My First and Last Love

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Kara looked around the bar with her two girl friends at the table with her. She was looking for the most out of place and found him. “Geek with the clothes out of a military mag but wearing the slip on loafers,” she announced to her two friends. She saw him glance toward their table and wondered if he had heard her over the music in the bar.

“Yeah but will you do the bet now,” Val asked looking at her friend and saw her look as if a challenge had been accepted. She looked at her friend of many years and wondered if she really had it in her to do this after her run of previous bad relationships.

“No, I wouldn’t do it, Kara,” Jill said sipping her vodka tonic between words almost. “This was all just for fun and kidding around wasn’t it,” she asked and heard Val’s silence and saw Kara’s look of “I’ll get you for this later.”

Kara picked up her handbag and put it on her shoulder. She straightened her dress while getting up from the table but paused as she looked at him again. She had never even seen this guy in the bar before and he looked like someone you wouldn’t even find in a geek convention. Her eyes went to her two girl friends at the table with her once again and saw the I dare you look in Val’s eyes still.

“Well, what are you waiting for, you little bitch? Go and get him. You’ll probably never even get near him,” Val stated as she prodded Kara. She knew Kara was nervous but knew that this guy was probably a computer geek that was so safe that grass grew under his feet.

“You don’t have too,” Jill said as she looked at Kara staring at the man. She looked at Val smile and then opened her small purse. “Here is your five hundred. Now let Kara alone,” Jill said watching Val push the money back to her.

“No, I want Kara’s hard earned cash or her to honor the bet,” Val said with a devilish tone. “Besides, she is the one that needs to get laid or else go mad,” she stated bringing up the fact that Kara hadn’t had a man in over a year now. She looked at Kara take a deep breath and then walk away from the table without a backward glance. “I’ve done this plenty of times. It’s nothing,” Val stated to Jill seeing Kara again glance back.

Kara looked at him even more nearing the small table in the corner of the bar. She saw the cowboy style hat on the table and that he had a bag that probably contained his computer in it by his side pressed between himself and the wall of the bar. She glanced back now almost was half way there and looked back to see Val staring hard at her and saw Jill even waving her on now.

I looked at the people in the bar and saw a young woman walking his way from the table he had been watching. I knew that wasn’t going to ever happen here and almost laughed at himself for even thinking such a thing. I believed in lucky but this was just fate, I guessed.

Kara walking gracefully and seductively as she could now nearing the table, she felt someone’s hand touch her and she jumped slightly forward too fast, losing her footing falling forward only to land with her head in the man’s lap, quite literally.

“I don’t think you meant this for me somehow,” I said helping the young woman up slowly to her feet. He noticed that she was all right but very nervous and blushing as red as a ripe cherry after the incident.

Kara looked up and realized that she had landed right in his crotch, smelling the fragrance of cologne him and something else but couldn’t remember the scent. She looked up into his eyes as they stared down at her now. She thought they looked caring and yet a little nervous. “I’m very sorry. I was coming to introduce myself after seeing you from across the bar and some creep decided to grope me at one of those tables over there,” Kara said, nearly in tears now in embarrassment. She had not thought about anyone groping her as she came over to this table.

“I’m certain that the person won’t do that again,” I stated watching her pull down her dress and then slide into the chair across from him at the small table. She had totally caught him off guard when falling into him and now thought this small talk was it due to that alone or more, I wondered.

Kara regained her composure and then looked at the man again. She thought he seemed safe enough and since he hadn’t made any crude remarks or anything, maybe he was safe to use like this. She still disliked using him like this and yet wanted to find out more about this one for some reason. She looked back to the table where Val and Jill were sitting and saw that each were laughing themselves red faced at her fall right into his crotch.

“So let’s begin again then, shall we,” I asked looking at this woman and thought she was very pretty but hated her tightly pulled back hairstyle and her excessively use of makeup. I thought she looked like a doll with that much face paint on and wondered what her face really looked like underneath it now. I knew the reason why she was painted up like this.

