My Mom – My Lover Ch. 15

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Brady sat in his easy chair, in his gym shorts and oversized T-shirt, nursing a brandy. His ladies sound asleep upstairs. He had fallen asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow just a few hours before. But it was just one of those nights. He woke up shortly after 2:00 a.m. and lay there. He finally rolled out of bed and made his way downstairs. He was replaying the events of the previous evening when he heard someone coming up from the basement.

Sue walked into the living room, her robe wrapped around her tightly. “Couldn’t sleep either?” Brady asked.

“Not much.”

Brady held up his bottle of brandy. “You a drinker?”

Sue smiled weakly. “I am tonight.”

“Grab a glass.” He said as he pointed to the bar hutch in the corner of the living room. Sue grabbed a glass and walked over to Brady, who poured her a couple fingers of Brandy. Sue sat down on the couch across from him and took a sip. “How’s dad doing?” He asked softly.

“Sleeping like a baby.”

“Did he say anything about what happened last night?”

“No.” Sue took a sip. “I’ve never seen anything like it before. He was still so worked up I had to take care of him again.”

Brady chuckled. “Please tell me you gave him something better than what I made you give him on the couch.”

“I did. But it’s the damnedest thing. He confessed to me he was thinking about what you did to him, making him watch you fuck your mom and then suck him clean, the whole time I was sucking him off.”

Brady just shook his head in amazement. “Wow! I knew he got off on being humiliated. I’m beginning to see it goes deeper than that. I was beginning to regret how I made him clean my cock. I let my lust get the better of me. I don’t like losing control like that. Bothers me.” He took a sip. “Well I’ll be glad to drive you home today if that’s what you want.”

Sue thought about the previous evening. “I’ve never experienced anything like last night before.” She took another sip. “At first I thought I was going to be kidnapped.”

Brady chuckled. “Sorry about that.”

“No worries. Could I stay a couple more days?” She asked smiling.

“You can stay as long as you want Sue. Can I ask you a question about dad?”

“Of course.”

“What’s your relationship with him? I’m not trying to be a nosey prick. I’m just trying to understand what’s going on between you two.”

“We’ve been together for almost three years now. At first it was just your typical office affair. I’ll admit I was hoping it would help me climb that corporate ladder. But over time he really won me over. He’s been so good to me in so many ways. But last night I saw a different side of him I’d never seen before. It didn’t change how I feel about him. It just helped me better understand some things I’ve noticed over the last three years.”

“Like what?”

“He’s always been kind of passive when it came to sex. I’ve always loved how attentive he is to my needs. I just wish sometimes he’d be a little more aggressive, more demanding. Kind of like you with your ladies.” She took another sip. “By the way, it blew my mind when I realized it was your mom and aunt you were fucking.”

Brady laughed softly not wanting to wake anyone up. “Yeah, that blows most people’s minds. But I don’t give a fuck. I love them both and I’m keeping them both.”

“Your mom and aunt are two very lucky ladies. I wish I had something like that. I don’t want to hurt your dad and I don’t want to walk away from him. But it would be nice to be taken and used by a man the way you use your mom and aunt.”

Brady thought for a few minutes, listening to her, as he sipped his brandy. “I think I might be able to help you out with that if you’re interested.”

Sue’s eyes widened. “You mean you’d take me? I would do anything to experience that.”

Brady shook his head. “No, not me.” Sue’s face showed her disappointment. “Sorry sexy. You’re a gorgeous lady that I would very much enjoy taking ownership of and making you my slut. But I don’t share my sluts with anyone, and I’ve told them they’ll never have to worry about them sharing me with another slut.” He chuckled. “Plus I’m afraid they’d castrate me in my sleep if I did. No. I have someone else I think might be interested in joining our twisted little family. Let me talk with him and see if he’s interested. But the final choice would be yours. I would never force something on you.”

Sue sipped her brandy thinking through Brady’s offer. “I’m open to that. But I admit I’m disappointed it won’t be you.”

“Well thank you. But I think you’re going to like the guy I have in mind. I know he’ll like you. He might even steal you from dad.”

Sue giggled. “Now you’re making me wet just thinking about a man stealing me and taking possession.”

“You think it over and let me know.” The two sat in silence for a few more minutes nursing their drinks before Brady stood. “We’ll talk more. I’m glad you’re here. I’m heading back to bed. I hope you can get some sleep.”

