My First Time at an Adult Theater

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My first time in an Adult Theater



It was 1970, pre-aids, and I was 19, just started college and staying in the dorm. I was an ok guy back then, sure a few friends and a girlfriend. One Tuesday, I was alone, reading the newspaper and came across the movie section.

I thought about just seeing the new releases that were on Main Street, but one ad caught my eye. “XXX, Atlantic Twin Theater Now Showing John Holmes in Jade Pussycat.” My friends had an early class the next day and I was alone, so why not check it out.

I had heard of John Holmes and wondered if what they said about him was true.

What the hell, let’s find out. I took the bus over to the theater, bought a ticket and went in.

I stepped into the theater and paused for a second to let my eyes adjust to the darkness inside.

There were only a few people inside, maybe 10 total. I took a seat off to one side just to remain in the shadows.

I slid in a couple of seats so not to be on the isle.

There he was on the screen, the man himself, John Holmes. Yes, all that was talked about seemed to be true. That was one big dick.

One scene lead to another and I watched in fascination at how these women were taking that big a dick in their pussy, their mouths, it had to be stretching them so much. At one point, I wondered if I could take a dick that size in my mouth.

I have to tell you before that I had never ever thought about having a dick in my mouth before. I was straight, I even had a girlfriend back on campus.

Then came the next scene, it started out with the girl sucking his cock, moving on to him fucking her pussy, then he flipped her over.

He began rubbing his cock against her ass,, and then he started pushing it in. No Way, I thought to myself was that big a dick going to fit in her tiny ass. For that matter, why would anyone want something put in their ass, it wasn’t made for that.

The camera switched for a moment on the girl’s face, she seemed to be in pain, but then her expression changed from pain to what must have been pleasure. She seemed to begin to enjoy his cock in her ass. I leaned forward in my chair to watch intently. I was well aware that my own cock was harder than it had ever been.

I was so captured by the image on the screen of that big dick going in and out of that tiny asshole that I didn’t notice the seat next to me being sat in.

“You’re really like seeing that big dick in her ass, don’t you?” I heard from beside me.

I turned toward the voice, and saw the man sitting next to me for the first time. I looked to move, change my seat. I was very uncomfortable sitting next to this stranger, but I had sat on the side and was in between him and the wall. I thought about stepping over him, but he had spread his legs apart, so it would be very difficult to get past, so I sat back and leaned as far as I could away from him.

I tried to just watch the movie and ignore him. For a few minutes all was quiet, and I almost forgot he was there. I began to get back into the fucking and sucking that was happening on screen.

I was getting hard again and reached down to shift my cock through my pants when the man next to me said.

“Yours hard too? Go ahead, take it out. Nobody will care. I do it all the time.”

I turned toward him and noticed he had his pants open and was stroking his dick. I looked at his hand pulling on his cock and quickly looked up at his face. His eyes were staring directly into mine. He smiled. I sat back, ashamed a little that I looked and directed my eyes toward porno izle the screen, as a strange felling came over me. I can’t put it into words, but it was disgust and attraction at the same time. I’m straight I shouldn’t want to look at another man’s cock.

I tried just to watch the movie, but knowing what was going on right next to me, I found it very difficult not to take a peek. I thought I was very discreet about my quick look, but I wasn’t as quick as I thought I was.

“Go ahead, watch me play with my dick. I don’t mind. In fact, it makes me harder to know you want to watch.” He whispered.

I looked at his face and he smiled again, then I turned my attention to the real cock next to me and away from the screen.

I had seen my share of cocks in the gym shower, but never a hard one like this. I just stared at it.

I was on his left side,, so he grabbed his cock with his right hand and moved it up and down his shaft. His left arm went around the back of my seat and over my shoulder. He pulled just a bit with it, saying.

“Go ahead, lean in a little and get a good look.” He encouraged.

I did lean in.

He stroked his dick slowly in front of me, up and down a few times. I was mesmerized watching his hand.

“You want to touch it? Stroke it a little, don’t you?”

I nodded yes, with my hand moving towards his dick.

