My Indian Maid Arrives in Delhi

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It was almost eight months since Sunita had arrived in the capital on New Year’s Eve. She had been staying with her cousin Ram and his wife Anu in their two bedrooms flat, having taken a while to get used to the luxury of her ‘own’ room. The city itself had been an amazing experience for her; the crowds, the traffic, the hustle and bustle of everyday living, the shops, the sights, the many acquaintances and friends that could be made, the beggars, the entrepreneurs, the vendors, the very life.

Delhi, in Sunita’s mind, was a living thriving 5000 year old city whose origins could be tracked back to the ancient Indian text of The Mahabharata. She had soaked in this cultural, and almost religious, significance absorbing the history and culture at a scale so vast and so grand. She was always glad about having left the village to come out into the world. She spent the first few weeks travelling all over the city, taking public transport buses to the Red Fort in Old Delhi, the Qutab Minar at the southern end; she walked along the tree lined avenues of residential locations surrounding Lutyen’s Delhi and down Raj Path where the Republic Day parade took place every January; she took the Metro to a station near one of the posh suburbs in South Delhi and walked along the service lanes; she visited markets in places like Connaught Circus and Karol Bagh, saw street vendors sitting outside air-conditioned shops in Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar; stared out of the window when the buses drove past grand Five Star luxury hotels like the Taj and the Maurya; walked down the chaotic Pahargunj labyrinths opposite the main railway station; she had lived through the winter and the summer and the monsoon already.

But very soon after Sunita’s arrival, her sense of responsibility goaded her towards the need to find a job, however small, so she could contribute to the household expenses; Ram and Anu had been very hospitable and generous, never once mentioning the obvious financial burden that she must have added to. Initially she tried to help out at Ram’s motorcycle repair shop just below their rooms but realised she wasn’t being of much assistance beyond bringing glasses of tea for some of Ram’s friends who visited or came to get their bikes fixed. She asked around some of the neighbouring shops if they needed an extra hand but none of them were willing to pay for help, least of all a woman who wouldn’t be able to do any menial or physical work. She tried to take tuitions for school going children but their parents couldn’t really afford to pay.

Ram and Anu had a fair number of friends and Sunita was beginning to get to know them; she requested all of them to keep their ears open and let her know if they heard of any opportunities. Sunita discovered that domestic help was much sought after by the middle class families in south Delhi but because Ram stayed at the western end, she wasn’t sure how she could commute to those places of work. She did try however; Sunita met a few housewives, home-maker ladies that were introduced to her by friends and acquaintances of Anu but nobody wanted to hire someone who had no experience.

Sunita of course didn’t give up her search. During her second month, after she had finished her sightseeing and somewhat satisfied her curiosity about the city, after she had discovered that her immediate neighbourhood was not rife with employment opportunities, she began to venture further afield. She started with visiting schools, hospitals and offices looking for and talking to the security guards or gardeners or anybody who looked like an employee of these institutions; always asking whether their employers were looking for additional help. She began to get temporary jobs, usually to fill a vacancy that occurred if someone was on vacation. For a couple of weeks here, another week there, she worked as a cleaner, a maid, a helper, a sweeper, whatever came her way. She wasn’t happy with the kind of work that was coming her way but never complained; whatever money she got, she handed over to Anu.

Most of these jobs were at least a few stops away on the bus transport system and while she walked to these places initially, when the monsoon rains arrived she was forced to take the bus. On the bus Sunita discovered the sleazy behaviour of the Delhiite. The pushing and shoving she got used to, but the groping and pressing against her breasts, and the thrusting of masculine erections against her thigh appalled and sickened her. On occasion she would fight back by screaming at the person or abusing him, once she even slapped a young hoodlum that was massaging her saree clad arse. But it never stopped, at least not in the mornings when all the buses were crowded with the office going rush.

What Sunita didn’t know was that public groping in city transport systems was a worldwide phenomenon, not that that would have made it any more tolerable. She shared these stories of lewd horrible men with Anu, as she did şişli escort all her experiences, just to get it off her chest. Anu was sympathetic of course but could do little to help. When she told her husband what Sunita had to go through every morning he told her that there was no need for her to feel that she should contribute to the household income; they were doing fine financially and Sunita should wait till she found a more permanent and decent job. But she didn’t listen, she felt a moral obligation to chip in, and chip in she would.