Brady climbed back into bed. Dena rolled over and threw bursa escort her arm over his chest. “You’re a good man baby.” She mumbled.

“Oh yeah?”

Jean propped herself up on her elbow on the other side of Dena. “Yeah baby. You are.”

“Sorry if I woke you two up.” Brady said as he reached over and caressed Jean’s face.

“I overheard most of your conversation with Sue.” Dena said. “I wasn’t spying. Just woke up and saw you were gone. Went looking for you when I heard you talking with her. Thought about joining you but decided to give you some alone time with her. When I came back to bed sis was awake so I told her about your conversation with Sue.” She propped herself up on her elbow to look at him. “You know she’d have gone down on you right there if you’d told her to. I thought she was almost begging for it.”

Brady stroked his mom’s face and then slid his hand down to her chest. “I know she was. But I don’t want her. I have everything I want with the two of you.”

Dena slid her hand down his torso and inside his shorts. She gently stroked his cock. “And we have everything we want and need with you baby.” Then she slid his shorts down his thighs.

Jean rolled out of bed and walked around to the other side. She climbed back on the bed, sitting up high enough that her chest was in his face. “I really don’t think he knows what he’s done to us sis.” Jean said as she caressed his face, offering her tits to him for his enjoyment.

“I agree.” Dena said looking up at her. Her head hovering over his cock as she caressed it.

“Don’t you two ever get enough?” Their sexual appetite continued to amaze him.

“Oh baby!” Jean said giggling. “You are such a man. Yeah we have high sex drives. But this is so much more than sex. This is two women who love you so much we can’t show you that often enough.” Jean held her tit up to his mouth. “Take it baby. It belongs to you. I belong to you.”

Brady began to suck on her tit as he felt his mom’s mouth slide down the length of his shaft, gently sucking on it. “Oh sweetie!” Jean cooed. “I have never felt so loved as I do with you and your mom. The fact you wouldn’t take Sue up on her offer makes me love you all the more.” Jean moaned softly as Brady nursed on her tit. “That’s why your mom and I love you so much. We feel safe with you.” Jean wrapped her fingers in his hair leaning into his mouth. “Oh baby! Take that tit.” She sobbed. Her emotions overwhelming her again.

Brady pulled off her tit and lifted his arm to wrap it around her. “Come around here. I want to hold you.” He said to her. Jean slid down his body and turned to lay across his chest facing him so he could hold her. Brady wrapped one arm around her, hugging her tightly while he grabbed her tit with the other hand. He kissed her passionately as his fingers dug into her soft tit flesh.

The two lovers moaned together Jean began to sob softly. Brady grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her off, breaking the kiss. He released her tit and brought his hand to her face, wiping away a tear. “What’s wrong?” He asked softly.

“Nothing’s wrong baby! That’s just it! Everything is perfect! Every now and then I’m overwhelmed with the fear I’m going to wake up and discover this is all a dream and I’m going to be all alone.”

Brady reached down to grab his mom’s head. “Get up here!” He nodded to Jean. “Lay beside me.”

Dena protested. “I’m not done baby!”

“Shut up and get up here!” Dena obeyed, crawling up his body and laying beside him across from Jean. Brady wrapped an arm around each of them. “I can have you suck on my cock anytime I want.”

Dena smiled as her hand remained between his legs fondling his cock and balls. “Yes sir!”

He spoke to Jean. “You’ll never be alone again. You belong here. You belong to us. But more importantly, you belong to me and I have no intention of ever letting you go. I think you need to hear that over and over.” Brady looked back and forth between his two ladies and decided what he was going to do. Then he pulled them into his body kissing them, alternating between them.

The ladies responded as he knew they would. Their hands roamed up and down his body, finally reaching across his body to fondle the other’s breasts. Brady laid back and allowed them to start kissing each other. He loved watching them together. Their kiss revealed the depth of love they had for each other. The intimacy they shared was something he felt blessed to be able to share in.

The sisters broke the kiss and looked at Brady. “This is all because of you baby.” Dena said, her chin resting on his chest, her hand stroking his hard cock.

Brady pulled Dena’s head up to his and kissed her hard. “Well now you two sluts have me all worked up. Straddle that cock and ride it like you own it, you dirty slut.” He said to his mom smiling. As Dena positioned herself over his cock Brady grabbed Jean and kissed her hard as he mauled her tits. “As for you my dirty slut, straddle my face and feed me your pussy.” Jean sat up next to Brady’s head bursa escort and threw her leg over it, her pussy hovering over his mouth as she faced Dena.

