My American Friends Ch. 3

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This is a continuation of the story of Natalie and her stepmother Jane, who visited us this summer in St. Martin. My sexual encounters with both these women were recounted in the previous chapters.

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* * * * *

From: “nataliebare”
Subject: We are home
Date: July 1, 2002

Hi Sonia.

We are back home in Tampa now.

I didn’t know how to thank you properly for your kindness. Before our time together I really felt naive and confused, and now I have a better idea of my sexuality. Aside from the learning process, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed making love with you, and I hope you feel somewhat the same. I’m hoping we come back to visit you some day.

When I finally find a guy to have sex with, I think I’ll know a lot more about what to do.

I was going to keep our activities a secret, but Jane kept pestering me all the way back on the plane, and I ended up telling her everything that happened. She just laughed and said she was sure you and were had gotten up to something. Then she told me about her and Dad and Sylvie that same afternoon. She said Sylvie is a hot woman too, and you and she must have good times together. Dad told her he was sorry he didn’t get to fuck you too so he could compare. Listening to her made me wet, and I got up and went to the lavatory on the plane and got myself off.

When I came back to my seat, Jane asked me if I felt better. She knew what I’d been up to, and I guess my face was a bit red as well. Luckily Dad was sitting up forward at the bulkhead seat or I would have died of shame. Jane was cool about it all, and kissed me on the cheek. When she was doing that she put her hand briefly on my breast. I bet you think she wants to get intimate with me . That’s what I think too. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I think it would be cool fucking her even if she’s not my real mother, but I’ll bet Dad would find out and have a fit. Of course I could fuck Dad too so we’d be even (just kidding!)

Recently I was thinking about Dad and Jane and Sylvie. I suspect that if they would do that with her they’ve probably done it with others as well. I’m going to ask Jane about that one of these days. I bet she’s already told you all about it, but I won’t ask you to tell on her.

Yesterday I went to see my girlfriend Tiffany, the one I told you about. She’s part Vietnamese by the way. I told her I’d met this woman on the islands and had sex and been fucked and all. She pretended to be jealous, but when I told her about the strapon and you and I doing each other she was really turned on too.

She wanted to have sex right then! The only toy she has is a small vibrator that she carries around in her purse for “emergencies.” We ended up stripping and using it on each other. My pussy is still a little sore, but after I got really wet it felt good being fucked while she licked my nipples and we kissed. Then I did her too.

I told her about having the small dildo in my butt at your place, and wanted to do her ass with the vibrator, but she wouldn’t let me. I put it in myself really slowly to show her it didn’t hurt, and then let her eat me while I worked it in and out nice and slow. I had a great cum from that. She said she might practice it on herself. After that we were pretty sexed out and went swimming nude in their pool. Her parents are friends with mine and hang out together. They don’t know Tiff and I have sex as far as I can tell; none of them has said anything to either of us anyway.

Tiff has been going steady with a guy from high school since January. They have been going out a lot this summer, although he has a day job and they get together nights. He doesn’t know about us as far as I know, since Tiff keeps our relationship very quiet. She tells me all about him though. I do get jealous hearing about their fucking, but I can’t tell Tiff that.

That’s my news. I hope you and Sylvie are having as much fun as I am.

* * * * *

From: “nataliebare”
Subject: Jane and I
Date: July 7, 2002

Hi again Sonia.

You probably won’t be surprised by my news this time. You know that we three are nudists, and none of us wear clothes in the house most of the time. I’d been out shopping this morning and came home to find Jane, naked as usual, sitting on a barstool in the dining room masturbating. That’s not so very unusual as she does it a lot, but most always somewhere with the door closed. We had masturbated together once or twice before when she was giving me the birds and bees lectures, but not in several years.

Instead of stopping when I walked in, she just looked me in the eyes, smiled, and keep working her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. I wasn’t too sure what to do, and was going to go to my room, but she said, “Don’t leave on my account.” I have to admit she looked really sexy, so I sat down on the canlı bahis floor and watched until she came really hard. I got pretty wet watching her and had started to rub myself under my skirt.

