My New Lover Ch. 01

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I was running late as usual. You would be here any minute and I was just stepping out of the shower onto the cold, slick tile floor. I took a towel from the shelf, snapped it open and began furiously drying myself. I walked out of the steam clouded bathroom and into the big bedroom. The air was much cooler and my nipples crunched and hardened into tight peaks.

I stood in front of the big hotel room mirror and finished drying the rest of my body. I tossed the towel into the bathroom and inspected myself in the mirror. A few strokes with the brush tamed my short blonde hair, and a spritz of fruity hair spray would hopefully keep it in place. I cracked open my little compact, and touched up my complexion, adding a little color to the round cheeks and lining my blue eyes. A little lip stick completed the makeover.

I twisted and turned, looking for any flaws I could mask. My breast were small, no more than enough to occupy a cupped hand, and the dusky rose nipples throbbed from the chill. The tan lines were nearly gone, replaced with a bronze glow.

I ran my hand down my hips and across the smooth soft skin of my mound, freshly shaved and oiled. I inhaled deeply as my fingers brushed the creamy folds. I slid my fingers between my petals and imagined it was your touch. My lips parted and my breath grew heavy as your imagined fingers entered me, my fluids flowing over your penetrating finger.

I breathed in deeply and withdrew my touch. I was late already. I couldn’t afford to delay with a fantasy. I shook myself to clear my mind. Time to focus, girl. Time to focus.

I grabbed the shimmering red sateen shirt hanging in the closet and slipped into it. It was long sleeved and buttoned down the front. I left a couple of buttons open to expose some flesh just above my bare breasts, but not too much. Enough perhaps to draw your eye without being excessive.

The black denim jeans were laying on the hotel bed. I stepped into them and pulled them up over my wiggling naked hips. I tucked in the shirt, laid back on the bed and sucked in my tummy so I could fasten the jeans. Once fastened I stood and admired the skin tight fit in the mirror. I loved the way they hugged my ass, parting the cheeks so seductively, and the snug fit in the front displaying a little camel toe. As I walked over to fetch my shoes I felt the coarse fabric of the jeans excite my clit and I wondered how I would be able to walk without drenching my pants.

I sat on the edge of the little desk chair and slipped into my black strappy sandals. They had a low heel for comfortable walking and pretty little patent leather straps that wrapped around my ankles. The ensemble completed, I raced back to the mirror to inspect the end result.

I turned and adjusted the shirt here and there, brushed lint from the back of the jeans. A quick spray of perfume and I was ready.

And then there was a knock upon the door.

My heart pounded in my chest. You were here for me at last. I tried to slow my breathing and calm myself. The gesture was futile and I knew it. You rapped upon the door once more.

“Just a moment,” I called loudly and tried to calmly walk to the door. I took a few breaths, grabbed the handle and turned it.

You stood in the hallway, the sunlight was at your back silhouetting you like an angel and I thought I was looking up into the face of an goddess. Your curly dark hair fell to your shoulders framing your beautiful face. You had high cheeks, just slightly colored and glowing eyes that sparkled with your delicious smile. Your full, soft lips glistened softly and I was overcome with an overwhelming need to taste them.

Your slender long neck brought my eyes down to the plunging neckline of the clingy white sweater that displayed your breathtaking cleavage. I wanted to lay my hands upon you, Gaziantep Escort Telefonları feel the softness of your flesh, the fullness of your femininity. I felt my hands rise but managed to resist my urge. Instead of fondling you I plied my fingers together nervously, pulled my gaze back up to endless depths of your eyes and smiled sheepishly.

“Umm, hello,” I murmured. After dreaming so long of this moment I found myself overwhelmed with emotion and confusion.

You giggled, and I found it the most wonderful sound I had ever heard. It was like all the joy in the world was contained in your soft laughter. The sound of your happiness was the source of the color of the world.

“Hello, Bitty.” You held out your arms to me and pulled me into your embrace. I tingled at the very touch of your supple body against mine. Your ample breasts pressed against mine and my nipples erupted in pleasure. You slid your hands down my waist and every part of me you touched burned with desire.

I looked up into your eyes and I saw the same pleasures that I felt reflected back to me. I could feel your breath upon my skin. Your lips were so close.

I kissed you.

