My Love, My Lover Ch. 01

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Finally alone.

No distractions. No imminent calls from overbearing family or friends. No persistent paranoia making us jump at every odd sound. No worries or reasons to distract us. Finally alone with you:

My love. My lover.

Slowly, I savor the taste of your lips that I have waited weeks to kiss. Exploring a passion we have kept in check for numerous days of tortuous waiting. A passion so strong that to go slow now is a horrendous ache felt almost as a sharp and physical pain. Exploring your mouth and tasting your breath, I pause for a moment just to look upon your face and cherish the tenderness and love reflected in your eyes.

Reluctantly leaving your mouth, I kiss your hair and slowly kiss my way down your body, the taste of you the strongest aphrodisiac I know. Whispering words of love and endearment, I nibble at your earlobes — a sensitive spot that fans the fire we have kept suppressed for so long. Lowering my search, I explore your neck and throat, leaving a bright and burning blush as a sign of the fire burning within.

Making my way lower I lovingly tend to your shoulders; weary Sakarya Escort and knotted from bearing the burdens and worries of the day. From there, my hands travel down your back, slowly messaging away the aches and pains. And then to your legs I apply my tenderest of touches as I work out the tension of a day of hard working.

Teasingly, I make my way up your thighs and skip to your stomach, determined to save the best for last. As I gently knead your calves, I spread kisses around your stomach and fondle your belly ring with my tongue giving a tantalizing preview of what lies ahead.

Then, unable to resist any longer, I slowly explore your beautiful breast. Soft yet supple, I kiss and tease, drawing from you several moans of pleasure as the tensions of the day slowly fade away to be replaced by the welcome tension that precedes pleasurable release. Then, as your hands on my neck try to pull my questing tongue into you’re your body, thus signaling your unbearable need for release, I tenderly return to your lips to give you one last long and loving kiss before bringing you to needed Sakarya Escort Bayan release.

Slowly, I trail kisses down your neck and between your breast and past your navel to the center of your desire, as you whimper slightly with each kiss from the overwhelming passion and desire straining for release.

Finally reaching your most sensitive of places, I pause to lightly trace a finger along the smooth contours as I watch the look of painful pleasure that engulfs your features, making you look almost angelic.

Unable to resist any longer myself, I finally allow my fingers to penetrate as my tongue tastes the sweet ambrosia of your juices. With a slow and deliberate determination, I steadily drive you closer to the edge. Once you are there I slow even further, bringing you to within a hair of tipping into that headlong rush, until every movement; every breath, threatens to tip you over that precious precipice.

For a tortuous moment I pause, drawing a trembling breath of passion before I return to the feast of your body. Returning, I descend upon those places of Escort Sakarya the utmost sensitivity that I know will bring you to your climax the quickest with the renewed vigor of unchecked passion.

Finally, with a last whimper and a series of gasps, I bring you to the point of release. As a grasp your clenching hands, enduring the slight pain of your nails biting flesh, I relentlessly ride the wave of your orgasm, lengthening it and keeping you in that rapturous state as long as I can until I sense you tiring and slowly bring you down from the heights of ecstasy.

When your gasps of pleasure finally become gasps for air, I reluctantly leave the source of your nectar to lie beside you and tenderly hold you, kissing your forehead and neck as you curl into me, slowly regaining your breath. Gently, I stroke your face and your body while holding you, smiling myself as I watch your eyes close as a slow smile of pleasure plays across your face.

Then, as your hands slowly start to explore my body and my still suppressed need, I smile even wider and grip you even tighter. Although I am almost trembling from the sensations of your hands and your questing mouth as it needfully seeks out mine, I am content just to hold you in my loving embrace. With all night to discover each other anew, I am in no rush to find my own release, as I gently hold you and we slowly explore our passion and our love.

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