“I’m Kara,” she said looking into those hazel eyes and offering her hand for him to shake without thinking. She knew she had blown this now since this wasn’t business she was trying to do. Instead, she felt his hand take hers very gently, then watched his head lower to kiss the top of her hand. She was glad she had washed her hands now, casino oyna never expected anyone in this era to kiss her hand like this. She felt his warm, soft lips touch the top of her hand for only a second and then saw him raise his head back to look at her. She felt him continue to hold her hand and saw him looking at it intensely now.

“You do a lot of computer work at the keyboard for those close cut nails,” I said, releasing her hand and watching her draw it back slowly. I smiled at her and said, “It is a lovely name.”

Kara made a few minutes of small talk with him. She wondered how to get him to her place now. She noticed that Val and Jill were now gone and wondered if she would still go through with this. She looked at the table again and saw that he only had a cup of hot tea with a small steel teapot before him at the table, something very unusual for a bar. She had found her way possibly and then asked, “Would you mind driving me home? My friends left me without a ride and so many others here look like they shouldn’t drive or might take advantage of the situation.”

“I would be happy to escort you home,” I replied, getting up. swinging his bag’s strap over my head and then coming around beside her chair. I offered her my hand and saw her pause then take it.

Kara thought she had made a big mistake now. She had only read about this time in the news as killers or other fiends. She had never seen such a polite and well-mannered man, especially not here at this bar. She took his hand and felt the same gentleness as before as he took her hand to help her up. She felt her weight shift suddenly hearing the snap of her left heel of her new shoes break off. She felt strength in this slender arms now as he suddenly grabbed her by the waist and supported her.

“We can’t have you falling again,” I said, smiling at her and nearly laughing this time. I looked at her blush again but not quite as deeply this time as before.

“I knew these shoes were crap when I bought them,” Kara exclaimed as she felt him release her as she regained her balance, quickly taking off her high heels and watched him lead the way for her. She noticed that it almost appeared as if the crowded bar parted for him but thought it was probably only her having a little too much to drink. She had consumed four vodka tonics with lime, making her total seven, and saw him drink only tea the entire time they were talking at his table.

I led her to his car without so much as a word and pressed the button on the fob, watching the car lights come on, doors unlock and the vehicle start.

She felt the cool night air on her and it made her come to her senses a little more again. Looking at the car and thought it didn’t match his dress at all. She like this new style of car and watched him open the passenger side door for her. She also saw him pull a small bag from behind the seat.

“If you have to get sick, please use the bag,” I said, presenting it to her as I realized just how intoxicated she might be. I closed the car door and went around to the driver’s side. I really hoped she didn’t get sick, this would kill my mood totally.

Kara watched him getting into the vehicle but saw him pause doing something with his bag before putting it in the back seat and placing his hat on a hook on the seatback, before getting into the car. She felt the leather seats and felt warmth coming from the seat and realized that it was a heated seat. She saw finally him get in and heard him say something but hadn’t been listening.

“Where do you live,” I asked again staring into her eyes and didn’t think she looked all that drunk. I knew however, that didn’t mean much in reality.

“Oh, I live at 132nd Palace Place,” Kara said, watching him touch a button, say the address, seeing a small map popup on the windshield between them. She now saw just how expensive this car much have been as much of it was voice or touch activated. She saw him take the wheel just as gently as he had taken her hand and steered the car from the lot.

They rode in complete silence as they went to her address, neither of them really knowing what to say at this moment. They simply listened to the car’s growling engine as they traveled.

Once at her address, Kara watched him pull into a visitor’s parking place and then exit the car but pause again to get his hat from the car and mess with something else. She saw him come around and open her door, wondering how to get him into her place now. She watched as he led the way again for her as they walked up to her condo’s door. She opened the door after fumbling with her keys and saw him peer into the first large room. “Why don’t you come in and stay a while,” she asked boldly, feeling it was time to make her move.

“All right but just for a little while,” I replied, turning and pointing the key fob at his car and seeing it turn off and shut down completely.

Kara watched him followed her into the condo’s living area and saw him still wearing that hat. She saw him look for a place to hang or put it and finally she took it carefully and placed it on the shelf in the closet. “Sit down while I go get more comfortable. Make yourself more comfortable too,” Kara quickly told him, walking back into the bedroom and getting her sexiest nighty. canlı casino She then dashed to the bathroom to clean up a little from work.

