the Red Sox out of town? Mike and Bill can’t go to Mohegan Sun with you?” I provoked.

“Yes, Sox are on the road. That helped, but you know how Feng Zhang is supposed to give a talk? The Dean said he’d seat me next to him at the reception.” Matthew said.

“Why would he do that?” I asked.

“Because, I expressed interest. The Dean knows how much I’ve used Zhang’s work to advance my own research. He probably thinks we’d have an interesting conversation. Maybe Zhang would start some collaborations with us. Who knows? Who cares?” Matthew rambled.

“That’s it? That’s why you’re going this year?” I pressed.

“Basically. I don’t mind the summer reception if it’s going to be interesting. If it’s going to be a bunch of students and a lame keynote then I can find dinner elsewhere.”

“Whatever,” was my parting word to him as I walked back to my office. He’s such an ass. Why do people give him things? Why would the Dean sweeten the deal for him to come. Sure, the Dean’s a politician, but Matthew is leaving. Why do I care?

The reception came up quick. I didn’t plan an outfit. I rifled through a bunch of options in my closet the night before. I wanted to be comfortable because it was hot out, but it was probably going to be cool inside with all the air conditioning. Then I came across this dress I forgot I had. It was a deep crimson, sleeveless, front split halter. It fit perfect, just above the knee. I put the dress on to remind myself how it looked in the mirror. I love my tits in this dress. If Matthew held my tits like this dress did I probably would have cum twice as fast when we hooked up a few days ago.

I started day dreaming again, sitting on my bed in front of my closet. I started rubbing my boobs through the dark fabric, thinking about his mouth on me. The way he licked the underside of each breast, sweeping up to my nipples, then sucking and biting them. My nipples were hard with that memory in my head. I pulled up the hem of my skirt a little so I could reach myself. I started rubbing my pussy from the outside. Then I thought about how he stroked his fingers against my underwear, teasing my clit through the layers of fabric.

Still in the dress, I laid on my mattress. I mimicked the way he traced the edges of my panties, working his fingers around the corners of my groin. He did this thing where he would press his fingers into my skin. My senses went into overdrive when he did this. Besides sending tingles across my skin, this move also created a gap between my flesh and my panties that he could sneak his fingertips under. He used this subtle access to play konyaaltı escort with the edges of my labia. I pretended my fingers were his and walked my index and middle fingers across the soft outer rim, gently rubbing the wet inner border. I could feel my whole pussy start to swell. My clit stiffened while still nestled between my labia, tucked beneath my underwear. I withdrew my hand and pulled the dress up higher. I reinserted my fingers into my underwear from above. My clit needed some attention and I slowly worked my middle finger across my pubic mound, making sure to massage some more wetness into my creases. I knew Matthew liked to tease me and ramp me up slowly. I imagined his whole hand inside my panties fondling me, working his way to my most sensitive areas. I was nice and wet now, so I reached into my nightstand and pulled out my favorite toy.

I used one hand to pull aside my panties, the other to rub the tip of my dildo against the groove in my pussy. Gently dragging it up and down, I nudged it deeper, imagining Matthew wetting the edge of his cock in my waiting vagina. I imagined him above me, his arms and shoulders holding up his chest and torso, with his hips about to dock with mine.

I pushed the head of the dildo just past the entrance of my pussy. I closed my eyes thinking of Matthew’s thick cock penetrating me so that the round edges of his head caught just inside my tight, engorged vulva. I slowly gave my toy a quarter twist left, and then back again to the right. I wanted to feel the anatomy of Matthew’s cock push against the most sensitive surfaces of my pussy.

I had to have his full length inside me. I plunged the dildo inward. My pussy swallowed it whole. I arched my back taking in exactly what my pussy was craving. I pictured Matthew fucking me slowly as my hands and my imagination directed the strokes of his dick. My free hand traced circles around my clit while I continued to fuck my pussy using long strokes. I angled the dildo upwards to press harder on my g-spot. My fingers pressed into my clit and I rubbed harder from the outside. I was getting close to orgasm fast by thinking about how Matthew fucked me so deeply. I remembered how his balls bumped up against my butt cheeks. My knees were in the air helping me open my pussy wider. I stroked the dildo faster and matched the pace rubbing my clit. My shoulders involuntarily squeezed together pressing my boobs closer together. On the edge of orgasm I felt my pussy grab and suck on the fat cock inside me. I had a nice, long eruptive orgasm. I left the dildo inside me and stroked the outside of my full, wet pussy.

Laying there in recovery made me want Matthew’s cock again. In that moment, I also made my decision about wearing that dress.

The evening of the reception, I arrived early to get a decent seat and ease into mingling. The program seemed good and I was in no rush to do anything else that night. The summer reception was held at the Museum of Fine Arts this year. The museum was a great venue. They had a courtyard set up in the center of the museum for the main event, which was perfect for the warm summer evening. There were strings of illuminated globes stretching along white trellises. The sun hadn’t set, leaving the sky whirled blue with red and orange. The edges of the museum became brighter, framing the stars revealing themselves one by one as darkness took over above.

