My Angel Fucks Me on Sundays

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Double Penetration

Trigger warning: Religious themes






Pastor Bennett stretched out his dark pants and it curved lovingly around his crotch. The scent of his cologne hit the girl’s nostrils when he spread himself in front of her. He always smelled so good. “Remember what I taught you, Caylie,” he smiled warmly, setting the maroon bible aside on the coffee table.

Caylie kneeled before him, unbuttoning his pants and rubbing along his thighs. “A good wife must tend to her husband whenever he beckons her…”

“Correct, but there’s more to it than that,” a sigh escaped his lips upon seeing the 18-year old’s attempt to take in the handle of his zipper between her teeth, “Care to repeat them?”

“Ngh!” Caylie grunted, failing to keep the zipper in her mouth, “Sorry.”

The pastor rubbed her tender blonde bed of hair that she had straightened out just for him. “It’s all right. Come, look at me.”

He rested his palm against her cheek and lifted her head up. Caylie nodded, swallowing her nerves. “Building up intimacy is most important,” she said, “Without it, you only carry selfish desires.”

“That is true…,” Pastor praised her, guiding her back to unzipping his pants the traditional way, “What else?” Caylie unleashed her teacher’s cock out of his confines, and was pleasantly surprised to not find underwear blocking them this time.

Caylie stared in awe at Pastor Bennett’s flaccid cock. It didn’t look the way it felt inside of her, and she knew why. It was part of the second rule. “Only you’re allowed to see all my flesh,” Caylie started unbuttoning her top, “Knowing it has only been exposed to you makes me more desirable.”

“Your interpretation isn’t too far off, but…” he took Caylie’s hand in his own, stopping her for just a second, “Not quite. It’s important as a woman to not expose yourself to anyone who desires you…” he rubbed his thumb against her palm and traveled up to her shoulder as she finished unbuttoning herself, “Giving yourself up like that will make people take advantage of you. You’ll share what they don’t deserve.”

Pastor Bennett helped Caylie pull off her white shirt, leaving her in her cute pink, polka dot bra that didn’t stick around for long. His follower was completely topless before she crawled onto his lap. They were sitting on a wooden chair that was placed right beside the floor-to-ceiling window where the view showed them the lush grassy field of the boarding school they resided in.

Mother Mary’s School for Delinquent Girls: that was Caylie’s home during her high school years. She wasn’t given a choice because she wasn’t trusted to learn anywhere else- her parents said so to admission.

This wasn’t an institution that needed interviews from the students; the only qualifications came from how disobedient they were and Caylie had that checkbox marked from the time she could form sentences.

The nuns tried their best to restrain her, especially in the beginning, but this girl had a lust for adventure. Sneaking out, trespassing, and breaking in were some of her favorite ways to explore. Her school uniforms were always altered to her liking; wearing the tightest of button ups and shortest of skirts. The only thing Caylie kept the same was the knee high socks, which caught the attention of the new pastor during her Senior year.

“Watch out for that girl,” the nuns would wag their wrinkly fingers as she skipped along the halls, “She’s nothing but bad news.” Pastor Bennett challenged that thought, thinking to himself, “How could they reform someone whom they have no faith in?”

Pastor Bennett did his job to guide the troubled girls to salvation, preach the word of God and how the glory of Heaven would be grand to all of them if they just strayed away from temptation. But through it all, he grabbed Caylie and put her under his wing, paying special attention to her throughout her final year. He noticed the potential in her to be great, something not many could confidently believe in yet, but he was determined for them to see.

So, every week he would invite the teenager to join him in his office to practice bible readings and enforce them in her own life. The nuns couldn’t believe it, how something so simple could induce such change in Caylie.

“It’s not just the work,” one nun claimed, “I think Pastor Bennett offers something us ladies could never…a fatherly figure. You know young girls like her, they act out to find a male role model in their lives, and praise God she has finally found it!” No longer was her family terrified of the rambunctious troublemaker returning home after graduation, for they’ve seen the change in Caylie ever since Pastor Bennett entered her life.

Preacher’s Pet. That’s what other girls would tease Caylie with, and she’d respond with, “Suck a dick!” and nothing less than that. She held back her laughter as the pastor’s cock hardened between her ass cheeks, remembering her retort and finding it funny that she yelled at others to suck a dick, but she had been doing it for Sex Hikayeleri Lord knows how long behind the scenes.