Afterwards, she asked me to get undressed, and we made love in the living room on the sofa. It was weird and exciting to be doing it with her. She tastes really good and gets real wet when she cums (but you know that). She kept asking me to bite her nipples very hard too, but I didn’t really want to do that. She told me she likes a little pain, and then about how you whipped her. I knew you’d tied her up, but not about beating her like that. I was surprised that you’d do that to someone as you were so nice with me, but she told me she asked you to.

I’m not telling anyone but you about this. If I told my girlfriend I fucked my mom she might get all weird on me. But I’m sure Jane will tell you too.

I hope you liked my “news.”

P.S. I asked her if she and Dad had done the group thing like with Sylvie. She said they had, but she wasn’t going to tell me everything just yet. But she did say that Sylvie’s brother and Dad had done her together when we were in St. Martin a year ago. I’m sure you know that. The thought of two men fucking Jane at the same time gave me the shivers (nice ones). Some day I need to try that.

* * * * *

From: “nataliebare”
Subject: Jane Again
Date: July 12, 2002

Hi Sonia,

I hope I’m not boring you with these stories, but I have to have someone to tell them to.

As background, let me tell you about Tiff and her folks. Tiff is 1/4 Vietnamese and was in an orphanage over there. Her parents couldn’t have children and adopted her when she was a baby. My dad has known hers for ages, and her mom is best friends with Jane. They spend a lot of time together. I never considered it until just recently, but now I wonder if they are swingers or something. Tiff’s mom is not bad looking, but she and her husband are Dad’s age (Dad is twelve years older than Jane). Tiff’s dad is bald and not that good looking, but he is a weight-lifter and really strong.

Tiff is very pretty; she has just a hint of the slant eyes and looks slightly exotic. Since she goes out in the sun a lot, she is as dark as me. She is your height, 5-7. I’ll send you a pic once I can get one scanned.

Last Sunday, after I emailed you, Tiff came over with her parents. They were going out on their fishing boat with Dad and Jane, so Tiff and I were planning to have a nice time by ourselves. But Jane decides not to go, so there we are the three of us.

I was a little pissed with her about staying, but she just tells us if we want to have sex not to mind about her. It was like Jane told us to watch TV or go swimming. Tiff was pretty embarrassed, and I was shocked too as you can imagine. Tiff has always kept our thing a secret since she doesn’t want people at school to be calling her a lesbo. She doesn’t want her parents knowing about how she likes girls, and since Jane is best friends with her mom she was really concerned.

I told her not to worry about it as we went to my room. “Not a problem! Jane likes girls too.” That was maybe a mistake as she started grilling me about how I know that and who she did it with and whether she had done it with me. I’m not good at keeping secrets and eventually told her how we had started after coming back from St. Martin.

I thought she’d be mad about that, but it just made her hot. She said she had to fuck me right then. We got undressed very quickly and she pushed me down on my bed and climbed on top in a 69. She pushed her pussy down hard on my face; she was so wet that my face was smeared with her juice and I was lapping it up. She stuck one finger in my ass, another in my pussy, finger fucking me while playing with my clit with her other hand. I must have cum five times before she stopped.

I suppose we were making a lot of noise, so when Jane knocked on the door, asking if we were OK and needed anything. I was about to say everything was OK, but Tiff said, “Come on in!.” So there we were, me on my back with Tiff on top, her head between my legs grinning at Jane, with my pussy wide open and wet.

Jane just asked, “Can three play this game?”

Tiff was all for it, and we went into Jane and Dad’s bedroom. I’d already cum so many times I wanted a rest, so Jane and Tiff went at it themselves. That was the first time I’d ever watched two women do it (except for some films Tiff has). Jane got out a really big dildo from her dresser, and when they’d gotten onto the bed told Tiff to fuck her with it . It must have been at least 8″ long, ivory colored and really thick. I was surprised she could get it into Jane’s cunt, but I guess Jane’s had a lot of practice because it slid in pretty well. Tiff started fucking her with it really hard, it seemed to me. Jane’s pussy lips were spread wide open with the dildo, and every time Tiff pulled it out her juices gushed bahis siteleri out and dripped down around her ass and onto the bedcover.

