My Fantasy

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I was alone one night and thought I would call on an old friend from high school. I hadn’t seen him in a couple years and thought that it would be fun to catch up on old times. Before I go any further, I should tell you that this is the guy that I lost my virginity to, and we also slept with each other for a good two years in high school. We had some great fuck sessions.

So I called on Jared. He had a way of getting what he wanted with me. He said, “Sure, I’ll come over. What do you have in mind?” Oh, nothing. Knowing good well what I had in mind.

It took him about 30 minutes to get to my house, and, in the meantime, I decided to take a long relaxing bath, with candles, the works.

When Jared got there, he just walked right on in since he had always done that. He found me in the bath, playing with my favorite 8-inch vibrator. “You know, I could help you with that.” I know, that is why I asked you over here, I thought. So, he proceeded escort ataşehir to wash my back and then asked if I wanted some company. I said sure.

He proceeded to get undressed and I noticed when he took his tight jeans off that he already had an erection. Boy, did I love that cock. He slipped into the bath with me and we started talking about how we used to have fun in high school. How we would always sneak over to each other’s houses to fuck or to just talk which led to fucking. Boy, do I miss those days.

I started feeling my pussy get wet, so I thought that I would make a move. I started to rub my foot along the inside of this thigh. He about jumped when I did that. “I can tell you are in the mood.” Hell yeah, I am in the mood. We decide to get out of the bath and head to the bedroom.

He lays me down on the bed and starts to suck on my tits, ever so gently. Hmmm that felt so good. First touch in years. kadıköy escort Next thing I know he is running his hand down my stomach inching his way down to my ever so wet pussy. He plays with the slit a little bit until he knows that I am about to go nuts. Then he opens up my pussy and finds the right spot. He always knew I loved having my clit rubbed. I tell him to eat me, and he obeys very nicely. He gets down there and goes to business licking up all my wetness. He sticks one, two, three, and then four fingers inside of me. Oh, it feels so good to have a man do this again.

I am aching for his hard cock to be inside of me again. So, I tell him to lie down and I get on top of him and buck him like never before. I love the feel of a hard cock inside me, And, yes, size does matter. Jared has a full 10-inch cock that is so addictive. I lean back just enough so he can rub my clit. Oh, that with the combination of his cock inside maltepe escort bayan of me just about puts me over the edge. It doesn’t take that long before I am going into convulsions with my first orgasm. Oh, it felt so good to be having an orgasm on a dick again.

After that, we rested for about 5 minutes and then Jared decided he wanted my pussy doggie style. So, I bent down and he jammed it in me so hard that I let out a gasp. He giggled at that and started ramming me harder and harder. Oh, I love that cock. While he was fucking me from behind, he started inserting his finger in my ass. I love that.

We spent about 5 hours that night pleasing each other. I had many orgasms. I lost count at 10. He spent the night with me and all of the next day. I loved it. He’s the best lover I have ever had to date.

That was 5 years ago. Today we are married with a little boy named Jared Jr. who is 5 years old. Yes, he is the product of that night. What a memory to have. We are expecting our second baby in 2 months. They say it’s a girl but you never know.

I hope you enjoyed my first story. Please send criticism – I would love to hear from anyone. I need to know what I have to change and such. Thanks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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