“You never stop feeling good to me…”

“I could say the same about you,” Bennett replied. The religious man shuddered as Caylie teased his cock by clenching her cheeks around his shaft. The precum was spilling and making their contact very sticky, which would be perfect for what came next.

“Do you remember the last rule?”

Caylie halted from giving the pastor a kiss, “How could I forget? It’s the most important one.”

Her hips lifted off of his lap so she could properly align herself against the tip of his erection. Feeling the leaking head poking at her taut asshole, she couldn’t stop grinning as she pushed down on his cock and encouraged a strangled moan to rip out of his throat. Caylie grabbed the pastor’s shoulders, which were still clothed by his black top with white collar. It made the encounter all the more exciting.

“S-shit!” Bennett moaned, “you’re getting so good at this!”

“Hehe, you said a swear,” Caylie poked fun at the man who appeared all virtuous and pure to her classmates, which increased her self-esteem, knowing she was fully aware of the sexy beast that lay within him.

“Don’t lose your virginity until after you’re married,” Caylie kissed her teacher’s lips, “The final rule, right?”

Pastor Bennett was extra sensitive today. The way this senior gyrated her hips was driving him mad, or maybe it was the circumstances behind the sex that drove him to be that way.

His wife back home hadn’t been giving him any attention, and he had grown frustrated by her insistence to hold off from sex until after their baby was born. Pastor Bennett already knew that wasn’t true. All of his friends have said the same thing,

“You don’t have sex after a baby! She’ll be too tired to do anything. You’re fucked, man!”

Bennett slurred, reaching out to grab Caylie’s hips, “Yes, good work…” Caylie had child-bearing hips, the kind of figure any intoxicated teenager would ruthlessly slam into over and over until they spewed their seed into her womb. But, Caylie deserved more than that- this is what the pastor repeated to himself.

Caylie’s brave demeanor was showing cracks as she was reaching orgasm; her forehead was beading sweat and her eyes started to water. “It hurts so good,” she hugged the pastor, “My hips are moving on their own!”

Pastor Bennett rubbed her back and kissed her cheek, “It’s okay, I’m here for you.”

The man of God wasn’t without strength, for his muscles helped carry his student across the room to his work desk, making sure Caylie was comfortably resting on top of it before he took charge. Pushing her thighs upward and nearly folding the smaller one, Pastor Bennett growled at the sight of the blonde helplessly taking in his throbbing manhood.

Caylie tugged at her nipples at first, needing extra stimulation, but the pastor caught onto this need and replaced her hand with his tongue, expertly multitasking by rhythmically driving his dick into her eager ass and tugging her rosy pink nipples. The desk was shaking underneath them, and that gave the pastor a mental note to put in a work order for a new one.

“Caylie, you’re incredible!”

The blonde laid her arms above her head, shuddering as the pit in her stomach was ready to explode, “You too, Sir. Always- Hah! I’m about to…”

“Me too. Let it out while I’m inside you. Cum all over me.”

The two groaned in unison as the rush of their orgasms struck their bodies and left them in a state of rigor mortis. When they finally came to, Pastor Bennett pulled out of Caylie’s loose asshole- now filled with his seed- and he was going to walk over to his shelf to grab the box of tissues until he suddenly tripped.

“Father!” Caylie jolted up on the desk, “Are you all right?”

He had forgotten about his pants that had never been taken off. They were pooled around his ankles, and he may have been careful to walk with them that way when he moved Caylie to the desk, but post-orgasm his mind couldn’t bother to be cautious anymore.

He was kneeling over, breaking his fall with his hands, but he grew embarrassed hearing Caylie cackle at him for flashing his ass in her face. She pointed and everything. The girl was attractive, but even the most beautiful people needed a flaw and Caylie’s immaturity never failed to peeve the older man. Caylie jumped off the desk and readjusted her thong. Then, she rushed to get her bra and shirt.

“What are you doing the rest of the day, Father?”

Pastor Bennett felt a ball stuck in his throat, feeling his skin burn, “Once afternoon service is complete, I’ll be heading home.”


“Why do you ask? Is there something that bothers you?”

He handed Caylie the box of tissues to clean herself up. Caylie had a sour look on her face and then shook her head to wash it off, “No reason. Just wondering.”