Our lips met, hesitantly for only a moment, then we joined. Your hot mouth parted mine and we feasted upon one another, devouring, sucking, and licking. Your probing tongue fondled mine and I felt the heavens erupting throughout my body. I wanted to consume you. I found your lower lip and sucked it between my own lips, letting my tongue dance across your flesh.

You moaned and I opened my mouth to yours hungrily. I was aware of every touch of your body. My nipples crushed against your breasts. Your belly pressed firmly against mine. Your kneading hands upon my waist that slowly descended until they were occupied with the fullness of my ass. You pressed my hips hard into yours, your thigh finding it way between my legs and stroking my enflamed pussy.

All too soon the kiss concluded with you nibbling at my lips. I was gasping for breath and you were grinning contentedly. “Yes,” I thought in the foggy recesses of my mind. “A smile and a hello and you captured me absolutely.”

“Oh, god,” I panted.

You giggled and gave me peck on the cheek then stepped back a couple of steps. I watched your eyes explore my body, down my chest and belly to my hips. Your scrutiny paused upon my hips and a lascivious grin spread across your face and I knew you approved the vulgar display of my sex parted by the jeans. I turned and displayed my ass to you. You approved with a growl and I found myself thrilled.

“You look beautiful,” you said. I blushed in response.

“You are amazing,” I replied. There just were not appropriate superlatives to describe you I decided.

“Here let’s fix this.” You reached out to the neckline of my shirt.

For a moment I panicked. I was afraid that I had missed some stain or tear.

But your deft fingers found the buttons of my shirt and you began unfastening them until my shirt was unbuttoned almost below my breasts. You took the neckline and opened it displaying the expanse of my bare chest. You nodded your approval and for too brief a moment rested your hands fully upon my breasts. My nipples stiffened and offered themselves to you, but your touch was gone all too soon.

The neckline of my shirt plunged low and was spread wide, almost exposing my nipples. Even with so much skin exposed I suddenly felt so very warm all over. I realized I wanted you to see my breasts, I wanted you to see my nipples, to touch me and suckle me. I took a deep breath and tried to clear the image from my head.

“You okay, Bitty,” you asked with concern. “Is that too revealing?”

I smiled at you, the image of your lips upon my nipple still vivid. “No, it’s fine. Just a bit warm is all.” I giggled like a school girl.

“Well, there is a lot to show you, so we should get going.” You took my hand and I followed you to the elevator, excited to begin our adventure together.

We had stowed my bags in the back of your Jeep and were traveling north from the hotel in Portland. The early morning traffic on the highway was light and we chatted endlessly about little things as we began to get to know one another in the flesh. We talked about my trip for a while before you turned off the main interstate onto a another one that followed the Atlantic coast. The conversation moved on to your work and you thrilled me tales of your romances and adventures.

During the conversation I managed to occasionally catch glimpses of the ocean through the tress or past buildings. As beautiful as the landscape was, I could not help but feel thankful that I was alone in the truck with you. The sweet fragrance of your perfume was intoxicating and your laugh was infectious. When you spoke I just enjoyed watching her your lips move.

Soon you turned off the interstate onto the Atlantic Highway and we were headed east. We found our progress slowed by the traffic of a small town waking up and heading off to work and I had time to admire the buildings that looked like they had existed since colonial times. You recounted a little history of the state and I hung on your every word with fascination.

Before long we passed a naval air station and then turned off the highway in a small town. A left turn over the highway and seconds later you turned the Jeep into a small parking lot on the right.

“You haven’t had breakfast yet,” you said and unfastened your seatbelt. “So I thought we could get something.”

Mae’s Cafe looked more like an old house than a business. The two story building had white painted wood siding, a dark shingled roof, and lots of windows. Colorful flowers made the old building feel fresh and vibrant. I followed you inside, admiring the way your jeans clung to your body and the way your hips swayed side to side almost as if you were trying to hypnotize me.

Once inside I was immediately overwhelmed with the fragrance of fresh breads and sweets. My tummy rumbled in response and you giggled. I found the sound of you giggle sweeter than any symphony. We ordered our breakfast from a darling woman with a charming smile named Katie. Most of the tables were occupied but we managed to find a little square table in the corner where we could sit. The windows allowed ample sunlight to bathe us as we sat.