After washing up a bit, taking off much of her makeup, checking her hair and putting on a sheer robe instead of the nighty, she exited the bathroom. She looked at him and saw that he was sitting on the sofa with his slip on loafer now beside the door. Kara walked over to him, watching him staring at her body through the sheer cream-colored robe. She saw him look at her face now and saw smile at her.

“I knew a real woman existed somewhere under all that makeup,” I said looking at her. I had not intended on staring at her through the sheer robe but could not help himself. I had never seen an actual woman before and felt like this was a dream and not actually happening now to him.

Kara looked at him, looking at her face now, while she leaned forward slowly, and kissed him for the first time. She didn’t feel him kiss back as she had the others before him; instead, feeling him pull away from her as she started to open her mouth to lick his lips during her kiss. “Is something wrong,” she asked seeing him looking very nervous now. She now realized his manners with her were not a come on but to disguise the truth about himself. She looked at him and said, “It will be all right. We can take everything slow.” Kara had heard of virgin males before but never herself found or been with one. She had heard the tales from other women she knew but those were of young boys just out of high school or still in it even.

“All right, but I,” I started to confess to her. I looked at her beautiful face and form becoming that much more nervous. I knew some things were going to have to change later, but right now, I would let her do as she wished.

“Just follow my lead for time,” she said getting up, taking his hand and gently guided him into the bedroom. Kara had never before led a man to her bedroom. Most had either pulled or carried her there for their conquest. The heat built like a steady small fire between her legs as she felt her body excited by this event of having a man for his first time ever with a woman. She knew that she had to slow down her own drives and desires so that this would be more than just sex for him. She stopped him as he got to the foot of the king sized bed and looked at him once again. She thought he wasn’t much to look at and wondered if he believed she was either. Kara always knew that she wasn’t the most beautiful woman but knew she could hold her own or even win against most in any pageant. She still had her cheerleader body but with a little extra weight in the right places now making her shapelier but still fit. She gently clasped his hands and looked at him. “Nothing will happen that you do not want,” she said as she remembered the line of her first lover to her; wondering now how corny it sounded to him but saw him smile at her. She started with the suspenders and upon dropping them saw his pants remain up still. She liked this and pulled at the tucked in shirt until it was out before starting at the top button and unbuttoning his shirt.

I felt her warm soft fingertip touching me over and over while she unbuttoned the shirt. I was lost in the subtle scent that came from her and the look of her near me.

She smiled at him and kept looking into his eyes in glances as she unbuttoned each button until she was finished. She carefully pushed back his shirt off his shoulders and found a less fit than usual body of a male with a few extra pounds on it. She wasn’t use to this but thought it matched his geek lifestyle of being seated most of his days. Kara looked at him looking at her now and could feel his eyes on her body. Not looking at it like most men but looking at it as if it was a fine sculpture or work of art that might crumble at the touch. She knew she had to get him over this but also had much more to teach him before that level began.

She reached around to hug him and suddenly felt something hard and big on the back of his pants. Kara jumped suddenly in surprise, as she knew what she felt and what that smell had come from on him. She watched him carefully pull out the pistol from the concealment holster and place it on the table over beside the bed within reach. She saw that he was very nervous about this now. “It’s all right. Even I carry a .22 pistol at times when going places, just not out drinking and bar hopping,” she stated looking at him smile and seem relieved. “You can talk you know,” she said feeling the silence as deafening in the room.

“You are so beautiful,” I stated gazing at her brown eyes and chestnut blonde hair the color of some fine rich wood. I reached out and gently touched her face, watching her eyes close, seeing her push her cheek to my soft and gentle touch.

