My Dream (with Updates)

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I go to sleep every night cuddling BJ and my last thoughts are always of you. Occasionally I will dream, but sadly, not often of you, not as much as I would like anyway.

However this night, the 24th of May 2005 I dreamt of you and ohh boy what a dream it was. I don’t know if it was the physical side or the emotional side that made this dream special and great, but it did something to me. I could never put into words the real feeling, but I’ll do my best.

I was at the airport looking everywhere for you, but I think the harder I looked the harder it was to see you. I could feel him though, like you get the feeling someone is watching you. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I knew it was him, I felt a kiss on my cheek, I still hadn’t turned to look, I was frozen to the spot. I felt his warm soft lips on my skin, something I had longed for for years.

He gently turned me to face him. That was it for me, my ride had begun. I looked at him for the first time. I couldn’t look away from his eyes, they had me trapped, excited, teary, and happy and a lot of other emotions that I cant describe or don’t know the words for. I could see his face moving toward mine and I was powerless to move but I know I wouldn’t have anyway; I have loved this man beyond definition for what seemed like an eternity.

I could smell him before I felt him and I could feel him before I could taste him. He kissed me. I have often tried to imagine what he would smell and taste like, but nothing prepared me for this. Sweet and fresh, warm and tingly and like winter and spring and autumn and summer all mixed into one.

I melted on the spot and got totally lost in the moment. He took my hand and we went to get his luggage and left for home, well our motel first off.

The ride the walk the talk everything we did on the way made me feel beylikdüzü escort like I wasn’t really there, like my body but not me, I was floating way above cloud nine and never thought I would and never wanted to come down. We arrived at the motel and that’s when the nerves hit, like being hit in the face by a cement truck. This was it, this was the time we had both waited so long for. I was totally at a loss of what to do or say. Just looking at him drove me wild I couldn’t even try and imagine what his touch on my body would do. I don’t know if he was nervous to but he didn’t show it if he was.

He put his bags down and came over to me, took me in his arms and whispered in my ear “I love you” those three very small words I had read over and over again, but now I heard them. The feel of him so close sent shivers through my entire body. We held each other for what felt like such a long time and we said things to each other we had wanted to say forever. We kissed and stroked and just touched one and other, letting the reality sink into our heads and hearts.

His body was firm and warm and without realizing it I slid my hands under his shirt, his skin was like electricity against my fingers, sending jolts of excitement through me. I could feel his own hands upon my skin, strong, passionate, knowing hands, his lips on my mouth and then to my neck. I undid the buttons on his shirt and slid it down his arms and let it fall off. I laid my face against his chest to listen to his heartbeat, just to make sure it was real, that it wasn’t just another dream. Rubbing my hands all over his back and ass and kissing his chest and getting naked together. His hands were roaming and exploring everything he could touch but his face and lips never moved far from mine.

I beyoğlu escort don’t think either of us was aware but we ended up on the bed. Just laying there, touching and feeling and building the passion that was only natural to explode. We kissed for along time till I started to move down his body slowly, savoring every part of him I could put my lips on and taste. The sounds coming from him encouraged me to keep going, I continued to move down his body to his chest and nipples, never taking my hands or mouth from him, occasionally returning to his lips for a deep, needed kiss. Down further to his crotch. Oh my god the heat emanating from his body was like a furnace and threatened to scorch my lips. I kissed and licked all around his member and then flicked the tips of his cock with my tongue, licking up and down the sides not missing one bit. Slowly I took him in my mouth. I can’t describe what he felt like except that I had never wanted so much to please him. With his hands in my hair and sounds coming from deep within him, I took all of him in, gently biting him and rolling my tongue around his shaft, taking him in and sucking him out, I think I was enjoying it at least as much as him, I enjoyed seeing how his body reacted to things and hearing him say my name. I could feel him getting ready to explode and fot the first time in my life, I wanted it.

Much to my disappointment he stopped me and pulled me back up to him, his face red with heat and lust he kissed me again. His tongue darting around my mouth and biting my lips, the kiss just grew into an encounter of its own.

I wanted him inside me, I needed him to be there.

I positioned myself over him and rubbed myself against him, I felt like I was going to have an orgasm then and the selfish, self bizimkent escort pleasing side of me almost let it happen but I wanted our first time to be in unison. Slowly, bit by bit I lowered myself on him, I will never for as long as I live forget that feeling, after 2 or more years of waiting to be with the only man I have ever really loved, it was almost like but far better than the first time. I could feel every ripple and crease and every detail of him inside me. I didn’t realize it that I had tears running down my face until he kissed them away. They were tears of joy and ecstasy and a final release of waiting. I moved up and down his shaft, adding pressure and tightening my ass cheeks dragging his balls up with the upward motion. He had his hands on my shoulders, pushing me further onto him, gradually until he was buried deep within me, with beads of sweat glistening our bodies we rode to heaven together. His fingers dug deeper into my body and his groans growing louder we were both ready, I rode deeper and harder, tighter and stronger; I could feel myself losing control. With a hard push from him to meet me we both let out a cry of finality, I didn’t stop; I wanted to drain every drop from him. With my own orgasm pulsating around his cock and my muscles squeezing every bit of his essence from him we were both in heaven, literally.

We lay side by side me in another world and him in his own but at the same time so close and so much as one, nothing could separate us now or ever. We slept but now the dreams were real. Not fantasy. I can reach out in the night and touch him and he’s right there beside me where I think he was always meant to be.

The End

The Update

Three days after my dream we split up and now my dreams are nightmares or sad and missing so much, I will never have that feeling I needed so much from him. I will never see or hear him, or feel his touch or his warmth; this loss is like a death.

Today would have been our ninth anniversary, I had to finish this story and this dream that was so real to me to try and make some sense of what’s happening. Instead of being on cloud nine, I am in a living hell and it’s too hot down here.

The End

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