Musical Interlewd

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A Night at the Opera

She had been waiting for this night, it had taken many months of preparation, especially her gown. She had spent many hours on the design and then sewing to get it just right; the soft silk of the skirt, with its long deep folds, barely made a sound as she walked.

He placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked up the grand stair case and, feeling his fingers come in contact with her skin, gave a small start. She turned, looking at him, a single raised eyebrow in question and a small smile tugging the edge of her deep red lips.

Before he could say anything, she turned away and told him that she was going to the bar to order interval drinks. Returning with two glasses of champagne, she led him to some chairs away from the main crowd.

Sitting down her dress held its shape, lifting vertically, as though she had a hooped skirt underneath. Leaning forward, she looked straight at him with a wicked gleam in her eye; slipping off one shoe she used her toes to stroke him through his zip, she raised her glass and said May this evening continue as it has begun .

She leaned back again, her foot rubbing the length of his now hard cock as it bulged against his fly, and he could see the tip of her tongue running across the underside of her top lip. Applying a gentle pressure, she changed the rhythm slightly from longer strokes to a circular motion with her big toe. Looking around, she wondered if anyone was aware of what she was doing, a frisson of excitement shooting through her stomach.

The bell rang and they made their way to their box, again he placed his hand on her back and found the opening he had come across earlier. Moving his fingers slowly, he stroked her down her spine until he came to a thin band of lacy material. She quivered at his touch, his fingers leaving tingling trails of heat as they moved.

Sitting in the front seats of the box, she leaned over and placed her hand in his trouser pocket; he felt her feeling for something, then a firm pulling. When she withdrew her hand, she winked and dangled a long piece of cotton in front of him. She then put her hand in his pocket again and softly ran a finger up his shaft, gently tapping in time to the tuning of the instruments.

He put his hand behind her and started to explore the lacy material he felt earlier but the conductor came into the orchestra pit and she stood to applaud. As she moved, his hand sensed a difference in the fall of the dress and found another cleverly disguised opening. This time he felt the bare skin of her buttock and give it a quick pinch; the Trabzon Escort grin on her face was undeniable.

Are there more? He questioned.

That s for me to know, and you to find out was her reply, the gleam in her eye lighting up and her eyebrows raising. For the second time he saw her tongue ran across her lips, the shine in her eyes taking on a slightly predatory nature.

She turned her attention to the stage as the curtain raised, wondering if he would take up the challenge. The pinch had produce a flare of arousal and a warm glowing wetness. She hoped he wouldn t take long.

It was the third song before she finally felt his hand in one of the side folds, looking for another gap in the material. He withdrew, not finding anything, and moved to the next fold. This time he found one almost immediately and his hand on her leg.

He caressed her thighs, the tempo of the music controlling the movement of his fingers as they swirled on her soft skin. He moved up and to the rest of the lacy underwear which was now damp; he gently ran his finger along the edge of the fabric, teasing.

She found herself holding her breath as she felt his fingers caressing her, when he moved his hand away back to her inner thigh she exhaled slowly, trying to control the desire building inside her. Her breathing became ragged as his fingers again reached the top of her thighs, this time their touch on her lips was so light that she wasn t certain she had felt anything at all.

He noticed the catch in her breathe as he brushed her and felt a further wetness in her curls. Knowing that the first act was coming to a close, he plunged his fingers inside her and felt her arch as she gasped in surprise.

As the curtain fell they moved to the anteroom, where a bottle of champagne had been left for them. She poured a glass and pushed him onto the divan.

Undoing his fly, she knelt down and pulled out his cock then, taking a mouthful of the champagne, she lowered her head onto his. The cold liquid surrounded his shaft, while the bubbles fizzed as she took him deep into her throat, her tongue flicking and massaging as she went down. He groaned as she kept the liquid swirling while she continued to lick and suck until she felt his dick pulsate as he came; then she swallowed before standing back up.

Pulling her to him, he kissed her deeply, his hands searching for an opening in her bodice. Pushing through the gap, he took her bare breast into his hand and started to roll her nipple between his finger and thumb. She growled quietly as he pulled and tweaked, then Trabzon Escort Bayan her hand disappeared into the front of her dress. He started to take his hand from her dress to followed hers, Don t stop what you were doing she managed to exhale before locking lips with him again.