I went to the bar, ordered a martini. I turned around and Matthew startled me, standing right behind me. I simultaneously caught the sight of him in a pressed white shirt and charcoal jacket, and the unmistakable scent of his cologne and skin. As much as I try to prepare, he always seems to catch me off guard and completely disarm me in one seamless action. I froze for a moment, my senses stunned into overload.

“What did you get?” he asked before I could react. I wanted to scold him for sneaking up on me. I wanted to put him off balance by telling him how much of a weirdo he is for sneaking up on me. He knew exactly what he was doing though. Such a manipulator, everything had to be calculated.

“Dry Bombay sapphire, up, with a few olives,” I answered. “And what are you doing here? I thought you were lying when you were telling me that you were coming tonight. I thought you’d RSVP then no-show.”

“Is overthinking a hobby? Because you’re pretty good at it. Maybe there’s a club or league or something,” he teased. “Have you ever been to this museum?” I changed the subject.

“Once or twice in grad school. I wasn’t really into art,” he answered, “but I like the architecture.”

“Me too, let’s go check it out before it gets crowded,” I offered.

“Sounds good to me. Let me grab a map so we can skip boring stuff,” he said.

I impatiently rolled my eyes and sipped my martini as he walked over to a rack with maps and pamphlets. Matthew’s back was solid, with broad shoulders. His jacket fit him well and I could see his butt peeking out as he walked. He turned around and started back, his nose in the map. He looked up from the map and I caught his eyes stopping at my chest. There was a noticeable pause as he stared kültür escort a moment. Then he raised his arm.

“Let’s go this way,” he said, pointing to the east wing of the museum. “We can start at the top and work our way down.”

We walked up a wide flight of stairs just inside the courtyard door. At the top of a second flight of stairs we went into a small, wood paneled gallery. There were some painted portraits on the wall from the early 1800s. At the back of the gallery was a set of French doors. Matthew walked up to them and pushed on the handle, but it was locked. Outside the window was a narrow balcony overlooking the Fenway. He looked around the door frame and seemed to find what he was searching for at the top of where the two doors met. He reached up and maneuvered something while he pushed on the handle again. The door opened.

“What are you doing?” I asked, “Didn’t you think that might be alarmed?”

“Yeah, but we’re part of the party. There’s no signs saying to stay out,” he said.

He went out onto the balcony and I followed him. The sky was dark, but the light pollution from the city gave the museum’s roof an orange glow. The moon was waxing crescent. The small courtyard below was vacant and the annex across from it deserted. Lights from the two floors below illuminated the trees and structures in the courtyard from inside. The balcony was indeed narrow, but the rail was wide, made of thick marble and resting on stout pillars. I bent against the rail to get a better view of the sky.

Matthew pressed me up against the cold marble railing. I could feel the stone against my belly, through my dress. He reached his hand down my hip and grabbed my left butt cheek as he pulled me into him closer. I turned to face him and he met me halfway. He kissed me, then kissed me again deeper. His hand then traveled quickly from my butt cheek to the back of my leg. I could feel his fingertips along my tightened hamstring. He rubbed them farther down just above my knee and slid his hand up under my skirt. I felt his arm lift the hem so he could access what was underneath. His free hand was stroking my cheek when he flipped it over to run his fingers down my neck and onto my shoulder. It seemed like a distraction for what his other hand was doing, because I was caught by surprise when I then felt it touch my panties from behind. I noticed him starting to trace the edges of my underwear, looking for a way to slip his fingers underneath. I opened my legs slightly to signal I wanted him to play with my pussy. He went to work immediately pinching my underwear tight so that he could wrap his fingers around it and start rubbing the lips under them. My pussy was wet enough to let his fingertips glide by almost frictionlessly.

He took his index finger and gently and slowly made tiny circles at the lower corner of my vagina. I could feel my labia swell tighter. His middle finger ran from bottom to top, following the groove, and miraculously landed right at the top of my clit. He pressed gingerly until the force of his finger caused my clit to slip to one side. I could feel him pull his finger back, letting my stiffened clit return to center. He then pressed on my clit gently again until it deflected abruptly. He repeated this cycle of pressure until my clit buckled, then released, which brought me close to orgasm very quickly. Matthew’s other hand was now massaging my breast through my dress, bringing my mind to when I was masturbating to his hands cupping me. I started to come. My abs contracted as he continued to finger me. He kept the pace steady, which allowed me to build up great momentum heading into a huge climax. My eyes were sealed shut as all my senses were focused on his smell and his touch. I gasped for air through my paralyzed muscles. It felt like a four-minute orgasm. As I finished he adjusted his finger from over my clit to just inside my vagina. He didn’t move it, just let his finger fill me a little. Maybe he was enjoying the feeling of my pussy suck on his knuckles as I had a few more lingering contractions. He continued to massage my boob, more slowly now as I started to recover.