After a while, Tiff asked me to take over the dildo work, while she straddled Jane’s face. Jane was lapping between Tiff’s legs as fast as she could, while I came over and worked the rubber cock. Every time I pushed it in, I could feel it hit bottom, and her inner lips were pulled out and then in as I stroked. It was so hot! I knew Jane must be cumming continually as she was grunting and moaning while she ate Tiff, and I know from experience how she cums. I reached down to press her clit harder against the cock, which has these veins molded into its shaft. Jane had a really strong cum then, because she screamed and clamped her legs around my hand and the cock, and then collapsed her legs flat on the bed.

That was four days ago, and you can probably guess that we three have been at it every day since, once Dad has left for work. Jane is such a slut! She tells us she needs it from Dad every night as well. I’m worried that she’s turned into a nympho, but we are enjoying it anyway. Tiff and I are going to miss doing this when we go off to college. Actually we’re going to miss it next week too, since Tiff is going on a trip with her parents.

I wonder what Jane is writing you about this. I hope she’s not telling you what a slut I am as well.

I just reread the above, and now I need to go get myself off.

Let me know how Sylvie and Mireille and you are getting along.

Your slutty little Natalie

* * * * *

From: “nataliebare”
Subject: Punishment
Date: July 15, 2002

Dear Sonia,

I didn’t mean to write again so soon, but I’m sure you won’t be bored by this email. Yesterday afternoon (Sunday), Jane told me we were going to take a drive to Clearwater to meet a friend of hers, and that she was sure I would enjoy knowing her as well. It was all very mysterious. On the way I thought about you since it was Bastille Day, and I was wondering if you were celebrating.

We arrived at this house in the suburbs, a very ordinary looking one, about six. This woman, Laura, met us at the door. She’s looks about late 30’s, as tall as me, with dark red hair. Not really very pretty, but elegant if you know what I mean. When we came in, she and Jane had a really long kiss, and afterwards Jane’s lower lip was red as if Laura had bit her. Laura handed Jane a leather dog collar with metal studs on it, and Jane put it around her neck. That was kind of weird.

We went through the living room out back where there was a nice swimming pool and patio. Laura had made some iced drinks for us. It was hot and I drank three glasses quickly. I found out later that it was Margueritas. I’m not used to drinking alcohol, and and was pretty tipsy afterwards.

Laura started asking me questions about school and my life, and then she started asking about you and what we did on vacation, and about Tiff and Jane. That surprised me as you can imagine and I felt my face getting red. The next thing I know I’ll be reading about myself in the newspaper. Both Jane and Laura laughed. Laura said that Jane and she are old friends, that Jane tells her everything that goes on, but I shouldn’t worry as such secrets are safe with her. With the booze I’d drunk I relaxed a bit, and talked about our “games” as if we were discussing the weather.

Laura then said that she and Jane also had some games they played, and they thought I might like to join in, although it was up to me if I wanted to. If not I could just watch. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but I assumed it was like what we did with Tiff. Laura told Jane to tell me why we were here.

Jane got down on her knees and put her hands behind her back and leaned forward. She said that she had been a bad girl, that she was ashamed that she had corrupted me and Tiff and cheated on Dad with us and you and Sylvie, and that she deserved to be punished in any way I saw fit. Then she crawled over to me and kissed my feet. This started to weird me out. I told her she hadn’t corrupted me in any way, and I certainly didn’t want to punish her.

Laura said she had been sure that I would say that, and that was why she was here – to punish Jane for being a wicked, incestuous slut. She stood up and grabbed the back of Jane’s hair and pulled her to her feet. That must have hurt a lot, because I saw tears in Jane’s eyes. Laura then slapped her on the face and told her to go get ready for her punishment. Jane got on all fours and crawled into the house like a dog.

I was paralyzed but turned on at the same time. Laura told me not to worry because Jane needed to be punished from time to time, and that she wouldn’t be hurt in any real way. I drank another marguerita while waiting for a few mintues until Jane came back, dressed in a white satin nightgown tied with a string under her breasts and carrying another one like it. The cloth was really sheer and clingy bahis şirketleri so that it was almost like she was wearing nothing.

