My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 05

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This is when I knew I was falling in love with Denise. The problem was I was also still having sexual desires for my mother. Still I discovered what true happiness was (at least the closest thing I have come to it yet).

It was getting close to Thanksgiving, and I was ready for a seriously long break from school. Though to be honest I loved studying, because I did so with Denise most of the time. Now we’d study all over, sometimes at the library, sometimes in the lounge at the dorm, and sometimes in our rooms. My favorite times were when I was in Denise’s room. Some times she’d be in her PJ’s and the best nights were the nights she changed into her PJ’s while I was there.

Most of the time, I’d just watch her when she wasn’t looking. I never tried to make it obvious, and if she did catch me peeking at her I’d always give her a compliment on how cute her PJ’s looked or something. Though one time I did just say, “Wow your boobs are huge,” and they are.

Ladies I don’t know if you like big breasts or not, but I do. And I’ve been blessed with the fact that the two women I love most in this word are blessed with them, and remarkably they are very similar in size. I always thought my moms were huge and you don’t normally see breasts her size on someone with such a small waist. In high school the girls on my track team always made fun of me for having huge boobs. Believe me everyone notices when you run, but my mom makes me look small. Now Denise was shorter than me and had a thinner waist with boobs the size of my mom’s. Now obviously there is a lot more to our relationship that boobs, but that is what first caught my eye I’ll admit and it still gets me really hot.

Most of the time when she’d change she wouldn’t face me, but you can’t hide her boobs. They’re so big you can always see at least a part of them. Plus I was giving her massages (just her shoulders usually) regularly, and now she was beginning to rub mine. When she’d lie on the bed, I’d get on top of her and rub her whole back. She loved it, and believe me I did too. Her waist is so tiny and her boobs flatten out on the sides, it’s unreal. Plus her butt is so perfect. She’s like a short brunette Barbie doll. I loved feeling my pussy against her butt when I’d straddle her.

Well we were becoming very close. We talked all the time about just anything and sometimes we’d lie in bed together facing one another and just talk for hours. That was almost better than rubbing her back, almost. I love looking into her beautiful eyes, and making her smile. I started getting the idea then that she might be having the same thoughts as me, but still I did nothing.

I decided that before Thanksgiving break I was going to say or do something. She was giving me all the signs, I was escort bursa just too afraid to make the first move and I think she was too. We got to the point where we flirted with one another. Just little things like looks we’d give one another, or compliments, or stuff we’d say like we were joking around. I was going to either tell her I was gay or maybe just try to kiss her this weekend, but surprise, my mom decided to surprise me with a visit.

My mom hadn’t been to BSU since she dropped me off. As I came back from class there she was talking to my roommate Alley. I was shocked. My mom was wearing a very sexy dress and she told me to get dressed because she was going to take me out to dinner. I was excited, but also stressed, because I had already made plans with Denise to go to the mall. My mom said we can bring her along, so my mom, Alley and I all sat around and talked until Denise got home from class. Then my mom invites Alley too, but Alley said she couldn’t. She was going over to some of her friends to “Pre-party”. In other words she was going to drink. Alley told me she was going to spend the night at a girl’s place (though I wondered if she’d end up with some guy), and so after Alley left my mom tells me she might spend the night then and sleep here if it was ok.

That made me immediately horny, the thought of sleeping with my mom in my college dorm room. I suddenly wasn’t at all upset that she had come, though I hoped I would get to see Denise alone at least a little this weekend.

When Denise got back from class I told her the news and after she got ready we took off in my mom’s car. Denise wore a dress. I had never seen her wear a dress and she looked gorgeous. She even put on make-up. I was nervous, because I felt like we were going on a date and my mom was supervising. I told Denise she looked great and she hugged me. Wow, squeezing my body against hers was wonderful. I could do that forever.

When we ate at the restaurant I sat across from my mom and Denise was to my left at a table. I wished we had gotten a booth. I hate sitting in the middle, because it seems like everyone looks at us. Anyway the meal was fine and my mom and Denise got along great, though my mom asked too many questions to Denise. I was almost embarrassed as it seemed like she was seeing if Denise was good enough to date her daughter, though I don’t think Denise took it that way.

After dinner we showed mom a few things around campus, and we almost went bowling, but thought we were dressed to nice for it. So we just went back to the dorm. We talked for a long time in my room and soon Denise excused herself for the night. I think she thought my mom and I wanted to spend some mother daughter time together. bursa yabancı escort She was right, but it wasn’t at all what she thought.

