My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 08

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It was a brutally slow night at work, the kind of night where you wonder if the clock is broken because it hasn’t moved it what feels like the last hour. I was struggling with staying awake when I received a text from my boyfriend.

“Pete just showed up, we’re going to have some bud time ;)”

I replied immediately, “Keep me updated! I want all the naughty details!” Unfortunately, after that, he was pretty much radio silent except for a few updates here and there

“We’re about to jerk each other,” and then, “Pete is sucking my dick”.

After a few minutes of not hearing anything, I started getting antsy and decided to surprise them with a pic of my cleavage and me biting my lip. My boyfriend replied immediately asking for more and told me that they were stroking each other again to what I sent. I pulled my shirt down exposing my bra and snapped another pic, sending it to them.

My boyfriend replied, “We fucking love your big tits!” followed by another, “Take your bra off!!” I was at work and extremely nervous but at the same time, extremely turned on and excited by the idea! I’ve flashed and taken pics before but have never taken my bra completely off. I hesitated and hadn’t replied in a few minutes and received another text


I bit my lip to suppress a moan. As inconspicuous as I could, I took my bra off, laid it on my keyboard, and snapped a pic of it. I sent him that pic followed by a cleavage shot so he can see it’s off.

“Show us your big tits!” was his immediate reply. I obeyed and sent a few different pics of my tits. Then soon as I got a chance I snuck off to the bathroom and snapped a few more pics of me squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. I sent those and I got a reply to play with myself. I was already back at my desk but I was so horny, I obeyed. I slid my hand into my jeans and teased my clit, snapped a pic and sent it.

My boyfriend replied, “We’re stroking each other for you right now! We want you to cum with us!” That made me moan and my coworker looked over at me. Luckily, my desk hid that I had opened the fly to my jeans and had a finger in my cunt. I played off the moan with a stretch and when she turned around I snapped another pic for them.

My boyfriend texted “We’re getting close.” I started fingering myself more, going slow so my coworker didn’t hear how wet I was. I could feel my orgasm building and I was close when I get another text.

“Pete is gonna cum!” With that, I pulled my pants down as far as I dared and started stroking my clit. I wanted to cum so bad and I was so close. I snapped another pic and sent it.

“Pete is cumming for you slut!” followed by, “I’m gonna cum!”

I snapped one more pic and texted, “Me too!” before I rubbed my clit till I came hard, biting my lip to keep from moaning out.

“Good girl” is all I received after that.

By this time it was almost 3 am and I texted him, “I want details soon as Pete leaves please,” but I got no response. I figured they were playing and weren’t going to respond. After a few hours, I still hadn’t heard anything and I assumed my boyfriend passed out after Pete left and forgot to text me.

I got off work after a long night and drove home. When I got home my boyfriend was naked on our bed, rock hard and waiting for me. I immediately stripped and crawled onto sarıyer escort the bed and took as much of his hard cock into my mouth as I could. He moaned and reached down to grip my hair, but I moved before he could, looking up at him

“I want details please baby,” I begged. He said nothing, but I saw his eyes flick up behind me for a split second. Before I could react he reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto his cock. I started bobbing up and down his shaft as he moaned.

Suddenly I felt something poke my ass and I jumped. I felt Pete’s rough hands grip my hips and then slide back to my ass. He started squeezing, kneading, and massaging my ass while I slid my lips up and down my boyfriend’s cock. I felt his hands getting closer and closer to my pussy and the anticipation was killing me.When his thumb finally reached my lips, I moaned around my boyfriend’s cock.

“This slut really needs it doesn’t she?” Pete said.

“Do you, babe?” my boyfriend asked.

I moaned and nodded on my boyfriend’s cock, pushing my ass back at Pete. Suddenly, my boyfriend pulled me off his cock and told me to lay down. As he moved, I laid on my back in the bed and they got on either side of me. They had their hands all over my body, stroking my skin softly, teasing me, stroking my thighs,and taking turns rubbing my wet pussy. At the same time, they both started sucking my tits. It all felt so good.

