My Mom – My Lover Ch. 16

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My Mom — My Lover ch. 16

“Welcome home little brother!” Brady greeted Kevin as he walked in the back door. Kevin had driven all afternoon after his last Friday class. He pulled in the driveway just in time for dinner. The two brothers hugged. “How was the drive home?”

“Boring and long. Couldn’t get here quick enough.” He said smiling.

“Hey Kev! How’s my baby doing?” Dena greeted him excitedly. Both she and Jean were wearing blouses but without bras, according to Brady’s instructions. Dena threw her arms around her son’s neck and hugged him tight, crushing her huge tits against him.

“I’m doing good mom!” Kevin replied as he returned his mom’s hug. He winked at his brother as he dropped one of his hands and squeezed his mom’s ass.

Dena pushed him away. “Hey! Watch it mister!” She said half teasingly with a smile.

Kevin threw his hands up like he was surrendering. “I know! I know! You belong to Brady! He keeps reminding me you’re his slut! Can I help it if I’m jealous? You’re a sexy lady mom. I’m sorry I didn’t get to you first.”

“Well thank you baby. You’re very sweet. But I do belong to your brother. I belong to him completely.”

“Hey Kevin! Welcome home baby!” Jean said as she walked into the kitchen. She walked up to him and gave him a big hug, Kevin returning it as he smiled at Brady over her shoulder. He dropped both hands and squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling her into his bulging cock.

“You’re really pushing it little brother!” Brady said smiling, knowing Kevin was going to push the line. He couldn’t blame him. He knew he’d be doing the same thing if he was in Kevin’s shoes.

Kevin relaxed his hug so he could look her in the eye. “I always had a thing for you aunt Jean. You have no idea how many times I fantasized about you.”

Jean slapped his chest teasingly. “You were a bad boy.”

“Oh aunt Jean! You have no idea what I fantasized about doing to these huge tits!” He said as he cupped her tits with his hands.

Jean blushed as Brady decided to play Kevin’s game. “I’ve probably done everything to those tits that you fantasized about.” He said taunting him. “Sucks to be you.” Then he had a nasty thought. “Would you like to see those sweet jugs?”

Kevin laughed. “That’s got to be the dumbest question I’ve ever been asked.”

Brady walked up behind Jean as she stood facing Kevin. He reached around her body and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. When it was completely unbuttoned he pulled it apart exposing her huge tits. He then lifted them for Kevin’s visual enjoyment. “I put that hickie on there last night.” Brady was enjoying taunting his brother. “And the feel of them wrapped around my cock! Wow! These tits were made for fucking!”

Kevin laughed. “You really are a son of a bitch!”

Brady laughed. “Yes I am. But more to the point, I’m a mother fucking son of a bitch!” He walked around and stood behind his mom. Reached around and unbuttoned her shirt. “These are mom’s fucking tits. Be a good boy and maybe I’ll let you watch me fuck them.”

Kevin laughed, but he also felt his frustration rising. “So when am I going to meet dad’s secretary?”

“They’re both in the basement. Why don’t you head up to your room and unpack. I’ll send Sue up so you can meet her before dinner. We’ll be eating about 5:30.” Brady informed him as he played with Dena’s nipples.

“OK.” He picked up his duffle bag. He reached out and stroked one of Jean’s tits as he looked at Brady. “Let me know if you change your mind. If you were a really good brother, you’d share.” He thought he’d try one last time. He pinched Jean’s nipple as he winked at her, then walked upstairs.

Jean gasped as Kevin ascended the stairs then looked at Brady. “I’m glad you own me. Because if you didn’t I could see where Kevin probably would.”

Brady laughed. “To the victor goes the spoils. Now you two sluts get dinner ready. I’m going to tell Sue to go introduce herself to Kevin.” He walked over to the head of the stairs to the basement. “Hey Sue. Could you come up here for a sec?” Sue came up with John following close behind. “My brother Kevin is upstairs in his room. He’d wants to meet you before dinner.”

She didn’t sat a word as she processed what she was just told. She knew what awaited her if she went upstairs. Her pulse quickened as she thought about it. Since the day she set foot in this house she’d felt it. A sexual energy she’d never felt before. A sexual energy she was intoxicated with. She had no idea what awaited her in Kevin’s room. What she did know was that she had to taste it. She turned and walked upstairs without saying a word.

