My Big Nipples Pt. 01

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I have always had big nipples. As long as I can remember they have always been humongous and have stuck out through every shirt I have ever worn. I always attract stares from men and I know all they want is to have their way with my big milk jugs. I am kind of scared of what might happen, though in a way it’s a turn on getting to feed big men.

I have been lactating for about two years now. My poor nipples were continuously tugged and suckled until milk just had to come out! One day I was walking along the road up to the dairy to get the local paper when two men pulled over beside me and gave me a mighty big grin.

“Hey mummy you got some nice mammers there!” one of them stated while licking his lips.

The other just stared with lust before suddenly getting out of the car and coming towards me.

“Um can I help you?” I asked backing away getting scared.

“Wow those nipples are so big!” he exclaimed excitedly as he poked them through my thin low-cut shirt.

I knew I should have worn my puffer jacket.

“Can I see mummy?” he asked tugging on my shirt in a ankara yeni escort baby voice.

This man was at least mid 40s and that was easy to tell by the big beard and age lines. I was extremely confused and uncomfortable. The other man then got out of the car and pushed me against the brick wall, caressing my boobies and pinching my nipples.

“Ahh oh ow baby no!” I moaned. I couldn’t handle the way he touched me, I needed more. I suddenly ripped off my shirt – cleavage flying everywhere and my big nipples exposed.

Their tongues flung out of their mouths and I knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted some mummy’s milk. I blushed and considered what I should do. They were very hungry men and I knew what they needed, so I gave in.

“Come here boys!” I bellowed as they opened their mouths wide and attached themselves onto my big white udders.

It felt so good having little boys wanting their mummy. Using their mummy. After about five minutes of boobie suckles I heard a siren and the police pulled over besides us.

“Excuse me mam yenimahalle escort I’m sorry but I’m going to have to get you to put those uh… big nipples wow those nipples are huge damn…” he drooled getting distracted.

I knew what I needed to do.

“Oh officer why don’t you come have a little fun with me and my big jugs?” I winked biting my lip.

He ran towards me at top speed and pushed the other men out of the way grabbing onto my nipples like they were gaming controllers. He squeezed them hard making me yelp. Though painful it felt so fucking good I needed more.

“Ah yes baby suck them please!” I begged realising the huge tent in his pants.

He lent down and started shaking his face and tongue on each of my nipples, this made both of us moan.

“I could make you feel so good babe but I need to get back to work.” the regret in his eyes was instant.

I smiled and gave him my number, my contact saved as ‘big boobie mama’. He rode away off to his next duty and the other two men continued to stare. I smiled sweetly and yozgat escort walked away leaving them still breathless and in love with my beast of a chest. I knew exactly how to play them and now had enough money thanks to all three wallets acquired from their back pockets to buy some milk for breakfast – I mean its not like I could waste any of my own. I had a very important waiting list to attend to.

Later on that day my phone that was sat on my chest vibrated, making my nipple tingle. I had received a text from that hunky police officer. He wanted my milk again, it made me kind of horny knowing that a man needed me. My big fat nipples needed some attention and he was just the man to get the job done. So I invited him over after his shift finished and began together ready. As soon as he knocked on the door I could sense the tension.

“Hello my big baby,” I teased as I stroked his cheek and exposed a nipple to him.

“Ah mummy that looks very appetising,” he licked his lips as he began to enter my house.

He suddenly ripped my shirt off and pushed me against the wall. My boobies jiggled making him excited. I was nervous for what was to happen next. But I knew he was going to use me, and not just for a good smooch. He wanted my milk, and as it began to leak through my nipple and shirt the large grin on his face showed it all. My big baby wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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