Her longest stint of temp work was with a small school quite some distance away. She started leaving home at 6:00 in the morning when most of the buses were relatively empty and she managed to get a seat for the hour long journey. She would walk the last half kilometre from the bus stop to the school and arrive there sometime around 7:15 on most mornings even though her duty hours didn’t begin till 8:00 a.m. Her normal routine was to sweep the floors, dust the desks and chairs, clean the blackboards and ready the six classrooms by 9:30. Then, she helped out with the small children or doing whatever was required of her till all the kids left for home around 4:30. After that she usually had another two hours of chores to complete, and would try and board the 7:00 p.m. bus back to Ram’s house, thus completing her 14 hour day.

In the evenings after Sunita returned home she loved to spend time with Anu, talking about all that happened during the day, sharing gossip and generally chatting the way girlfriends do. They would prepare the night meal together and wait for Ram to get back when they all sat at a small table in their kitchen and ate.

On Saturdays and Sundays there was no school and Sunita and Anu loved their time together; especially on Saturdays when Ram spent the day tending his motorcycle repair shop while the girls stayed and worked together at home. On one of these weekend days, Sunita told Anu of what happened on the bus ride back some days earlier; she had been too embarrassed and ashamed to share this earlier but now she wanted to.

After their mid-day meal together, the girls sat in Anu’s bedroom both reclining against the headboard facing one another and Sunita told her about the experience she had last Wednesday night on her way back from work.

It was extremely crowded on the bus since Sunita had missed her regular 7:00 p.m. one and when the next bus came along at 7:40 it was crammed with people returning after work, mostly from a factory up the road. She eased her way to the middle of the bus from the front after paying her fare to the driver. As usual, most of the travellers were men; there couldn’t have been more than half a dozen women in the packed vehicle. As the bus navigated its way along Route 749, people got off and others got on, and the constant movement of bodies kept pushing her back further to the last row of seats.

About halfway along the journey a man on the corner seat of the last row got up and offered Sunita the place next to a window, saying he was getting off at the next stop. In fact two others got up to disembark as well and as she slid along the bench to the window, another man sat down next to her. Normally she would ignore her fellow passengers but this time she looked sideways through the corner of her eye because she smelt a pleasant cologne and a certain cleanliness from the man; most unusual on this route. Clean shaven, lean face with a sharp jaw line, well groomed hair; she wasn’t sure what to make of the man.

The window was open and the rush of air that blew across Sunita’s face and chest sent a slight chill through her body because her saree was a little damp on account of the quick drizzle that she had got caught in while waiting at the bus stop. She pulled the drape of her saree around her and began to doze, her eyelids feeling heavy after another hard day’s work. Thinking of the man sitting next to her as she slipped into a slumberous state, Sunita thought of the months she had not pleasured herself to an orgasm. She often wanted to but was usually very tired when she got to bed every night and usually fell into a deep sleep the moment her head touched her pillow. Her thoughts, as always when she was in this contemplative mood, forced her to remember her continued virginity at the age of 27 when all her friends from the village were already mothers of one or two children.

Suddenly, still in that phantom zone between wakefulness and sleep, she felt warm, trembling fingers touching the side of her 38D breast, waking her from the lull of sleep. The bus was almost in darkness because of a number of fused light bulbs and the constant purr of the engine threatened to calm her back to sleep. If only it hadn’t been for the strange hand trying to access her forbidden fruit, maybe she would have gone back into slumber. This was not someone pretending to accidently rub against her; it felt calculated çapa escort and intentional. There was so much notoriety in the act that it made Sunita’s groin throb. She closed her eyes again pretending to have noticed nothing. Sunita pulled the pallu of her saree tightly over her shoulders but that only seemed to give easier access to whoever it was.

