My Husband’s Submission

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Last night as I lay in bed, I was surprised when the man next to me wasn’t my husband. The bedroom was dark except for the little light coming in through the small opening in the curtains. The man says wait wait a minute, as I was getting out of bed. I said who are you and what are you doing in my bed? He said I am a friend of your husband and your husband told me you would enjoy what I have to offer you. I was stunned! I said what do you mean? He said will you please get back in bed and I will tell you.

A month ago I was out shopping, as I went to pay the man in front of me took his wallet out to pay and I saw a picture he had in there of a woman on her back, her hair spread out on a bed and she had on only her panties. Her breasts were very full and her nipples were large. I was like in awe of her. As the man left I hurried and paid and caught up with the man your husband.

I asked your husband if I could have his card, since he is a handyman? He said sure and took his wallet out and again I saw your pic at a glance as he took the card out. I said thank you and by the way I couldn’t help but notice the ladies picture you have in your wallet. He looked at me and said which one? He took his wallet and opened it and as he moved through the small picture holder I said that one. He looked at me and said oh you saw her. I said I did in the store when you went to pay. Your husband said I better be more careful.

I said do you mind me asking who she is? He told me, that is my wife. I told him wow you are such a lucky man. He said thank you. He said he knew how hot you are. I said thank you for letting me have your card and a glance at your pic. We left the store and all I could think of was you!

I couldn’t get your picture out of my mind so I called him over to see what he could do about a walk in closest I have. As we talked about the closest I said I sure like the picture of your wife I hope I am not being too forward. Your husband said no it is okay. I said I sure love the way her hair looks and her body wow!! Your husband said did you call me here to see what I could do with the closet or to talk about Maltepe Escort my wife. I told him well truth is I really like the way your wife looks. I told your husband I have something I know she would enjoy. He said what? I told him do you really want to see and he said yes show me. I dropped my shorts which really surprised him. He said what are you doing? I told your husband I am showing you what I know your wife will enjoy a lot.

Your husband and I had not exchanged names till now, I said I am Bob and your husband said I am Joe. I said Joe, taking my limp cock in my hand, do you think your wife would like my cock? Joe says I am not sure and I proceeded to stroke my cock as he watched and I noticed he was like mesmerized by my cock. I asked Joe if he liked what he was looking at, my cock? Joe looked at me like in shock and finally said yes I do. I took my t-shirt off and sat on the edge of the bed. I continued to stroke my cock slowly as I looked into Joes eyes. I said come closer and as he did I took his hand and put it on my cock. Joe looked at me then said it is so soft and warm. I said do you like it? Joe told me he had never touched another man’s cock. He stroked me for a few seconds then let go and I said why don’t you sit here by me on the floor and watch as I make my cock hard.

Joe sat by me as I slowly stroked my cock. I asked Joe does your wife like to suck your cock and Joe said yes she does. Do you like watching her? Yes I do he said I do a lot. I said why? Cause I like the way she looks and how she moves her lips and tongue on my head. I said Joe have you ever thought of sucking a cock as you watch your wife? Joe looked at me and said what do you mean? I said again do you ever think about what it would be like to suck a cock? Joe said no! I said be honest you have huh? He looked at the floor then my cock and then at me and said yes I have. I said I knew you had, the way you are looking at my cock. Your mouth has even watered huh? Joe said yes it has how did you know? I see the look in your eyes.

I said Joe would you like to get more comfortable and take your clothes Anadolu Yakası Escort off too? Joe said I really should go. I said look Joe I know what you want! He looked at me and said, what? I said I know you want to feel my cock again in your hand. In a stern voice I said, take your clothes off NOW!

Oh my, what did my husband Joe do? Your husband did what I told him to do. He took everything off except his underwear. Why not his underwear? Because they were a white thong with a lacy wide waist band. WHAT? My husband had a thong on? Yes he did. He was like in shock standing in front of me in his thong with his head down. I was like wow you like to wear woman’s clothes and Joe said yes I do. I said look at me, you look very sexy in your lacy white thong. Does your wife know? He said I don’t think so. NO I didn’t know my husband likes panties. What else does he like. Well he told me hoses and pantyhose and lingerie. I am shocked I didn’t know. what happen next?

I told your husband to come and kneel between my legs and stroke my cock for me. Did he do it? Yes he did without any hesitation. He took my cock and slowly stroked for a few seconds then he looked up at me and I said yes go ahead and do what you know you want to do. He opened his mouth and struck his tongue out and licked my head and said your head is so smooth. I said I am glad you like it. He said yes I do I love the way your head feels and he slowly sucked my head in his mouth. He took your cock in his mouth? Yes he did.

As I was talking to Joe’s wife I began to feel her body and it was beautiful. big tits and big nipples. I could tell she was enjoying what I was telling her. I asked her do you mind if I turn the lamp on by the bed so I can see you better? She said no go ahead. As I did I was greeted to a sight of her beautiful body. She responded to my touch as she asked what happen next? Did he suck you to a cum? SO I told her.

Joe continued to suck more and more of my cock in his mouth till he had all 7″ in. I could feel his nose on my pubic area as he sucked and tongued me. He has watched you good cause İstanbul Escort he knew what to do. I didn’t want to cummmm yet so I told him to stop and he did even though I could see he did not want to. He continued to play with my balls and said I really am enjoying all this. Thank you for calling me to come over.

I said Joe get up and get on the bed on all fours. Joe got up off the floor and did as I told him to do. I told him to spread his knees a little and to relax. MY husband did what ever you told him to do? Yes he did, I even began calling him my little sissy. WHAT? what did he do? He obeyed like a good sissy.

As Joe spread his legs I moved the thong to one side leaving his balls and cock in the thong pouch. I got some lube and slowly poured it on is crack and let it run down to his hole. As the lube reached his hole I slowly began to rub the lube around his hole. I said you like this huh? He said yes I do. YES my husband loves to have his asshole played with a lot. I said I knew he did when I saw the thong. What did my husband do as you played with his hole. Well I teased him till he was begging me to not stop. I did stop and he begged me to please keep doing what I was doing and I said is that all you want me to do? I know what my husband said, please finger me! Yes that is what he said, so I made him beg me to finger him and to wiggle his ass for me. As I fingered him with one finger I slowly put a second then a third. I know, my husband was moaning a lot huh? Yes he was and grinding back trying to get more, so I gave him four fingers. I was squeezing his balls and pulling on them through the thong. He was moaning with his head down and his ass high in the air.

I stopped and he begged me to please not stop. I said why not. He said because I love what you are doing to me please please don’t stop!!!I said tell me your manpussy needs more! He said what? I told him you are my sissy from now on. You will beg me to do whatever I want with your sissy pussy! REALLY you told my husband that? Yes I did. WHAT did he say? Joe said yes sir whatever you want I will do. REALLY HE SAID THAT? Yes he did.

So what happen after that? I told Joe get up and get dressed and I would call him when to come back. What did Joe say? He said he couldn’t wait to come back. I told him I know, I can see the wet spot in your thong.

If you like this and want to know what happen next let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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