My Masturbation

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It’s an early morning and I wake up horny as hell. An erotic dream invaded my mind. A dream of a gorgeous man with an incredible athletic body. The dream consists of having you between my legs licking my pussy as if your life depends on it. Your long and slick tongue pressing and flicking on my clit before it slithers its way inside me. The feel of the tip caressing my g spot as my thighs trembles from the intense pleasure. It keeps mounting and mounting. Pushing me closer to the edge of pure ecstasy. My hands holding the back of your head pulling you closer to my aching pussy. Too afraid to speak because if I do, it could ruin this wonderful pleasure that keeps getting closer and stronger. So, all I do is moan and groan loudly with pants and gasps thrown in between.

Fuck, your tongue is amazing. I want to tell you so badly, but I don’t. I just hold my legs in the air and grind my pussy all over your face. No parts of your face are spare. I grind on your lips, nose and chin. My juices coating each area. You slide your hands under my ass and lift it to your face more. Now your cheeks are wet too from pressing deeper onto my pussy. My hands move from the back of your head to the top. I grab a handful hair as I lift my ass higher until it’s off the bed. My feet resting on your shoulders as you suck on my clit like you’re trying to pull it off. Then it happens! I cum hard in your mouth as my orgasm comes crashing down on me. Then I wake up thrusting my hips against air. My poor pussy is throbbing, wet and bursa escort aching.

I place my hand under the blanket moving it lightly over my already erect nipples. I’m happy that I go to sleep naked. Just in case, I wake up from an erotic dream. I can go ahead and take care of my hunger. I make circular movements on each nipple causing more fluid to leak out my pussy. I close my eyes and picture you. Your smooth “kissed by the sun” body between my legs. Your cock hard as a rock, but looks like steel as you grip the base of it and begin stroking it. Your eyes staring into mines as passion burns bright in them. My fingers moving further down to my belly. I dip my index finger into my belly button to give it an erotic tickle. I bite my bottom lip as I moan softly from this touch. My hips grinding against nothing as my pussy drips more wetness.

I feel it sliding down to my ass crack. I have my other hand hold my left breast as I squeeze it. My nipples are extremely sensitive. If lick right, I can cum. As I think about it, I push my nipple to my mouth. I open it wide enough for my tongue to dart out and find its treasure. My tongue flicks on the hardness right before I suck it into my mouth. This is feeling so good, I let go of my nipple to moan out loud. The fingers that caress my belly button moves down more to the top of my pussy. The tight curls of my pubic hairs moist with the excitement of my dream. Damn, I didn’t think my juices flow upwards! I play with the hairs for a few seconds. A delicious bursa escort bayan tease of my clit as I tug on the hairs slightly. The folds of skin being pull exposing my hidden clit. The cool air hits it and causes it to harden for a second and then throb.

“Fuck!” I call out.

I’m so horny right now! My fingers move down to the lips. They’re slick with wetness. A clear slimy wetness because of how turn on I am. With the thumb and middle finger, I spread my lips apart. My index finger rubs on the clit. Not hard and not soft. Just the right pressure that causes my vagina to clench in excitement. The hand that holds my breasts is release as I reach over to my night stand. I pull the drawer open and search for my friend. The eleven inch (27.94cm) vibrating dildo. Usually, I would have to suck on it just to lubricate it, but not today. My pussy is so wet and hungry, it will enter me easily. I turn it on to full power. The vibration is causing my body to jiggle along with it. A huge smile spreads across my face. I place the dildo at my opening letting it rest as the vibration causes my clit and vagina to throb and ache more. Then I slowly push it inside me. The intensity of the vibration causes me to cum as I squirt hard on it.

“OMG!” I cry out.

My body shaking terribly from the orgasm, but I keep the dildo inside me. I push it deeper which causes my body to tense. Then it relaxes. I throw my legs in the air and begin rocking my hips against the dildo. I let my body do all the work while escort bursa keeping the dildo deep inside me. My mind imagines you lying on top of me shoving your cock deep inside me. My toes curl from the feel of your cock filling my dripping wet pussy. My knees bend onto my chest. My hips thrusting wildly as the sounds of the bed squeaks and creaks from my movements. My other hand caressing my neck, breasts and thighs as I think about you. My pussy squeezes and clenches thinking about your cock inside as I milk it. Desperately wanting you to release your semen deep inside me as you throb uncontrollably inside me. My mind picturing you thrusting inside me feverishly as your hand is around my neck squeezing as you whisper in my ear.

“I’m going to fill you with so much cum, your pussy won’t catch it all.”

I push the dildo deeper. It can’t go no further as I have all of it inside me as my body bucks wildly on it. It’s pressing on my cervix as it throbs harshly. I’m about to cum again and this one is going to be huge. Chills fills my body as well as burning heat. Goosebumps rise and fall as my clit tightens and swells. My pussy clamps down on the vibrating dildo as I cum so hard, I squirt on the bed. The dildo pops out from the intensity of my orgasm. My pussy swells to the point of virgin tightness as I scream from the orgasm. My sheets are grab and pull from the bed as if my body feels like I’m about to fall over. This last for over a minute! As my body slowly calms down with convulsion thrown in the middle of it, I’m satisfy. For now! I’m a greedy woman that needs more than one of those types of orgasms, but my body is exhausted and needs to rest. I hope to have more dreams of you again. My body loses control when I think about you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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