Jane knelt down and held the other gown out to me. Laura said that since we were so used to being nude at home, wearing some clothing was more erotic than nothing at all. This made me think about the slippers and gloves we wore with you (I still have them!), and I guess it’s true. Laura told me to go into the bedroom to change, which I did. The gown went down past my knees and was the same soft and clingy cloth, and looking at myself in the mirror I could see my nipples and pussy molded by the cloth as I moved. I was looking good in that I can tell you (modestly).

When I came back into the living room Jane was on her knees on the sofa with her stomach bent over the back so her head was hanging down behind it (the sofa is in the center of the room). Laura had tied her wrists and ankles to either end so that she was like crucified in a kneeling position.

Laura had taken off her blouse and was wearing a black leather halter. Otherwise she had on the same short skirt as before. She has nice breasts for a woman her age, and the bra had them pushed up and apart. She told me how nice and sexy I looked and to come over and give her a kiss. While we kissed she stroked my breasts and belly through the gown while pushing her tongue into my mouth. I was feeling both aroused and shy at the same time, and kissed her back.

After we broke apart she asked if I thought Jane was in a good position for punishment. I said I didn’t know, to which she smiled and said, “She’s in a perfect position. Tied and helpless and needing to be corrected.” She took my hand and led me around the other side of the couch, and I could see Jane had a ball in her mouth as a kind of gag, so she couldn’t say anything. Laura asked Jane if she was ready for the punishment she deserved, and all Jane could do was nod her head a little.

The Laura picked up a kind of paddle and started to spank Jane’s behind with it, pretty hard it seemed to me. Since the gown was covering her ass I couldn’t see if it cut her, but there was no blood on the cloth. Jane was jerking and moaning through the gag every time Laura hit her. Laura then took a ruler and hit her five or six times each across the soles of her feet. I know that had to hurt. That appeared to be the end as Laura went around and took the gag out of Jane’s mouth. Jane’s face was red and covered with sweat, and she was gasping and sobbing. Laura kissed her forehead, and then came back around the other side of the sofa. She pulled the hem of the gown over Jane’s back exposing her butt. The skin was red and there were a few welts coming up, but no bleeding. What surprised me was that Jane’s inner thighs were wet as if she had cum during the beating.

Laura said she had a present for me. I wasn’t anxious for the same sort of present Jane had just received, but she came back with a cardboard box containing – a strapon! It isn’t the same as yours in the instead of being like a thong, there were two straps that go between the legs and around to attach to the belt at the sides. All I could think of to say was “Thank you.” But Laura said I might like to try it right away, and since Jane was still tied there with her rear exposed, why not take advantage of the situation? Being a little drunk, I had few inhibitions working right then, and besides I remembered how much fun it was using yours.

Laura knelt down and held up the hem of my gown while I put it on. She commented on how nice and fine my blonde pussy hair is and what a nice cunt I have, etc. While I was adjusting the straps, she held the base of the dildo against my mound and even ran her finger through my slit, which I can tell you was pretty moist by then. I got up on the couch behind Jane and started rubbing the cock head around Jane’s pussy, teasing her. I was ready to shove it into her when Laura says that a slut like Jane doesn’t deserve to cum so easily, and that I should fuck her ass instead. That was a hot idea, and so I put the head against her hole and pushed it in. Jane was really tight, and I had to push pretty hard to get it all in; since the dildo wasn’t lubed except for a bit of juice on the head from her pussy, I assume it must have hurt. Anyway, Jane was grunting and tossing her head, but she didn’t say anything else.

Once it was in, I held onto Jane’s shoulders to keep from falling off, and starting moving my hips back and forth. Laura got behind me and put her hands between my legs. She leaned over me and kissed my neck and ears while finger-fucking me and rubbing my clit, and all three of us were rocking back and forth to the same rhythm. It was only a minute or so until I came really hard. Laura let me rest for a little while, draped over Jane with the dildo buried in her ass. We were all silent until we started again. This time Laura quit touching my clit each time I was close to cumming, and we must have stayed like that for 10 or 15 minutes until she let me cum a second time. My legs were quivering and I thought I would fall down when I pulled out. Laura then asked me if I thought Jane deserved to cum too. I said sure, so Laura told me to bring her off, which I did with my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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