My Left Hand – Ingrid’s Story

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Ingrid is a beautiful woman, 36 years old, a mother to our two daughters aged 16 and 15. She is the love of my life. Like all marriages, we have had a few low points, but nothing big enough to change how we feel about each other. But with the girls becoming independent, Ingrid had time to become more social, and find some interests outside the home.

Our neighbors Bob and Theresa became good friends, and as she also did not work outside the home, Ingrid and her spent a lot of time together. Bob and Theresa had one child, a girl named Abigail, who was friends with our daughters, Jennifer and Anne. When Bob and Theresa moved in five years ago, we noticed they were an attractive couple, normal in every sense except that Theresa was missing her left hand. The detachment was exactly at the point below the arm bones. Theresa never made any attempt to hide her amputation, in fact she never wore a prosthesis. It seemed that she was actually proud to show off her stump. Since it was rude to ask, we never did find out how she lost her hand. At least I didn’t find out until it was too late.

My profession kept me busy, and wishing I had more family time, but until retirement, there was not much chance it would improve. Ingrid had time to kill, and when I was out of town, her and Theresa would go out clubbing at least once a week. I never had cause to worry about Ingrid, I knew in my heart I was her only man. When I was home, and we socialized with Bob and Theresa, I did notice that Theresa would give Ingrid a touch on the cheek with her stump, and a kiss on the lips, but it seemed like friends being comfortable with themselves, nothing kinky. Well, ok, maybe a bit kinky from my perspective, after all, most men think it would be hot to see their wives fuck another woman. Even if she is missing a hand. There were times when Ingrid wasn’t answering the home phone when I called, and I would have to call her cell phone, but that never worried me, since she was out with Theresa. Other times, Theresa would come over and the ladies would have a late night, wine and movies, and Theresa would spend the night rather than walk home in the dark. So, I wasn’t looking for anything suspicious, and it never occurred to me that there might be more to their friendship than what was out in the open.

Ingrid’s story.

Eric and I do truly love each other, and while the spark seems dim, we had a good relationship, and the sex was still ok. Still, there was some time to think about what was missing in my life. Our daughters were coming of age, and did not need me as much, and I tended to fill the void with spending time with my good friend Theresa. She was missing bursa escort her left hand, but it never seemed to slow her down. When my husband was away, we would go out to have a few drinks, and maybe some dancing, although we never accepted drinks from strange men, or let them think we were available. Over time we had become very close friends, and when men thought they were entitled to more than a dance, Theresa quickly shut them down, by touching my cheek with her stump, and kissing me.

Ok, the kisses were more intense than those she gave me in front of my husband, but I thought nothing of it, since it was to get some distance from our admirers, I got into it myself. If that didn’t work, Theresa would offer her stump, and I would drag her back on the dance floor. If the guys were aggressive, we would tease them with a bit of grinding. It would get them hot, but I admit it kind of got me worked up as well. I had never experienced a woman, and considered myself to be straight, but she was my BFF, and we were not hurting anyone, if you don’t consider giving blue balls. Perhaps I got a bit too wrapped up in the moment, but once we finished a very slutty dance, I grabbed her arm and gave her stump a lick and a kiss. That was my turning point. We tossed back out drinks, waved goodby to the horny guys, and went home. My daughters were asleep when we snuck in, and Theresa and I wasted no time getting up to my bedroom, where the only person to fuck me was my husband. Until that night. I learned that night that I did not need a cock to experience the best fuck of my life. Theresa had her stump in me and never got soft all night. I hoped the girls didn’t hear us, but I don’t know for sure. If they did, they didn’t say anything, and thankfully, Eric was kept in the dark. I love him, and had no intention to leave him, but I needed to explore this new part of my life.

It turns out that Bob was aware Theresa and I started having sex, and he wasn’t jealous of the time we spent together. One night, after Theresa pulled her arm from me, I grabbed it and started licking and kissing my juices off it. I told her I loved her AND her stump. Good, she said, because it has a secret that I will tell you one day. As it turns out, Eric had to be out of town for a couple of weeks, so Theresa and I got to spend a lot more time together. She came over early one date night, and brought over a new dress for me. Slinky, red, and nothing else. No panty lines, no bra lines. I kind of said it was no good, it would invite too much attention from the guys, but she assured me it would not be a problem tonight. We were going to a club where women were safe from bursa escort bayan unwanted attentions from men. Well, I knew what that meant, but I knew as long as she was with me, I was also safe from other women. As we got into the taxi, she put her stump into the dress to caress my tits. The driver got a show, and hopefully blue balls, but all I cared about was my date. Theresa whispered “no more secrets”. To say I was surprised by the name of the club, would be an understatement. It was called MY LEFT HAND. Theresa pulled me in, and told me the answer was inside.

