My First Steps as a Cougar Ch. 03

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This tale follows on directly from My First Steps as a Cougar 1 getting their rocks off, and I’m just the girl to help!

During the next week or so I researched the subject in some detail and had a fair idea how the system worked. It seemed that unattached ladies were in high demand, and the almost universal entrance fee was €10 which included a drink! Men were not so lucky, but €40 (plus two drinks) didn’t seem unreasonable.

I chose my club. It wasn’t the nearest, but it had very reasonable overnight accommodation and, well just and!

The Thursday arrived and he set off.

Thursday was my preferred day, as my target club was open only until 11pm. On Friday and Saturday it stayed open until 2am, and I figure that would be when most of the action would take place. I’m not staying up ’til then for a shag.

I spent the day primping and prepping, wondering if I would actually go or not. I got into the car, but could always back out, or so I thought. I made every excuse under the sun until I arrived at the club and rang the bell.

I won’t bore you with the entry procedure or the guided tour, but it was way beyond my expectations, very nicely furnished with subdued lighting and lots of cosy corners as well as various play rooms. One room contained something between a dentist’s chair and a gynaecological table, which I couldn’t fathom, so I made a mental note to come back later to see it in action.

Like most party goers, I gravitated towards the jacuzzi and, without hesitation

shed my towel and climbed in. Even though I have lived in Spain now for four years, my Spanish is far from fluent, besides I haven’t needed the words for blow job, cunnilingus, and would you like to go and fuck. They just were not in our ‘introduction to Spanish’ course!

It wasn’t long before a rather dishy, forty something, made his move.

“No te he visto aquí antes.”

Whereas I understood, I was in no position to reply. So I mumbled something in English and to my surprise he said.

“Oh that’s so much easier! You cannot believe how hard it is to strike up a flirty conversation in Spanish.”

“So this is a flirty conversation?”

“Well, only if you want it to be. My name’s David.”

I thought, ‘fair enough’, here we are, naked, in a jacuzzi, at a swingers club, it would be absurd to pretend we both didn’t have some notion of how the evening might progress.

“And mine’s Phillipa.”

“So what brings you here Phillipa?”

“Spain or club Extásis?”

“Well both really.”

“You’d never guess.”

“Can I try?”

“Of course.”

“Do you mind if my guesses are personal?”

We have never met before. We are sitting in a jacuzzi. We are naked, and he asks me if I mind a personal question: bizarre!

“No, go ahead.”

“You are between relationships and you want some uncomplicated fun?”


“Hubby or boyfriend has a mid life crisis, doesn’t realise what he’s missing, and bought a fast car and run off with an even faster woman?”

“No, wrong again.”

“Give up.”

“Golf! My turn, and you?”

“We….” He said running his fingers up and down my spine.

“We?” I queried.

“Yes, Michelle and I started in the life style a couple of years ago. It was her idea really……..”

Somehow I never thought about being hit on by part of a couple. Not that I minded, I just didn’t imagine that’s how it would be. His fingers on my spine were really rather delicious.

“So where is she?”

“Not entirely sure, but in one of the play rooms upstairs with her two new friends.”

Now, that I was not expecting. Two!

“Shall we continue our chat in the bar before we turn into prunes?”

We stood and made our way out. I felt his arm round my waist. What? Naked, with a stranger and he’s got his arm round my waist? Fantastic! I couldn’t resist checking him out. Nice uncircumcised cock, dangly balls and not a hair in sight.

“It’s so easy for her,” David continued, “she just has to shoot someone her best ‘cum fuck me look’ and they follow her to wherever she chooses. Tonight there were two young guys chatting in here and she sat down between istanbul escort them and….

…., well the rest is taking place somewhere upstairs.”

“And you’re cool with that?”

“Of course. Goose and Gander stuff. We often compare notes when we get home and, lets just say, why eat plain chicken when you can have jalfrezi. You know it makes things sort of spicy.”

Interesting attitude, but lucky them, I thought.

“So what’s your motive, objective or whatever?” Enquired David as we made ourselves comfortable in the bar, wrapped only in our towels.

“Well, I’m forty seven and even though I’ve had a few little excursions, there’s still lots of things I’ve never tried. I don’t need to try them all, but a few would be fun.”

“Such as?”

His fingers started on my spine again and even though it was through a towel it was still delicious.

“You expect me to tell you my fantasies when we’ve only just met?”

“Certainly, is that not why we are here.”

He had a point, and I loved talking so openly, so frankly.

“I would like to know what it feels like to fuck in public. I have no idea why but I really want to know.”

“Not too hard here!”

“And I’ve never been with a girl.”

“Shouldn’t be a challenge either.”