She started making soft whimpering sounds at the back of her throat as she rubbed her clitoris letting the double waves of sensation build within her. Her body, now quivering all over, was a tangled web of electric shocks, each touch adding more. He put his other hand on her second breast and gently but firmly pinched its nipple, sending yet another jolt straight to her groin. She let out a load moan as her body grew rigid and her orgasm exploded.

Sighing appreciatively, she licked her fingers before wiping them on a napkin. Thank you , she said before grabbing him by the waistcoat and pushing him against the wall, pressing her body against his. Placing her hands on his cheeks, she planted soft quick kisses on his lips and neck, wanting desperately to undo his shirt buttons so she could run her hands across his chest and back.

His cock, now stiff again, pressed against her and he found the hidden slits at the back of the dress where he could fondle her arse. He kneaded the firm flesh, pressing her hips to him as he ground his erection against her.

Her lips found his again and running her fingers through his hair she kissed him long and hard, passion mixed with desire as her tongue darted forward to meet his. They stayed locked together, lip to lip, groin to groin until the bell went to mark the start of act two.

Shall we? , she asked indicating the open door to the seating area. He was about to suggest they stay in the room and make further use of the divan, but the mischievous twinkle in her eye made him hold the words back.

Back in the box they sat down and whilst they waited for the curtain to rise, she ran her hand between his legs. When performance was in full swing and the audience thoroughly engaged by the soprano s aria, she once again slipped her hand in his pocket and this time released him from his underwear, her other hand undoing his fly.

Once she had achieved this, she stood quietly then sat on his lap, facing towards the stage. Moving as though she was adjusting her dress, she manoeuvred his cock, then with a sharp flick she felt him slide into her wet pussy.

She started to slowly rock her hips, feeling his shaft moving inside her. Using a front opening, she slipped her hand between her legs so she could feel his dick as it slid in Escort Trabzon and out of her. She leaned forward so his whole length was filling her, and instead of rocking, she sat very still, contracting her pussy hard, squeezing him as the drama played out on stage.

Suddenly she stood up, turned around and whispered I want you Now! , then grabbed his hand and went back to the anteroom. Once in the room, he lifted her up and buried his head in her cleavage. He carried her back to the divan and laid her on her back, he stood back wondering how to get past the skirt when the dressed seemed to magically split apart laying her bare for him to feast his eyes upon.

He slowly removed the small triangle of material covering her pubic hair, as he got the thong past her feet, she stood up, turning him and walking him backwards until he was the one lying down. She carefully removed his shoes, then undid his button and fly before pulling his trousers and underwear down, a finger on each hand, trailing along his skin as she did so.

She climbed on top, her dress fanning out over them. She leaned forward, her breasts brushing his chest as she leaned forward to kiss him. His cock was pushing against her vulva, just at the entrance to her pussy, he pulled it out and rubbed it against her clit, listening to her now heavy breathing.

Her eyes were wide with impatience and they sparked when, again, he pressed against her vulva, just holding himself there, before he succumbed to his need to fuck her there and then.

As he pushed himself inside her, she bore down to meet each thrust with her own. She placed her hands on the top of the divan and began in grind herself against him. He took her dangling breasts into his mouth, sucking and squeezing, listening to her let out a small moan with every breath.

Using her hips, she bore down into his groin with every sweep she made, rubbing her clit against his as she took his shaft deep within her then rocking back until his head was at her opening before sweeping her hips forward and down again.

He felt the pressure building inside but held on tightly, not wanting to release just yet, but to continue to enjoy feeling her warm, wet cunt sliding over his dick, waiting for the change in her breathing that told him that she was close to her own release.

She knew she wasn t far from orgasm, her awareness of the sensations expanding through her groin, the heat rising within her pelvis telling her that there was not stopping now.

He heard the slight hitch in her breathing and he let go of his own restraint, burying himself deep with her, feeling the spasms of her orgasm contract with his.

She collapsed on top of him and kissed him over and over, then getting up, she spent some time closing the front of her dress.

Grinning with satisfaction, she pointed to the bottle and asked Drink?

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