Brady turned to his dad. Once again his respect turned to disgust. Why wasn’t he at least putting up some kind of fight? Verbalizing his dislike of this? Fighting for Sue who was supposed to be with him? “Dinner will be at 5:30.” He turned and left his dad standing there.

Sue knocked on Kevin’s open door. “Come on in.” Kevin said as he emptied his duffle bag bursa escort and put his clothes away in the dresser. He looked up. “Damn! Brady was right! You are a gorgeous lady!”

Sue blushed. “Thank you. Brady’s told me very little about you.”

Kevin walked up to her, wrapped his hand around her neck and pulled her in to kiss her. Their mouths stayed locked together and their tongues danced as Kevin slowly took control. “So what would you like to know?” He asked after breaking the kiss.

Sue caught her breath. “I don’t know. I can’t think of anything I want to know right now.”

“Well I have something I want to know.” He said taking charge of things. He cupped her breasts with both hands and caressed them over her blouse and bra. “Are your tits very sensitive?” He asked smiling.

Sue gasped at the suddenness of his advancement. She had known this was probably going to happen earlier in the day. But now that it was here, her heart was pounding so hard she wondered if he could tell from touching her breasts. “Yes!” She gasped. “They’re very sensitive! Especially the nipples!” She didn’t know why she’d offered that last bit of information. Yes she did. She wanted him to take her. To play with her.

Kevin dropped his hands. “Take your blouse and bra off!” He said smiling. Sue didn’t hesitate. Her hands trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse and then unsnapped her bra. Both pieces of clothing she dropped to the floor at her feet. Kevin stared at her tits for a minute or so, admiring their size and beauty. They weren’t as big as his mom’s or aunt Jean’s. But they must have been at least a size C with nipples the size of silver dollars. Nipples that he was going to suck on for hours. He reached out and caressed the sides of her tits, letting his finger tips trail to the underside of those soft orbs and then up inside the valley between them with the backside of his fingers.

He wrapped one hand around her neck as he grabbed one tit and squeezed it. He pulled her into his body, kneading her tit. He sucked her ear into his mouth, nibbling on the lobe. Sue gasped from the sensory overload. “You belong to me now. Do you understand?”

Sue gasped as she felt his tongue lick the rim of her ear. “I hardly know you.” She said trying to maintain some measure of mental control over her body.

“You hardly knew my brother. You were ready to throw yourself at him.”

‘Touche’ she thought to herself. He was right and she didn’t know how to respond.

Kevin grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back to look at him. He kissed her hard and long taking complete control. Sue felt all objections and resistance melting. If Kevin was anything like his brother she knew she didn’t stand a chance. “I asked you a question bitch. You understand you belong to me now?”

Sue moaned softly. She knew no matter how much she tried to think through it, she really wanted it. “Yes I understand. But what about your father?”

“What about him? Do you have a connection with him?” He asked as he fondled her tit.

“Your dad’s been good to me.”

“From what I’ve heard, you’ve been good to him too.” Kevin said sarcastically. He saw the hurt in her eyes from his words. He yanked her head back with a fistful of her hair. “Hey! I’m not judging you. Just don’t play games with me! What is it that you want?”

“I’ll be honest. Yes, I was using your dad to help me advance my career. But it did become more than that. He is such a kind and attentive lover in bed. I don’t want to walk away from him. But I also need more. I want what your mom and aunt have with your brother.”

“Fair enough.” Kevin said smiling. “I have no desire to steal you away from dad. Here’s my proposal. Whenever I’m home from school you’ll serve me as my slut.” Kevin held her tightly and squeezed her tit harder as he laid out his plan for her. “Now that I have something to come home to, I’d definitely be coming home a lot more often. When I’m not at home, you can do whatever you want with dad. I have no desire to mess up your career. So you ride that cash cow as far as you can.” He paused. Then he kissed her passionately. Sue felt her juices running down her leg she was so wet. “You ok with that arrangement?” Kevin asked after breaking the kiss.

“Yes, I’m ok with that.” She replied panting. “But what if I want you to steal me away from him?” She asked with a sly smile.

Kevin returned her smile. “How old are you sexy?”

“I’m 31. Is that a problem?”

“No ma’am. I’ve always had a thing for older women.” He kissed her again as he squeezed her tit. “Let’s see how this weekend goes before we make any long-term decisions. But for now, you have a 24 year old Master slut.”

Sue smiled her approval. “Mmmm!” She purred as she dropped her hand and grabbed his bulging cock. “How can I serve you Master?”