Matthew slowly removed his hand from my pussy. He took my underwear, which was pulled to the side, and replaced it to cover me up again. He pulled his hand out from under my dress and I adjusted it back to normal. The whole time he was holding me up with one arm bracing me. I held onto his shoulder as I found my footing again. Matthew stood up tall over me now.

“Ready to go back inside?” he asked.

I just stared at him for a moment. I could feel my face was flush and red. I looked him up and down. I could see his cock bulging through his pants. I wanted that cock badly now. I rubbed his dick underneath his zipper and licked my lips thinking about its flavor. Matthew turned around, adjusted his cock in attempt to hide the tent he was pitching and headed to the door. He pulled it open and walked through as I followed him. The gallery was still empty. We were still early and not many people had started to explore the museum.

We walked back down to the courtyard where the party was growing. markantalya escort Matthew caught the eye of the Dean, who signaled Matthew over to the crowd he was talking to. I saw one of my postdocs who was invited to give one of the talks that evening. Matthew and I parted ways to mingle.

Because that’s what’s totally normal after a good fondling.

“I hope he shook the Dean’s hand first,” I smirked to myself.

The reception was underway; Zhang had given his talk and the students and postdocs were presenting while the various courses of the meal were served then cleared. Matthew and Zhang were in full conversation, and, as expected, fully ignoring everything else going on around them.

I made my fourth trip to the bar. I had wine the last two times, so it was time to wrap it up with another martini.

“What did you get this time?” I heard as I went to take my first sip.

“Jesus Christ! Why do you sneak up on me like that?” I complained.

“I’m not sneaking up on you. Maybe your mind is elsewhere,” he argued. “Or maybe it’s too noisy. Is your mind on the quieter places in the museum?”

“What do you suggest?” I asked.

“I suggest following me,” he answered.

We both grabbed our drinks off the bar. I walked behind him as he headed to the front of the museum.

“The coat check room?” I was not going into the coat closet.

“It’s summer, no one has a coat,” he argued again.

He pushed on the door. It didn’t open. He turned the handle. It opened.

We shut the door behind us. He immediately pushed me back up against the closed door. We kissed and squeezed for what seemed like ten minutes. He started working his hands around my body. He cupped me under the armpits, then slid his hands down my ribs and gripped my hips as he kissed my neck. I arched my back and raised my one knee to pull his waist closer to mine. I could feel the bulge back in his pants through my dress. I wanted his crotch to somehow find my clit. He grabbed the backs of my elbows and raised my arms over my head. He did this so he could travel down my neck and start using his mouth on my chest. I couldn’t help but groan every time his lips pressed into where my nipple was hiding under my bra. He started fumbling for the fastener on my dress. As it unzipped I instinctively reached for his cock and started stroking through his pants. My dress loosened and he quickly had his hands on my bare skin.

I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. My panties were already a mess, but he peeled them away from my wet pussy and dropped them to the floor. He grabbed one ass cheek and lifted my leg high in the air. I was sandwiched between his heavy body and the door as he slowly slid the tip of his cock upward into my waiting pussy. He pulled back with deliberateness and pushed forward again looking into my eyes. I stood there on one leg as he fucked me. He held my ass in one hand and my right tit with his other. Every so often he squeezed and pinched my nipple getting me closer with each thrust. He could tell I was getting close because of the sounds I was making. He then lifted my other leg and wrapped them around him. He fucked me harder against the wall, my feet dangling in the air. He pulled the top of my dress down so he could move from squeezing to sucking on my tits. My shoulders were the only body parts in contact with the wall. My head was tilted forward giving me full view of how his cock was treating my pussy.

I watched him fuck me suspended in midair held up only by his arm around my waist and his hand across my ass. I hooked my ankles around his back and started fucking him against the motion of his hips. I was right on the edge of orgasm at this point. I looked up and saw his face staring down at my body as it went into convulsion again for the second time tonight. My abs clenched and my ass squeezed back against his hand. He could feel my pussy gripping his cock tighter judging by the new sounds he started making. He was about to cum inside me too. I let the orgasm wash all over my body. I got goosebumps and my already stiff nipples were hard and erect. My pussy was so tight and full of his cock I could feel his dick start to pump me full of his warm and sticky cum. He kept fucking me, pushing his load deep inside me as I hung there suspended in the coat closet. I released my ankles and put down one foot. His cock remained lodged inside me. The new angle touched me in a very good place. I could feel another orgasm bubbling up beneath where the tip of his cock was landing. I was paralyzed, recovering from the first orgasm and the build of the impending orgasm.

Matthew kissed me, sucked on my lower lip then slid his tongue over my upper lip. I could do nothing about it, so I let him continue. He fucked slower now, concentrating on kissing me and holding me up. My legs were buckled at the knees and spread as wide as I could get them to allow him to finish me again. He kept the pace putting me right over the edge. My pussy tightened as I came again. This extra squeeze on his cock put him over the edge. He paused for a few moments to let me fully enjoy the climax. As I caught my breath, he pulled out slowly. I felt every surface of his tip drop past my pussy lips. He watched as his cock exited my pussy. I was so sensitive down there. Following his dick came a wet drip sliding down my left thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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