My Best Friend’s Husband

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I live in a nice suburb south of Chicago, we liked the bigger lots and privacy that they afforded. My husband and I have raised our children and are mostly empty nesters. Of course one the kids shows up home from time to time. We have been here for twenty years and have known most of the neighbors a long time. I’m 50 in good shape I’m short about 5’1″ have black hair and have maintained a good figure that still gets attention. I have smaller breasts 32F and a nice ass. My boobs were still perky and because they are smaller and I’m so small didn’t sag.

My neighbors Bob and Mary have been good friends to me, and our kids grew up together. Playing ball and going to school.

Over time Mary and I became best friends, and 3 years ago I found out my asshole husband was having an affair. After a nasty divorce and the kids gone off to college I felt lost. I have been a wife and mom my whole life, that’s what I did. I spent a lot of time with Mary and her husband. They knew I was lonely and having a hard time overcoming my ex and being alone. They treated me like a family member, I came over for all family gatherings and they would take me with them when they would go out to dinner. Mary’s husband took care of my yard, and helped me around the house when something would break. He never was anything but a gentleman, he had the code to my garage door, and would let himself in to get the lawn mower. Every summer he cut my lawn, he did all the things my ex used to do, well almost. He was a little older than me, but in good shape. He is 6′ and I’m guessing around 195 pounds. He is tan from all the yard work and usually worked in both yards wearing shorts, shirtless. I would watch him while he cut my grass and wonder why he never paid me much attention. I also was like a sister to his wife and though I was lonely and horny didn’t think I could ever do anything.

Mary and I have always talked about our husbands, bitching when rough times would come around, or about our sex lives after a few glasses of wine. I thought i enjoyed an active sex life with my ex, and I found out that Mary and Bob not so as much. They had 6 kids and he worked a lot of hours running his trucking company. What I didn’t share was that I was somewhat submissive but my husband didn’t really care for that side and hindsight being 20/20 saw me as a release when he and I had sex. He never took much time thinking of my needs, he would get his blow job or fuck me blow his Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan load then roll over and fall asleep.

Mary did share that she thought Bob has big but it sounded like it wasn’t anything she really liked. She thought it was painful and I could tell she was very conservative in bed.

One night we all went out together for a neighbors surprise party. The party was held at a nearby bar and food/drinks where free. I hadn’t let go in a while and Mary and I drank more than enough, we danced and it felt good just letting go. Bob spent his time talking with the other neighbors and taking care of Mary and I. I also noticed that Bob seemed to notice that my tank top was cut low and that I had decided to wear a small push up bra. It hung a little loose and being as short as I am and as tall as he is afforded him a good view of my breasts. It seemed like he made excuses to check on us, but I caught him looking down my shirt a few times. I needed to pee and went to the restroom, i thought i would remove my bra and give him a better view if he looked again. I felt myself getting wet and liked the thought of exposing myself a little. Whenever Bob would come by I and would bend down to tie a shoe or pick up a napkin giving him a complete view of my breasts. I could tell he noticed and could see he was starting to get hard. Bob drank but didn’t get plastered knowing he had to drive us home. Mary and I knew he was driving and got pretty drunk. Mary could hardly walk to the car by the end of the night. I helped get Mary in their house when we got home and thanked him for a fun night. I turned to leave that he said, sit in a voice I hadn’t heard him use before. He then told me was going to help his wife into to bed and would walk me home after. I can’t explain it, but I sat right down on the couch and waited for him to come back downstairs.

It seemed like it was taking a long time, and thought I would just leave, after all I just lived a few houses down, and even at this time of the night I didn’t mind. I had teased him enough and knew I was starting to feel bad. Bob walked down just as I was about to leave. He asked me what I was doing, hadn’t I told you to wait. Once again in a forceful way I wasn’t used to. I couldn’t believe it but I felt myself getting wet again. I lowered my head and told him I was sorry. He said that he was sure that I would be and that he thought I would need to be taught to listen. I asked Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan him what that meant somewhat taken aback by his demeanor. He smiled back and once again in a no nonsense voice told me to start walking. I started to say something but I also felt the need to listen, wondering where this would go. Once to my house I turned to tell him thank you, but as I was turning i felt the smack to my ass. It was hard and stung but in a way I’ve always wanted but was afraid to admit. He opened my door and we walked in. That’s when he told me how he knew I was watching him and called me slut. What kind of slut secretly watches her best friends husband. He told me that he knew I had taken off my bra so he could have a better view.