I slowly wrap my fingers around his hard dick. I noticed that it was slick with something I would later learn was pre-cum.

I never really paid attention to what comes out of my cock, either while masturbating or having sex with my girlfriend I only cared about getting off.

I started stroking him the way I stroked my own cock, fast and hard.

“Slow down, son, take it easy, enjoy the feeling of a hard dick in your hand. I know I want to enjoy your first time hand around my dick. It is your first time, right?” He asked.

I slowed my stroke and again nodded yes.

“You don’t talk much, that’s good. You just do what I tell you, and we will both have a good time tonight.” He said.

I just watched my hand move up and down his hard dick and noticed every time I brought my hand up his cock that sticky fluid came oozing out of his cock slit. After a few minutes of my stroking, he said.

“Yeah, bitch, suck that big dick.”

I paused my stroking. He looked down at me as I looked up at him.

“You thought I meant you? I was talking to the screen, but you want a taste, don’t you? Go ahead, use your tongue and taste my pre-cum. Lick my dick slit and get a taste from the source.”

I felt his hand press my head closer to his dick. Could I do it? Did I really want to know what it tastes like?

I looked back up at him and the back to his cock. I stuck out my tongue and licked across the head. I took a taste. It wasn’t revolting, it was a bit salty. I took another lick.

“Oh yeah, you like it, don’t you? Now open your mouth and take my dick head in your mouth.” His voice had changed, he wasn’t asking me any more he was telling me what to do, all the while his hand was pushing my head harder towards his dick.

I opened my mouth and strained my neck over the arm between our seats, and took his cock into my mouth. A few minutes ago I had never touched a man’s cock, and now I have it in my mouth. I just barely got the head in. It felt warm and nice there. Just a second later, his hand switched from pushing my head down to pulling it off.

What happened, did I do it wrong?

He sat up a bit and pushed his pants down a bit.

“Get on your knees between my legs, so you can get my dick in your mouth properly.” As he pointed to the floor porno in front of him.

I quickly looked around to see just who was watching us, but nobody seemed to care.

“Quickly, do it now, or I’m going to leave.” he demanded.

My hard dick in my pants told me that I didn’t want him to leave, and the fact that I licked my lips told him I would do anything he wanted me to do. I slide off the chair and positioned myself between his open legs.

I was now eye level with a cock and a set of hairy balls, covered in pre-cum.

“Lick my nuts first. Clean the pre-cum from them both.” Came my next command.

As he pulled his cock to one side to give me access to his balls. I stuck out my tongue and began licking his nuts. First one, then the other, then back again. I noticed he was softly moaning as I did this.

I began to wonder just how much pleasure I was giving him, and how turned on I was getting just giving him what he wanted. Could I give him more pleasure? After a few minutes of me licking his balls, he reached down and pulled them out of the way.

“Now, lick my asshole.” was all he said.

I looked down at his ass crack. Hairy, but now I was his plaything.

Leaning in, I stuck out my tongue and flicked it over where his asshole would be.

“No, push my cheeks apart and lick my asshole.” his voice was a bit louder, I was afraid we would be discovered, so I pushed his cheeks apart and pushed my tongue in as far as I could.

“Yes my little plaything, you lick my ass for a bit, I’ll enjoy the movie and tell you when you can suck me off.”

I think I lost track of time as I kept my tongue between his ass cheeks, it could have been hours at that point, I didn’t care.

I felt his hand on my chin pulling my head up and I heard him say.

“Now, suck my cock till I cum.”

I placed my mouth on his dick and began to suck the the head of his dick. He put his hand on the back of my head and began to slowly push it down as he began to feed me more of his dick.

“Watch the teeth, but your doing a great job for your first time.” He praised me.

That gave me a thrill as I was doing a good job. I pulled my lips over my teeth and continued taking more of his cock in my mouth.

I was lost in my own thoughts with this cock in my mouth when I heard him say.

“Take that fat cock deep in your ass bitch.”

I paused my sucking.