My breakfast was a piece of sticky bun, “Yankee Magazine’s choice for pecan sticky breads”, at least according to Katie. You had chosen french toast with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. We giggled and nibbled at our breakfast as we talked. The entire time I felt grateful just to be in your presence.

The only problem with sticky buns is they are sticky. As we finished our meal I realized that my attempts at proper etiquette had failed and I needed to go wash my hands.

“Here, let me help with that,” you said and took my hand.

Before I realized what was happening your soft red lips were wrapped around my index finger. You gently sucked my finger into your mouth and your tongue slowly played across my digit. Every deliberate stroke of your tongue sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I was keenly aware that my nipples had stiffened and ached for your lips to suckle them. My pussy twinged with overwhelming desire and I wondered if it were possible to have a mini orgasm just from having my fingers sucked.

You completed bathing my index finger and proceeded to suck upon my middle finger. You slowly engulfed the entirety of my finger and licked lasciviously upon it. Your eyes were locked upon mine and I found all I could do was stare at you as you slowly licked and sucked my finger clean. In the back of my mind I wondered if this was even remotely what it felt like to receive a blow job and I suddenly found that I completely sympathized with the boys now.

You kept my hand in yours as you released my finger from your mouth. Holding the two fingers out you slowly licked them from end to end before ending with a great smile of satisfaction. When you finished, I realized I had not breathed since the moment you had taken my hand in yours.

“Is that better?” you had a satisfied smile upon your face.

I gasped, my chest was heaving for air, and nodded dumbly before I found any words. “I think so,” was all I could mutter.

You giggled and grinned at me as if you wanted to devour me right there in the cafe. For a moment I considered stripping off my clothes, lying across the table, and offering myself to you. Then I became intensely aware that your loving administrations to my fingers had attracted the attention of the locals who stared at us disapprovingly.

“Maybe we should be going,” you leaned towards me and whispered.

I nodded in agreement though my eyes had been drawn to your copious cleavage. Your ample breasts seemed to spill out of the clingy white sweater. Then I realized the warm glow of your soft flesh was spotted with powdered sugar.

Before I realized what I was doing I stood beside you. “Here, let me help with that,” I said and raised my hands to your breasts. You looked down and noticed the white spots as I brushed my fingers gently across your skin.

Touching you was everything I had fantasized about. My fingers tingled with excitement. Your breasts were soft and silky smooth. They beckoned to my hands and I swept my touch slowly down the fullness of your cleavage. Your glowing skin was quickly free of the powder but still I stroked and caressed.

A soft little moan escaped your lips and I could not help but notice your nipples bulging against the sweater. I swept my hand across the sweater and cupped your breasts, lifting them as I gently palmed them. I considered the treasures I held and for the first time appreciated the fascination boys held for a woman’s breasts.

I wanted to pull the sweater open, expose your breasts and feast upon your erect nipples. It was with some effort I released my embrace. Then I was so embarrassed at what I had just done in front of all these strangers. I slowly brought my eyes up to yours and was met with a mixture of amusement, hunger, and longing.

“Is that better,” I asked with a hint of satisfaction.

You gasped and blinked your eyes. Your chest was heaving for air, and you nodded dumbly before you found the words. “I think so,” you muttered.

“Maybe we should be going,” I leaned towards you and whispered.

You nodded in agreement and we quickly returned to the safe confines of your Jeep. Once inside we erupted in laughter. Disapproving eyes still lingered upon us as we chortled and howled.

“I love you, Bitty Bear,” you said as our giggles receded.

For a moment my heart ceased beating and the entire world stopped turning. In those words, I found true happiness and I let them echo through my ears. Tears welled up behind my eyes but I refused to cry.

“I love you, Penny,” I whispered.

When you smiled your eyes lit up and it was if you were a heavenly angel glowing with divine love. You turned to me and put your hand on the back of my neck. And we kissed.

There was no hesitancy between us this time. Our lips embraced tenderly and I opened myself to you. I closed my eyes and my entire essence existed within your touch. Every roaming movement was a slow and deliberate exploration. This was a lover’s kiss.

A bit later we released one another. My heart was fluttering with the afterglow of the moment. We sat there touching foreheads, staring into one another’s eyes and quietly giggled together.

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