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This took place back in 1978. I was just retired from active duty in the USN, married and fucking a lot of women. My wife at the time was pretty straight laced and to my knowledge, did not fuck around when I was away on cruises at sea. Not that I didn’t encourage her to do that. She loved to fuck, but insisted she could always wait for me to fuck her when I got home.

Well, the inevitable happened and she caught me fucking another woman in our shower, and we split up. No divorce, just a separation. While we were separated, I visited her a lot while trying to patch things up. I did my best to explain to her that it was just sex and I had never been able to ignore my stiff cock. She just didn’t understand so I was now separated and on my own.

One Saturday morning about 11am I went her apartment, and she answered the door in her robe. Now she is not a late sleeper, so I was wondering why she wasn’t dressed. She had the greatest set of tits and they didn’t sag even thought they were a D cup because they were so firm. Anyway, I started to make my move to seduce her knowing she had nothing on under that robe. It took a while, but I finally got the robe off her and was doing the fore play stuff sucking her nice tits and kissing her neck and shoulders.

I began to move down from her tits and was kissing her belly, then tried to move to eat her pussy. She was having none of it and I could smell that she was not “fresh” . Alarm bells are ringing in my head and decided she was not dressed because someone had just fucked her. The aroma of her cunt was another sign. Finally, I relented and just eased my cock into her. I am about crazy at this point with excitement. As my cock entered, she was very wet and loose. I have had lots of sloppy seconds before and knew my cock was swimming in another mans cum. I loved it. I knew immediately she had been fucked, and recently. Her cunt was was so loose there was no mistaking something pretty big had recently been in her. As I fucked her I kept telling her she had never been this wet and loose and that she had just been fucked by someone. She kept telling me that wasn’t true. However, I kept telling her I was not upset and love the feeling of sloppy seconds.

Finally she said, “it is not sloppy seconds, it is sloppy thirds”. WOW I couldn’t believe it, my wife that said she could always wait for me to fuck her, had fucked someone, and at least 3 times or maybe 3 guys, I assured her that it was ok since we were separated and she was free to do whatever she wanted and with whomever she wanted.

I kept fucking her and pressing her for details. As she became more confident that I was not upset, she told me it was our mutual friend, and my shipmate Harvey. WOW now I am really excited because Harvey is black and I have seen him in the shower aboard ship. He makes my 6inches look like a little cock. He is easily 6 inches when he is soft. Little by little the details came out.

She had seen him in the Chief’s club the night before and they danced and she could feel his cock against her. She kept feeling it getting harder as they danced and finally, she wound up taking him home with her. He had fucked her twice during the night and just before I got there. We had not missed” title=”escort bayan”>escort bayan each other more than 5 minutes and she was just headed to the shower when I arrived.

Now I was really turned on and my cock was a ticking time bomb. I asked her to get on her knees since she loves it from behind. When her ass was in the air, I looked at her cunt and it was so red, wet, and open. I couldn’t resist. As I moved toward her, I just dipped my head and started licking her cunt. At first she protested because she thought it dirty. I kept at it until she came, and she said “get on your back. You want it, I will let you have it”.

I lay on my back and she straddled my head and lowered her cunt to my lips. Now gravity helped and what cum was in there started to flow and I was licking her fast and deep. Different taste, but I had tasted my own cum many times, but this was a first and not really different than mine.

I finally slid out from under her after she had cum hard a couple times, and I stuck my cock back in her and fucked her as hard as I could. After I shot my load, we lay in the afterglow and talked. I cum a lot and she said it was strange. Harvey has such a big cock but does not cum very much in volume compared to me.

I found out that it was the first time they had hooked up and she wouldn’t mind it again. I told her I would love to do this again, and asked if she would call me after he fucked her so I could enjoy the sloppy seconds. She promised she would and it would be soon.

We soon moved back in together with a new understanding, and we began to have Harvey as a guest on a regular basis. A lot more to tell, but for another time.


After my wife and I reconciled and we resumed our marriage, we began to communicate our true likes and feelings as regards sex.

I confessed that at a very young age, I began my sexual exploits with my brother because my hormones were raging and girls didn’t fuck in those days. I quickly exposed to his friends and was giving blow jobs to older boys in the neighborhood. A lot of other things were confessed to her, but because I was on active duty, I resisted any temptation towards another male not wanting to risk my career. Not that the desire ever went away.

She even confessed a little passive interest in other women, but had no idea how to approach that subject. I filed that little tidbit away in my brain for future reference.

Anyway, I brought her completely understand that I long ago separated sex and love. I had no problem with her getting fucked by others if that is what she wanted to do. I explained that I might fuck other women, but I would always come home to her. I had no desire to move in with, or marry, another woman.

For a while, she was a little uncomfortable with the idea of getting fucked outside our marriage. Then one night I was in earlier than she and went to bed without her. About midnight she came in and woke me without meaning to. I asked her how her evening had been and as she undressed, I noticed she had no panties on. She always wears panties, so my antenna immediately extended.

She went and brushed her teeth and came back naked and got into bed. Again unusual, because she always slept in a tee shirt or something of mine” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan long and warm. I put my hand between her legs and immediately knew she had been fucked. When I asked she was immediately honest and said yes, she had met a guy at the Chiefs club and got interested and let him take her to a local motel. He fucked her 2 times in a short period. Pretty plain fuck because he was not that well endowed, just a good looking guy that got her juices flowing.

