My Brown Eyed Girl Pt. 01

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Jodie hadn’t noticed the under inflated tire as she pulled out of the gas station but a little while later as she jabbed the brakes just before a bend, she heard a dull thud and the ominous jarring sound of flattened rubber hitting the blacktop. Instinctively she lifted her foot off the brake and headed for a straight stretch of road, the car slowing under the increased friction.

The last time she’d seen a tire changed had been some years ago when her ex husband had done it. She sighed and stared into the trees, tendrils of mist curled lazily around the trunks a little further in although at the forest edge the mist had long since dissipated. A slight feeling of uneasiness tugged at her mind, she was all alone in a mountain forest. A few moments later she reached into a black Michael Kors bag and as she fumbled for the mace, she brushed against a photograph.

Her eyes flickered downwards as she looked at the picture briefly. It showed her arm in arm with a blonde woman, both of them were smiling. She pushed the memory away and grabbed the mace. Angie was now back with her boyfriend and she was alone, again. Angie, beautiful, confused and sultry as she wormed her way into her bed. However, Angie would no more move into her studio apartment on the Upper East side, than dance naked through Times Square. Bright red lips tightened as her eyes flickered to the photograph again.

Perhaps I should turn straight, she flicked the door handle and winced, live the ultimate lie.

Four inch Louboutins hit the dirt a few seconds later.

Perhaps I should change shoes.

The pin stripe skirt suit looked fabulous in the office, the elegantly cut jacket accentuated her slim waist, finished with a satin bow at the back. The short skirt with its deep sweeping folds afforded a generous view of her knees beneath white fishnets, the cream silk blouse was open to just above her cleavage and a pinstripe waistcoat accentuated her ample bosom. Out here in the backwoods though she looked seriously overdressed. Auburn hair tumbled past her shoulderblades in cascading waves and she flicked at it as she stared at the rear wheel.

The tire was as flat as a pancake and she could see slivers of metal poking through. After a moment’s hesitation she moved to the rear and opening the hatch, hauled on one of the suitcases. It was wedged beside another suitcase and she began working it free, suddenly aware that someone was pulling up behind her. She yanked the suitcase free catching her nail at the same time, she cursed and spun around just as the engine died. She couldn’t see the driver, but caught a flash of blonde hair as the driver ducked below the dashboard to reach for something.

Jodie stared at the old Chevy pickup with its dented hood and cracked headlamp. She dropped her hand into her pocket and clutched the mace tightly as she bit her lip, her cell was in the car. She noticed a shotgun and rifle hanging from a rack behind the driver and licked her lips.

A moment later the driver sat up and she found herself staring at a young woman. A smile caused her to slacken her grip on the can as the door opened and black cowboy boots hit the road, a shower of dust drifted lazily upwards.

Honey blonde hair fell in thick silky tresses to her waist. The sleeves of the red plaid shirt were partly rolled up to show a large watch on one arm and a beaded Indian bracelet on the other. The shirt was tucked into tight blue jeans, a pair of leather braces were clipped onto a broad, embossed belt adorned with a silver wolf buckle.

“Hey, you,” she hooked her thumbs behind the braces and smiled, “looks like you’re in a peck of trouble.”

The flash of pearly white teeth put her mind at ease, as did those big brown eyes, she made a mental calculation of early twenties. With a roundish face and clean cut looks, soft complexion, slim build and long legs she could have been the girl next door.

She smiled nervously as the woman noted the tire.

“Well, your tire’s all wore out, you ain’t goin’ nowhere with that.”

“No,” she glanced up as a dog’s head poked up above the dashboard. She didn’t look like she could turn a lug wrench but any help out here was better than none, “it must have been under inflated, I went around the bend back there and she just blew on me.”

“We don’t see too many outsiders here, especially gussied up like that,” she glanced at her outfit, “great shoes but, where did you get them?”

“Saks,” she blushed.

“Well there’s nothing like that here,” she glanced at her pickup, “let’s say we get you back on the road again,” she grinned, “name’s Melissa and changing tires is easy. If you watch real close I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Melissa, she stared at her twitching buttocks as she strolled back to her truck, I don’t suppose she sings as well?

The spare tire soon lay on the ground while she jacked the car, keeping up a constant chatter that brought a smile to her face as she loosened the nuts. There was something şişli escort homely about her innocent smile, cocksure attitude and easy laid back Appalachian charm. She was standing with two cans of Coke Melissa had brought from the Chevy, Jodie sipped hers and kept listening to the chatter.