“But two men, simultaneously, I’d never even thought of that.”

“Talking of which, here comes Michelle. Hi Lover! Good fun?”

A very tall lady with the longest curliest blond hair I had ever seen in my life walked purposefully towards us. Her face was rived in smiles and all the rest of her was only just covered with the rather small towels the club issued. It only just concealed the space between her pert little breasts and the cheeks of her obviously otherwise naked bottom. She was a very striking looking lady and it was quite obvious that she was somewhat younger than David.

“Brill ta. Who’s your friend?” She said, in a light hearted tone, still with a gleaming smile.

“Ah, this is Phillipa. Phillipa meet Michelle, the current Mrs J.”

“Don’t mind him.” Michelle rejoined, continuing to smile, “he always says that, quite forgetting that I found him on the scrap heap of discarded husbands. Didn’t I darling?”

“Indeed you did, and now look at what’s become of me, a dissolute old man having the time of his life!”

“He’d never tried swinging when I met him, but he’s such a voyeur he didn’t need much persuading.”

She sat down.

It was at that point I realised that I’d never watched real people having sex. Porn yes, but that’s actors being paid to fuck on camera. I’d never witnessed two, or more (but that came later), people having sex for the pure joy of it.

“A bit of voyeurism is good for me.” He protested, “gets my motor running, so to speak.”

And my mind couldn’t help wandering. Yes voyeurism, proper voyeurism, where two real people are really getting it on, just because they want to, and don’t care who watches. Now that sounds hot. I had been so preoccupied with getting laid that I hadn’t explored the erotic possibilities of voyeurism.

“Actually, I can understand that.” Said my mouth before I could control it. Once it had started, it seemed as if it was off on its own, “I think I would find a bit of voyeurism exciting.”

“Well David’s your man. If there is anything worth watching he’ll find it before you can say cunnilingus! Won’t you darling? So why not take Phillipa on a tour of your voyeuristic delights?”

Then turning to me.

“And when he’s hot, get him to give you a massage. He does brilliant massages and when he’s turned on they are really something else. Anyway, I must move on, I’ve been given a rather promising introduction.” And with that she stood up, failing miserably to cover her modesty, and set off up the stairs. Leaving me to recall the delicious feeling of Dave’s fingers running up and down my spine.

“Are you as good as Michelle says you are?”

“That’s for you to judge, but first I think we should find an appetiser, a mental aperitif so to speak?”

He indicated for me to follow him up the stairs. We passed several rooms where couples were getting istanbul escort bayan hot and noisy, but the doors were all closed, so we moved on, eventually coming to a large picture window overlooking an obviously popular raised play area, way too big to be described as a bed..

I could see one older couple obviously enjoying each other orally. She lay on top of him, head to toe, with his cock deep in her mouth, while he in turn had his head buried between her quite generous thighs. They were taking their time and clearly enjoying the journey and were in no hurry to get to the destination.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim conditions another couple entered. She was short and dark and, as she discarded her towel, I could see she was generously endowed in the breast department. He also discarded his towel as she sat on the edge of the play area and took his slowly swelling cock in her mouth.

We were far from alone in the viewing area. Several men had their faces almost pressed to the glass, as they watched intently, hands out of sight, under their towels, and another couple obviously enjoying the scene as much as we were.

So it started, my first experience of watching other people have sex, and I found it amazing, particularly with Dave standing behind me doing that magic thing with his fingers on my spine. Was it watching the newcomer getting a blow job, or knowing that Dave’s interest in my back was leading slowly in one inevitable direction. I don’t know and, at that stage, I didn’t care.

We watched the newcomers move onto the play area and continue to pleasure each other orally until they decided that it was time to actually fuck. As they were sideways on to the window, I got a magnificent view of his now fully erect cock, slide up between her thighs, and I watched transfixed as I saw a man penetrate a woman for the first time. Now this was hot. It was as the action progressed that I felt it, a pressure on my towel, just between my bum cheeks.

Dave was standing behind me with one hand firmly on my navel, his head on my shoulder, pressing his erection into my cleft and as he massaged my breast with his free hand he whispered.

“Hot, isn’t it?”

The woman raised her knees to enjoy even deeper penetration as her man stroked in and out rhythmically.

“The action? Or feeling your erection pressing on my bum?”

“The action, but I would love to hear you admit that my erection is hot too.”

Instead of answering, I reached round behind me and took his swollen cock in one hand.

“Your erection is hot too!” I said, massaging the sensitive tip which was already moist with pre cum.

“Shall we move on then? “

“No not yet…….

“Voyeurism is such fun……..

“When he cums………

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen two humans actually fucking…..

