My friends Family ch.1

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Kissing Penis

Hi, my name is Shawn, I am currently 20 years old, but this story takes place when I was 16 and met the most beautiful milf to date. I am 5’10 with a fit body, not like body builder where I sneeze and my abs could sucker punch a person in the face, but flat stomach and tone arms. I am not going to be like most people on this site and say I have a shlong the size of King Kong, but it is a good 7.5″. Now let’s get to the good part, Erika which was his mom was absolutely stunning. She was 5’5, but had DD and an ass that wasn’t huge, but I could look at it all day. She was fit and nice, but most importantly would dress really slutty around the house. She also had the sexiest voice where just a simple hello would get me going, as well as curly and flowing blonde hair that was just amazing to look at. Now let’s get to the story.
It was back during summer of sophomore year and I went over to one of my friend’s houses. I got there are and it was just me and him(his name was Freddie) we were expecting more people to show up, but I wasn’t expecting to witness an angel appear in the doorway. I heard a car door shut outside, “what was that” I asked “my mom and the rest must be back from the pool” and then I heard his family members walk out, before I knew it his 14 year old sister Greyson, who I always thought was pretty attractive, but would tear that bathing suit off in an instant if I could, plus at 14 almost had firm Double Cs. Little brother Trevor who was just awesome and Blue who I never got to know, but then I looked up and saw something that made me feel all warm inside and it was his mom. She was in a two-piece and I first saw her face and thought “I can’t believe how beautiful she is” her hair was somewhat wet and gave it a majestic look, her face had some makeup that was a little smeared cause of the water, but somehow made her look even sexier. I then glanced down when she turned to lock the door and saw an ass to die for. As I previously stated, it isn’t huge, but so firm and revealed with that bathing suit on, I saw the start of the bottom with the cheek just hanging there in all its glory. Then she turned around and said “hi,” but getting something out was just even that more difficult when I saw the unsafe DD cleavage in front on me. They were absolutely amazing, they were firm on her chest with no gap in between and one freckle for some reason on her right breast. I look up quickly and responded with a “hello.” She walked up to me for a handshake and I obliged, but this only made it worse, her tits jiggles as I shook her hands and I nearly lost my footing, but the moment she turned to walk away I fell on his couch and just sat there, but saw some figure move in the hallway across from me.
I proceeded to tell all my friends in our little group how hot she is and then it spread like wildfire between us and soon everyone wanted to get with his mom, the beautiful Erika we would call her sometimes. I feel blessed with what had happened though because it was one of those events where multiple things had to happen before, so here is where it gets deep(not really, just seemed dramatic)
I went over again(I try and go over as much as possible just for her)” title=”escort”>escort this was probably about three days later and again I heard they went to the pool. I had my fingers crossed hoping that she would be flaunting the goods, but when they came home I saw that she had a towel wrapped around her waist which kind of made me feel defeated until I saw her step out of the car. She had an even smaller, but tighter bikini which looked uncomfortable, but so hot and just ….MMmM! The bikini top was so small it could see almost everything and I believe it cut off right above her nipple, but I could see some of her areola and for a horny 16 year old that is pretty amazing. She walked in and I greeted her, she seemed even friendlier and that really made me happy because for my age it have me hope, because when you are horny you feel powerful. I then saw Greyson who for the first time ever from what I’ve seen was wearing a two piece, but Freddie’s mom asked me to help Freddie unload the car and right as I stepped outside I ran into Greyson with my hard on first and both of us instantly our faces went red. She walked in and I stared, she was about 5’6 slim figure except firm tits that could just barely fit in my hand and a firm ass from soccer I’m sure. She had dirty blonde hair that was straight and absolutely wonderful. I then proceeded to help Freddie with the unloading and just was constantly trying to hide my hard on. After taking everything inside I felt like I had to do something about this, I never do this because it feels wrong to me, but I went to jerk it in the family bathroom, no one was really there because blue and Trevor were still at the pool with their dad and Erika was sleeping on the couch(in full Non revealing attire sadly) so I went in locked the door and turned on the fan. I sat there and closed my eyes thinking of Greyson’s ass and tits, likewise for Erika, but I was startled by a knock “who is it?” I asked
“Greyson,” but she said it so faintly it seemed like she was whispering, “can you meet me in my room in a second?”
I responded that I would and stopped jerking it. I walked into her room and she signaled me to sit on her bed “I am sorry about what happened earlier at the doorway and I wanted to apologize” I don’t see why she was apologizing it was a complete accident which is what I said, but then she said something that startled me. “I also see you looking at my mom, her boobs and her ass, care to explain.”
I was all choked up and didn’t know what to say
“That’s what I thought, I am going to go for a shower, either you join me or I go and tell my mom” she had a look of evil on her face, but even though I knew it was wrong I still said yes, I mean I had wanted this to happen, but I feel that I should because it was one of my best friend’s sisters. I went and told Freddie that I was ganna take a shower and he normally doesn’t care about what Greyson is doing so it was fine. I waited and turned the water on when she walked in with a condom, she then started stripping, but not typical take your clothes off, it was a major seductive strip club status thing,Then it began!