Denise wasn’t gone ten minutes before my mom’s hands were on my breasts. It wasn’t normal for my mom to make the first move, but I figured that’s why she came down to see me anyway. She was definitely in control this time and had me naked soon enough. We ended up doing a sixty-nine per my request and she was on top of me. I loved grabbing her ass as we licked one another. My mom really knows how to use her tongue, and I was constantly trying to control myself so I wouldn’t make noises, though I wanted to badly. It felt so amazing. My mom actually climaxed first. I remember my face was so wet, and after I came, we both kissed each other with cum on are faces. It was crazy and sexy. We kissed so long and she fingered me a lot, while I kept playing with her huge boobs.

Then out of her purse came the strap-on. I was leery, because I know how she can get me moaning, but she talked me into it. It really wasn’t very hard to do I guess. I do love it. I helped her put it on, and then I rode her for a while that way I could be more in control. I remember her grabbing my ass a lot and she even tickled my asshole a little, which I got excited about.

She did end up doing me from behind like I love, and I buried my face in a pillow so I wouldn’t scream. She was not gentle. In fact it was nothing like we had ever done before. Instead of grabbing my breasts she held my hips and just kept yanking me back into her. She even said some things -and I really don’t remember exactly what- that surprised me. I loved every bit of it, the excitement of knowing that just out side our door girls on my floor were walking and talking. I could hear them. Someone even knocked on our door once and my mom didn’t even slow down. It made it so much better and I could tell my mom felt the same way because she just really gave it to me. I can’t believe I never screamed.

I pictured myself being in the lounge and letting every girl on my floor watch as my mom fucked me from behind. I don’t know why, but it seemed so dirty and hot. I wished I could tell the whole world that my mother could please me like no other.

Afterwards my mom knelt on the floor between my legs and ate my pussy again. I was ready for it too. She kept getting her fingers wet in my pussy and she’d either rub them on my nipples or put her fingers in my mouth. I was licking my own cum off my fingers. I have no idea why, but she wanted me to, so I did. It made me want to lick my own nipples so I did. I can just barely get my whole nipple in my own mouth and I sucked my breasts as she continued to devour my bursa escort clit.

I came so hard and I squealed a little bit and was so terrified that someone would hear, but my mom assured me that I hadn’t been as loud as I thought, as she climbed up my body and sucked my breasts for the next ten minutes or so. We climbed in bed and fell asleep on top of the covers with my head on her shoulder. I woke up early in the morning still lying on her shoulder. That had been the best night of sex in my life without a doubt. Nothing earlier could compare.

We both got dressed and talked, but then I talked my mom into showering, so we both went down there together. She teased that we should shower together, but she didn’t mean it, and I would never have actually dared to even if she did.

We went out to breakfast together and then when we came back Alley was home. My mom actually flirted with her a little and I didn’t know what to think about that. Alley didn’t seem to take it that way, but it was obvious to me. My mom stayed for a while longer and then she went home. I had told her about my plans with Denise and she was all for it. I walked her to her car and we would have liked to have kissed, but settled for a long hug.

The rest of Saturday was just Denise and I hanging out and me chickening out over and over again. I was so nervous I wasn’t even acting like myself. She by the way thought my mom was wonderful, and couldn’t say enough nice things about her, and she also said that she thought I looked just like her. I agreed, cause I think I really do, except for the boobs and I pointed that out to her. I mentioned that she was closer to my mom in that department and she laughed, and then put her hands under them and bounced them for me.

I thought I would pass out. Watching her touch her own breasts was something I can’t put into words so I won’t begin to try. I know I blushed, and that made her blush, and we changed the subject like right away it was so awkward. That probably would have been the time to just go for it, but I didn’t.

Sunday we studied and it seemed like her roommate was around all the time, and Alley and Nikki were too and it was really annoying so I never said anything to her that day either.

That night when I was getting ready for bed I stripped down naked in front of Nikki and Alley and walked around the room for a while before I threw on my PJ’s. I have no idea why I did that, but it felt sexy and Nikki told me I had a beautiful body. I thanked her and returned the compliment and Alley joked that she should leave so we could be alone, and Nikki actually hugged me when I was still naked and acted all silly like she wanted me. I’m sure I was embarrassed, but it sort of turned me on since I knew she had kissed Alley before. I wondered what she might do if I actually tried something with her, but I wouldn’t dare.

Monday night, I finally got up the courage to say something to Denise, but since I’ve typed so much already I’ll save that for the next chapter.


Thanks again for reading this,


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