“And I so want to see him cum.”

He had some stamina! He changed pace several times alternating between long slow thrusts and a deep rocking motion, with her knees held in the crooks of his elbows. I got the sense that she was directing operations when they changed position to doggy.

She arched her back so that her generous boobs scraped on the surface while he grasped her hips firmly as he thrust forcefully in and out. Lucky girl! They were both obviously getting close and finally he slumped forward onto her back and I could just tell he was ejaculating.

Now this was really hot. I could almost sense what she was feeling. The ripples of pleasure flowing along the length of his cock, delivering his cum deep into her.

I took Dave’s hand off my navel, guided it through the gap in my towel to my welcoming moistness. One hand continued to toy with my breast while a finger of the other slid easily over my outer lips to my clit.

“Now would be a good time,” I breathed as my pulse quickened at the thought of his cock sliding into me. “A very good time.”

“In private or in there?”

“Fuck!” In there? Fucking in public? With an audience? The very thought sent waves of excitement, or was it panic, coursing through me, and before I had time to think my voice had said.

“In escort istanbul there.”

Dave led me into the room, we stood in the very limited floor space, right in front of the window and he undid the knot of my towel. He let it fall. I stood there stark naked, in front of those faces in the window, and did the same to his towel. There was something totally electrifying knowing that we were about to fuck, and knowing that others were going to watch us intently, maybe even cum as they stroked themselves.

Dave spread his towel on the area and motioned me onto my back. He gently prised my legs apart and, bending my knees, ran his tongue up my inner thigh, stopping just short of my VJ. It was delicious and he repeated this until I had to drag his head up, so his tongue could reach the place I needed it to be.

The older couple were still at it, and just watching them while Dave tongued me got the sparks flying. Turning my head towards the window, where we so recently had been spectators, revealed others taking a keen interest in our progress. I was having sex in public, and the thought took me right to the very brink.

I lifted Dave’s head and mouthed.

“Fuck me. You simply have to fuck me right now.”

He got the message, rolled on a condom, and knelt between my parted thighs. I watched in anticipation as his cock advanced towards my now open lips. I was ready: so ready. I couldn’t resist a glance at the window as his cock touched my outer lips, but then pure lust swept over me.

I felt him penetrate me slowly, slowly but deliberately, right up to his balls, and that did it. I came. Fuck did I cum. One thrust has never had that effect on me before. One long, slow, glorious, thrust. My thighs quivered as I totally lost control and every muscle in my lower being went into spasm.

Obviously, Dave couldn’t miss what was happening and stroked on, keeping me in a state of high arousal. So high, that I only just noticed yet another couple join us on the play area. I had just gone from never witnessing the sex act, to orgasming in public.

Not only that, but orgasming in front of at least three other couples who were also having recreational sex, not to mention being watched by a sexed up audience, probably masturbating. What’s more, I was fucking loving it.

The whole experience was so liberating, just like walking naked along your first nudist beach. That too had been inexplicably liberating, the feeling of freedom, the feeling that this is me, no make up, no high heels, no lift up bra, no designer handbag: just me. As if to say, this is for my benefit and if you don’t like it, look away..

When you’re fucking in public, it’s the same sort of sensation, quite apart from the sexual response, which I found massively heightened. World, this is just me doing exactly what I evolved to do: fuck: mate: reproduce, enjoy it or don’t watch.

Dave pulled out with deliciously deliberate slowness and rolled me onto my stomach to take me from behind. I knelt obligingly with my knees apart, presenting myself to him, ready to take all he could give me, in the now crowded play area. This just kept getting hotter.

My face was now inches away from another girl, who was on her back, legs spread wide, with a slightly balding head busying itself between her parted thighs. She had blond hair; long blond hair; long blond, incredibly curly hair. Michelle!

I was face to face with Michelle while her husband, Dave, was clenching my hips, fucking me enthusiastically, and was probably only minutes away from emptying his balls into my eager cunt. My initial reaction was massive apprehension. I’m fucking her husband, in front of her! But then she’s getting a blow job from someone else, in front of him. Confusing!

She recognised me in the gloom, looked straight at me with wide eyes and mouthed the words silently.

“Fucking sexy.” As she reached up and stroked my hair. My hand took on a life of its own, reached out, and stroked the nipple of one of her small but pert breasts. I’d never done this before and to feel the little bud, hardened by her sexual excitement, was much more exciting than I ever imagined.

She lifted her head while taking mine between her palms, pulled my face towards hers and kissed me. This was just so many new experiences rolled into one that my senses could not keep up. I was kissing a girl, fondling her breast while she was getting oral from her friend and I was fucking her husband.

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