Pastor Bennett was too old to fall for the lies. He could tell the younger Erotik Hikayeler one was upset with him needing to leave all the time. Sundays were the only time they could really be together and it pained him too, but he had other people to take care of outside of this facility. Seeing Caylie’s troubled expression still left a sting on his heart, so he faced her after she finished cleaning and lifted her head up to look at him directly in his dark eyes.

“For you have the need of patience, that, after you have done the will of God, you might receive the promise,” he caressed the young girl’s cheek, “You know where that’s from, don’t you?”

“Of course. Hebrews 10:30,” Caylie proudly proclaimed.

“I knew you’d get it. Return to that page and really take in its message. I think you’ll find that it resonates with your conflict now.”

“But can’t you just explain it now?”

“It won’t be as impactful without coming to it yourself,” the pastor removed his hand, “But, I trust it’ll be easy for you.” That night, Caylie re-read the bible and found that line, giggling as she believed she found the answer Pastor Bennett wanted her to find. Her roommates were less than amused.

“You’re still reading that?” Ophelia rubbed her eyes on the lower bunk across from Caylie’s. “You know those are all fake stories, right?”

“Mind your business and go to sleep.”

“We can’t sleep with that desk lamp still on.”

Caylie turned back in her chair, “What else do you want me to do? Turn on the room light instead? This is all I have, and it’s not even touching your side. You just want to pick fights again. What happened? Tabitha turned you down?”

Caylie’s second roommate, Rachel, sat up from her bunk that was located above Ophelia’s. Caylie could barely see her in the darkness, but she sensed she had woken up long ago.

“Let me say what we’ve all been thinking…,” Rachel glared down at Caylie, “We know you’re fucking Pastor Bennett.”

Caylie remained stoic, “…and that has to do with me reading, how?”

“Don’t play dumb. We all know. The whole school fucking knows. Why do you think Georgina moved out?”

“She wanted to sleep over at her best friend’s room down the hall.”

“No, it’s because she was too uncomfortable being associated with the Preacher’s Pet who’d go hands and knees on the floor to satisfy some old man.”

Caylie shut the bible and practiced her breathing technique. In…and out.

“I see why you’d feel that way, but it’s not true,” Caylie said hotly, “We never had sex.”

“Mmhm,” Rachel laid back down in bed, snuggling her pillow, “Keep lying to yourself, Caylie. See where that gets you.” Ophelia followed suit by lying back down in bed, secretly terrified that Caylie would blow up on them while they slept, but Caylie knew better than that.

She wouldn’t let her anger consume her and prevent her from being with Pastor Bennett once she left this stuck-up boarding school. However, she still needed to find a way to prove to her roommates and the entire school that she wasn’t a Preacher’s Pet. She needed to protect the pastor through any means. Turns out, a kid named Roger would be all she needed.

It was Senior prom and it was one of the very rare occasions that the female and male boarding school would come together to engage in some family friendly fun. Any adult in that facility knew that if they only had the females dance together, then it was bound to result in either fighting or worse, homosexual activity- which would totally bar the girls from entering the kingdom of Heaven.

While awaiting this special day, the girls would mingle with the boys of “Father Joseph’s,” and Roger had developed a huge crush on Caylie but couldn’t muster up the courage to ask her out. Caylie long been known of his interest in her, and the prom was when she’d take advantage of that.

She yanked Roger to the dance floor that night and whispered in his ear how much she liked him and wanted to make love. “Janitor’s closet in 10 minutes,” she massaged his creamed slacks.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I love you, Caylie.”

Caylie held back from vomiting at the confession. Clearly, he felt like he had to say it because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but he couldn’t have loved her. It was way too soon. She didn’t want him to love her anyway, because she had somebody else.

“Just for tonight,” Caylie told herself, positioning her legs apart and resting her hands against the concrete wall, waiting for Roger to enter her.

“In the butt?” Roger looked disgusted, “But that’s where gay people fuck.”

“Not always,” Caylie clarified, “You don’t want your mom to know you lost your virginity, right?”

Roger blushed, “Y-yeah…”

“Then this is the way to do it. You do it in the butt to save yourself. I promise, it’s in the bible.”

Roger barely paid attention to that thing, but he hung onto Caylie’s words like scripture. His hard-on throbbed as he surged with confidence and attempted to push into Tecavüz Hikayeleri her.