Dena lowered herself on his cock slowly savoring every sensation his manhood gave her as it filled her. “Oh baby! You feel so good inside Mama.” She began a slow grind up and down on his cock moaning the whole time. “I am such a slut for you baby.”

Jean slowly spread her legs, lowering her pussy till it was covering Brady’s open mouth. He sucked in her clit and pussy lips sucking and licking them. Jean’s body shuddered as his expert tongue worked her clit. He sucked her swelling clit between his teeth, nibbling on it gently as he flicked it with the tip of his tongue. Jean squealed as the two sisters smiled at each other.

The sisters reached for each other simultaneously, wrapping their arms around each other and kissing as their Master gave them the pleasure they craved. Dena cupped one of Jean’s tits, fondling it and tweaking the nipple, causing Jean to spasm. Jean sobbed softly, tears streaming down her face. “Oh baby! I love you so much! I’ve never felt so loved and cared for!”

Dena giggled. “You always were the emotional one.”

Jean laughed through her crying. “I can’t help it. I’ve never felt anything this deeply before. OOOHHH FUCK!” She moaned unexpectedly as Brady shoved his tongue inside her pussy as far as he could and began to tongue fuck her, causing her to grind her hips harder, pushing her pussy down on his mouth trying to get as much of his tongue inside her as she could.

Dena picked up her pace as she humped Brady’s cock. “Come on baby!” She said to Jean as she mauled her tits harder. “Let’s cum together.” The sisters embraced and kissed as their hips ground into Brady’s body. Both began to grunt and moan as their orgasms built inside them. The room was filled with the sound and smell of two sluts enjoying each other and their owner.

Brady felt his own orgasm approaching. It took all of the self-control he could muster to keep from cumming before he wanted to. Between the feel of his mom’s pussy riding his cock and listening to his two ladies loving each other was having its effect on him. He moaned into Jean’s pussy.

Jean was the first to climax. Her body stiffened as she grabbed at Dena to steady herself. Brady felt her juices flowing all over his face as her body bucked and spasmed.

Dena’s pussy started to spasm around Brady’s cock as her orgasm took hold of her body. The two sisters held each other tightly, kissing each other like two hungry lovers trying to devour the other. Their moans and squeals could be heard throughout the house.

Sue sat in the living room rubbing herself with a fury, longing for what she heard coming from upstairs.

Brady’s hips lifted Dena off the bed as his orgasm slammed into him. His cock felt like it was on fire as it throbbed, shooting his seed inside her. He grunted and lifted her off the bed with each spasm. Was it possible that each orgasm his ladies brought him to was more intense than the one before it? It sure felt like it.

Brady finally collapsed on the bed, Jean’s pussy still smothering him, Dena still straddling his torso. Both ladies were kissing and holding each other as they descended from their sexual euphoria. They finally fell off Brady’s body, laying beside him, still holding each other. The sisters stared at each other smiling, caressing each other’s face. “So who were you thinking of for Sue baby?” Dena asked, never taking her eyes off of Jean.

Brady smiled up at the ceiling as he regained his breathing. “You two crawl back over here and I’ll tell you.” Dena and Jean crawled back with Dena laying on his right side and Jean on his left. Brady wrapped his arms around them and held them tight. “You two are incredible. Best sluts any man could ever have.” He laid there holding them, enjoying the heat from their bodies and the softness of their skin. “I’m going to ask Kevin if he’d like to take control of Sue.”

Dena’s head shot up to look at him. “Are you serious?”

“I’m very serious. I think Kev would enjoy being part of this fucked up mess. At least I’m going to give him the chance to be part of it.” Brady could see the worry on his mom’s face.

Dena didn’t know what to say. She could tell Brady had already made up his mind. She knew her youngest would find out eventually about their relationship. But she’d managed to shove that thought in the back of her mind, not wanting to deal with it. Now she was being forced to deal with it. Not only was he going to find out about their relationship, he was going to be part of it. “I wish you had told me you were thinking of this. I’ll have to think how I need to deal with Kevin.”

Brady tucked his arm behind his head and just stared at his mom without expression. He knew it was just part of her nature to take control back no matter what he told her. She wasn’t going to have to deal with anything concerning Kevin. She was going to have to be reminded of that. He was having bursa eskort a hard time staying angry with her since she’d just given him a great fucking. “I ought to bend you over and blister your ass till you can’t sit. If you hadn’t just given me a great fucking I would.”

