My Brown Sugar

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Based on a true story…


Lying together in bed, watching one of my favorite movies, Brown Sugar… it was the end of a great night that I would never forget.

I received an email a week earlier from Nita, a sweet girl from Seattle who had been living in Las Vegas for a short while. By the sound of her tone, she had some bad luck when it came to male friends in her life, and was looking for a new one. Naturally, I was happy to oblige.

She happened to be on my side of town one Friday afternoon, so I decided to forgo my lunch and meet with her instead. She sent me a text little bit after 1:00pm telling me she was outside my office, a Lexus dealership, and I quickly made my way to the parking lot to greet her. As I approached her silver Honda Accord, the vision of her figure came more into focus.

Nita had on a casual brown shirt, brown shoes and jean shorts that really highlighted her soft and luscious legs. She was a medium built, full figured woman and was breathtakingly gorgeous! Her eyes, lips and body was beautifully proportionate. We connected instantly.

The funny thing about the first encounter with Nita is that I don’t recall any of the conversation we had in detail. We joked around, had some small talk and discussed what I did for Lexus, as well as why she was completely on the opposite side of town from which she lived. All I know is that I was mesmerized by her voice. I wasn’t sure if she was a singer or not, but her tone was angelic. I couldn’t help but to continue to smile and gaze into the browns of her eyes. We only had about 45 minutes together, certainly not long enough for a deep conversation, so we agreed to continue our encounter later that night, at my Summerlin home. Before we went our separate ways however, we embraced in a full on passionate kiss goodbye. So passionate, in fact that it sent me back to my office not only with a smile, but aroused in anticipation of the night ahead.

Nita showed up at my house just after 8:30 that night. Positively gorgeous, now she wore a small, form fitting jean mini shirt, blue shirt and midlevel heeled sandals. I gave her a hug and invited her into my living room, just before offering her one of my signature drinks; a combination of cran-apple juice, Bacardi and Malibu coconut rum which I called a Showlucination. I quickly conjured up the beverage and joined her on the living room couch, where we restarted our session canlı bahis of small talk. As she finished her drink, she inquired that she’d like the grand tour of my house. I explained that due to only actually renting a room there, it wasn’t much– but the room was indeed large enough to resemble a studio apartment. That said, I could never deny such a beautiful voice’s demands, so we made our way upstairs to the bedroom.

She was greeted upon entry by my cat, who is always vocal towards my company. For a good while, she hadn’t been used to seeing anyone there other than my female sidekick Leilani, so Kitty made sure to say hello to Nita before hiding herself effectively in my closet. I didn’t prepare for a visit upstairs that night, so my bed was unmade. I pulled the comforter up to make it more presentable and turned the TV on, which Brown Sugar had been already been queued up in the DVD player. When I turned around to reface Nita, and proclaim, “So, this is my room!” she stood there before me, completely undressed, as I failed to notice she began removing her clothes as soon as we walked into the room.

Both of Nita’s nipples were pierced, which was new to me. She also had a small tattoo of one of my favorite Disney characters, Goofy on her right breast. At that time I had never been with a woman that had tats and nipple jewelry , so my excitement was strengthened upon that sight. As I stood in front of her feeling her smooth brown skin, and soft body, she loosened my pants and they fell to the floor. She cupped my balls and moved her hand from the base of my shaft to the head, massaging, and gently squeezing the firm tip. Like a gravitational pull, I found myself falling back gently onto my bed, with her right hand on my chest guiding me down which was followed by a sucking session that I could only be compared to the dramatics on camera caught by the good people at Vivid Video. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my toes curled. My body tingled and shook as she worked my knob with her hands, mouth and tongue. Never before have a felt such a great sense of oral satisfaction until this night. She continued for several minutes before I stopped her so that I could return the favor.

I began by kissing her lips, and her neck. I bit the lobes of her ears gently. I kissed her shoulders and chest. I sucked on both of her hardened nipples and played with her sexual jewelry with my tongue. I sucked on her stomach, bahis siteleri and kissed on her thighs, then rolled my tongue slightly over her clit before making my way back onto her thighs, tonguing down her knees, calves and the arches of her feet. I even took the time to suck and lick each and every one of her toes before diving north and savoring her succulent flavor.