“H-hey wait!” Caylie yelped, “You’re not gonna prep me first?” Pastor Bennett wasn’t a big fan of eating ass, but he made up for it by letting Caylie use her fingers to stretch herself out in front of him or bouncing on a dildo to get accustomed to his size. She still remembers the very first time. She was so nervous and almost backed out on it until the Pastor convinced her that by practicing she’d be his model student. Caylie didn’t want to disappoint him.

Roger apologized and bent down to spread her cheeks apart. He inhaled once and jutted away.

“Oh come on, stop being a baby!” Caylie whined, “I scrubbed down there and everything!”

“Sorry, I’m just not used to the smell.”

“We all smell like that. Now do it before I change my mind.”

Roger was just terrible: dipping his tongue around the rim of her hole instead of going in fully to lather her scent on his. He didn’t stop making whiny noises throughout, which almost made Caylie drop everything and return to the dance, but then she remembered that she would lose nothing and yet have everything to gain in the process.

People would finally shut up about her and Pastor Bennett and they could move forward with their lives and love each other unabashedly after graduation.

“…You did what?”

“I know it sounds weird, but people were accusing us of-“

“I know what you said, Caylie,” Pastor Bennett interrupted. It was Sunday again. The second to last one before Caylie’s high school graduation and she would be sent back home to live with her parents. She was expected to return there, go to college, and forget all about this horrible facility and Pastor Bennett. He knew that himself when he got with her, but the fact that she admitted to sleeping with another man just to quiet rumors was too much for him to bear.

He faced away from Caylie who was sitting on the chair, becoming increasingly regretful of confessing her affair. “So you didn’t listen to me after all…” the pastor said.

“That’s not true! He was a pawn, and he only fucked me in the ass, and you said yourself that’s okay!”

“And what of rule 1 and 2?” he heaved, “About building up intimacy and not throwing yourself at any man who desires you?” Bennett whipped around towards Caylie, his face beading with a light sweat. “Do you understand the gravity of what you’ve done?”

“I…” Caylie felt even more stupid than she did after she had to wash Roger’s semen out from her orifice. “I thought this could be an exception. I didn’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Caylie, my dear…” Pastor Bennett walked over to her, looking downward, “Since when have you cared about other people’s opinions? Do you not remember why you are here? You were a mess before I met you. Nobody could trust you in their care because you were a lost cause.”


Pastor Bennett was getting too hot and needed relief. So, he unbuttoned the top of his pants and unzipped them to where the head of his cock poked out in front of Caylie’s delectable young mouth.

“I spent so much time taking care of you, guiding you the right way so these boys wouldn’t see you as a whore. But tell me you haven’t heard of new rumors of you and Roger being lovers.”

“They stem from truth, Father,” Caylie’s breath picked up seeing her teacher rub himself in front of her, “We did make love, but I do not love him. Not like I love you.”

“Oh really?” Bennett chuckled darkly, “So is this what love is then? To seduce a man only to stab him in the back? I guess I should’ve expected such from a troubled child…”

“No!” Caylie lifted up in her seat, “I didn’t mean to betray you! I wanted to help you. If they didn’t stop saying we were together, it would’ve ruined your career!”

Caylie saw the pastor’s hands reach towards her uniform and in one tug, pop the buttons right off, so her bra was exposed. “Look at you, I see hickies everywhere…” he spat, choosing to ignore that those love marks were faded reminders of his own that he had planted on the student. “I have fallen for a slut, haven’t I?”

“That’s not true, Father!”

Pastor Bennett felt the darkness creeping into his soul, and he always said to himself that he had been fighting it since he started working here, but now seemed like the perfect time to let it out of its chains. This felt like the very last time he and Caylie would intertwine anyway, so he made sure it was a good one.

“Convince me then,” he grabbed Caylie’s curly blonde locks, “Prove your devotion to me.”

A nod was Caylie’s confirmation that she understood what was being asked of her, and she leaned in to shelter the man’s cock with his warm, wet mouth. She closed her eyes and began diving down to the root of his cock, breathing in his pubes, and sliding backward to the base of the head. Once again, she would do this and feel a rush of cum lather her pussy and slip past the thin fabric of her thong.

“Ugh…fuck, you’re so sexy.”

Caylie popped off his cock, “Another one for the swear jar.”

“Fuck the swear jar,” Pastor Bennett brought Caylie out of the chair and ripped off all of her clothes. “Look at you. Such an eager slut for me. Can’t take my eyes off of you. Show me how you fucked him.”

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