She tried to calm her beating heart, and began to breathe as deeply as she could so as to put the stranger at ease. A few minutes passed and the stranger shifted on his buttocks; then a tentative finger was extended in Sunita’s direction. She felt the tip of the finger press gently into her soft fleshy breast. It sent an electric charge down to her pussy; she muffled a gasp. Slowly but surely the fingers slipped over her breast until the tips touched her nipple lightly. There was no movement for the next few minutes and Sunita waited impatiently. She knew she wasn’t doing the right thing, she should be objecting, pushing the man away; but for some inexplicable reason, Sunita didn’t want to stop him from going ahead, in fact wanting him to make his next move.

Just as her breast grew accustomed to the warmth the hand moved a little again until the palm cupped the swell of her breast and two fingers held Sunita’s nipple prisoner. She heard an intake of breath from her neighbour; her own heart skipping and trotting at the touch. Slowly the tip of his middle finger moved on her erect nipple until it virtually turned raw; just as she was about to push his hand away it moved into more forceful action.

She felt her nipple being pinched and pulled and his breathing became hoarse. Sunita hadn’t moved a centimetre since the stranger had started molesting her and she thought that made him confident. His hand moved ahead; he crossed the valley of her breasts and moved to the other one. He squeezed harder than before. Sunita wondered briefly if the man knew that she was awake and partaking in the pleasure; she hoped not but her pussy throbbed with excitement and she wondered at that moment about the condition of his penis; she imagined its girth and its hardness.

Then his hand began to move freely between her breasts, squeezing hard and kneading over her large firm boobs. Sunita began to imagine the man suckling on her hard nipples, allowing her fantasy to freely mingle with the reality. The hands stopped for a moment and her heart beat in anticipation. The stranger started to feel along the edges of her blouse, his fingers eventually honing in on the buttons. He circled a button with a finger tip then precariously unbuttoned it; then another and another until the front came lose. He pushed the blouse away from her tits and began to feel the lacy scalloped fringes of the brassiere. For a couple of minutes he let his fingers keep tracing the edges, touching the pushed up slopes of her breasts from on top of the bra. Sunita began to grow restless again, wanting the man to touch bare skin, rub her large hardened nipples.

Sunita wanted desperately to reach out to the stranger’s crotch, unzip his fly and grab hold of his penis; she pretended to move in her sleep and turned a little towards the window, pressing her back into him. He had easy access to the hooks on the back of her brassiere now; it was now or never.

In no time the stranger had unhooked her bra; a warm trembling hand came to rest on one breast and Sunita gasped audibly, then cursed herself and waited in agony at the consequence. The hand stayed where it was and try as she may Sunita couldn’t breathe evenly. In fact to make things worse she began to tremble. The hand moved to where her heart was thumping in anticipation and stayed there for a moment. Both hands then came to cup her breasts, mauling and kneading roughly the soft silken smoothness. He began to breathe hoarsely, then all of a sudden stopped, slipped down from his seat, pressed against one of Sunita’s legs then sat on his knees crouching before her under the fall of her saree completely out of sight.

He hugged Sunita around her waist in the near darkness trying to feel her bare skin against him, his face between her breasts. He rubbed his cheeks between them breathing deeply and contentedly then grabbed hold of one breast and began to suckle on it like a starved man. Sunita gasped, her pussy flooding immediately as she tried to picture him in the dark. She imagined him to be in his late twenties; a college student perhaps, muscular and ruggedly handsome. His stubble scraped her soft skin as her fingers curled into the back of his head pulling him closer to suckle her harder. He sucked one nipple while his fingers toyed with the other, and then moving his lips lower he kissed her belly button and the flat stomach below.

The stranger’s hand slipped between Sunita’s thighs and she began to tremble as he parted the sodden panties and pushed a cool finger into the molten lava of her volcano. She gasped again, her head pushed back into fındıkzade escort the seat as she stayed there for the next few minutes. His finger dove back and forth into her open vagina, circling, rubbing, and shoving until she was writhing. With a deep moan and a sudden inhalation of air, she came in his hand. She saw him lift his fingers and smell her juices; then as if driven crazy he dived between her legs and lapped up hungrily biting and sucking on her full swollen lips until she came again with a shudder, fully spent.