“I was talking to the movie again, but do you want to know what a fat cock feels like buried deep in your ass? Getting fucked for the first time? Having a man breed you, and spill his hot seed deep in you ass? Do you my pet?” he quizzed.

I just sat still, not knowing what to do. Did I want to know or not.

At that point he saved me from my dilemma.

“No worries, you don’t have to decide now. I just want my cum in your mouth for now. Get back to sucking.” as he pressed my head back down on his cock.

With his hand on the back of my head holding me in place, I felt the pressure increase as he got close.

Then he pressed down hard on my head and I felt the first rope of cum shoot into my mouth. No warning, just the first of several hot sheet of cum flowing from his dick into my mouth. I took it all in and swallowed the whole thing. His dick began to get soft and his hold on the back of my head loosened.

“That was great. I needed that.” was the only comment I got. As I sat back on my heels still on the theater floor in front of him.

” Now, let’s get back to your ass. If you want me to fuck that cherry hole of yours there is something you have to do for me to prove you are my plaything. You understand?” he asked.

I rokettube just nodded.

“Good. Look down our isle and over to the center isle. You see that man sitting there watching us?”

I looked, for the first time I realized someone had just watched what I had done. I wasn’t ashamed. I nodded yes.

“You will go to him and suck him off. Keep your eye on me I want to watch you get another man off the way you got me off. You have until the time I get ready to leave to get him to cum. Don’t swallow it, I want you to show me his cum in your mouth in the lobby with the lights are on so I can tell you can do as you are told.

If you can’t do this for me you can just leave now and we will forget this ever happened. But I know a true pet when I see one. You will do this for me and anything else I tell you to do. You like being used like the slut you are.

Now make your choice, leave or be mine to use as I want. Know this, I will use you to give me pleasure and to give pleasure to any one I choose. You will be taken care of in return, and you can leave at anytime, but if you fail to please me you will be dismissed and replaced. Now choose.” He commanded.

I paused just a second, stood up and crossed over to the center isle. The man sitting there started to cover up as I stepped between his legs and knelt down.

I turned my gazed towards the instigator of my situation and took this cock in my mouth.

The man just sat there as I worked his small cock in and out my mouth. I never took my eyes off of the seat over took my right as he smiled and watched me.

The guy I was sucking didn’t last long and didn’t cum as hard as my, what should I call him? Ok my Master, yes that what he was. I watched as my Master got up and I got up to follow him.

As we walked into the lobby, no one was there but the girl behind the concession stand. He stopped right in front of her, turning to me, grabbing my face.

“Open your mouth, show me the cum.” he said and the girl at the concession stand heard him. He knew it.

She watched as I opened my mouth to show my Master the cum that was still there.

He turned my open mouth towards the girl and said.

“I just meet him tonight. I seduced him into sucking my cock and licking my ass right in your theater. Then I made him go suck another man off and save his come for me. You see it in his mouth, don’t you?”

She just nodded.

“Now I’m going to take him to my house and fuck his cherry ass. I’m going to spill my hot cum deep into him, but not till he swallows this cum.

Why don’t you tell him to swallow that cum? Go ahead you know you want to.”

She looked at me and than back at Master.

“Swallow it now.” she commanded. I complied.

Master took out an ink pen and grabbed the hand of the girl.

“I’m writing my phone number on your palm. You look like a girl who can handle a strap-on and likes having a pet to do with what you will. If you want call me from that pay phone and I’ll give you directions to my house. I have the toys, so all you need do is show up. I’m taking him home now to fuck him first, but if you want you can come with us now and he can eat your wet pussy while I fuck him.

Then you can strap a big dick on yourself and have sloppy seconds. I know you want to fuck his ass, I can tell just by looking at you. Your nipples are rock hard right now, and I’ll bet your pussy just got very wet.”

She blushed.

She let him write the phone number down on her palm. When he had finished he took my hand and turned us towards the door.

I caught a glimpse of her looking at her hand, then grabbing her purse and following us out. Master and I got into his car and she into her’s. She was in.

“Tonight just turned into something special my pet.” was all he said to me on the way to his house, and he was right. But that is for another story.

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