“Mmmm, oh God, yes! Please use me!” I begged, “Please touch my pussy! I need more!” I was trembling with need. My boyfriend slid his hand between my thighs and started finger fucking me with a steady rhythm while Pete stroked my clit. I came almost instantly and without warning.

“Oooooooh, ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuck!!” I moaned through gritted teeth as my orgasm hit me.

“Who said you could cum, slut?!” my boyfriend snapped..

“I’m sorry, sir, I couldn’t help it,” I whimpered, “I’ve been in need all night” I felt Pete roll me on my side and his hand smack my ass hard just as I said it, then again, and again! I whimpered and I felt tears in my eyes as his hand spanked my ass hard.

“She needs to be punished,” Pete said

“Oh yes she does,” my boyfriend agreed as he got off the bed.

He came back with our sex swing and a long piece of silk ribbon we use to tie me down. He hung the swing and helped me into it then tied my hands to the top bar. As I hung above the ground with my legs spread, they stood in front of me naked and rock hard.

“Do you see how hard your boyfriend is slut?” Pete asked as he reached over and stroked my boyfriend’s cock. I nodded as my boyfriend reached over and stroked Pete’s cock in return.

“Do you want us to fuck you, slut?” my boyfriend asked.

“Yes sir, please! I need it!” I nodded and whimpered. With that, they both stepped closer to me and my boyfriend kissed me deep as he lined the head of Pete’s cock up against my wet lips.

“I love watching him fuck you,” my boyfriend said as Pete slowly slid into me.

“Oooooh, fuuuuuck,” is all I could reply as I felt Pete’s amazing cock stretch my pussy. Pete pumped in and out of me, slowly letting me take every inch of his big cock before reaching behind me and gripping my ass tight so he could pull me closer and slid completely into me.

“Ooooh, God! sefaköy escort Ooooh fuck! It’s so big! It’s so good!” I moaned with each thrust of Pete’s big dick.

Pete picked up speed, pumping in and out of me fully and all I could do was moan. I didn’t even realize my boyfriend had left until Pete slowed down and I felt lube drip down my ass. Pete was gripping my ass and spreading my cheeks while my boyfriend rubbed lube into my asshole and started fingering me. Pete held his cock inside me while my boyfriend fingered my ass preparing me for what was about to happen.

In my lust drunk state, it took me a second to realize their plan. It wasn’t until I felt the head of my boyfriend’s cock slowly pressing against my tight asshole and then slipping in.

“Oh my fucking God!!” I screamed out as he gently pushed his way in. I felt Pete’s cock throbbing in my cunt adding friction to my boyfriend’s entry, sending jolts of pleasure through my body that I’d never experienced before.

“Ugnh, fuck! It feels so good! I feel so full,” I moaned, “it feels so, uuuuuughn fucking amazing baby! Please fuck my ass!” My boyfriend slowly worked his hard cock into my ass until he was finally balls deep inside me. Both my boyfriend and Pete filled me up completely. We stayed motionless while I enjoyed the feeling of two hard throbbing cocks filling me up! I never felt so full in my life and I loved it.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” was all I could say as they started fucking my ass and pussy at the same time. It was awkward at first, but within a few strokes my boys had their rhythm and they were fucking me deep and hard while I moaned over and over. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to build.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum! Can I cum, please?” I begged, “Oh, fuck, please, baby, I need to cum. I can’t hold back!”

“Cum for us, slut,” Pete grunted

“Cum for us, baby” my boyfriend echoed.

Then Pete grunted again, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum,” he moaned, then suddenly kissed me hard as I felt his cock unloading deep inside me. It was all I could take

“Oh fuck, baby, he’s, mmmm he’s cumming, ughn, in my cunt baby!” I rambled, “Oh God, it’s so good! I’m gonna cum, too, baby!” I clamped down on both of them as I came, sending my boyfriend over the edge.

“I’m cumming too baby,” he grunted as I felt him flood my asshole with his cum, “Fuck, this is so good!”