Dena knew she had crossed that line again. “I’m sorry baby. I just . . .”

Brady cut her off not wanting to hear one of her lame excuses. “Shut up! I don’t want to hear it! You’re not going to deal with anything! I am! I own you slut! I’ll deal with anything that affects you. I know you’re not a stupid bitch. As matter of fact it’s your intelligence that I’ve always found attractive. So I guess it’s just your nature to want to take control of things.”

Dena rolled over and got on her knees on the bed, assuming the position with her hands resting palm up on her thighs. Now all she wanted to do was to assuage her Master’s anger. “Please forgive me Master.” She said with head bowed. “I know it’s my nature to want to take control. I don’t want to. I really don’t. Not since you took ownership of me. I love belonging to you.” She looked up at Brady. “You own me Master. I’m your slut for life. Please don’t be angry with me.” She said almost crying.

“I’m not angry with you slut.” He said reaching up and stroking one of her tits. “I guess I’m more disappointed than anything.”

Brady’s words cut through Dena. She would have rather he be angry with her than disappointed. HIs words also revealed the depth of love she had for him. She knew she loved him. There was no doubt of that in her mind. But the thought of not pleasing him, disappointing him, felt like a crushing weight on her. She began to weep. “I’m so sorry Master. All I want to do is please you. You have no idea how badly I want to please you baby. That’s all I think about.”

Brady sat up and took his mom in his arms. “You please me very much. I love you. As far as I’m concerned, this is over. Now lay down. Let’s try to get some sleep.”

Dena laid down on her side. Brady spooned her, cupping one of her tits, caressing it. Jean laid behind Brady with her arm draped over his body. He took her hand with held it, their fingers intertwined. “I love my sluts.” He said softly as he squeezed Dena’s tit and Jean’s hand.

The drive to Kevin’s school was about three hours. Traffic was light since it was Sunday morning. Brady decided he was just going to tell his little brother the entire story of how things came about as he drove to see his brother and spend the day with him. He pulled into the parking lot in front of Kevin’s dorm and called him on his cell. “Hey little brother! You in your room?”

“Yeah! I was about to get some lunch.”

“Hold up! I have something I want to talk to you about. After we talk I’ll take you out to lunch wherever you want to eat.” Brady walked up to the dorm still trying to decide how to start the conversation. The two brothers hugged as soon as they saw each other. “It’s good to see you little bro!”

“It’s good to see you brother. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you got home for good. I was in the middle of some exams I just couldn’t miss.”

“No problem. Relax. Mom told me all about it. You have nothing to apologize for.” Brady sat on the edge of Kevin’s bed while Kevin sat in his desk chair.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Kevin asked

Brady started from the beginning when he and Dena and John went out for dinner his first night back, detailing everything along the way. Kevin sat in complete silence during the entire story. Occasionally his eyes would widen, but he never overreacted. Brady never thought he would. Kevin had always been the most cerebral of the three brothers. You could almost see his brain processing the information as he took it in. After almost an hour of going over all the details of the relationship that now existed between him and their mom and aunt, and the introduction of their dad and Sue into that relationship Brady looked at his brother. “What do you think?”

Kevin chuckled. “Well my first reaction when you started telling your story was, ‘Talk about a fucked up family!'”

Brady laughed. “I won’t argue with you on that one Kev.”

“I’d always seen things between mom and dad for years. I always wondered if they were playing on the side. I even wondered at times if dad was gay.” He paused for a minute as he continued to process. “It will take me a little time to process you and mom and aunt Jean. But I have to say, I’m glad mom has finally found some happiness. I could tell for years she was miserable. So tell me about Sue.”

“She’s a few years older than you. Pretty blonde. Nice body. Nice sized tits. I think she’d respond nicely to a man who took charge and dominated her the way she needs.”

Kevin thought for a minute. “I have to admit the thought of taking her is appealing. But the idea of dad being a cuckold for both of us is a real turn-on. I’ve really been struggling with respect for dad for years. I saw all the things you talked about all those years you were away in the Marines. That’s one of the reasons I stay away as much as I can. But when you told me how he bailed on mom at the restaurant,” he paused and shook his head, “yeah, I can’t say that surprised me. He really gets off on being humiliated?” Kevin asked in amazement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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