My New Neighbor Jenny

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The folks across the street had already been moved out for a week before I saw who moved in.

Wow! I mean, she wasn’t a knock-me-over beauty, but what I saw was very nice. Very nice indeed. About 5’4″, a little chunky but it looked nice, like a gymnast, you know? Short light brown hair. And when she bent over to pull some weeds — a nice round ass!

She came over and introduced herself one day when she was walking her puppy. Turns out her name is Jenny. Real pretty brown eyes and a nice smile.

Pretty soon I noticed a car was be parked in her driveway Sunday morning when I went out to get the paper. It was the same car I saw there the night before. Guess Jenny had a steady.

Then one Saturday night I was sitting on my porch having a beer and reading by porch light like I enjoy doing to unwind. I saw a Mercedes pull up in front of her house and a female pop out, run up to the mailbox, reach under it for the key, and went inside. From across the street in the dark it looked like Jenny — and I know that’s where she leaves her key after locking herself out one day. I wondered what happened to her car (it’s definitely NOT a Mercedes) but thought nothing else of it.

Sure enough, about ten minutes later boyfriend’s car pulled up. And, sure enough, it was still there in the morning.

A couple days later I had to go across the street because the mailman delivered to the wrong house again. She looked really cute in a white hoodie and pink sweatpants.

“How’s your car?” I asked, just trying to strike up a conversation.

“What do you mean?” she asked. I wondered if she thought I was making up a line.

“You were driving that Mercedes. I thought something happened to your Honda.”

Suddenly her eyes went blank.

“That’s my sister’s car. I’ve never driven it.”

“Oh, I just assumed it was you because you used your spare key, and your boyfriend came by a little while…” I caught myself, but not in time.

“Uh oh,” I thought.

Jenny’s eyes narrowed.

“Ron,” she asked. “Are you sure you saw someone coming in here?”

“Yes. I saw the door open and saw the lights from inside and thought is was you, then I went back to my book.”

Her face drained.

“That fucker,” she whispered, not knowing I could hear.

“That was my sister Kelly,” she said next, trying to smile. But I could tell she was upset.

“I’m sorry,” I quickly replied. “I just thought you might have needed help with your car…”

“It’s okay Ron, it’s not you.” Then she could not keep it inside any longer.

“Did you see my boyfriend’s car here that night?” she asked, forgetting I had just told her I had.

Right now I didn’t want to say anything.

“Please, Ron,” she asked sweetly.

I nodded “yes”.

“Ron,” she continued. “I need to know. Was he still here in the morning?”

This time I spoke. “His car was. I don’t know about him.”

She nodded this time. Then her eyes lifted like she was thinking of something.

“Ron,” she asked. “Could you help me with something? I know you’re a writer.”

I wasn’t sure how she knew that, but I do write some so I agreed. Hell, I wasn’t going to pass up some one-on-one time with Jenny even if it was to help her with her college homework or whatever the hell she needed. Maybe not college — I guessed her to be about 27.

“You ever break up with somebody by e-mail?” she asked strangely as she led me to the den just to the left of her front door.

“I’m a little old for that,” I admitted — I have her by quite a few years. “You can’t do that.”

“You can if he spent the night with your sister,” she snapped back angrily, but not at me.

Then she turned on her computer and started writing an e-mail. I asked if she wanted me to leave. Instead she actually asked me to help her write it!

I leaned over her shoulder — damn she smelled good — as she wrote. It was getting to be a VERY long e-mail she was writing. Plus, she kept changing things.

She shifted her shoulders a couple times. Just to be nice I leaned down and started rubbing her shoulders. They were very fethiye escort strong and very tight.

“Mmm,” she smiled without turning from her computer. “I might have to hire you for that.”

I laughed and told her it was my pleasure. She had no idea how much it was “my pleasure”.

She kept typing and I kept rubbing. Then suddenly I found myself focusing more on her bra strap than on her shoulders. I started wondering what was under there, knew I’d never find out, and was about to leave.

“Do you do upper backs too?” she asked in a sad voice.

I decided it was the least I could do and started moving the heels of my hands over her upper back. After a while I started to move them a little lower — I wanted to get as much of her as I could so I could have something to think about that night. You know what I mean!

“Do you trust me?” I found myself asking.

She turned, confused.

“This hoodie is in the way,” I replied, and moved my hands underneath so I could give her a decent back rub. It was not sexual — it was friends.

She acted as if I wasn’t even there as she continued on the e-mail. I could tell from the way she was now pounding on the keyboard she was very angry.

I pressed my hands deep into her back and gave her the best back rub I could. Right now she was an unhappy lady and I had an opportunity to do something nice for her.

