My Husbands Boss Ch. 02

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The two weeks went by so slow as I waited for the dinner party. Then coming home from the health club I saw the black car and driver parked in front of the house. Just as before the driver had me get in the car and did not say where we were going.

The pulled up to a very exclusive spa and the driver escorted me inside. At the front desk a woman in a lab coat said, hi Kelly we have been expecting you. She took me to the back and said that Mr. Anderson wanted me to be ready for his party tonight. My spa treatment started with a hot shower, as I did not shower at the gym. Then I had a massage, mud bath, manicure, petacure and hair removal. I was expecting a bikini wax but my pubic hair was only trimmed. The woman at the spa said she was instructed to just trim the hair around my lips and to trim everything else.

Leaving the spa, I found a box in the back seat of the car. Inside were a very small black silk dress, a pair of black heels and a note. The note said that I was to wear the dress and heels to the party tonight and nothing else. No bra, panties, hose or anything else. It made me wonder what Frank had planned for me. The party would have several people from the company so I began to wonder what we would do and where we would do it.

When Jack came home, I was dressed and ready to go. He looked at me and said I needed to get dressed. When I told him, I was dressed and ready to go he said it looked like I was wearing a black slip and that he could see my nipples. I think it looks classy and sexy, I said. Would you at least put on a bra he asked. If you don’t like what I am wearing then I can just say home, I said putting my foot down. Jack knows when to give up and he said that lots of important people from work would be seeing us and he wanted to put on a good impression. I walked to the door, opened it then looked back at Jack, and asked if he was ready to go. Taking a deep breath he said, ok you win sweetie.

At the party, a butler opened the door and we entered the giant living room filled with people all very nicely dressed. It looked like a formal event at a palace and Frank and his wife Joan were the king and queen. When Frank saw us he walked over and gave Jack, a big hand shank thanked him for bringing his lovely wife Kelly. Frank looked at Jack and said please excuse me a moment but I just have to do this. Frank gave me a soft hug and a kiss, which made my already hard nipples even harder. Then he asked me to turn around for him so he could admire my dress. With a big smile, Frank said that only someone with a body as sexy as mind could pull off wearing such a dress. Then he asked Jack if he would like to go out on his boat some weekend. Jack was excited and said that would be great sir. Frank put his arm around pendik escort me and said it would be a great to see his sexy wife in a bikini. Giving my hand a kiss Frank was off to see more of the guest. Wow Kelly he seems to like you a lot, Jack said with a smile. Guess it was a good idea for me to wear the dress as is after all, I said.

Milling around we talked with Frank’s wife Joan. Just like her husband, Joan was a real flirt and told me to keep a good hold on Jack or she would try to steal him away as her boy toy. Joan was about 50 with big bleached blond hair and very large breast, which matched the curves on her body. She did have very long sexy legs and a very attractive face. She looked like a woman that was trying to stay young looking no matter the cost. Jack played along, saying anytime she needs an escort to call.

All evening Frank and I exchanged looks. In fact, every man and some of the women were looking me over in the sexy dress that Frank selected for me. After a while the party started to grow smaller as guest began to leave. Frank and Joan offered to give us a tour of the home and we were delighted. Joan led the way followed by Jack, Frank and me. As we walked down the hall, Frank put his hand under my skirt and rubbed my bare ass. His daring move excited me greatly. My husband and his wife were right in front of us and he was caressing my bare ass.

At the end of the hall, were two big wood doors that Joan opened and displayed a giant game room. It was filled with leather chairs, sports photos and in the middle of the room was a carved pool table. Jack like playing pool so he was attracted to the table at first sight. Joan said she found playing relaxing and challenged Jack to a game. Frank said he would continue taking me on the tour and the two of them could catch up after the game.

Frank led me back up to the first floor and then up a grand staircase to the second floor and into a library. It was filled with books and looked like something out of a movie. The sound of the door being locked behind me gave me had the effect of a switch being turned on as I became aroused. Standing behind me, Frank began kissing my neck and gently using his hands to caress up and down my body. I have wanted to do this all night, he whispered. His hands cupped my breast and his fingers softly played with my hard nipples. Go over to the desk and bend over and pull up your dress for me, he whispered. Slowly I strutted over to the big oak desk and pulled up the dress showing my ass. Bending over slowly I spread my legs and said, is this what you wanted? That is perfect he said walking up behind me and then kneeling down. Ooohhh, I moaned as he started rubbing my ass and kissing it all over. I was wet and wanting him so maltepe escort bad. Jack never did such erotic fore play and never had me desire him the way Frank had me wanting him. Frank started licking my asshole and fingering my pussy. Arching to meet his face I moaned, Oh Frank. Never before had someone licked my asshole and I was enjoying the new pleasure. Without saying a word he stood up and dropped his pants. His hard cock slapped against my ass. I wanted him so bad and I let him know. Put it in me Frank I want you in me so bad, I begged. Wearing his shirt and Jacked with his pants down at his feet, he slowly pressed his hard cock all the way in me. OOOHHH YYYEEAAA, I moaned loud as his length went deep in my pussy. He gave his hips a wiggle with his cock planted all the way in me then he started pumping in and out with slow strokes. Is this what you wanted in that sweet little pussy of your, he said while continuing his slow pumping. YES OH GOD YES, I moaned. Tell me Kelly do you like me fucking you slow or do you want me to fuck you fast? Just then, he started driving in and out of me so fast that my body shook when he thrust in me. AAAHHH GGGOOODDD AAAHHH YYYEE, I screamed. My hands grabbed the edge of the desk before me as I held on while he fuck me as hard as I had ever been fucked. Quickly he pulled out and said Oh shit I almost shot my load. I was on the edge of climax when he pulled out and now I was willing to do anything for him.

