My First Time Fantasy

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You don’t know me. You know I’ve been watching you masturbate for people on the website. I love watching you stroke your hard cock. It’s a beautiful sight. So hard. Such a nice size, long and not too thick, the head not too wide. I don’t even know what you look like, but I fall asleep jerking off, licking up my own cum, while thinking about that cock.

I’ve never touched another man. Yes, I’d fantasized about it but never acted on it or really wanted to… Until I saw your cock… The thought of it excites and scares me. Not just the coming to grips with my own sexuality, but knowing that it could actually happen. I want it to. In fact, from the first time I watched you, I can’t stop thinking about it. That cock… I want that to be the first cock I touch. The first cock I take in my mouth. The first cock I suck. The first cock I both use and am used by. The first cock to cum in my mouth. The first cock to fuck me. The first cock to cum in my ass.

It’s a fantasy I think about constantly.

It starts with you on your cam. I send you a message that says, “Hey”. Which is how our chats always begin, and you respond the same. I ask the same thing I always do, “How are you?” You respond, “Horny. I need to cum.” This time, instead of saying something lame, “I’m sorry”, I tell you what’s really on my mind, “I want to help you.” You don’t respond right away. When you, you say, “Are you serious?” I immediately say, “Yes. I want to help you any way I can.” This catches you by surprise, but you know from our chats that I am very open to it, you probably hoped it would happen. I give you my number and wait for you to call. The minutes seem to drag by but I see you’ve stopped jerking off and are reaching for your phone. When my phone rings, I can hardly breathe. I hear your voice for the first time. I’m suddenly more afraid of what I’m doing. When we start talking about what I’m proposing, I start becoming more brave. I have no fear of saying, “I want to suck your cock. I want to feel and taste your cum in my mouth.” I hold back from saying more, as I’m not sure how this will go. You give me your address and I’m hesitant again, but find myself walking to my car.

The drive is short. Only 15-20 minutes. I fight the urge to turn around and go home at every traffic light and stop sign. Bahçeşehir Escort My mind is screaming, “Don’t do this! You’re not this person!” But the truth is I am. I have always wanted to do exactly this. I am going to pleasure, and be pleasured by, another man.

You greet me at the door completely naked. Your cam is still running and other guys are asking where you disappeared to. You run back and hint that you’re about to get what you’ve been looking for. After shutting down your cam, you come back and we introduce ourselves a little more politely. I try to not look directly at your cock but you catch me glance at it. You laugh and say, “I think we’re beyond being shy about this.” Having watched each other jerk off on cam, I laugh and agree. Being a good host, you offer to get drinks for us, I only ask for a water. We then head for the couch.

As I’ve said, I’ve never even touched another man. We sit close but not touching. We put on a dirty movie to help distract us. It’s not a surprise that we’ve picked a straight porn, but with lots of cock sucking and anal. Within minutes, my clothes are off too and we move closer. It starts off with us stroking ourselves, still not touching but watching the other jerking off. Then one of us moves a leg closer, rubbing against each other. We look each other in the eye. Suddenly, your hand touches my leg. I take a big breath and touch your leg. This encourages you to be bolder. You move your hand to my stomach and begin rubbing your way to my cock. Only briefly do you touch it, then move to my balls. You gently rub there for a few minutes, the extra stimulation and sexual desire has my cock dripping. I have to pull away and stop stroking myself to keep any self-control. We both sit back and catch our breath.

After a few minutes, I see you are still rock hard. I turn and reach for your cock. You shift in your seat to give me better access. It’s different than I thought it would be. I’m amazed by the warmth, the soft skin, and the hardness of shaft. I have no desire to kiss or makeout. But while I’m jerking your cock, I lean down and lick your nipples, making you start thrusting your hips, humping my hand. This makes me start watching your cock again. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I find myself kissing my way down your Beylikdüzü Escort stomach, inching closer to your cock. I stop when my lips kiss the edge of your pubic area.