I licked her clit in a circular motion, at the same time using the bottom of my mouth to cover her entire princess galaxy. This way I was able to sop up all the fluids she squirted into my throat. I kissed and pleasured her hidden well with all my heart. My tongue stayed firm and active for nearly 40 minutes between her legs. Before I even thought of penetration I wanted to feel the vibration of her orgasms on my cheeks. I wanted to taste the warm explosion of her g-spot as my buds tingled her interior sensory.

As she climaxed, her legs tightened around my face. I smiled with a sense of victory as I kissed the insides of her thighs. As she released her leg grip from my head, I repositioned myself on top of her into missionary position. I kissed her lips to allow her to taste her own nectar, then penetrated deep into the very cavern in which my mouth had made its temporary home. Excited, I moved slowly so that I didn’t finish too quickly. I maintained proper arm posture so I could look into her eyes as I maneuvered in and out of her, giving her my every inch. Every time I sensed myself losing control, I would pull out and alternate penetration with gentle kisses to her clitoris and on the insides of her thighs.

I pulled her to a seated position then guided her to her knees. I gave the cheek of her ass a quick peck from my lips, then positioned myself behind her. I thirsted deep inside from her rear slow and steady, keeping rhythm with every jiggle of her backside. As I worked my magic, I glanced down to see a tattoo across her lower back of the Seattle skyline, with words reading Seattle’s Best above it. We may not have been talking about coffee, but at that very moment I pulled myself from her insides and effectively submitted a hearty dose of warm cream upon that very tattoo. I remained positioned behind her as I caught my breath, watching my warm semen spider down the sides of her back and between the cheeks of her behind. I fell down beside her, and I gave her a look. She smiled back, still on her knees in the doggie style position. bahis şirketleri She knew that had been one of the best lovemaking sessions I ever had. I rolled from the bed and grabbed a fresh hand towel from my laundry basket to gently wipe her down.

As I cleaned my friend’s rear, I noticed several other tattoos on her body. A treble clef musical note on her shoulder, which confirmed my suspicion of her elegantly tuned voice and passion for music and a another Goofy on the exterior of her left calf. Deep inside my heart, I was beginning to think that I found the perfect sexual partner and eventually, I would have to make her mine emotionally. The thought of potentially pursuing a relationship with Nita stimulated me on its own merits. So much that I found myself at full attention once more.

From my back, lying next to Nita, I began to lightly stroke myself with my left hand as I gazed at her. I took a couple of my right fingers into my mouth to moisten them, then gently inserted them in between her walls. I motioned them slowly and thoroughly so that I could feel ever ripple of her soft interior tissue. She then rose to a seated position, and took me into our mouth one more, but just for a moment. She wiped the corner of her lips with a single finger as she rose and stood over me. I admired her glistening goddess body as she began her descent, squatting over me and taking my manhood into her. She thrust her hips in a forward movement and again I could feel every sector of her coochie compound. I reached up and gripped the tips of each of her nipples as she navigated my penis with expert precision. She had a perfect angle of riding penetration that allowed the her fluids mixed with the cool air conditioning to really do a stimulation number on my raw, pulsating member. Soon, I turned her over on her back to resume the missionary position that we started the night in. We had come full circle sexually as I pounded between her legs until she began to climax. Shortly after she had reached the peak of her arousal, I finished as well.

At that moment, it felt as if I spewed my heart and soul into her, forever creating a emotional connection with my new friend. Exhausted, I fell out of Nita’s glory to lay beside her atop of my comforter on my bed. The cat, who had obviously waited for the commotion to end had also re-appeared from the closet and hopped on the bed between us.

Little did I know that this would be a preview of my life’s future. A beautiful woman and a loving pet by my side. Satisfied and optimistic, I reached over and pressed play, as the sounds and visions of Brown Sugar illuminated the remainder of our night.

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