My Almost First Time

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I woke up a little after 7am that Saturday morning. I noticed him asleep on the couch as I came down the stairs into the living room. I didn’t want him to wake up and see me without make-up, my hair carelessly pulled into a ponytail and only wearing one of my dad’s old undershirts and plain, white cotton panties. So, I tiptoed through to the kitchen to quietly get something to eat. I was standing at the refrigerator with the door open, contemplating what to have for breakfast when I heard his voice.

“Hmmm…look at what you do to me, girl.”

Startled, I spun around and saw him in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, staring at me. Our eyes met for a moment, then my gaze traveled down across his toned chest and muscled stomach. His red boxers shorts were down around his hips and his hand was wrapped around his cock. He slid his fist up and down the length of his erect member with long, firm strokes.

I had never seen a man’s private parts before and I couldn’t stop looking at his. He motioned for me to come closer. Mesmerized, I stepped toward him and continued to study his beautiful cock. As I came closer, I focused for a few seconds on his balls, hanging slackly, covered with thin, blonde hairs. Then, my eyes followed the path of his hand, from the Gaziantep Grup Escort base to the tip of his rigid cock. “See,” he whispered, “this is what you do to me.”

He let go of his cock, took my hand and placed it where his had been. As I stood there loosely holding him, I noticed my breathing. I could see the rise and fall of my chest as I gasped for air. I wondered if he could hear my heart racing, like I could. My stomach tightened and I became aware of the moist, throbbing sensation between my legs. He closed his hand over mine and began stroking his cock, slowly and deliberately.

It was like nothing I’d experienced before. I could see and feel the veins bulging under the soft skin on his stiff shaft. He squeezed his hand around mine. My grip tightened as our hands pumped up and down, together. The smooth head of his cock looked as if it might explode, turning from red to purple with a clear drop of liquid forming at the tip.

I lifted my free hand to wipe the droplet away. He groaned when my finger touched the tip of his prick. I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He reached out and briefly touched my cheek, “You are so beautiful.”

He grabbed my moist finger and brought it to my lips. “Taste me.”

I opened my mouth slightly and gently sucked the tart pre-cum from my finger. He released my finger to touch my face again. I closed my eyes as he traced a line from my right temple to my chin. His hand slid down to my neck and closed around it as he leaned forward to kiss me. Our lips touched and his tongue immediately pushed inside, probing and exploring my mouth.

He removed the hand that held mine to his cock. He moved his hand to the small of my back, drawing me close. I wrapped my arms around his neck and clung to him. He pushed his weight against me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. His hands slid downward over my ass to my thighs. He gripped them tight and suddenly picked me up off my feet. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he moved his hands from my thighs to my ass to support me. Our lips never parted. His tongue continued to writhe inside my open mouth while he held me there for a moment.

I could feel his cock pushing against my panties as he carried me to the living room. He kneeled down and carefully laid me in front of him on the floor. Without hesitation, he pulled my shirt up, exposing my breasts. He slid his hands over my tits, massaging and squeezing them. A soft moan escaped from my throat. I felt the urge to close my eyes and relish the moment, but I wanted to see everything he was doing to me. He bent forward and tasted my left breast and then the right, sucking on each nipple until they were fully aroused.

His hands quickly moved to my hips and he began to push my panties down. I lifted my ass so he could remove them easily. He tossed them aside and covered my body with his. Our faces were less than an inch apart, my breasts were crushed into his chest and his cock was straining against my wet, aching pussy. His breathing was labored and I could feel his body trembling.

He reached down, took his cock in his hand and began to push it inside me. The head of his cock had just entered me when we heard my parent’s bedroom door open. He quickly pulled away, jumped up and darted to the couch and slipped under the covers. I pulled my shirt down and sat up, franticly searching for my panties. I finally spotted them, got to my feet and retrieved them from the across the room. I pulled them back on just as my mother began to descend the stairs.

I plopped myself down in the nearest chair and tried to slow my breathing. He grabbed the remote control and switched the television on. I pretended to watch, afraid to look away, to look at my mother when she walked by. “Gosh, you two are up early for a Saturday,” she yawned, walking through the living room.

I thanked God she hadn’t caught us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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