“This is it!” I think to myself. Here’s the thing I’ve always been curious about, and the only cock I’ve ever wanted to do this with. I pause for a moment, get off the couch, and kneel between your legs. Your cock is at eye level. It seems much bigger now. You’ve been stroking while I was moving into position and there is a big drop of pre-cum waiting. I don’t go right for it. Instead, I let you keep stroking and move closer. I stick out the tip of my tongue and gently touch it to your balls. You jump a little, moan “Oh yes”, which encourages me to keep going. I open my mouth, letting out more of my tongue, pressing it flat against your whole sack, and slowly kissing each ball. More moaning gives me a rush of bravery and I suck each of your balls into my mouth. I enjoy feeling each as they lower from your sack, which had been tightened by the cool air and are now starting to hang from the warmth of my mouth. I’m snapped back to reality when I feel your cock slap against my nose. I open my eyes to see you still stroking and looking at me. We’re both smiling and laughing. In a previous chat you’d said I could rub my cock all over you, and here you were doing it to me first. I don’t care. I’m enjoying this. All thoughts of fleeing have long passed.

I move your hands away from your cock and hesitantly grab it with my own. I’m still in awe of the size and shape of it. Watching the slit open when I start playing with the head. I resume where I had left off licking your sack, then slowly kissing and licking my way up the underside of the shaft. I stop just at the tip. Then, even more slowly, I kiss the slit. I can taste the drops of your fluid, it turns me on more than I thought it would. I’ve had many blowjobs from women. Now I was finding out exactly why some would become turned on. My kisses lead to me opening my mouth, slowly taking in the head. I push your hips down to stop you from taking over just yet. I’m willing to let you fuck my mouth, but I want to do this my own way first. The velvety, spongy head is now fully in my mouth. My tongue instinctively starts caressing the underside of the head, my hands stroking the shaft. I look up to see your eyes still fixed on me, going back and forth between my eyes and mouth. I see you let out a deep breath and mouth, “Yes”. I keep doing the same thing for a few minutes before I feel I’m ready for more. Now I start moving my head up and down in a slow rhythm with my hands. Gently sucking, using my tongue to add to the pressure, and taking just a little more of your cock into my mouth with each stroke. I finally work my way down to the last inch but can’t go any further.

I look up and see you looking both serious and needing to cum. You’ve warned me from the first time we chatted that it may not take you long, as it had been more than a year since you last had sex. I’m determined to make you happy. I start picking up my pace. This starts pushing you to the edge. Now you start taking over. You start fucking my mouth. Then you start talking to me, more specifically talking at me. You say things like, “Oh, god, I love the way you’re sucking me”, “You’re such a good cock sucker”, “Oh, your mouth is fucking fantastic”, and finally “I’m going to cum in your mouth. You’re going to swallow my cum. I’m going to make you swallow my cum”. This last one is the one that causes me to snap to reality again. I’m sucking another man’s cock and I’m about to be a hole for him to dump his cum into. For a second I want to disappear. There’s little time for that now. You grab my head and push as far into my mouth as you can, let out a loud growl, and start cumming. I gag and move my head back a little, just enough to rub my tongue over the slit, deflecting your cum from shooting into my throat. My mouth is filling with your cum. I’m simultaneously excited and repulsed at the feel, taste, and the act of having just sucked you to completion.

I hold both your cum and still hard cock in my mouth for a few more seconds. With your cock still in my mouth, I swallow your load. I’m not thrilled with the taste, nor am I with the flavor of my own when I eat it. Not horrible but definitely something that takes getting used to. I slowly pull away and show you that your cum is gone. You touch my head, guiding it back to your still hard cock. I suck your cock again for a few minutes, letting you push more in, until you’ve got the whole thing in my throat. After 5 minutes of this, you finally start to go limp. I admit to you that there is some sadness in seeing it limp. But there is anticipation for the next time. I hope there will be a next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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