“That feels good,” she whispered, for the first time acknowledging what I was doing.

“Good,” I replied, stupidly but lost for anything to say. What I wanted to say probably would have got me slapped!

By now her hoodie was near her shoulders. All was well — until I caught a glimpse of the white backstrap of her bra.

Just then she reached up and patted my hand.

“You’re a good friend, Ron.”

That did it. To hell with “friends”. I wanted sexual!

I started moving my hands closer to her sides as I rubbed. For one, it was part of a decent backrub. But for another I wanted to be sure what I was going to do.

Finally I couldn’t wait. “Hell,” I thought. “All she can do is never talk to me again.”

I took a deep breath, let my hands move up her sides.

Then let them slip over her chest.

Instead of screaming at me she moved my hands away.

“I thought you said I could trust you,” she said in a not-quite-but-close-to-angry voice.

Actually, I never said that but it wasn’t the time to argue with her.

“What the hell,” I said to myself. “You won’t get a better chance than right now, while she’s pissed off at her boy toy.”

“You can,” I replied. I compromised and moved my hands to the sides of her bra. “I would never hurt you.”

At that moment there were only two possible adult responses as to how the evening would end. We both know which one I wanted.

“You deserve so much better,” I whispered.

Then I closed my hands over her breasts. The choice was now hers alone.

She said nothing. Then I gently squeezed her bra-covered breasts.

“Ron,” she started. Immediately I knew where this was going.

But she stopped talking. I guess she was waiting to see if I was going to be a jerk like her boyfriend.

Instead I gently closed my hands over her breasts and pulled her back against me.

She turned around and for the first time I saw she was crying. Her brown eyes seemed lost.

“If you want me to stop I will,” I heard someone say with a voice that sounded an awful lot like mine. “What are you saying, moron!” I screamed at myself.

Long moments later she shook her head.

My hands held her chest tightly but gently. God she felt good! Small but nice and soft.

Finally it was time to go for broke. I kissed the side of her head and let my right hand slip inside her bra. It found something soft and warm.

And she purred.

Almost immediately I felt her nipple get erect in my palm. I kissed her head again, and started to slowly and gently squeeze her tit. It was nice! Like I said, it was small but it filled my hand up perfectly.

Then suddenly my hand stopped moving. I started to feel like I was escort fethiye taking something from her, and I needed to be sure this was what she wanted. That’s just me, that’s the way I am.

I turned her head to face me, saw her sad brown eyes, and leaned down to kiss her. If she didn’t let me kiss her I knew it was time for me to leave.

She didn’t return the kiss, but she didn’t shy away from it either. Her lips were full and soft and cool. It seemed like she didn’t want to kiss me, but didn’t want to pull away either. My hand kept squeezing her left tit as I kissed her. Finally, she began to return the kiss.

“Fuck him,” I imagined she was saying as she started kissing me back.

I found myself getting lost in the kiss. And I felt myself getting hard. I didn’t want her to feel it and get afraid so I moved a little so that I could still kiss her but wouldn’t be leaning into her.

The position started getting weird so I turned her slightly in her desk chair and went back to kissing her. Then I put my hands around her back and popped her bra open. She seemed a little surprised that I wasn’t fumbling over it. I slid my hands back to her front and took hold of both her breasts. They didn’t seem as small as I thought they were — just perfect handfuls.

I squeezed her tits gently for a few moments, then I looked in her eyes — I wanted her approval — and pushed up her hoodie and her bra. Once again, she didn’t seem to say “okay” but she didn’t stop me.

I took one look — and fell in love with her tits. They were nice and round, with big almost dollar-sized areolas and cute pink nipples.

Which, I must add, were both hard. That did it. I knelt down and started suckling on her right tit. I felt her nipple nice and firm under my lips and started lowly teasing it with my tongue.

I took a peak up, and her eyes had a faraway look.

Then she moved her hand to the top of my head as I sucked on her nipple.

Her hoodie kept falling down on my face. It was time for another chance for her to stop. I started lifting her hoodie up over her face. She raised her hands and I knew it was okay to keep going. Then I slid her bra down her arms — it was in the way too — and went back to her nice tits.

I stroked her left tit while I sucked on her right one. Pretty soon her nipples popped out even longer and harder. I was surprised. They were almost half an inch long and nice and thick. I played with it with my fingers while my tongue circled and teased the other one.

Suddenly Jenny realized the window shade was partly open. But instead of closing it, she said what I was hoping she would say.

“You can do that in my room,” she smiled.

I went for broke.

“Is that all I can do?” I asked, not sure if she was only going to let me play with her tits and stop at “second base”.

“You can do whatever you want, Ron.”

I looked deeply into her pretty brown eyes.