“Always loosen the nuts before you raise the car,” she instructed, “otherwise the whole wheel just keeps a turning,” she looked up, “okay we’re good, fetch me the spare.”

Jodie maneuvered the spare tire over to her while Melissa sipped her Coke.

“There’s an auto shop in town, where you headed?”

“Spencer,” she replied.

“Now that’s a cowinkiedence,” she grinned, “lived there all my life, I could show you where it is, I know all the secret hiding places,” she positioned the tire, “so, what are you fixin’ to be doin’ in Spencer or is that a big secret?”

“Working for a few weeks,” she replied cautiously.

“Whatever,” she spun the nuts, “not much work in town now that the mill’s closing, my daddy’s the foreman there and he’s looking at early retirement.”

Jodie winced.

“Me, I’m delivering pizzas,” she chuckled, “stands to reason people will always want pizza, but they won’t always need paper what with computers.”

A few minutes later she stood up and wiped her hands on an old tee shirt and looked down at her handiwork with pride.

“Okay, you’re good to go, see,” she grinned, “I told you I’d get you going.”

“What do I owe you?” Jodie moved to the front of the car.

“Owe me?” Melissa stared at her smilingly, “you’re in the middle of West Virginia, we don’t charge folks just for helpin’ out, how’s about you follow me into town and I’ll show you where the auto shop is?”

“I,” she squinted, “I can do that later on or maybe tomorrow, I just want to get unpacked first, they’ve given me a house on Reynolds Street.”

“No problem, I’ll show you where it is,” she beamed.

The thought didn’t bring a smile to Jodie’s face as she followed her into town.

She knew about the mill closure, it was why she was here. Maybe I should have gone to the auto shop first, she stared at the back of the pickup, why didn’t you? You like her, admit it, you’d bed her if she gave you the eye. She bit her lip, keep a low profile out here, don’t give them cause to think you’re different. She braked as Melissa clambered out and ran back to her.

“What number?”


“Oh,” she turned to a white, weatherboard house, “wow, I must be psychic, we’re here.”

Melissa waited while Jodie parked the car in the double driveway. She gathered her strength and glanced at the house, Dyson’s Mills owned it. Would she cotton onto the fact or could she get away with it? She glanced at the mirror. Melissa was talking to her dog and looking across at her.

Okay, front up, if she says anything you’re just going to have to deal with it, nothing for it.

An image pushed itself into her mind, a seductive smile and those swinging hips, she pushed it away and got out. Melissa joined her, the dog hurried towards her with his nose to the ground. Jodie had the rear door open by the time Melissa reached her.

“So, did you buy it or are you just staying a few weeks?” Melissa came to a halt.

“Leasing for a few weeks until this contract is up, then it’s back to New York.”

“That’s a company house,” she frowned, “you’re with them, aren’t you?”

“Yes and no,” Jodie perched on the back floor, “Dyson’s Mill is being closed down by the Alexis Group but Alexis is one of our clients. I work for Edwards Consultancy, we were brought in to counsel the employees and try to find options for them… we, well I, go through their employment history, interests, hobbies and schooling, and put them on the right track to further employment, retraining, or self employment,” she lowered her head.

“So I guess the answer is yes and no. I don’t agree with closures unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when it does happen people should be treated with dignity,” she finished suddenly.

“So,” Melissa dug her hands into her pockets, “you don’t like, lie to folks?”

“Lie?” Jodie stared at her.

“I may be from the Big Apple but I don’t lie to people, unless of course they’ve told me lies and in that case I have been known to put people on the wrong track. If a guy says he’s good with computers and it turns out he spends his spare time chatting on Facebook, then what can I do about it? I just work with the information I’ve got.”

“You must meet all kinds,” she squinted, “my daddy is okay with computers but he’s always been more into gardening and he’s good with cars. He taught me and my brothers everything we know about cars, he has this ’71 Challenger he’s been building up for the last year.”

“Well I guess not knowing much about him,” she pursed her lips, “we’d pursue options like self employment, we’d tell him how to go about setting himself up and if he takes along a letter on our stationery, it can open some doors mecidiyeköy escort that might have been closed before. We can’t guarantee anything of course but we try our best.”

“Short of holding their hands,” Melissa stared at her.