I immediately went to work fucking her and enjoying the feeling of the cum in her cunt. I love sloppy seconds. The lubrication is fantastic and it is so hot knowing another guy has just fucked your wife and she enjoyed it. While I was fucking her, she said “you really like me being a little tramp don’t you?” I told her I wasn’t thinking of her as a tramp, that was a societal judgment because women who fuck around are tramps, but men that do the same thing are studs. Double standards to which I don’t subscribe. After all, who are we “studs” going to fuck if we didn’t have women who liked to fuck as much as we do?

I also told her I had seen Harvey but we had not had a chance to talk, but I was going to invite him to dinner Friday.

I saw him the next day and we had a quite conversation. I finally told him I knew all about him and my wife. He went a little pale thinking I was pissed. I quickly assured him I was not upset, and in fact, had enjoyed fucking her after he had. I then asked him to come to dinner on Friday evening. He agreed quickly and we set a time.

When he arrived at the house, we had a before dinner cocktail, and then enjoyed a nice meal. There seemed to be a little tension in the air, so I again assured him I was ok with their sexual tryst while we were separated. We sat around the living room after dinner, and my wife went and got into something more comfortable (cliché). She was hot with the thought of fucking Harv again. I was hot with the thought of watching her get fucked and was anxious to see his cock hard. I had seen him many times in the shower, soft, and wanted to see how big it actually got.

She sat on the couch with him and started to snuggle up and rub his thigh. He seemed really nervous with me sitting there so I went to the kitchen and took my time freshening our drinks. I took about 15 minutes more than necessary and noticed it had really gotten quiet except for my noise in the kitchen.

When I went back in the living room, Harv was on his knees in front of her and his head was buried in her cunt. I got undressed quietly and sat in my chair and watched as he ate her cunt. She was soon thrashing and moaning and telling him to stop eating her and fuck her.

He dropped his pants and then his boxers. The moment of truth for me, his cock sprang up and it was beautiful. He was uncut but was so hard the foreskin was nearly all the way off his cock head. He looked to be a foot long with a nearly plumb size head. It was actually 9 plus inches (we later measured it), but that is a good 2 to 21/2 inches longer than mine, but the girth was nearly 2 times mine with that huge plumb like head.

He took hold of her legs and she scooted more toward the edge of the couch and moved his cock toward her pussy.” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort She took hold of it in her hand and rubbed it up and down her slit until she had it really lubricated with her juices. He started to penetrate her, and she was trying to help him, but she clearly had a hard time getting the head started. She put her legs as far in the air and her feet as far apart as I have ever seen her. The head finally popped in and she made a gasp and told him to stop. After she adjusted to the invasion, he began to ease it in deeper. Pretty soon, his pubic hair and hers met. He was in all the way and just seemed to try to shove it deeper without withdrawing at all. I thought he was already filling her with his cum.

After a couple minutes, he started to fuck her by taking his cock about half way out and then slowly shove it back in until he bottomed out. I was watching from about 3 feet away, but moved closer so I could get a better look. I will never forget the sight of his cock and the contrast of his black cock and were white pussy. Every time he pulled his cock partially out, it looked like her cunt was going to turn inside out. Then he would bury it again. He fucked her like that for about 10 minutes, then his strokes became longer and faster and I knew he was soon to cum.

When he finally reached the point of no return, he shoved his cock in to the bottom and unloaded deep in her pussy. They lay there for a minute or so, and then his cock finally went soft and he eased out of her. His cock was all wet with her juices and his cum and was nearly dripping when it came out. I wanted to suck his cock so bad and clean it up, but resisted because I was not sure of his reaction.

She also knew I wanted to suck his cock clean but said nothing and just moved in and started to suck her tits, and moving steadily south to her pussy. When I got there I licked her thighs, and lips, then started he suck her clit. The more I worked on her clit the more animated she got and soon had me on my back and sitting on my face. No words were spoken, but she worked her pussy muscles and soon I was getting his cum out of her. After she had a great orgasm, she moved back and sat on my cock and fucked me from above. I didn’t last very long because I was soooo excited, and soon unloaded my cum into her cunt. She rested there until I was completely soft and as she got off, my cum just fell out of her on my cock and balls.

To my surprise, Harv immediately took my soft cock into his mouth and sucked me clean and lapped all my cum off my body. Then he turned his attention to her and sucked her cunt until he had what was left of my cum out of her. I knew then this was going to be a great relationship.

I then moved below him and sucked his cock until he was hard again. I loved that huge head in my mouth and it was so sexy when his foreskin moved back off the head when he was hard. I pulled him by the cock to her cunt and helped him put it back in her. She was a rag doll when he finished fucking her this time. When he finished, he thanked us for the evening, dressed and left.

I helped her back to our bedroom and she just went right to sleep. When we awoke the next morning, I made her let me eat her before I would let her go pee. The intensity of eating her and her need to piss was too much for her and she jumped up and flew to the bathroom to piss.

We spent the day fucking and making plans for expanding her circle of lovers.

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