Kevin led her to the edge of the bed and turned to face her. “On your knees slut.” Sue dropped to her knees without hesitation and reached bursa escort bayan for his belt. She knew what was going to be demanded of her. She unbuckled his pants and then pulled his pants and shorts down in one motion. Kevin stepped out of them and then sat down on the bed.

Sue crawled forward on her knees, reaching for his hardening cock. Her right hand cupped his nut sack as her left hand stroked the length of it. “It’s beautiful!” She looked up at him with longing in her eyes. “I’ve never been owned by a man. I really want to know what that’s like.” Kevin leaned over and kissed her as she continued to stroke his cock. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. Sue moaned. “Please take ownership of me!” She begged. “I never knew how much I wanted that till now.”

Kevin took control of her head with both hands. “For the rest of the weekend you belong to me! Dad can watch as I fuck my new slut.” He pushed her head down until his cock was buried inside her mouth. Sue squealed with delight as Kevin begins to pump her head up and down on his shaft. “Oh that feels good baby!” Kevin moaned his approval. Sue’s drool began to run down the length of his shaft and over his balls, dripping onto the carpet. “That’s it baby! Suck that cock! You’re in my bed while I’m home.” He worked her head slowly, savoring every sensation.

Sue desperately wanted to please this man. She knew she had just met him. But she felt a connection that she hoped would become something more than just the occasional fuck whenever Kevin was home. She swirled her tongue around his shaft and the head of his cock. Her efforts were rewarded with words she loved hearing. Kevin moaned his approval. “Oh you sweet cock sucker! That feels so good!”

Kevin looked up and saw Brady standing in the doorway smiling. “Sorry bro. I was just coming up to tell you dinner is almost ready.”

“No problem. We’ll be down shortly.” Kevin said returning his smile.

“Take your time! It will be there when you’re done.” Brady walked away letting his brother finish.

Kevin looked down as his hands continued to pump Sue’s head up and down. “You ready sexy? It’s been awhile since I shot a load into such a willing mouth. OH FUCK!” He moaned as his orgasm built. “Suck it baby. Swallow every drop like a good slut!” HIs stomach cramped up as he began to convulse. The head of his cock exploded in her mouth, coating the back of her throat with his cum. He held her head tight, savoring every spasm, his cock pulsating in her sucking mouth. Sue sucked and swallowed doing her best to keep up with the volume being fed to her. Kevin grunted through every spasm, even as his orgasm began to wane. He had no intention of releasing her head till he was done. He finally released her head, falling back on the bed panting.

Sue lovingly continued to lick and kiss his cock as she massaged his balls. “Mmmm! You taste good! Thank you Master!” She suddenly realized how much she wanted and needed to hear his approval of her efforts. “I hope I pleased you?”

Kevin shot up to a sitting position and grabbed her face with both hands, cradling it as he looked at her. “You pleased me very much.” He kissed her tenderly. “Tonight I’ll take real ownership of you and show you how much you please me. Now let’s get downstairs for dinner. I just worked up an appetite.” He said chuckling.

“Hey dad!” Kevin greeted his dad as John sat at the dinner table waiting for them to join the family. Kevin hadn’t seen his dad for several months. He had only come home when it was necessary. “How have you been?”

John just looked at him. He knew why Kevin was home. Brady was going to use his brother to humiliate him even more than he already had. “I’m doing ok.” John replied blandly. He had no desire to engage his son in conversation.

John was basically ignored as the rest of the family ate and talked, catching up with Kevin and how school and life was going for him. As they talked Brady could tell Kevin was struggling with his new role as Sue’s owner and Master, especially as it played out in front of his dad. He knew that Kevin was going to have to declare himself in front of their dad in his taking of Sue. Only then would John know his place, and Kevin his.

Brady had told John what to expect when Kevin got home. Once again, John voiced his dislike of what he was going to be subject to. But his objections fell on deaf ears. Brady knew he’d fall into place not only because he had no backbone to stand up for Sue, but because he craved the humiliation. Brady had heard about guys like his dad. But until he started dealing with his dad directly, he had no idea just how deep his mindset as a cuckold went. It was so foreign to his personality he couldn’t wrap his brain around it. So he just decided to accept it in his dad and work with it.