“Yeah,” she nodded, “no hand holding,” she ran a hand through her hair and bit her lip, “I’m sorry, I should have said something out on the road but you were being so nice and I was just too grateful for the help. You really did me a great big favor back there, I just wish you’d take something off me.”

Melissa stared at her, a half smile on her face and Jodie felt her heart skip a beat. What was she doing, psyching her out? Her eyes widened and a nervous smile tugged at Jodie’s lips.

“I don’t agree with the closure, it can rip the heart out of a community, I just try to put a little heart back in, I guess what you did back there is a bit like sleeping with the enemy.”

“It’s not your fault,” Melissa broke in, “no need to make excuses, the mill’s been going badly for years, they got outsiders in to try and fix it but they just left a big hole in the budget and headed on back to New York.”

“I guess,” she shifted, “do you want to come in for a coffee or something, it’s the least I can offer you.”

“Sure,” she shrugged, “you’re not the enemy,” she glanced at her dog, “you don’t mind if Dog comes?”

“Hey, I’m good with dogs, sure you can bring your dog.”

“His name is Dog,” she grinned, “I found him out in the woods, someone just left him tied to a tree and drove away, it’s an easy name to remember.”

The cocksure smile followed her as they carried the suitcases indoors. She was almost childlike, touching furniture and opening windows while Jodie hunted through the kitchen cupboards. Dog padded along behind her, sniffing at her heels and eventually found a cool spot on the kitchen floor and lying down, put his head between his paws and looked at her.

“I thought they’d at least leave something,” she sighed a few minutes later, “looks like a trip to the store unless you want water,” she turned the tap, “at least that works.”

“I’ll go get us some coffee,” Melissa offered, “it’s the least I can do.”

“Okay,” Jodie replied hesitantly, “I’ll fetch some money out of my purse.”

“It’s okay, I got money.”

“Melissa,” she addressed her firmly, “I’ll pay, but thank you all the same.”

“You’re sure?”

“Positive,” Jodie took out a couple of twenties.

Melissa leaned on the bench and studied her for a moment.

“Look, I’m sorry about givin’ you the third degree out there, it’s just been real hard at home, daddy gets depressed and I don’t have the answers, what does a twenty year old know about life he says, you know what I mean?”

“You’ve got twenty years of experience,” she held the money out, “just coffee, sugar and milk.”

“You got it,” she looked down, “come on, Dog, we gotta help the pretty lady from the city.”

“He can stay here if you want,” Jodie reassured her, “I’m good with dogs.”

“Oh he won’t let me go anywhere without him,” she grinned, “come on, Dog.”

The hound rose and looked at her and then at Jodie and sank down with a sigh.

“Well that’s a good sign,” she grinned, “he must trust you, I’ll be back real soon.”

But it was twenty minutes before she returned and Jodie stared at the bags on the counter.

“I got us something from Wendy’s,” she looked up, “out of my money, I figured you’d be hungry and I haven’t eaten since this morning,” she smiled, “you do eat at Wendy’s don’t you?”

“Not normally,” she replied, “but I have been known to indulge.”

“Some folks like to keep their weight down but you don’t look like you put on much weight, you must work out or something.”

“I’ve always had a slim build,” she admitted, “my mom is the same, four kids and she’s still got hips to die for,” she opened a cupboard door, “I saw plates in here somewhere, ah, there we are,” she grabbed two, “I got Dog some water as well.”

“Thanks, he’s a thirsty beast, drinks a whole gallon in one gulp.”

She pulled the containers out, “I got a Chicken Caesar side salad as well as a couple of combos, do you like salads?”

“Thanks,” she brought the plates over, “this is really good of you, I didn’t know how hungry I was until you came back.”

“So, do your folks live in New York?” Melissa asked a little while later.

“Just outside of Detroit,” she replied, “I’ve got two sisters and a brother.”

“Younger or older?”

“My brother is the oldest, then there’s me.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty eight, be twenty nine in a few weeks though.”

“Hey, we’ll have to go out for your birthday,” she grinned, “unless you got other plans?”

“No plans,” she smiled tightly, “I don’t get out much, work takes up too much time.”

“So,” Melissa arranged the food on the plates, “you got a boyfriend?”

“No,” she smiled, “I was married a while back but I haven’t dated a guy since then.”

“Girlfriend?” Melissa looked up cheekily.

It was the look in her eyes that slipped through the widening chink in her armor, Melissa’s eyes narrowed as Jodie looked past her.

