My Cowboy, My Lover

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I saw him across the room. My eyes kept drifting to him, what was it about this guy? He was out on the dance floor and I was sitting at the bar with friends. I couldn’t keep my mind on the conversation going on around me. I envied the girls he danced with, those strong arms around them, looking up into those gorgeous eyes.

After hours of waiting, watching, and hoping that he’d ask me to dance I finally had to make a move. I watched, as he went over and selected songs to play. I walked over to him, pretending to scan the selections and casually started talking to him. The next thing I knew, I was there! Out on the dance floor with him, where I’d wanted to be all night.

The night wore on, and I couldn’t get enough of being next to him. Feeling his body heat radiate into me. Even now, two years later I shiver at the thought of his hands gliding over my back as we danced. The feel of my nipples brushing against his chest. Dancing with David was the single most erotic experience of my life up until that moment.

The hours passed by all to quickly and soon it was time for the bar to close. I managed to make it home, and climbed into my pajamas. I’d begged David for nearly fifteen minutes to come back to my house with the rest of us and I was exhausted. I had barely gotten settled in my bed, when my best friend Tamara came bursting into the room.

“Get Trabzon Escort up! You have to be at David’s in five minutes. He’s waiting for you, we’ll drop you off.”

So the next thing I know I’m loaded into her truck in my pajama’s without so much as a pair of shoes on. We pull up on David’s street, and there he is, waiting outside for me. Tamara practically shoved me out of the truck, threw a pair of sandals at me, and there I was facing one of the most handsome men I’d ever met in my life surrounded by a cloud of dust.

David was a true cowboy. He radiated maleness, and everything about him made him appealing. He was tall, honest, funny, and sexy. He was like a hero cast out of the pages of a romance novel, the cowboy that the rancher’s daughter always falls madly in love with.

We sat on the front porch, talking for hours and I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to make a move on me when finally, during a lull in conversation he leaned into me. I remember watching his mouth descend on me. My pulse quickened, my breathing became shallow. It was like a kiss straight out of the movies. Sweet and chaste to begin with, but always building. Building with heat, desire, passion, and most of all a lust that has yet to be equaled.

I remember his hand, snaking it’s way up under my top, the moan of desire as his hand closed Escort Trabzon around me, teasing my nipple. We were ravenous for each other. He pushed me back against the cool cement of the porch, feeling the cold hard pavement underneath me made my nipples harden more. They were poking out, straining for the attention of David’s hot, wet mouth.

As he kissed me, he lay on top of me, parting my thighs to his exploring hands and fingers. I arched into his hand, needing his touch so badly, wanting to fan the flames of desperation that were lapping inside me. His fingers touched me, and I shivered, moaning into his mouth. I reached down, and drew his fingers into me. Moaning harder, my hips writhing against his hand, I drove him deeper and deeper into me. He brought his fingers to my lips, and I tasted myself. I needed him, my stranger, my cowboy, I needed him inside me.

“Please David, Please. Take me now”

“Are you sure?”

With those words still ringing in the air, I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. Unzipping them, I reached inside to find the treasure that lay hidden. I cupped him then, taking him into my hand, stroking him and feeling his cock hard and pulsing. I was under his spell, I’d do anything to hold him inside me. He moved my shorts aside and I could feel the head of him brushing against my sensitive lips. I gasped Trabzon Escort Bayan with pleasure and rubbed myself against him. My body pleaded with his for release, release that only he could give.

He slid into me, driving to the hilt in one long mind blowing thrust that left me aching for him to move. I was stretched all around him, fitting him so tightly. For what seemed like an eternity he never moved. I could feel him throbbing inside me. I ground my hips into him until at last, I felt him withdrawing. He slammed back into me, thrusting hard against me, driving me into the wall. My moans were muffled by his mouth as again and again he thrust into me, building the rhythm, dancing with me, against me, into me. I cried out, clawing into his back as I came on him, showering his cock with my hot, tasty cum that soaked both of us.

He growled, animalistic and beastly as he gained more speed. I rode with him on another wave to bliss as I felt him cum inside me. He bathed me as shot after shot of his glorious cum filled me, warmed me, and made me feel more feminine than I had ever felt.

We came together again and again on the cement of that old porch that night. Underneath the stars of the Texas sky we clung to each other, wanting desperately to prolong the pleasure of this night. In a few days, he’d return to Arizona leaving me behind dreaming about the passionate nights I’d spent with my Arizona cowboy. Those three nights I felt more alive, more feminine, more cherished than I’d ever felt before. David opened up something in me. We had three more nights of adventure and I wasn’t about to waste any of them.

To Be Continued….

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