Frank walked behind the desk and opened a draw pulling out a very long thin vibrator and a bottle of lube. I have a little toy for you Kelly, he said returning to his position behind me. Put your hands down here baby and hold the toy he said. Moving my hands between my legs he handed me the vibrator and told me to rub it on my clit. Turning it on slow I began rubbing it against my clit. Frank pressed his cock back in my pussy and started pumping in and out slowly. Ooohhh, I moaned slowly with the toy working my clit and with his cock slowly pumping me. Then I felt lube on my asshole as his finger started to enter me. Have you ever had a cock in your ass, he asked as his finger started to slowly enter me? No, I said while wondering if I should resist or let him continue. You mean you don’t let Jack fuck this sweet sexy ass of yours, he asked. No I don’t, I half moaned as his finger was now gently fucking my asshole. Kelly I want you to save your ass for my pleasure alone, he said as he pulled out from my pussy and started to press into my ass. Oh no wait please, I protested but it was no use. The head of his cock pushed in me. Ah yes Kelly your ass is so nice and tight, he moaned. To my surprise, I kind of liked the feeling. As my ass started to loosen, the pain started to turn to pleasure. kartal escort Spread your ass cheeks with your hand baby while I work this toy on your pussy, he said. Handing him the toy, I spread my cheeks far apart giving him a perfect view of his cock in my ass. Now I am going to start slow baby until you loosen, he said as he began pressing in me. AH GOD AH SHIT, I screamed as his cock slowly inched deeper and deeper in my ass until he was in all the way. Oh god Kelly you ass is even better than I imagined, he said. I could not believe that he was about to fuck my ass while his wife and my husband were in the house.

Now tighten you ass up for me Kelly, he said. I clinched my ass on his cock and he moaned. Oh yes Kelly now we can get down to business. AH AH AAAAHHHH, I screamed as he started fucking me slowly. Oh yes Kelly your ass is so nice and tight, he said as he started fucking me faster and faster. OH SHIT OH GOD, I moaned as he started fucking me faster. Turning the vibrator on full speed, he pressed it against my clit and started fucking my pussy with two fingers. The feeling was too much for me and I started to climax. Go on Kelly and cum while I have my dick in your ass, he said. I started to shake as I climaxed. AAAHHH GGGOODD AAAAHHH, I let loose and Frank gave my ass several hard thrust before pressing his cock deep in my ass. Dropping the vibrator to the floor and removing his fingers from my pussy Frank grabbed my hips and started fucking me fast. OH SHIT KELLY, he shouted as I felt his cock start to swell. Tell me to cum in your ass Kelly, he said. AAHH CUM PLEASE CUM, I shouted. Cum where Kelly tell me where to cum, he insisted. AH GOD MY ASS CUM MY AAASSSS, I screamed out as he was fucking me hard. OH YES KELLY HERE YOU GO, he groaned. GGGEEERRR, he groaned as his cock pressed in me all the way and started to shoot. OH YES, he shouted with every thrust.

It was my first ever time to be fucked in the ass and I enjoyed the feeling. Frank leaned over and reminded me of my promise to save my ass just for him and him alone.

Once his cock went soft and popped out of my ass, he directed me to the bathroom where I could clean up. Frank had shot a very big load in me and I wanted to get every drop out because I was not wearing panties and it would be hard to explain why cum was dripping between my legs.

After cleaning myself, Frank and I headed back down stairs to rejoin the shrinking party. Jack and Joan were standing at the bottom of the stairs as we walked down. It was clear that Joan was kidding when she asked Frank what he was doing with me alone upstairs. Frank laughed and said, you know me honey I had to put Kelly on my big desk upstairs and have my way with her. I gulped as everyone laughed at his comment. Joan then replied that Jack had taken her on the pool table so the both of them were even. Looking at Jack, I could see his nervous laugh and my mind began to wonder.

It was a very quiet drive home and I know we were both wondering what did happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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