John got up from the table without saying a word, after finishing dinner, and went downstairs. He realized as he was descending the steps that what had originally escort bursa been the beginning of his humiliation was now his place of sanctuary. Whenever he was home he preferred to stay in the basement and not interact with the others. But he also anxiously looked forward to those times he was summoned upstairs. He knew those times meant intense sexual arousal and satisfaction. He was a man controlled by his passions. Passions that most men wouldn’t understand. But passions that burned inside him.

Brady looked at Kevin as John walked down the stairs. “You two figure out what you’re going to do?”

“When I’m home she’s mine!” Kevin looked at Sue. “Don’t worry about dad firing you. I just thought about that. I won’t let that happen.”

Brady chimed in. “I won’t let that happen either.”

“Thank you both. But I had thought about that. I don’t think he’ll fire me. Unless I’ve completely misread what we have together, he’ll accept his new role so he can keep what we have.”

“Have you declared yourself to him yet?” Brady asked

“Not yet. I was going to do that sometime this evening.”

“Let us know when you want to do that. We’ll vacate the place and give you some alone time.”

“I don’t know.” Kevin hesitated as he thought about what he was going to do to his dad. “I might want you here for support.”

Brady leaned into the table giving his brother a glare. “No you don’t! You know what you want! You know what you need to do! Just do it!” He almost shouted.

“Didn’t it bother you the first time you took mom in front of him?”

“It bothered me until I remembered how he abandoned her when she needed his protection. I remembered that incident in the restaurant and I said to myself, ‘FUCK IT! YOU DON’T DESERVE HER!’ So I took her and made her my slut.”

Dena laid her hand on Brady’s arm. “May I say something?”

“Of course babe.”

Dena looked at Kevin. “Don’t worry about your father. He’s made the bed he’s laying in. And I think he’s quite content in that bed, despite how he might object.”

Brady looked at Sue. “What attracted you to what I have with my ladies?”

Dena and Jean looked at each other and smiled. They loved how Brady treated them and whatever name he chose to call them. Because they knew he loved them unconditionally. But there was something about when he called them his “ladies” that made them feel special.

Sue answered without hesitation. “Your domination of them. Your decisiveness with them. You know what you want with them, and you expect their submission. I’ve craved that for years. I need that in a man.” Sue looked at Kevin and laid her hand on his lap. “Please take me that way!”

“There you go!” Brady said to Kevin. “What more do you need?”

Kevin turned to Sue and kissed her. “We’re going downstairs now. Make him watch me take you.”

Brady laughed. “Hey bro. Your lady just polished your knob for you. Think you can get it up again so soon?”

Everyone laughed. “You son of a bitch!” Kevin laughed.

“That’s me bro. A mother fucking son of a bitch! And loving every fucking minute of it! Now get downstairs and claim your slut.”

Almost in unison Jean and Dena leaned into Brady sitting on either side of him, as Kevin and Sue made their way downstairs. Brady began to notice how uncanny it was their movements and discussions mirrored each other. It was as though they could read each other’s minds and knew how the other was going to react before they did. Jean stroked the inside of his thigh then grabbed his cock over his pants. “Have we told you today how much we love you baby?” Jean asked as she kissed his neck.

Dena sucked on his earlobe as she laid her hand over Jean’s. Their fingers intertwined as they loved their man. Loving him was an extension of loving each other. The depth of connection between the three of them was unfathomable. “We do love you baby! If it’s possible, we love you more and more each day.”

Brady sat there enjoying the attention from his ladies smiling with his eyes closed. “I love you two. You two get the kitchen cleaned up. Then go change into something more comfortable. Let’s watch some TV down here this evening.”

Kevin stepped into the basement first. John was sitting in a recliner watching TV. Kevin led Sue over to the couch. The two of them stood there staring at John, who sat there returning the stare. After about a minute John finally asked. “So what now?”

Kevin knew he was not like his brother. But he also knew he had to take control of the situation. “Now you watch as I make your lover my slut.” He led Sue to stand in front of John. Kevin stood behind her. He reached around her and began to undress her. “This slut belongs to me now.” He said over her shoulder talking to John. He held up her tits, tweaking the nipples, for John’s viewing. “Before the weekend’s over I’m going to brand these tits so that every time you play with them you’ll be reminded who they belong to.” He then loosened her pants. “Get rid of the pants and panties baby.” He whispered in her ear.

Sue obeyed immediately. She could feel herself starting to shake as Kevin put her on display. She pushed her pants and panties down her legs, stepped out of them and then kicked them aside.

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