We all stayed there panting while we all recovered. The boys slowly pulled out of me and I felt empty as I was no longer filled by their amazing cocks. The boys went to the bed, leaving me tied to the sex swing.

My boyfriend laid back on the bed and stretched out as Pete kneeled at the foot of the bed and immediately took my boyfriend’s still hard cock in his mouth. Pete sucked my boyfriend sloppily, taking his time and enjoying himself.

“Fuck you are so good at that,” my boyfriend moaned, “Let me suck your cock, too,” Pete continued to worship my boyfriend’s cock before letting it slip from his mouth so they could change positions. Pete climbed up on the bed with him and they 69ed while I watched, tied up and oozing their cum from my ass and pussy.

“Mmmm, her pussy tastes so good on your cock,” my boyfriend gasped, letting Pete’s cock slip from his lips to speak. They took their time şerifali escort cleaning each other up with their mouths when my boyfriend started grunting and pumping his hips. Pete had slipped a finger into his ass and I could tell he was about to cum.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” My boyfriend grunted. Pete just bobbed his head faster letting my boyfriend fuck his face. My boyfriend howled as he came and Pete was swallowing it all. My boyfriend went back to sucking Pete’s cock and he didn’t last much longer and filled my boyfriend’s mouth with his cum as well.

When they finished they both got on their knees in front and behind me and cleaned the other’s cum from my holes till I came again. After that, they untied me and we all laid in bed for a while. After a while, my boyfriend got up to shower and get ready for work. While my boyfriend was showering, I sucked Pete’s big cock and swallowed his thick load. I couldn’t believe how much he came after everything that had just happened. Pete showered while my boyfriend finished getting ready and they both left together.

About 15 minutes later, just as I was falling asleep there was a knock at the door. I was going to ignore it, but it came again, more urgently. When I opened the door to see who it was, the door was pushed open by Pete who forced his way in, grabbed me, and kissed me hard. He scooped me up and carried me to the bed.

“I need more of this tight pussy!” he said desperately before kissing me again, “I can’t get enough,” he told me as he threw me on the bed and started stripping. Before I knew it, he was on top of me, his hard cock searching for my cunt. I was surprised and breathless from his kiss.

“Fuck me, please! I love your cock, Pete!” I said as I reached between us to guide his cock into my aching cunt.

“Oh yeah, slut?” He asked as he plowed into me balls deep with one thrust, “You love my big hard cock?”

“Oh fuck yes, I do!” I grunted. “It’s amazing! So big and thick! I can’t get enough!” He was pounding me deep and hard like an animal. He was grunting over and over.

“You’re so tight,” he grunted, “You feel so fucking good”

“Yes! Fuck me, Pete!” I moaned, “Oh God, fuck my slutty cunt! Make me cum!”

I moaned out as I came raising my hips to get him deeper into me. Pete didn’t slow down at all. He was plowing me as hard as he could.

“Tell me you love my cock, slut,” he said as he looked down at me, “Tell me how much you love it!” He emphasized each word with a thrust of his cock deep inside me making me quiver.

“I love your big cock, Pete! It’s the best! I love your cock and I love the way you fuck me!” I moaned back without hesitation, “I’m your slut! This pussy is yours!” I didn’t realize what I said until Pete replied.

“That’s right you’re my slut and this is my cunt! All mine!” he grunted pounding my sore cunt hard with his huge cock. I felt him throbbing and swelling inside me. I was in an almost constant state of orgasm. “Do you want my cum, bitch?” he said fucking me faster.

“Yes, please, Pete, please, cum in this cunt and make it yours!” I screamed out and clamped my arms and legs around him as I came again.

Pete grunted like a wild animal and I felt his cum pumping into me. I felt lightheaded and collapsed back onto the bed. Pete jumped up and said he had to go but would be back soon and left. I passed out with Pete’s cum still dripping from my cunt.

A few hours later, my boyfriend got home from work and I told him what happened. He said he didn’t tell Pete to come over but he wasn’t mad and didn’t blame him, but he’d take care of it. Then he took me back to our bed and reclaimed his pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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