I denied it and told him that I wouldn’t do that I had just spilled something on myself and removed it because it was wet. He yelled knees slut, I just stood there in shock. Fuck, is this what I really wanted. Trying to remain strong I asked him to leave. He then said he would but only if I could prove I wasn’t excited. Why would I be excited you’re drunk and have no right to talk to me like this. He stepped closer looking me right in the eyes, then pulled up my skirt and stuck his hand in my crotch. I was soaking wet, he then said I would need to learn a lesson. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the front room. He sat on my couch and then yanked down my panties in one shift pull. He then pulled me over his lap and started spanking me. I felt the pain and could feel my ass burning. One smack after another each one harder than the last. He also noticed that I didn’t fight back and that juices were running down my legs. He was calling me a slut, and telling me that my cunt was wet and that I needed his kind of punishment. I was crying and moaning at the same time. Then out of nowhere I came, never had I cum without some kind of touching before. I did need it and hated the way it made me feel, he was in control and I would do anything he said.

He then threw me off his lap and said knees again. This time I knew he meant it and I quickly crawled between his legs on my knees, I could feel my ass burning. Pull it out bitch, I unzipped his pants and started to fish out his cock. I couldn’t believe it Mary had said he was big but I didn’t think she meant fucking huge. At least 7 inches long thick as a beer bottle and he wasn’t completely hard yet. I started to suck it but could only get a few inches in my mouth. I guess that wasn’t good enough as he shouted thats all you can do no wonder your husband left. He picked me up and laid me on my back with my head hanging over the arm rest. He then walked around the side grabbed my neck and placed his sack on my face. Lick cunt, his smell made me hotter and I wanted to please him so I took his balls one at time in my mouth. He rocked forward and had me rim his ass. He turned on my submissive switch and I was on fire. I could feel my pussy was soaked. He was now rubbing my cunt as i sucked his balls.

I was humping his hand. He struck 2 then three fingers in me. I could feel I was going to cum again. I came like i had never came before, it was so intense that I didn’t ever know I could, but I squirted. He laughed and pulled back, open your mouth slut, I’m going to teach you to throat this cock. I opened my mouth and thought there is no way that thing, now 8 or 9 inches long was going to fit down my little throat. He pushed in and I stretched my mouth as much as I could. He pushed in 3 maybe 4 inches. He pulled back and tried more this time hitting my throat. Come on cunt relax your throat next time I push open up and swallow. He was now massaging my throat I could taste his precum and wanted more. He pulled back then pushed forward again this time I swallowed and felt him slide right down my throat. He moaned and told my me he could see his cock bulge going down my throat.

He starting fucking my face, he put my hands around my neck so I could feel his head going in and out of my throat. It hurt but I also was turned on feeling it going down into my stomach. He held it there until he knew I would need to breathe. He pulled back telling to suck in some air cause he was going to face fuck me until he came right into my stomach. He then started fucking my throat he had his hands down the front on my shirt and was pinching and pulling my nipples. I would have screamed but with a throat full of cock couldn’t. One last push and I felt him tense up, I wanted it and he knew it. Reward time bitch and he came I couldn’t taste it as it went right in my stomach at least 3 huge shots. He then pulled back and was filling my mouth I couldn’t get enough swallowing as much as I could. It was too much and it ran out of my mouth. Tears and cum running down my cheeks. He used his cock to feed me the cum on my face.

I heard the car door open and in a fog I realized I had been dreaming. He must have helped Mary out and having fallen asleep in the car was coming back to help me.

He then surprised me by yelling to get up bitch it’s time I took you home…

Smiling I got up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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