When we got inside, the first thing I noticed was that there were no men anywhere. The next thing I noticed as that the women were all beautiful, elegant, and most of them were missing their left hand exactly like Theresa. She pulled me close and kissed me hard. By the end of the night, I was introduced to a lot of stumps, and even a few of the women who were intact like me. As it turns out, it was initiation night for new members, and it turns out that Theresa was a long time member herself. She explained that giving up the left hand was mandatory for membership. The other requirement was that the women all had to be married. The club had a friendly doctor who did the work with no questions asked. All the women who were intact were there as guests, or initiates. All the guests were wearing their wedding rings. To show a commitment to join the club, and the woman who brought us, a prospect had to leave her rings at home for her husband to find, and show the host her bare hand. Arrangements would be made to complete her by surgery the next day.

Theresa had me on the dance floor, and encouraged me to dance with many of the members. A lot of stumps ended up in my dress that night, but only one entered my cunt. That night my daughters definitely heard me and found out about my relationship with Theresa. They were cool about it, and my secret was safe from Eric, at least for now. From the looks the girls gave Theresa’s stump after that night, I guess they figured out what had me screaming.

Eric’s story.

I was comfortable with Ingrid being close to Theresa, but I did not know their true relationship. I think I would have approved, if they had come out, as long as I did not lose her or our family. Ignorance is bliss, at least for a while, and while there was a glimmer in my brain, I didn’t suspect anything until I came from a work assignment, and found a note on the table with her wedding ring. The note asked me to hold onto the ring, and that she loved me and that she would be home in a couple of weeks.


I bursa merkez escort made my decision one night when Theresa finished giving me the best orgasm ever. The girls were waiting for us to come out of the bedroom, and cheered us. OK, since they clearly knew what was going on, I got naughty and gave Theresa’s stump a kiss.

The girls kept our secret, and were not surprised when I told them that I was going to be gone for a couple of weeks, with Theresa. All that Theresa knew was that I was taking a vacation with her. That night, before I left to meet her for our date, I wrote Eric the note and removed my wedding ring. I asked him to keep it safe, but that for a little while, it was not going to fit my hand. A bit cryptic, and I hoped he would still love me when I got home. Theresa was also in the dark, because I was wearing fancy evening gloves to match my dress that evening. When we got to the club, I waited until she brought me my drink before I showed her my bare finger. Tears in her eyes, she asked me if I was sure? I kissed her, I kissed her stump, and said “I love you”. With the glove still on my right hand, it became obvious to all, that I had made my commitment. The host approached us, and the doctor was called. Surgery was arranged for the next day exactly as I had hoped. Was I scared? Yes. Was I excited? Even more. I so wanted to give Theresa as much as she was giving me. I wanted to feel my arm in her pussy, as far as I could reach. Bob knew how Theresa lost her hand, and he stuck with her and loved her. Hopefully, Eric would be as understanding, but only time will tell if he really loves me.

The surgery went well, and the stump was healing well. Theresa and I laid low, and after a couple of days, I was out in public with her. One old stump, one fresh, with white bandages proudly displaying my commitment to her. I was determined to fuck her with it before we went home, and when the stitches came out two weeks later, I finally fulfilled my promise to myself and my gift to her. The stump was tender, but it was worth it.

Our homecoming had me nervous. Would I have a home to come back to? As it turned out, Eric was shocked, but the girls not so much. As it turns out, Theresa let it slip to them that she had given her hand for an old lover. They might have figured out what my note and the ring meant.

Eric, on the other hand, finally noticed that the girls had tattoo cut lines on their left wrists, along with each other’s name, as a promise. Somehow, I think they will become club members as soon as they become legal. I hope they find the same happiness I have. Eric, as it turns out, took a bit to accept my missing hand, but in the end, it worked out. It seems he has been wondering what it would feel like to have something up his butt, and my stump gave him his fantasy. All I can say is that it is good that he was willing to share my left hand with Theresa, instead of demanding a stump of his own.

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