“I’ll only do whatever you want, Jenny.”

I looked into her eyes again and decided this night would be about her. Yeah, I’d get what I wanted, but I wanted her to get something too. She looked so sad.

The first thing I wanted was to show her how a gentleman acts.

I moved my arm under her knees, and my other arm around her soft back, and lifted her. She was a little heavy but I could handle it for a little bit. I carried her down the hallway to her bedroom. It was in the same place as my house so I could find it on the first try!

I set her on the edge of the bed, sitting. She seemed to appreciate me not lying her on her back for some reason. I went back to sucking on her gorgeous little boobies.

Then I needed to do more. I took her eyes in mine as I moved my hands to the waistband of her sweatpants. She was by no means a virgin so there was no reason for her to stop me.

She didn’t.

And she wasn’t disappointed. After I slowly slid her sweatpants and polka-dot panties off and saw her shaved cunt — that was a surprise, I had guessed “natural” – I knelt down and started to lick her pussy.

Immediately I realized her boy toy didn’t fethiye escort bayan go down on her! Asshole, he didn’t know what he was missing. She tasted soapy-fresh and sweet!

Because she was hairless I was able to taste every inch of her sweet clam. I started by licking her cuntlips, then moved my tongue in between and started licking the opening to her pussy. Damn she tasted nice!

I moved my hands up to play with her pretty tits as I started tongue her cunthole. Then I thought “what the hell”. She must have just taken a shower so I wanted to taste more of her — I slid my tongue down and started tonguing her little pink asshole. Right away I knew she had never had that done before! Her tight little ass button tasted just as fresh as the rest of her.

I lifted her legs slightly with my shoulders and went to town licking her butthole. I poked my tongue in a little and felt the pucker close on it. Right then I knew there was some Jenny-ass in my future if I could!

I went back to licking her cunt, then started in on her clit. It was hard to find at first, but as I kept licking the little bud started to peek out. I flicked it lightly with my tongue-tip, then moved down and started teasing her cuntlips with my teeth while I sucked them into my mouth.

I alternated like that for a while, eating her and teasing her clit with my tongue. I could tell she was finally getting into it because she started to whimper. And she was getting quite wet I must add!

Then her thighs started to quiver and I knew she was really enjoying being eaten. I mean she was really enjoying it.

Finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. I know that she knew she was in the bedroom to get fucked. Or maybe she didn’t know — but I sure knew! I slobbered a little on her pussy hole to get her all nice and wet for me. Then I stood up and looked in her eyes. She looked back with the same sad face, but her eyes said it was alright. I opened my shorts and let them fall. I saw her eyes widen a bit when she saw what was standing out long and hard. Apparently her boyfriend was somewhat lacking in that department as well!

I leaned down and kissed her. I couldn’t fuck her if she didn’t kiss me. She did.

I moved my left hand to hold her breast, and moved my right to get in the right place. I moved my cock head over her opening, getting it all wet with my saliva.

Then I braced my feet, looked in her eyes, and pressed in gently.

I wanted her to say “oh god Ron fuck me!”. But she said nothing. I saw a little flicker of sadness in her eyes. I know she was thinking of what was ending with her boyfriend. But then she relaxed and I felt my head start to slide effortlessly up her cunt.

Even all wet like she was I had a hard time feeding it up inside her. I slowly withdrew and pressed a couple more times. Finally I popped in.

DAMN she was tight! It felt like her cunt was going to pull my cock off.

I couldn’t resist kissing her as I started fucking her. She finally got into it and started kissing me back.

Then her legs wrapped around mine and I was in heaven. I really got into the fuck — and Jenny did too.

I lifted her leg and leaned her to the side. I liked it that way, easier to get all the way in. I did and started to really fuck her. I was moaning and so was Jenny. I did my best to hold back, but her cunt was so tight and she was starting to fuck me back. FUCK I was ready to blow!

Finally I couldn’t hold out any longer. I started to grunt and moan as I shot my load deep up Jenny’s pussy. Again and again I felt my cock shoot as I came screaming in Jenny. Yeah, I was screaming she felt so snug and wet around me.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as I shoved one last time and finished coming hard.

My only regret was that Jenny didn’t come. And I told her that.

“That’s okay, Ron,” she whispered breathlessly, holding my head as I lay on her chest listening to her rapid heartbeat.

We lay silent for a few minutes. I just listened to her breathe, enjoying the sound.

Then she spoke.

“I always thought you were cute, Ron,” she smiled. “But I was ‘spoken for’. Well, now that I’m not anymore, maybe we can spend more time together.”

The last thing I thought I wanted was a relationship — but with what I had just had…

“Oh hell YES, Jenny!” I quickly replied.

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