Kara felt his touch as electrifying and felt it instantly make her body nearly shiver in excitement. She hadn’t been with a man in over a year and she knew that was nothing compared to this one’s first time. She knew that he had to be in his mid-thirties at least. She opened her eyes to see him simply staring at her reaction to him. She grabbed his belt and unfastened it and then his pants. She felt a little something as she did and wondered if she had picked a little boy one. kaçak casino It didn’t matter now since she had the prospect of this new experience for herself. She looked at his underwear and saw boxers that were a lot different than she was use to seeing but was not use to seeing legs that looked like a weightlifter’s legs. They did not match his upper body, she thought as she glanced back at them. She looked back up at him, leaning in close, feeling her lips touch his and opened them just enough to lick his still closed lips with her tongue. She hugged him to her as she continued the kiss feeling his body slowly respond through the thin fabric of the boxers. She broke the kiss and saw him with his eyes closed now. She thought of how many times this had been her own reaction to being kissed like that. Then also thought of the many times the men had roughly kissed her, just treating her badly all through the experience. She wondered if their first times had shaded how they acted toward women the rest of their lives. She would not let this happen with him at least.

“Kara, I don’t have anything,” I said softly, looking at her, amazed at how her kiss had felt and how it had made me feel. I had never felt anything like it before and now knew that I had to again.

She put her finger over his lips stopping him from speaking and said, “we don’t need anything, really.” She replaced her finger with her mouth and this time felt his lips part. She felt the tips of their soft, wet tongues touch and felt the spark go straight to her loins. She kissed him a little harder as she hugged to him again, feeling him hug her back now and felt his hands caress her back moving downward to gently touch her ass before going back up to her waist. She broke the kiss and pulled away from him slowly and upon looking at his boxer shorts said, “we don’t need these anymore.” Kara quickly took the waistband and pulled it out a little toward her as she pushed them down off him, expertly. She was surprised and excited to see an average sized organ. His penis wasn’t too big as a lot or just odd as some were. It looked like a picture from health class in high school. She almost reached out to touch it and then stopped. She didn’t know how much stimulation he could take yet, besides she had something more fun in store for him. She carefully kissed his lips moments later going to lower with each light, butterfly kiss of her soft, wet lips. She looked at his nearly hairless chest and thought it was a pleasant change from a few of the monsters that she had before.

I still could not believe this was happening. Not like this and during a business appointment I should have been done with by now. I still couldn’t believe how beautiful she was as she stood before him.

Kara knelt on one knee as she kissed his chest, lighting on first one nipple and then the other before going lower. She glanced up and saw him with closed eyes just taking in the feeling of everything she was doing to him. Deciding it was time to move lower, she felt his soft belly beneath her lips, moved lower finding his navel, dipping her tongue into its softness, feeling and hearing him catch his breath from her kiss. She had heard more than one man moan aloud at her tender love toward this spot and wondered why he not had now. She felt the firm, softness of the tip of his erect penis now touch her neck and pulled back away. She looked at him and saw him looking down at her now as if knowing what to expect but not really expecting it to happen. “Close your eyes and just relax and you’ll enjoy this,” Kara stated playfully being more excited herself than ever at having this man for his first time ever. She would make this happen for him. She didn’t know his name, she realized but thought better than to ask that right now. She didn’t want to kill the mood she had put so much effort into. She leaned forward, touched her lips to the place just over from his erect penis, and felt him tense. She felt his curly hair there but it was not like most men, it was velvet soft to the touch, and smelled of the same scent as his cologne. She knew that she might have this happen quicker than she had thought for both of them if not mindful. She carefully moved lower to his left thigh and then moved over to the center as she kissed in little, light, lip nibbles. She felt him jump slightly while touching her lips to his nearly hairless sac and she smelled his sex at last. That thick smell of a male that was different with each one. She moved upward and touched her lips to the base of his organ. She felt the softness of the skin of his manhood and felt the warmth of it on her lips as she did little kisses. She touched to the small V on it where the most sensitive tip met stem and felt it jump on its own as he cried out softly for the first time. She wrapped her left arm around him and knelt upright a little more. She opened her mouth and took in just the tip of him. She moved her tongue around, feeling the soft but firmness of the tip, and tasting a tiny bit of his sweet precum. She touched her tongue to the small slit opening and felt his organ surge again. She knew this meaning all too well, feeling it many times before with others. She worked her tongue frantically over the tip as she pulled in more of him into her mouth. She felt the hot fluid flung back into her mouth and throat and didn’t stop her actions until she felt him finish, only needing to swallow only at the end. She swallowed again just to clear her mouth and then pulled off him in silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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