“I have been with women, yes,” she exhaled.

“So, you’re like a lesbian or you just like both?” she pushed the plate across, “if I’m being nosy just tell me to fuck off. I’m just curious, not about what I am, but about you, I’m straight.”

“Gay,” she finally managed, “I guess that’s why the marriage failed, I just couldn’t function with a guy,” she picked up the food and drink.

“So,” Melissa followed her to the table, “have you always been that way or was it like a sudden realization?”

“I’ve always been attracted to girls but never thought of it like that, had a one night stand in college, but then Bob came along and I got married because that’s what everyone was doing.”

Melissa digested this news in silence while she chewed her food, eventually she swallowed and smiled a secretive smile, “so, you were like lying to yourself?”

“At the time it didn’t seem so,” she replied between mouthfuls, “but now I think about it, I was lying, but I guess I convinced myself that this was the right thing to do. He wasn’t a bastard. On the contrary, he was nice, gentle and loving but it was like every time we did it I couldn’t wait for him to finish and go to sleep so I could,” she stopped.

“Do it to yourself?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “masturbate.”

“Nothing wrong with masturbating,” she shrugged, “I do it all the time. One time my boyfriend came home on leave and caught me lying on my bed masturbating, he thought it was so not cool.”

“He’s in the military?”

“Yeah, he just got back from Iraq last year, he’s married but he’s leaving her. He comes to see me every six weeks, except for last leave when he had to go to his mother in law’s funeral, but he calls me once a week and sends goofy pictures.”

“Sounds,” she frowned, “complicated.”

“It’s not quite like that,” she replied, “they’ve got two little boys and I respect the fact he’s trying to do the right thing by them, I know it sounds strange but I trust him.”

Jodie looked into her eyes and smiled as she made the connection.

“I guess so, relationships are tricky, still I hope it works out for you guys.”

“So,” Melissa sipped her Coke, “in view of what you just fessed up to, are you okay with me taking you out for dinner? I mean it’s not a date date,” she grinned, “it’s your birthday and birthdays should be celebrated, you got no friends here except for me, so, how about it?”

“Of course I’d be okay,” she blushed, “I do have straight girlfriends you know.”

“If you don’t mind me saying,” she reached out and tugged at her collar, Jodie looked down and Melissa smiled and withdrew.

“I don’t look like one?” Jodie cocked an eyebrow, “well that’s a relief, I try to keep a low profile. I’ve never been into the whole butch thing, I like looking like a lady.”

“Real nice blouse, I’d like to get some style tips off you,” she picked up her Coke, “so it’s a date,” she grinned, “in a manner of speaking.”

“Okay,” she leaned on her palm, “it’s a date, just not that kind of date.”

“Must be hard trying to differentiate between girlfriends and you know, girl friends.”

“It makes life interesting.”

“So, how am I,” she fluffed out her hair, “am I attractive, to a woman?”

Jodie blinked and swallowed her Coke, she pushed the face back into the dark recesses of her mind and smiled.

“Yeah,” she finally replied, “you are attractive.”

“Interesting,” she chewed slowly, “I’d be the butch type I think, I’ve always been a tomboy, comes from having five older brothers. While my girlfriends were having doll parties, I was out shooting birds and messin’ with cars.”

“Never been into guns myself,” she smiled.

“I’m a crack shot,” she grinned, “hit a polecat from a hundred feet away, daddy calls me li’l Annie, I got a Varmint rifle and a twelve gauge.”

“Yeah I saw them in the pickup,” she nodded.

“So,” Melissa pushed her plate away, “a little advice, don’t go outing yourself here, folks are kind of funny about it, they won’t go burning crosses on your front lawn but it could get difficult. We got us a lesbian out in Reedy but Ethel’s not your type. She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, she’d be about fifty five if she’s a day.”

“Sounds, interesting,” Jodie winced, “but I’m more into ladies.”

The conversation lightened a little until just before Melissa left. She stood in the doorway one hand on the edge of the door the other stroking Dog’s head.

“So, would it be okay to come around and see you?”

Jodie looked over as Melissa swept a hand through her hair, “I mean in a straight way.”

“It ain’t too often we get folks like you down here and I could give you inside information on the boys at the mill. Some of them make out they can do things they can’t and I’d hate for any of them to lead you astray. Like Bob, you’d think he can run rings around you with computers, but all he does is sit and watch lesbian porn, you want me to get you some?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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