The bus was approaching her destination, maybe one or two stops to go, when the man surfaced from under Sunita’s saree and she hastily buttoned her blouse without attempting to hook up her bra. He stood up in the darkness, his face occasionally lit by passing headlights of cars going in the opposite direction. But he didn’t sit back down next to her; instead he turned and walked to the exit near the middle of the bus.

Anu was absolutely mesmerised by the tale, asking Sunita if she had met the man or seen him again. But Sunita had never really got a clear look at his face, most of it being a product of her own imagination. Anu knew that Sunita’s body must have been craving some form of sexual release and she tried to coax her into finding a friend; perhaps one of Ram’s many acquaintances. So what if they were married, sex was sex. You have a body that men will die for, Anu told her. I mean, look at you. Look at your breasts, so firm and large. I’m sure your nipples are just as enticing, they must be large and fat, anybody would die to suck on them, she told Sunita. As she said this, Anu reached out one hand and gently stroked the contours of one of Sunita’s breasts, feeling the edge of her brassiere under the blouse.

Sunita was stunned for a moment as she lowered her head and looked at Anu’s finger tracing an invisible line around the circumference of her right breast, then move gradually to the other one. The finger made concentric circles around her boobs, circles that grew smaller and smaller with each turn as they honed in to the centre. She felt her nipples grow taut under Anu’s caress, too shocked to move or even utter a word. When she lifted her head, she saw Anu looking directly into her eyes, lips moist and eyelids just a mite droopy. Anu shifted her body and moved closer to Sunita as they lay side by side on the bed, now barely inches away from one another, their breasts almost touching.

Anu stretched out her arm and draped it over Sunita’s shoulder and back, pulling her closer so that their faces were only a hair’s breadth apart. She could feel Anu’s breath on her face but had little time to react before Anu took Sunita hard in her arms and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Sunita was surprised to have Anu’s mouth on hers, true… but it only took a second before she began to press back against her and return the kiss.

As Anu pushed against Sunita and began to kiss her with a sudden surge of almost violent passion, Sunita’s hands began to roam over her cousin sister-in-law’s body, feeling her tits and hard nipples, tracing her sides and the curves of her hips and arse, her hands sliding over the soft texture of her saree, gliding along the gentle curve of her hips. Anu was kissing Sunita’s neck above the neckline of her blouse, and soon was fumbling with the hooks that kept the two sides in place. Managing to release the links she pushed the blouse back off of Sunita’s shoulders thus revealing her white brassiere. Anu leaned into her, letting her tongue leave a delicate wet trail over those full boobs and down into the deep cleavage, her own hand finding the space between Sunita’s thighs, trying now to unravel her sari so she could reach Sunita’s pussy.

Tugging out the folds of the saree and throwing them loose, Anu then found the knot that held Sunita’s petticoat in place and pulled at a drawstring to release the hold. Pushing Sunita’s petticoat down over her thighs to the knees, Anu’s hand groped for the hairy bush that protected the cunt, moaning into Sunita’s mouth as her tongue became more energetic when she discovered Sunita wasn’t wearing any panties. Sunita’s blouse was then completely removed in a rush of fumbling fingers and her brassiere was on the floor seconds later.

Anu began running her hands over Sunita’s body as she kissed her hard. Squeezing and kneading her large breasts and then dropping her mouth to Sunita’s hard nipples. Then she pulled Sunita around and pushed her down so that her body lay supine on the bed. Anu was on top of her in an instant, kissing her lips and neck while rubbing her heavy tits against Sunita’s, and pushing her mound against Sunita’s pussy as if she wore a phantom cock and was fucking her with it. Slowly, Anu worked her way down her husband’s cousin’s body, Sunita’s moans persuading her to linger over her tits, pinching one nipple while she sucked the other breast deep into her mouth and then let it slip out so she could bite the nipple. Sunita was moaning loudly now, finding Anu’s aggressiveness incredibly erotic and arousing – she realized that Anu was the master of the situation, and her own submission turned her on even more.

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