She was wearing her booty shorts and a saw a little ass hanging out which drove me crazy and she was” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan also wearing a loose top with no bra. I could see her hard nipples and watched as she slowly slid the shorts down her ass, she walked backwards and sat on my lap, the grinding of her ass on my cock was absolutely amazing, I started to take off my clothes, but she stopped me.
Not sure why, but I didn’t care, she was in control and was the leader of this right now. She got her shorts just below her as and I watched them just fall down to the floor and she threw them to the side, but I just watched her ass, it was amazing and she had what looked like a thong and I didn’t car anymore because I got a view of her absolutist beautiful behind right there. She then bent over facing me and that loose top came in handy because I could see In it and saw two perfectly firm tits and I just wanted to attack her right now and go to down on every part of her small figured body. With the blink of an eye she was topless and her body was amazing, she had a tone stomach, big enough tits so I can do almost anything with them and she then took off the thing revealing a surprisingly shaved pussy that looked so tight that it hurt to look at. She then jumped on me as I was sitting on the edge of the tub and almost fell down, but then she started kissing me and I returned with tongue, we made out for five minutes and I was lost in the moment, then I was hit with reality and almost ran out, but was reminded that she would tell her mom and probably say I caused this to happen so I went along. She took off my shirt and started making her way down, but I grabbed her head and pulled it back up and said I’ll go first. I have had sex before and eaten girls out, I always thought id hate, but I loved it. I then proceeded to lower myself and started teasing her pussy and could hear muffled moans because we obviously can’t be loud. I went from a minute of small inviting licks to grabbing her ass which nearly made me cum just from the pure feeling of it and shoved her pussy in my face “OH… My GO.. D FUCKING EAT ME! I’m ganna cum so hard oh my god!” She was pretty loud which excited me because we could get caught so I went even hard and was sure my tongue would be sore eventually. I then after two minutes of eating her out found her g-spot, I wasn’t really in search of it, but then decided to drive her wild. She went from dirty moans to a bucking bronco, I had both hands grabbing handfuls of her juicy ass and my head shoved in between her legs. “FUCK ME FUCK ME SHAWN OH MY GOD IT IS… Buil…ding inside me… Ooooooohhh FU…” BOOM! I wasn’t expecting this and it made me jump, but she squirted all over me and it shot far, I couldn’t believe she squirted it. I gave her a minute to get her composure and watched her tight little pussy pumping with pleasure, something that has never happened before. This was obviously her first time having another person do anything to her pussy besides her and I felt accomplished even though she was only 14. After she was able to stand she then threw me into the shower, I kind of slipped and landed luckily on the slope and she followed. I wiped the water away from my way and saw her” title=”izmit sınırsız escort”>izmit sınırsız escort staring at my insanely hard cock, “Wow, this is an amazing cock, better than most of the ones I’ve seen on my computer” this statement turned me on so much, just hearing her say she watches porn got me going. She slowly put on hand around my shaft and slowly went up and down, she seemed a little confused, but I’m sure what she has watched helped. She began to pick up speed and started talking dirty, “Oh I’ve been wanting this for a while, I’ve wanted this thick, long cock for a while, ever since you came over the first time(about 4 months ago) c’mon don’t be shy, cum on my face and I know you like my tits, here,” she said that and brought her tits up to my face, “suck em.” I started sucking in her tits and I felt like I was in heaven, her smooth hands stroking my hard cock and my mouth sucking on her tits. I would tease one nipple while sucking the other and she loved every second of it, “Oh my god, lick my nipple that feels so good oh my…” I decided to shove a finger right in the teenage pussy, “Fuck, fuck oh my fuck me, don’t stop I can believe I’m ganna Cu…C… I’m cumming OOOOOOHHH!” She Came hard and clamped on my finger and then I instantly came so hard I shot onto her stomach and she then angled herself and my dick to where she could get some in her mouth, but unfortunately ended up getting it on my stomach. She looked me in the eyes and she looked beautiful, she was relaxed and I turned off the water with my feet because well I forgot it was on and she was laying on me and I didn’t want to move from that position. I was lying there her face was near mine, her tits were on my chest and her pussy was right on top of my dick, it took me about a minute and then I was hard again, plus the angle my dick had made it start poking at her pussy entrance. She smiled and leaned in to my ear and whispered, “fuck me so hard that neighbors hear,” logical me would’ve still kept quiet, but horny me just went to town. I didn’t even take it slow, I shoved my huge cock straight into her pussy and just pounded away, all I heard was her heavy breathing and constant “oh fuck me baby fuck!” And the sound of my hips colliding with hers, plus my wet balls smacking against her perfect teen ass. There were some loud noises and I am shocked no one has heard anything let alone Freddie hasn’t checked up on me. I kept pounding her pussy and she was holding on to me and then she started just bucking her hips in rhythm with mine and i felt out of this world and i was thinking it would be the best sex ever. She started talking about how it was hurting, but when ever is slow down she would just continue to say faster until I picked up the pace. I then started to feel my balls tightening and she was moaning “In ganna cum, Cum with me baby, CUUM! I pulled out and in one swift motion like when Indiana jones switches out artifacts, I pulled our and shoved three fingers in and came on her tits and my stomach and she came all over my fingers and some got on my dick. I couldn’t move for about five minutes and when she got up she started limping and could barely put her clothes on. I watched her dress and saw her bend over and saw her wet pussy and wanted to fuck it again so bad, but knew I couldn’t, she turned and blew and gives and left the bathroom as I lay there paralyzed by pleasure.

Pt:2 coming soon

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